Pistons fall short in New Jersey – The that almost happened recap

by | Feb 1, 2012 | 14 comments

The Pistons lost their 7th game in a row to New Jersey 99-96. Detroit kept the game close, but looked just like the Pistons of late by digging themselves in a big hole after the half. This time on the play of Brandon Knight, Tayshaun Prince and some clutch makes from Walker D Russell, the Pistons tied it up at 88 with five minutes left in the ball game.

Detroit with the ball after a Jerebko got the game within two points with 41.9 seconds left, had a chance to to tie or take the lead, but Tayshaun missed 3 seconds left leaving him to foul Williams to make the score 99-96 with 1.8 left on the clock. Brandon Knight with one last chance to tie it just missed a three pointer at the buzzer with some contact from Deron Williams, making this the…that almost just happened recap.

Key Points:

  • Jason Maxiell started in place of Ben Wallace. Jason seems to play better off the bench he finished with 4 points and 4 boards in 22 minutes.
  • If that was just about any other team or a superstar, that last play would have sent Brandon Knight to the line for three foul shots. A lot of body contact from Williams.
  • This team showed heart.
  • Rodney Stuckey turned his ankle before the half and didn’t play much after that. I he wanted to go but didn’t play much after he did it.  It  could have been them wanting to rest his ankle or it could have been the fact the The Walkman was running things the right way. Stuckey finished with 7 points and 3 assists in 25 minutes.
  • Walker D Russell with a career high 12 points. This guy is staying, he knows how to run this team and is unselfish. Russell was on the court when the game was on the line and played very will. I for one am hoping he stays.
  • Mrs. Kardashian 18 points and 18 boards.
  • 48 points in the paint for Detroit.  34 for the Nets.
  • Pistons are getting torched from downtown.
  • Moose Monroe with 21 points, 8 boards and a blocked shot in 36 minutes. Close your eyes and image him with a solid big man down low to give him help.
Greg Monroe against the Nets
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  • Brandon Knight was schooling Deron Williams at times. Brandon is logging the most minutes of any rookie in the league. He logged 43 in New Jersey after playing the previous two nights. Brandon with 15 points, 4 assists and 5 boards on the night. Have I mentioned I love his floater?
  • Did you get your Brandon Knight Schedule Wallpaper yet?
  • Are the Nets hording Williams’? They have Deron Williams, Shawne Williams, Sheldon Williams and Jordan Williams.
  • Nets dressed just 8 for the game.
  • Deron led all players with 26.
  • As every game goes by the more balls they have…lottery balls that is.
  • Tayshaun Prince was burning hot with 21 on a really hot 4th quarter that got the team right back in it. The last play to take the game or tie it…was kind of a mess though. Tay added 6 boards and 4 assists in 39 minutes.
  • A Daye 11 minutes and 0 points.
  • Out rebounded 44 to 31.
  • The Nets biggest lead was 12, the Pistons was just 2.
  • Yes they are bad, and yes they keep losing, but Greg, Brandon and JJ are learning on the job. Baby steps to bigger things.
  • Highlights via NBA.com

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/nets/2012/02/01/0021100318_det_njn_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • A much needed day off for Detroit and then Vanilla Ice and the Bucks at the Palace.


  1. Drew

    Love Brandon Knight’s floater? This whole team is a floater…from the bowels of the NBA.

  2. Col

    Hurrah! We’ve finally hit rock bottom, this shudda happened couple years ago, don’t let dumars do moves to make us respectable. Leave it at this fire dumars, draft the premier big man to go alongside Monroe and next year it starts to get better.
    Wake me up in June

  3. Lori

    I really like Walkman. It’s been a while since we’ve had a pass first point guard who sees the floor as well as he does. It’s good to see him come off the bench and change things for the better. If only his shots would go down…

  4. Marvin Jones

    He’s not a good shooter, which some say is the reason he’s been looked over for a call up. It seemed to me the guards were freezing out Austin, he was open on numerous occassions and never got a pass. I can remember several possessions where everybody touched the ball except Austin; maybe they want him to do more than just stand in the corner but he can’t stretch the defense if he doesn’t shoot the ball; it just looked like Knight and Russell were more intent on scoring than passing last night.

  5. daddy

    start with what i liked, coach clapping even after we lost. trying to bring our hopes up and showing that we are moving forward, good eye frank. tay is looking better and him and moose are leading the way. knight learned a lot from deron last night so im glad he got to face up and hopefully he remembers those leasons. good step forward i dont care if they had 8 ppl still a good game.

  6. Julian

    Nice comeback by the Pistons but fell a little short again.

    Good game by Tayshaun and Moose. Knight with only 1 turnover. Stuck was hurt and really never got to the line like he usually does for free throws.
    JJ had a decent game and Russell actually scored some points too.
    Big Ben and Daye with goose eggs.
    It is tough to win when you get outrebounded by a large margin.
    Kim`s ex killed us on the boards and in the paint.
    He would have been a good pickup for the Pistons.

    the Nets dressed only 8 players.
    which shows you only your 5 good starters and a couple of decent players on the bench to win games.

  7. Julian

    Pistons STATS:
    Team D is below average (22nd)
    Team SCORING and ASSISTS near the bottom
    Team REBOUNDING last in the league
    Tied for second worst record just 1 ahead of Charlotte.
    Glad we ended up drafting Knight instead of Biyombo.

  8. Julian

    You might think things are bad for the Pistons but I would pity Charlotte. They are currently the worst team in the league and got blown out by 44 points in Portlandia last nite and are on a 10 game losing streak.
    OUCH. Their coach better be updating his resume.

  9. daddy

    silas isnt going anywhere jordan knows the situation. his has one of the cheapest payrolls in the nba. the game by portland their two highest scorers were out so that doesnt help. now if jordan drafts right next year they will be in our position.

  10. edt

    nat you are better than me.

    I found nothing positive about this game.

  11. Riv

    I agree with you Nat that Walker D. jr is a keeper. He seems to run the team very well for a rookie. He is a 29 year old rookie and has played in several leagues, so he’s not your average rookie. But I don’t think he could take Bynum’s spot because of his shooting. That is probably why he has not stuck with an NBA team before now. But I would still like to see him stay.

  12. Brian G.

    Walker D. does look solid running this team at the point. It seems to me that we are getting killed up front (Duh!)…but yet, Vernon Macklin continues to not get a look in meaningful minutes. I fail to see why, he can do no worse than Max. Plus, V Mack. is a solid athlete and has the length to help our woeful rebounding disadvantage. I am holding out hope that this team is trying to think about the future…and Macklin may be able to help a little. Coach Larry…put him in the game and see what we have…it can’t hurt!


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