Not a great start to a Back 2 Back 2 Back

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The Bucks took down the Pistons Monday night in commanding fashion by racing out of the gate. The Bucks, who led by as much as 23, had to deal with just one treat late in the second quarter as Stuckey scored seven points and lead the Piston son a 17-5 run to end the half cut the Pistons deficit to six at the half. Unfortunately the second half wasn’t one to talk about as the Bucks went on a 12-2 run to start the third. Final Score 103-82

Key Points:

  • Defense was surely lacking, the Pistons allowed the Bucks to shoot 69% in the first quarter and rocketing off to a quick lead.
  • Bucks up 30-16 after one.
  • The Pistons were down by 18 before I could blink but they clawed their way back late in the second quarter, but the Bucks were too much and the Pistons were much too less.
Rodney Stuckey vs Bucks
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  • Rodney Stuckey led the Pistons with 19 points, 6 assists and three boards.
  • The Bucks killed the Pistons from downtown. They shot 10-for-17 from downtown, while the Pistons make just one three the night.
  • The Pistons gave up after about the 5 minute mark of the game when Vernon Macklin and Wilkins entered the game. What good came out of it? An alley oop for Macklin from Russell.
  • Do you realize that Charlie Villanueva is now on the Piston inactive list?
  • Another great game from Pistons Greg Monroe, who put up 16 points on 8-for-12 shooting with 10 boards and 2 assists. Let’s be honest this mess of a season would be much worse without Greg and that’s saying a lot.
  • Detroit shot 38% on the night, but at one point they were at just 17%.
  • UGLY
  • Five Pistons in double figures.
  • Rodney Stuckey circus shot via

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  • Brandon Jennings torched Brandon Knight wo scored zero points and was a -20 for the game. If you saw his face after this one was over it would explain everything. He’ll bounce back, but this one was not good.
  • It’s hard to pull something positive out of this one especially when they have two more games to play on the road in the next two days. Heck if you can think of something positive to say that’s not about Greg Monroe, leave it in the comments.
  • Lead changes in this one …ZERO.
  • Austin Daye 4-for-14 for 10 points.
  • How do you let Mike Dunleavy kill you?
  • Prince with 14 and 8 boards with an assist and a blocked shots.
  • The Bucks capitalized on the Pistons 16 turnovers.
  • I know, I know this team is almost as hard to watch as Mateeeeen Cleaves “expert” analysis in the Call Sam Studios.
  • Tuesday night in NYC.


  1. Drew

    Larry Frank doing a bang up job. Stuckey’s your leading scorer in the game yet he doesn’t see any time in the 4th when Milwaukee starts going on a run.

  2. Andy

    as painful as it is watching the pistons lose by a large margin, the future of this team seems pretty bright. hopefully 2012-2013 will be a strong year.

  3. Bellllissimo

    is tanking an entire season really worth one player in a draft?

  4. Julian

    Pistons could not win last year and can not win this year with any lineup they throw out there because their roster is not any good.
    They are not tanking the year they just suck.

  5. Brian G

    Jesus wept! You could resurrect Chuck Daly and add Larry Brown to the coaching staff…and they would be hard pressed to win with this roster. Offensively, this has to be one of the worst Piston teams in my lifetime. I thought the late 70’s squad and the teal team were bad…but boy…what I wouldn’t give for a little Cadillac Anderson and Bison Dele LOL…

  6. staszaksanders

    We’re terrible and so is our roster. Most of our cash is locked up in BG and CV and we’ve got to endure a couple more seasons of under performing for massive paychecks unless we can find someone who wants to take on their awful contracts. Joe made that bed and we all have to lay in it. The up side is our young guys – BK, Moose, JJ (as an energy bench guy) and Daye (assuming he finds his confidence). We can build on these guys and our lottery pick (in what is supposed to be a solid draft). If we can do what OKC (SEA) did and build a well-balanced team with talent in the draft, get them to play together then lock them into multi-year deals, we can start talking about consecutive playoff runs again. I think that’s the plan, but we have to hope that Joe D makes better decisions than he did when he spent most of our cash on BG and CV. I feel like in a couple years we will have a young talented team that plays Deeetroit basketball and does things the right way. Frank is a good coach and I think the players respond well to him. He’ll get there when the roster improves and the young guys develop. Joe D and the remaining fans need to give Frank a chance to develop a culture over a few years. There is nothing however to take from losing by 20+ and being down by that much most of the game. Close losses can be encouraging and can be built upon, but getting worked is just discouraging for everyone. If you can weather this, you’re a true Pistons fan and a believer. Stay strong. Stay positive.

    • Brian G

      I hear you brother, as a fan since the 70’s I have endured some losing seasons…and we will at some point be better…what makes these losses frustrating is that we look totally lost and bamboozled on offense…and we make some pretty awful teams look like world beaters…I mean Mike Fracking Dunleavy? Anyway, chin up and move on….

  7. leonelreo

    Pistons can’t rebuild with Joe Dumars as their GM. As simple as that. When Gores fires him, then they can reborn. Dumars has made all the bad picks and horrible deals he could do. His credit is over

    And so, when will you lose your faith in Daye? He is not a good NBA player. He’s in his third year, hasn’t improved much and has demonstrated he can’t play consistent minutes. His credit is over, too.

  8. daddy

    as stated before we are doing what okc is doing it will take some time fellas. not until last year did they start doing well. it took russell harden and kd some time to get the feel and now they look great. they have excellent roll players as well. this is the vision dumars has and its a long one. he tried the shortcut by signing cv and bg. that worked out greatttttttttt.

  9. Julian

    I think Austin has the rest of the year to prove himself an NBA player.
    Our man in Madrid will be taking his spot at SF anyway regardless.
    CV is now on the inactive list. Wow, what a waste of money.
    Can Dumars spell amnesty?
    BG will be next in line for that honor after CV I hope.
    Just those 2 salaries alone can buy some decent free agents.
    At least Tayshaun is earning his money by playing some decent minutes.
    I call the Pistons “BAD boys” it is because they suck not because they they play hard nosed basketball.
    Good luck against the Knicks, boys.

  10. Julian

    Talking about overpaying for players.
    Look no further the Knicks.
    They are over the cap space and have a losing record.
    Melo and Stoudemire are underachieving superstars.
    Buying a team worked for the Heat but not for the Knicks I guess.
    Maybe the best way to develop a good team is get your stars via the draft and fill in the roster with good second tier players via free agency.


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