The Pistons vs. The Warriors

by | Jan 15, 2012 | 14 comments

The Pistons vs The Warriors

The 3-9 Pistons are back home to take on the Golden State Warriors.

  • The good: The play of Monroe and Knight.
  • The bad: Not so good for the Warriors, but helpful for Detroit that Stephen Curry won’t be taking the floor due to injury. Watch out for the solid play of David Lee and the always fun to watch Monta Ellis.
  • The unknown: Can Monroe put up another double-double with David Lee lurking down low? Will Brandon Knight and Jonas Jerebko continue to play well? Will Austin Day ever get playing time regardless of his ankle? Wait…add Charlie V to that last statement too.

Get in the door for as little as $5 to see Detroit take on the Warriors.

Tip off is at 6:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports. If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.


  1. Julian

    This should be another W for the Pistons. They could put together a winning streak again.
    The Warriors are a struggling bottom tier team.
    They will be without Kwame Brown, That may be a positive.
    Daye not playing his usal garbage minutes should not hurt the Pistons.
    CV with his mysterious ankle injury despite not playing so far this year is too bad but should not hurt the Pistons either.
    Go Pistons.

  2. Mike

    Can Monroe put up a doub-doub with “Lee lurking down low” made me laugh. Dude can’t stop a nosebleed. He is a good rebounder though. Monroe > Lee anyway.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I was referring to Lee’s rebounding skills….would there be enough for Monroe lol

  3. Zane

    ok EDT Hope you saved me a seat on the bandwagon. Even though I didn’t join you on that balloon ride …Now let’s see if history repeats itself or have our pistons finally figured out how to win. (I have my hard liquor and remote which 1 will I use the most tonight)☺ hope I’m sober and richer for not having to buy batteries for that remote……….. GO PISTONS!

    • zane

      side note NO Wilkins … maybe Daye’s shots will get a passport from russia and join him here in the United States.

  4. Mike

    ok Nat haha.

    I wish I lived in the Detroit area, I would totally have went for 5 bucks.

  5. zane

    Yeap! ~ sigh ~back to the drawing board… same shit different toilet.

  6. edt

    I can explain this loss in two words:

    Charlotte Bobcats.

    The ‘cats wrecked the warriors yesterday, humiliated them, kemba & henderson went off.

    The warriors were on a mission. The pistons were just off a great win, and it was noticeable that jerebko simply had no spring in his step.

    Brandon Knight looked efficient, he’s looking good. Stuckey did what he does put his head down and drew some fouls.

    All these back to backs, Ben Wallace had his minutes reduced and so we had to play Austin Daye.

    They wanted it more.

    • zane

      All I know is if they don’t figure it out soon this could be the beginning of another long losing streak….. Told you a fluke how could they not want it more after that great game against the bobcats. boo hoo tired legs we’re the team who had the off day GS had the back to back ..NO excuses we need to get it together we just suck as a team and we’re gonna suck until Joe does something. ~deep breath~ getting off my soap box now— not like I didn’t see this coming.

  7. Tycoon

    Agree with zane. good teams wont take that as an excuse. Jerebko needs to be more consistent in scoring.

  8. Julian

    Out played, out rebounded and out hustled on our home court.. We made G.S.look like NBA champs out there tonight.
    Pathetic. Lawrence must be thinking why did he take this job.
    The good thing about this season is if you lose you try to redeem yourself in a day or two.

  9. Julian

    Watched Austin throw up 3 triples in a row. Nothing but rim.
    He is now 0-13 so far this season.
    Not exactly good trade bait either.
    Maybe D league next season.

    • King

      Daye wasn’t bad in the preseason games or anything either I have no idea why he’s playing so terrible and can’t make a shot to save his life. I’d put him in D-League now (well once there’s less injuries), let him get his confidence back or something because I can’t stand to watch him at the moment.

    • edt

      Don’t kid yourself, other teams want our Austin Daye. He’s young and you can’t teach length, he’s played several games as a starter.

      No question we can get something for him, don’t send him to the D league let’s get some value.

      We should package him with Prince, move Jerebko over to the 3 and add a big.


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