The Pistons vs. The Knicks

by | Jan 31, 2012 | 30 comments

The Pistons vs. The Knicks

The 4-18 Pistons are in New York to play their second game of a back to back to back against the 7-13 Knicks. The team that everyone thought was going to be the new team to beat in the east has been playing well…like the Pistons have.

  • The good: The shorthanded Pistons may have a chance with Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis most likely out for New York.
  • The bad: Everything in Milwaukee. In the Pistons most recent three game of the losing streak, opponents have made 29 of 48 (60.4%) from 3-point range. The Pistons have allowed 101.0 points per game on 50.8% shooting in all five losses.
  • Who to watch: Soon to be (hopefully) All-Star Greg Monroe and the Knicks Chandler and Stoudemire.
  • The unknown: Can Brandon Knight bounce back from last night in Milwaukee quickly?

Next home game…Friday night for 90’s night. Who in their right mind doesn’t want to see Vanilla Ice. Get your exclusive ticket deals with NO FEES directly from the Pistons here and I’ll see you there.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports. If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.

UPDATE: Please don’t make me recap the TURRABLE. At this point I’m just going to get upset. Lets discuss in the comments.

Another one bites the dust.  Pistons 86 Knicks 113


  1. Drew

    Don’t look now but the Pistons are only down 20!

  2. Mel

    yeah , this is terrible basketball, and I always try to be optimistic. Frank and the whole crew WoW! Feel bad for Monroe. He’s the only one trying.

  3. Tycoon

    Who says we can’t sweep this back-to-back-to-back? We are doing it convincingly! One to go!

  4. Natalie Sitto

    I really can’t understand the thinking of some Pistons fans. I would really like to know what all these casual Pistons fans think firing Joe Dumars will do?

    Seriously…I have had quite enough of that.

    • junior

      ty nat.

      • Lori

        Yeah, thank you Natalie.

        • Natalie Sitto

          I posed this question on Twitter and my best answer was…for a new perspective.

          Is a new perspective going to get you 40 wins?

    • edt

      Firing Joe Dumars will be awesome. first of all, remember I am a huge Stuckey homer, I think he’s the best guy on our team, aside from Greg Monroe.

      But if a deal came thru where we could trade stuckey in order to improve our position, to give monroe help and let knight develop into a true point guard . . . .

      Joe dumars will never do it. The way he has overpaid Rip and Prince, the way he signed Stuckey there’s no way he would trade Stuckey, no way he would trade Daye he’s not gonna move pieces that have to be moved to make our team move forward.

      Joe D has to go.

      I’m thinking of all the ways this team can move forward. A lot of them involve moving Stuckey or Jerebko two players I love.

      He’s got to absolutely go, nothing good can happen as long he is so reluctant to trade. Instead we just sign and resign and go all the way up to max cap space without any reward.

      If I were there, I would not want to trade Stuckey. But I would do it in a second if it made the team better.

      Joe Dumars doesn’t have this sort of fire in him. He did once. But not now.

  5. Brian G.

    Jesus wept! At least we are consistent…bad…but consistent….

  6. Brian G.

    Seriously, our roster is just not good enough to compete at this point, I would love to see more of Vernon Macklin playing in some meaningful minutes…it certainly can’t hurt at this point. Time to develop and hope and pray that the “lottery”…fixed or not…can produce a top two or three pick…

    • Natalie Sitto

      Exactly, we are moves away with a young foundation. It’s not going to happen over night.

      Bring on the Balls

      • Brian G.

        I hear you Natalie…this will take some time…we struggled along even with young Grant Hill playing his butt off…we need a top tier talent…and keep patiently developing Brandon, Greg, and even perhaps Austin and JJ. Patience is the key, overreacting is not how to fix this problem. I think Joe D. knows this roster is in need of fixing…I just hope the lottery doesn’t screw us! Picking fifth or sixth, you know that miracle team with less odds that somehow lucks up and pushes us down the draft board.

  7. edt

    buffoonery: twice as many turnovers as assists.

    dribbling it off your foot, passing it to the other team, standing on the court with the ball like you’re hailing a cab, you name it

    • Natalie Sitto

      I’m so glad I only caught the second half. Great choice by me to go out and have a good dinner than watch another game of that EDT.

  8. NJ

    Uh oh Dumars……TIme to ship off Jerebko, he’s showing to much talent!!! Get him outta here we can’t have this on our team. Maybe trade him and Monroe to the 76ers for the other AI and a couple of future draft picks!!!!

    Love how George all about how the other team is just having on day shooting the ball……ummm gee George, every team we run into has an on night, don’t they???

    • junior

      thats enough outta u

  9. Tycoon

    JJ led the scoring with 15pts in 15 mins, why didnt he got more playing time? I know I was unable to watch, was he injured?

    • Brian G.

      Hey Tycoon, most of those points came in “garbage time”, JJ did not start and got bench minutes throughout the game…he did not appear to be injured…just Frank going with other guys…

      • Tycoon

        oh that’s too bad. I think JJ deserves more than garbage time. He should even be injected back to starting lineup. How about starting him at SF instead of Tay? Come on lets try something new Frank.

        • MrRockinWTB

          Frank starts Ben Wallace because Jonas is a foul out waiting to happen! Even when he comes off the bench, he checks in with 2 fouls. There’s a difference between playing hard and making ticky tack fouls. Jonas hasn’t quite mastered it yet, but he’ll get there!

    • pistonsfan101

      Coach favors Maxiell over Jerebko these days cause of Maxiell’s play lately but that has been disappearing these days…..

  10. Mike

    Watch out Pistons, New Jersey going to run all over you especially when you just made the Knicks look like they have a defense lol

  11. 30 Chainz

    the biggest problem though for our team is how we play and not the players on our roster. We commit too many turnovers and don’t focus enough on assists. Until we can start playing as a more functional team, we will never get better. Even if we get a great draft pick.

    • Brian G.

      I agree about the turnovers, the parts on this team just don’t fit well together…and you are right, most of these turnovers are just mental killers…I am holding out that Brandon will learn the NBA game and develop into the primary point on this team…but as you know, young guys develop slowly. Take care brother!

  12. Aaron P

    I give Joe D props for putting together one of my favorite TEAMS in two centuries. However, Joe D has also mad multiple poor decisions that have led to the team being how it is right now. You can’t say we are in a rebuilding process when we sign people like C.V, B.G, and Tayshaun to deals that have been dealt. I was one of the biggest supporters of the Pistons for years. I loved the Bad Boys and I loved the “Going to Work” mentality under Larry Brown’s tenure. All of that’s gone now and all I see is bad money spent and players without belief. Here’s to a future with players who believe in the “Going to Work” mentality that is Detroit.

  13. Julian

    Moose had a good game and JJ did not miss a shot all game.
    Daye missed quite a few and was a turnover machine.
    The rest of the Pistons were not better.
    It was hard to watch them get spanked.

  14. Julian

    We have lost 6 in a row but believe it or not there is one team that is even worse.
    Charlotte has lost 9 in a row.

  15. daddy

    so when the hell has playing defense turned into flopping. stuckey tried to flop and realized no amare didnt touch him. daye tried to get a charge call and didnt do that right so he flopped. everytime i see pistions i feel pathetic for them. everyone in ny was saying “oh we play the pistions we got a win” hell every team in the nba is saying that. EVEN THE WIZ. moose dont let this discourage you, cause you were the only one trying. member what the hof bird said if you give your 100 percent all the time good things will happen. you my friend are just going to have to wait a season maybe 2.

  16. zane

    ** Sigh** Let’s face it piston fans we ‘SUCK’ I myself have given up pointing out all the bad just too many to point out every single game…. I just grab my Draft count down calendar and X off until the day we finally have a little chance at some light at the end of this deep dark tunnel.. This season is a wash (be thankful it shorten) …I just take joy in seeing our young guy develop, the new improvements to the palaces, and ♥Natalie Sitto the founder of our piston’s anonymous group a.k.a (Need for sheed) for giving us this site to vent during this difficult time (give her a hand).. LOOk on the bright side we’ve hit rock bottom▼ so no place to go but Up▲ ☼ Brighter days are ahead piston fans. join me in song ¶ kumbaya………..♫ ♪ ♫


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