Bobcats can’t slow fast starting Pistons – Pistons win 98-81

by | Jan 14, 2012 | 22 comments

The Pistons’ young guns showed off a bit of what Pistons fans should expect in the coming years tonight, as Jonas Jerebko, Greg Monroe, and Brandon Knight lead the Pistons to their first win in 5 games.  While Charlotte isn’t exactly a great team, they are a scrappy young team that can put it together occasionally and they do have an exciting young core in guards Kemba Walker and overseas sensation Bismack Biyombo.

  • All Pistons starters were in double figures for scoring with Jonas Jerebko leading the way with 22.  Jerebko scored 12 total points in his previous 3 games.
  • Rookie sensation Brandon Knight finished with a double-double (13 points and 10 rebounds) to go with 4 assists.  The stat line Coach Frank likes most is his 0 turnovers.
  • Former Piston draft pick DJ White finished with 10 points and 6 rebounds off the bench for the Bobcats, in 30 minutes.  (White would look a lot better in a Pistons’ uniform now, considering Walter Sharpe is no longer on the team)
  • Remember Tyrus Thomas?  The guy the Bulls traded LaMarcus Aldridge for?  He’s still in Charlotte and had 10 points and 7 rebounds.
  • Aside from the Wizards roster, I can’t think of another roster that is worse than the Pistons besides Charlotte’s roster.  Charlotte has drafted in the lottery every season they’ve been in existence except for 1.  There is not 1 player on that team that I’d take over the top 7 guys on the Pistons.  (I’d take Biyombo over Charlie Villanueva or Kemba over Bynum but they aren’t in either team’s top 7 players in terms of playing time)
  • Is there a team that people forget about more than Charlotte?
  • Tayshaun Prince took a night off from being the Piston fans’ punching bag, and finished +18 on the night (a team high).
  • The Pistons won the rebounding margin – 46-34.
  • The Pistons had a a 2:1 assist to turnover ratio on the night – in recent years these types of numbers would guarantee a Piston win.
  • Brandon Knight lead all rebounders with 10.
  • Jonas Jerebko was the high scorer for the game with 22 points.
  • DJ Augustin lead all players in assists with 13.
  • Bismack Biyombo blocked 5 shots – the Pistons had 6 blocks total.
  • Ben Gordon and Gerald Henderson got into a bit of a scrap – they both received technical fouls in the 3rd quarter.
  • Charlotte falls to 2-10 on the season and Detroit improves to 3-9.

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Detroit heads home now to face the upstart Golden State Warriors and former Pistons great Kwame Brown.

Charlie Villanueva continues to sit out because of a lingering ankle injury.  It is not known when the former UCONN star will be available for the Pistons, who will continue to remain shorthanded in the frontcourt in his absence.  It is also not known what kind of shape Villanueva will be in once he is available for the Pistons.  Charlie V has often been criticized for being “soft” both from his lack of ability playing D on the block, and for his muscular definition (or lack thereof).  Villanueva may be feeling the pressure to come back sooner, rather than later, because of the looming amnesty clause that the Pistons held onto coming into the season.

Greg Monroe has made the most of his time on the floor by putting up All Star numbers in the first 12 games of the season (17 and 9) all while playing solid defense.  Monroe, who has turned out to be one of the better players from last year’s 1st round draft class, has benefited from increased playing time.  It is almost a guarantee that both Greg Monroe and Jonas Jerebko will be virtual locks for the Sophomore team during All Star weekend, but Monroe has to have the All Star game in the back of his mind right now.


  1. ali

    this team has a bright future besides a couple of knuckheads *cough* gordon, cv, stuck. KNIGHT, JEREBKO, MONROE are our future. We need a true center but they dont come around easy

  2. James (Australia)

    Really good win tonight. No one should be expecting us to reel off 10 straight wins because of a win against Charlotte, but you have to win games you are supposed to. It wasn’t a cupcake either, we were playing a back-to-back (so were Charlotte), and it was away from home after getting stuck in Milwaukee last night. The most pleasing thing was that we put the Bobcats away quickly and, aside from a small run around the begining of the fourth, didn’t let them back into the game.

    Greg Monroe has to be close to an all-star spot if he keeps up these sort of numbers. Seriously, tell me he isn’t the third best center in the East (1. D12, 2. Noah, 4. Bogut? Noah will get a spot because he is a Bull even though I would actually flip Bogut and Noah around and say Bogut, at his best is the second best center with Noah fourth behind Monroe; Noah doesn’t have enough game on offense). Also, I know JJ is eligible for the rookie/sophomore game, but do you think coaches will be aware of that to vote for him? We should have three participants in that game, or two if Monroe makes the main game.

    Loved the guard play tonight. Gordon still turns the ball over a little too much, but his passing was very good and he shot the ball efficiently. Stuckey didn’t need to do much as Knight and Gordon played well. I really liked this game from Knight–10 rebounds really helped out and his consecutive triples in the fourth were big shots.

  3. James (Australia)

    One quick note, the schedule on the right hand side has tonight’s score on the Warriors game and has the Bobcats game blank.

  4. N1ck

    Would like to see a starting backcourt of Knight & Stuck. Gordon & Bynum from the bench. Would be nice IMO.

    And would like to see a move from Joe D this season!

    • junior

      i think we will def see that in the near future i think frank is trying to slowly work stuck back in. he said his groin is real sore still but he cant damage it any by playing, once its back to feeling good he will be in there wit knight.

  5. King

    I agree with starting Knight alongside Stuckey. Gordon hasn’t been performing as well as he was at the beginning of the season and I think he’d benefit from going back into a 6th man role. Monroe had another great game, if he keeps that up he should be in the All Star game but knowing the voters he’ll be overlooked.

    Lets see how we do against Golden State, hopefully pick up some momentum.

  6. edt

    our 5 best players are Monroe, Ben Wallace, Jerebko, Knight and Stuckey.

    You want our best 5 starting lineup on the floor that’s what we should do.

    But I think Frank is working here more on just winning this game. He is looking at back to back to backs, a long season, a huge potential for injuries.

    He has slowly ramped up Ben’s minutes, and when Stuckey came back he also had his minutes slowly ramp up. But Ben will never start, too much potential for injury.

    Knight of course is young and will take as many minutes as you can throw at him and the way he has played the last two games there is absolutely on reason not to give him 30 minutes all the time now.

    I suspect we’ll see Stuckey off the bench for the next few weeks and slowly ramp his minutes up to 30 when Frank is sure he won’t get injured again.

    • junior

      agree 100%

  7. Leftos

    No comments on our PG being the leader in Rebounds with 10?

    I mean, I couldn’t be any happier over this win, but that’s a fun piece of trivia from the game!

    • Bellllissimo

      hes got some hops, unfortunately none of the guys taller than him do XD

  8. Sevan

    man what is the detroit pistons became the denever broncos but instead of tebow we got monroe.

    • junior


  9. greg

    anyone else notice that Monroe got into the top 5 in stats for FG%? (0.576)

    • Bellllissimo

      seems possible to me, i feel like anytime he takes a shot its going to go in

  10. Julian

    We got a nice nucleus of young players with Stuck, Knight, Moose and JJ.
    We got a quality coach this year.
    Dumars needs to earn his keep this off season.
    Gores needs to spend his cash if wants the Palace full of fans next year.
    We need a quality backup veteran for Moose next year since Big Ben will probably retire. Also we need a young SF starter so that Tayshaun can come off the bench with backup minutes.
    The Ben Gordon experiment should be done after this year.
    He can get a better SG free agent for $11 mill.
    I am all about drafting the best player available as long as it isn`t a PG.
    There a lot of quality PF,SF, and SG lottery picks available in the 2012 draft.
    Go Pistons!

    • Riv

      From what I hear, Kyle Singler is killing overseas and might be the heir for starting SF next year. We are 2 bigs away from being a serious contender. Moose can handle the center but if a killer center becomes available in the next draft, Moose could be a PF as well. Also, Damien Wilkins is keeping A Daye on the bench because of his good D and can make a shot every now and then. I think Austin will get out of his slump but he needs to do it soon. CV31 is injured, but if he don’t come back strong he could be amnesty material.

  11. pistonsfan101

    Pistons have the worst attendance this season 🙁

  12. Julian

    I forgot about Singler. He could be a good addition to the young lineup along with another a couple of big men via the draft or free agency.
    I agree that Charlie V. seems destined for amnesty.
    Hopefully BG will work out as our 6th man off the bench.

    • junior

      id rather keep bynum as the 6th man and keep cv31 as the scoring off the bench, he will work great with the pick n roll. use the amnesty on bg. edt i think u would agree with me.

      • edt

        Exactly. Keep cv dump bg, prince, trade daye well get something good for daye

      • Bellllissimo

        i agree just cause i think CV is better trade bait than BG. Teams need big guys, even if they cant play. ben gordon i think really doesnt have a lot of value right now

  13. Bellllissimo

    hey nice recap i liked it and my favorite games are the ones when the bigs do their thing. I always wished we could see more of dyess and sheed being featured when they were here. but i think this is a fun way to go with greg monroe and jonas.

    everyday we dont make a trade i calm myself by being sure joe d is doing this on purpose cause the draft is deep, but i would think he would want to get another pick or 2 if it is indeed such a deep draft and to sort of prevent getting a bust on their only pick

    in terms of who would i want from bobcats. I can think of several guys. Byron Mullins is actually pretty nice offensively. Bismack, Kemba and Dj Augustine Steven Jackson are all guys i would trade for either BG or a couple other guys


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