Forget Thunder that was a crippling storm

by | Jan 24, 2012 | 17 comments

The Thunder rolled over the Pistons in convincing fashion Monday night in 79-99.

Key Points:

  • Detroit was down by 17 in the first quarter.
  • You knew it was going to be bad when Westbrook gave the Pistons an IN YOUR FACE dunk within the first few minutes of the ball game.
  • Despite the 20 point differential, the Pistons this game was sadly further out of reach than just 20 points. Detroit was light years away.
  • Rodney Stuckey tried to take this one on himself from the tip. Stuckey finished with 12 points on 5-for-11 shooting.
  • Brandon Knight started once again alongside Rodney but had some trouble handling the ball against a very fast Thunder team. Brandon led the Pistons with 13 points on 5-for-9 shooting with 2 turnovers in 32 minutes on the floor. Brandon’s +/- was -23.
  • Russell Westbook and James Harden could have taken down the Pistons themselves.
  • The Pistons shot 17% in the first quarter. Worst in a quarter all season…I’m hoping in history.
  • Too bad Barry Sanders was in the house and had to see this game.
  • The Thunder are a fun team to watch, the Pistons…not so much.
Greg Monroe vs The Thunder
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  • Greg Monroe know about hard work. Despite being down more than 20 in the third quarter Greg was diving for balls like it was a one point game. These are the things you like to see coming from the future of your ball team. Monroe finished with 12 points on just 3-for-14 shooting with 7 boards and 2 assists.
  • Yes, I watched the whole thing even if it was garbage time for almost all of the fourth quarter. Why you ask? To see the Vernon Macklin and Walker Russell show.
  • Austin Daye 19 minutes with 9 points on 3-for-10 shooting. Austin recorded his first three point of the season.
  • Anyone notice that Knight’s three point shot is getting better each game?

Highlights via
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  • Outrebounded 51-38.
  • The Pistons need to capitalize, the Thunder turned the ball over 19 times. Detroit with 9 of them on the night.
  • You know things aren’t going well when you have Ben Wallace backing down trying to get his shot in the paint and then throwing up a baby hook.

Jonas Jerebko: “When we go on the road, especially against a good team like OKC, we’ve got to come out with more energy than them. They hit us first and we just went down. We’ve got to get back up. We’ve got no excuse for not coming in with energy. We didn’t play yesterday and so we’ve just got to be better than this. We’ve got to learn to play together. OKC is a good team, so you can never let them come out like they did in the beginning.”

  • Talk about not starting things right, the Pistons made just two of their first 14 shots.

Lawrence Frank: “Look we had shots at the rim, in the first quarter we had I think nine shots within three feet and we missed them all, they were either blocked or led to their fast breaks. It’s very disappointing to put forth that type of performance.”

  • Wednesday night at the Palace against the Heat…that should be fun.


  1. O'Brother

    back to the bench Stuckey

  2. Marvin Jones

    Why, Stuckey started off playing great, the problem was nobody else was doing anything, after getting his first shot blocked, Monroe was rushing everything, he started off 1 for 10 and all of the shots were at the rim. Tay was bricking everything, Knight had his hands full getting run over by Westbrook and Perk & Ibaka were controling the boards. They were beating us back off of missed shots and blocks, that’s just hustle, no excuse for that.

  3. edt

    westbrook had brandon on him, and knight was useless. they doubled monroe and gave him different bigs all night causing monroe to be ineffective. Oklahoma is good and deep and used an effective strategy.

    I think what really hurt us was OK got burned by the wizards last week so they didn’t come into the game complacent, that took away our best weapon.

  4. RashitFlawless

    that’s not an effort. no hustle.
    the pistons have nothing against okc, they were light years away.
    the team have to realize that the pistons are one of the worst teams rosterwise and chemistrywise.
    players can’t accept they are lottery team, that’s not how this team will build identity
    they must fight every game, they must die every game on the court. otherwise the face of this team is ben gordon’s laid-back face

  5. sunny

    Fire Dumars!

  6. greg

    but hey… 9 turnovers, that’s a start even though the result sucks.

  7. Bellllissimo

    hey wizards fired flip saunders

    they said get the “flip” out of dc 😛

    and its amazing how last year everyones calling austin daye the definate future SF of the pistons now 1 year later everyones calling him a scrub and want him traded. what a difference a year makes.

    • Bellllissimo

      oops i had a server error message and i reposted this comment twice. sorry 🙁

  8. dillon

    wheres charlie v we paid so much money for him and he isnt even doing anything except get paid siting on the bench i miss our old pistons i miss ben seed prince hamilton and billups were not how we us to be we need our pistons to step up make a run at a championship come on Brandon knight yoourr our leader now detroit lets play some basketballll

    • Drew

      I miss seed too

  9. Bellllissimo

    hey wizards fired flip saunders

    they said get the “flip” out of dc 😛

    and its amazing how last year everyones calling austin daye the definate future SF of the pistons now 1 year later everyones calling him a scrub and want him traded. what a difference a year makes.

    oh and i just want to say. i think okc is the truth. they make those 2nd chance plays during a trip down the floor. offensive rebounds, hustle, everything. I always pictured them as soft but i think kendrick perkins gives them a bruiser down low which helps them a lot

    • Ratski26

      Oh shame, they fired the last coach that got the Pistons to the playoffs regularly.


      I’m so disappointed in our decision on players. I really do understand we are rebuilding, but we’re not even trying to get better. We’re hoping for all-star draft picks and we aren’t getting them.


    Hey, at least we got PRINCE FIELDER!

  11. Julian

    Pistons have not allowed a player on the opposing team to score 30 points against them but they also have not scored 100 points in a game.

    We are dead last in points, and rebounds per game.
    We are near the bottom in assists and 18th in points against per game.

    Next loss against the Heat.
    Good luck boys you are going to need it.

  12. blam

    Kaman doesnt seem to be in new orleans plans. We should totally pursue him, this guy can do 20,10 easy when given the minutes.

  13. Toteh

    I cannot take these beating anymore. Where is BG, CV, Will B, looked everybody on that team make way entirely too much to be complaining bout hurt. Some of these of guys make way more sitting down than you and I would make the whole year. REALLY REALLY!!! CV haven’t play a full game as of yet. If you can practise and walked up and down the stairs my brother stopped being a damn baby. Kobe plays with sought of injuries because of his passion for the game, not collecting damn pay check.

  14. Julian

    CV and his injury are a mystery.
    Maybe they should get a second opinion on his injury or it may be an excuse not to play him. Either way it is a strange situation.
    Anyway doubt that he will be back next year even though he has some years left on his contract. I am thinking one word. AMNESTY.


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