Pistons shock the Celtics in Boston

by | Feb 15, 2012 | 21 comments

The Pistons snapped a two game losing streak beating the Celtics on the road 98-88.  This is only the second time the Pistons beat the Celtics in their last eight meetings. Detroit competed with the Celtics the entire game, but it wasn’t until the Pistons started to come back late in the third quarter that by outscoring the Celtics 8 to 2 in the final minutes of the third and finally taking a one point lead headed into the fourth quarter.

Key Points:

  • No Garnett for the Celtics.
  • The Celtics have won 11 of their last 14 against the Pistons
  • The Pistons have now won 5 of their last 7 games.
  • The Chicago Bulls Ben Gordon showed up at the Garden. Ben terrorized the Celtics all night hitting big shot after big shot.  None bigger than the 3 he hit to put the Pistons up 10 with a minutes left in the game.  Ben finished with 22 off the bench for the Pistons, going  4 -for-6 from downtown.   Congrats Ben….does this mean you’re back?
Ben Gordon vs Celtics
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Photo/Getty Images editing Need4Sheed.com

Ben Gordon: “We just played with some heart tonight,”

  • This was a one point with eleven minutesPistons go on a 12 to 2 run in the fourth quarter to put this one away. Three Ben Gordon triples in that run, that really tells the story.
  • 13 turnovers for Detroit.
  • The Pistons trailed by just 2 at the half.
  • Rajon Rondo with a season high 35 points.

Lawrence Frank: “We’re looking for little steps. We’re showing fight.”

  • Ben Wallace a season high 11 boards.  After the Spurs game and the Celtics outing it looks like Ben is drinking that fountain of youth juice again.  Good to see both Bens making it happen.
  • Jonas Jerebko sat out the second half and had ice on his leg.  No official word, it just looks like he’s a little beat up. Jonas played 8 minutes and had just one board.
  • Austin Daye did not play.
  • Greg Monroe with 22 points and 9 boards.  Monroe started slow, but became aggressive in the second half.   Monroe gave Detroit its first lead of the second half on a tip-in with 23  seconds left in the third quarter that made it 73-72 heading to the fourth.
Greg Monroe vs The Celtics
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Photo/Getty Images editing Need4Sheed.com

  • Rodney Stuckey led the Pistons with 25 points with 4 assists, and 3 boards in 36 minutes on the floor.  Rodney really kept the Pistons in the game, especially in the first half.  Nice to see him with a handful of solid performances.
  • Chris Wilcox former Pistons had a heck of a game for the Celtics with 17 points.
  • Will Bynum appearance.
  • Brandon Knight got into foul trouble early and really didn’t get into the flow of the game with Ben and Stuckey doing well.  Knight seems to be having issues with his mask.  He starts the game with it, but it’s usually off by half.
  • Damion Wilkins had a couple of great defensive plays helping the Pistons down the stretch.
  • Tayshaun 3-for-12 from the floor with 10 points.
  • Detroit out rebounded the Celtics 44-33.
  • The Celtics biggest lead with 7, the Pistons 13.
  • Fun game to watch, and nice to see this team get a road win, especially when it comes against the Celtics.

Highlights via NBA.com
[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/celtics/2012/02/15/0021100431_det_bos_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • It’s very noticeable that this team is getting better and better on the defensive end.
  • Keep in mind that these two teams play again Sunday at the Palace.



  1. josh blue

    I was at the game tonight, repping hard for the D. My wife, born and bred Celtics fan, actually his all my Pistons gear. At 2:30 today, i made the realization that I was sans gear, so i hustled to the mall and got a shirt custom made:


    (with a pistons logo on the front)

    dont get to see my team very often any more, but tonight was absolutely great. My voice is completely gone…only Pistons fan in my section, so I had to make it count. Tried to make Mason proud

    • Lori

      That is the best shirt! I want one!! Ben has always been my favorite.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Now that is Sheedtastic! Josh, do you have a picture of you at the game in it?

    • N1ck

      In times when everybody just think of next season(s), doin’ their own fantasy drafting and trading, trashing Joe D and even Frank… a TRUE Pistons fan deserves a big respect.

      • josh blue

        You know what? The way theyve been playing lately? I think they could make a run for a playoff spot.

        why do i have such a crazy thought? They are punishing people for going to the hole. Im seeing good hard fouls.

        stuckey will always be enthralling/excruciating. Austin daye may never leave the bench again. my secret website need4swede.com may always under contrtruction, much like jonas is.

        But we do have – i cant believe im saying this – the right coach. Greg Monroe is the truth. guys are buying into defense (note to knight: you might be buying, but you need to get big. eat a cheeseburger or something). grandpa wallace has been a bleeping rock for this team.

        5 of their last 7. keep this up….playoffs dont sound all that crazy. and if they make the playoffs, ill find a way to come on home to michigan for the first round

        • edt

          no. I’m going to have to bust a little reality here

          we are 9 and 22, we have 35 games left to make a playoff run we should get a record of 32 wins and 34 losses, which means of the 35 games left we need 23 wins,

          23/35 = 66% win rate, which is exactly the win rate of the LA clippers.

          I don’t think we are as good as the clippers.

          But I agree if we keep balling like this we are going to lose some ping pong balls I can see us going down to the 11th pick.

          This year it is up to Joe D to make some trades. The fireworks start in march when we have the option of trading Prince and Stuckey.

          If we can pull the trigger on trading both those guys we can go somewhere. Stuckey is our second best player (moose is our best) and if Joe D is able to give him up, that means he has learned to be all business, and not get so emotional.

          • junior

            We cant trwde stuckey till after the season, per when he signed his deal has to b three months till hes available for trade. Besides y trwde stuck hes one of our best players, have u given up on him?

            • edt

              I like stuckey he’s a beast. But he’s the best piece we can trade. Ben Gordon can’t be moved, his contract is a turd, Charlie V, Prince, Maxiell, Daye? We not nothing of value except for Stuckey and Moose and Moose can’t be traded.

              Our fans want to give up turds and gain diamonds in return that’s not how it works.

              I thought stuck was available to be traded in March am I wrong?

              • junior

                I read it on the pistons web site in the mailbag, he said he got it from espn?

          • Drew

            Why trade? It’s not like high-profile players want to come here right now anyway. Just stick with Knight, Stuckey, Prince (or Jerebko), Monroe and (insert Davis, Drummond or T. Robinson here) and, bam, we have a squad.

            • terry

              finally somebody seeing what I’ve been seeing. You really don’t need much to make this team formidable. It just takes time for the pieces to develop into a cohesive unit, and what better season to get a high lottery pick than this? Thanks NBA lockout.

  2. daddy

    i love how people will trash our own team. yes everyone could use some improvements give them time to work on it. if in a year they dont get better then start talking.

  3. Julian

    Good W on the road after a terrible game against the Wizards.

    Didn`t choke this time at the end.

    Lets see if they put another win streak together

  4. Julian

    Is Austin now in the dog house and behind Wilkins on the depth chart at SF?
    I can see why, since Austin has not had a good game for quite awhile now.

    Austin needs to earn his minutes and atlhough Wilkins is not a big scorer at least can play D.
    Too bad since I hate to see Pistons have 1st round draft busts.

  5. junior

    U know i was thinking the other day that i rea/ly wish we would have kept amir and afflalo, those two have really stepped it up since leaving the d. Amir would fit perfect next to moose, with maxi off the bench.

  6. Julian

    the odds of getting the number 1 pick in the 2012 NBA draft for the number 6 team is 7.5% and for number 7 is 4.3%,

    there still is hope of getting lucky

  7. Conway Eastwood

    Exactly what this squad needed! Congrats, team! Especially after that terrible blowout loss to Washington, this win is a godsend.

  8. Venice

    I still want to get Davis than having a few more wins and failing to get to the playoffs.

  9. Julian

    Davis will probably go number 1.

    But we still have a chance a good big in the draft.
    Hopefully CV can play soon and we can see what he can bring to the current roster. Big Ben will probably retire next year. Maxiell and Wilkins are free agents after this year and will probably not be back.

  10. Julian

    So unless someone leaves by the amensty rule and we do not resign any free agents then we will need to fill several holes by draft or FA.
    1. Quality C backup for Moose.
    2. PF starter with JJ as backup with CV status up in the air. If Jason leaves next year CV could be the starter unless he is cut.
    3. SF backup to Prince, unless the kid from Spain comes back. Austin will be a third string.


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