Greg Monroe steals the show

by | Feb 29, 2012 | 15 comments

Pistons snap their 3 game losing streak with a 109-94 victory over the Bobcats led by Rodney Stuckey’s game high 20 points and Greg Monroe’s career high 20 boards and 19 points.

1st quarter

  • Stuckey drives like he always does. Then he seems like he remembers something the coach told him . . . something. . . was it pass the ball? Yes, that’s it, pass the ball. He turns around passes it right at Moose. The balls lands in Mooses’s midsection and he could not be surprised than if he had given birth to a baby boy on court. Purely from reflex, Moose jams it. Stuckey is not going to try this “assist” thing again, if he can help it, because it startles the rest of the team too much.
  • Ben Gordon gets the ball. I can tell what he is thinking. “please don’t pass to me, please don’t pass to me, oh no I’m open,” the ball gets to him, he fires and it goes up, “not going in, not going in, not going in” it clanks off. “Oh F my life.” Ben Gordon needs courage more than the cowardly lion did in the Wizard of Oz.
  • Biyombo is beastly, blocking all kinds of shots. He’s looking a lot better than previous reports had indicated. But maybe that’s just the “Piston’s Effect.” Doesn’t seem to have any offense though.
  • Between Stuckey and the Moose we hold a small lead.

2nd quarter

  • Kemba comes off the bench in the 2nd, not sure why they don’t start him, he’s better than DJ Augustin. Maybe they are punishing him like how the lazy parent punishes the child before he does anything, “Go get the switch,” “Buuuut Dad, I ain’t done nothing,” “Go get it, I know you’re gonna act up later.”
  • I know Knight can score, but what I like to watch when he is one on one on these other young guards is whether or not he can move his feet fast enough to stay in front of them. Generally speaking, this whole season has been a failure defensively for Knight. Put it this way, if he can defend elite point guards, then it doesn’t matter if he looks like an autistic bunny rabbit when he shoots . . . I mean, it doesn’t matter if he shoots like Shawn “The Matrix” Marion, he’ll have a future in the league. But if he can’t learn to defend, he must be outstanding in all other aspects of his game.
  • I have noticed that officials are “letting them play” more this year than last year. This is not normally good for the Pistons because aside from Stuckey we are not that athletic, so it’s hard for out guys to play through contact. Though “letting them play” does help Jerebko a bit because Jerebko always wants to rip the other guy in half.
  • Knight has so much confidence, he dribbles back a fast break and shoots a three all calm, like he’s having English tea. Boom. Wish Knight could give an i.v. confidence transfusion, give some of that ego to Ben Gordon. I know it’s popular to complain about ego like it’s bad. Ego when you’re out at the club and stomping on everyone is bad. But ego on the basketball court when you are stomping on everyone is good. I think that’s why I seem to like Knight so much despite his terrible PER stats.

  • Coach only played Jerebko 5 minutes, but still JJ racked up 2 fouls. At this rate, if Jerebko played a full 48 minutes he would rack up 10 personal fouls a game. You got to ration your Jerebko.
  • We go into the half with a comfortable lead of 15 points. I think we got the Indian Sign on the ‘cats. Or if you prefer, we have good matchups. Scoring at will, baby.

3rd Quarter

  • Biyombo doesn’t start. And the ‘cats can’t stop the Moose. Actually the ‘cats can’t stop anything we do. I think there’s a chance we can take away their will to live here. Heck, I have some sympathy for the ‘cats, I understand they are trying hard, just like us, they are a rebuilding team. But if you got a chance to step on their neck, and get to garbage time early, oh that would be a wonderful thing.
  • Apparently Biyombo hit the showers early, because Maxiell ate his baby. Would have liked to see more of him, maybe next time.
  • Stuckey is like a locomotive running downhill, the ‘cats got out of his way for a fast break. Like they are afraid. Hell yeah. His next possession is ridiculous, Stuckey shot and missed, blew everyone out of the way, grabbed a rebound shot missed, grabbed it again, shot and the Moose finished it. That’s confidence.
Rodney Stuckey with 36
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Photo/AP editing

  • Prince makes a difficult turn around isolation fade away and I still hate his game even when he makes the shot.
  • Charlie V and Austin Daye are shown chatting together. They’ve had a long time to develop a friendship. On the bench. I have a feeling they are going to have plenty of time to become even closer friends.
  • 14 point lead to end the 3rd. Still a comfortable lead but not the foot on the throat we could have.

4th Quarter

  • Corey Maggette is the ‘cats leading scorer so far with 15 points, while our trio of scorers is Knight, Stuckey and Moose. Kemba comes in. The matchup that was advertised has not been there, Walker has about 7 minutes to begin the 4th quarter.
  • JJ gets a wonderful jam on a fast break. Assist from Stuckey. That made me smile. A nice reward to JJ for his defensive effort.
  • Damien Wilkins really is terrible. Prince comes back early to finish the last 7 minutes of the game. At 5 minutes left we are up by 17 points and we still haven’t put this team away yet. We let them hang around.
  • 3 minutes left and we made it. Garbage time, starters are still in, Jerebko fouls out with 20 minutes playing time, but we have the game in hand, so it’s all good.
  • I’m thinking DJ White sure does have a nice beard. Is that kind of beard in fashion now? I think I want to grow one like that.
  • This is the best part of the game

Final thoughts

20 rebounds for the moose. We really are lucky to have Frank. Imagine if we had the ‘cats coach, Paul Silas. I liked this game by the Pistons. Good job. A great job would have been stomping on them and make them wish they were dead in the 3rd quarter. But still, a darn good job.


  1. Drew

    Wow, edt getting to do the write up. I like it. Some good similes in there. Stuckey had 29 points, btw.

  2. piston_fan_phl

    “Kemba comes off the bench in the 2nd, not sure why they don’t start him, he’s better than DJ Augustin”. Augustin is a better distributer and is a better fit in the pg position. Kemba is an undersized sg imho.

    Nice recap edt.

  3. edt

    That makes sense pistons fan ph

  4. pistonsfan101

    Yeah great recap edt!

  5. Leftos

    Great recap edt. Lots of laugh out loud moments, and a lot of detail.

  6. AJtheman

    Horrible jokes but good recap!

  7. Natalie Sitto

    edt did a great job! I love it that his boy Stuckey scored 29. And though I picked Gordon to have his breakout season…I was terribly wrong. He’s awful!

    • edt

      Thank you for letting me guest post.

      • Natalie Sitto

        I’m hoping you do it more often…I enjoyed the extended EDT creation.

    • Drew

      For our sake, I hope Gordon excels at this bench role. He did at least the first few games…

  8. Lori

    Go edt!!! You rock! Loved the detail.

  9. junior

    nice job edt. liked the post and i loved the game! too bad we couldnt play the bobcants every game. o and nat, stuckeys not just edt boy hes mine n drews too!

  10. daddy

    stuck can be a poor mans d wade with his ability to drive and take it to the bucket strong. he needs to learn how to take his time and how to read the defense better.

  11. cerecyte

    I know i hate Prince’s game too. He’s so isolationistic (i don’t think that’s a word, but ill let it slide, as its the perfect adjective to describe his offensive game.)


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