Are the Pistons really this bad?

by | Jan 11, 2012 | 44 comments

The Detroit Pistons Social Media Night

At the last minute someone handed me two tickets to see the Dallas Mavericks take on the Pistons at the Palace. I wasn’t planning on going to Tuesday night’s game, especially after witnessing the beat down on Saturday night. But when someone hands you tickets to see your favorite team, no matter what you already have planned, you go. Or at least I do.

Big mistake on my part.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate how lucky I am to get to see the Pistons play in person, but right now it just plain hurts to watch them.

Could this team be worse than the teams of the dreaded “teal” era? They can’t be right?

This team has great young talent like Greg Monroe, Jonas Jerebko, Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey. On paper they have a team that looks like they can compete better than six game blowout steak.

Greg Monroe vs The Heat
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We watch Greg Monroe progress with each game, with absolutely no help down low. We are watch Brandon Knight’s baptism by fire trying to lead this team at the point with limited practices and no training camp. We watch whatever kind of funk that Austin Daye is in. We watch Tayshaun Prince getting old in front of our eyes. We watch Ben Gordon be the player that took his Bulls uniform off and then forgot how to shoot. We watch Ben Wallace give it his all in limited minutes.

We watch fewer and fewer people at the Palace. In fact the crowd last night looked more like a Shock game than it did a Pistons team against the World Champions. Sadly about the only time you’re going to see a decent crowd in the place will be when Miami and the Lakers come to town.

Is it fair to say that last night (or pick a night for that matter) this team looked like a JV team playing in the NBA? By the time I could blink they had already turned the ball over 10 times.

Does anyone remember the good times when the Pistons would go a consecutive games with 3 turnovers or less?

I haven’t seen a coach this vocal with the players in quite some time. By the end of the season Lawrence Frank is going to have way less hair than he already does.

What we are really doing is watching the madness unfold right before our eyes.

If something doesn’t change, this team will be right were a lot of people wanted them to be last season. At the head of the pack for lottery balls. Trouble with that…this draft class doesn’t have a true superstar and knowing the Pistons luck this would be the year they got the #1 pick.

On any given night, you can search this site or twitter for the #FireJoeDumars chant, and that I can understand, but I

don’t agree with.

Bless the Pistons employees for trying to make the best of what they are watching, especially Blaha, Kelser and Matt Dery, who have to put a positive spin on what they know is a horrible product.

I’ve just resigned this season to be one of pain, and hopefully growth. If you can make it though with me than you’ll be a bigger fan years down the road. It happens to every team at one time or another, be strong.

And sorry Mr. Gores…no returns, exchanges or refunds on this one.


  1. zane

    Yes it has been veryx10 painful to watch…. we have NO ONE who can shoot/scroe ( consistently) which I think is causing brandon to take on some of the scoring load (the same thing stuckey had to do at that positon score then pass ) öh boy – seems like only preseason he was driving and kicking out to daye (now it’s all knight no daye)(really like lights out we’re done)year last in defense last year this year last in scoring. If Knight’s mistakes make him better ( see monroe) then we all have to suck it up and just be thankful this is a shorten season. Trade deadline is coming, draft both of which we should be apart of. ** Nat the person who gave u those tickets is NOT your friend☺ not being able to turn the channel ….Don’t underestimate the power of the clicker. ♥

    • edt

      brandon knight wants to shoot, that is clear. It is also clear he is allergic to contact.

      I see Brandon Knight as an excellent 3 point shooter, he’s fearless at the 3, he has an excellent midrange jumper, as a young fella he should be trying to penetrate and kick it out. He can’t penetrate, he doesn’t even try.

      Brandon Knight is more like Rip Hamilton than Derrick Rose. He was not the best ball handler in college but not the worst either, in the NBA he is absolutely unable to handle the ball.

      Stuckey is our point guard. Knight is our 2 and obviously this is a problem, as knight is even more undersized as a 2 than ben gordon.

      • zane

        So are you”re saying joe is buying a whole bunch of parts (used and new) to work with our piston’s engine but none truly fit.. Well he better figure it out soon draft and or trades because this is painful to watch. If not we need to find a new GM . I have given Joe a pass to fix this with un tied hands. but… You’re right we have a problem since no one can figured out what to do with all these parts including Joe. Hell we’re paying CV to be a cheerleader not that I miss him on the floor but Why the hell did we even get this guy?…Yeah! we’re a mess.

        • junior

          cv31 is hurt he should be back in the lineup/rotation when he is healthier.

  2. dillon

    i give up with these guys and the person who runs this web site i think a girl named natalia your doing a good job because your right about what your saying but now im done with this team i cant watch when ever i watch i get really mad and shut the tv so thanks for your work natalia and 1 qustion wat happened to sheed

    • Ratski26

      It’s rough to see man….

      I guess we’ll see you again once the Pistons are good again, right?

    • junior

      if u have to ask what happened to sheed, u havent been watching in a long time. so y are you so upset we are losing if u hardly ever watch? bandwagon? (sheed went to the celtics then he retired?

  3. Julian

    The Pistons are awful.
    The Palace is empty.
    The veterans on the team are over the hill (Prince, Big Ben).

    We need to play our younger players as much as possible including Maclin.
    except for Daye since he is terrible and should be benched for good.
    We need Stuckey back in the worst way too.

  4. Julian

    Wizards got their first W of the season.
    Now the Pistons, the Wizards and the Nets are the only NBA teams with less than 3 wins.

  5. Julian

    Average point differential of -12
    Worst in the league.

  6. Ratski26

    It’s really hard to be a Pistons fan right now. I mean, my friends make fun of me when I wear my pistons shirt and hat. Our team is a joke to the rest of the league.

    Honestly, I’ll still be rooting for my pistons no matter what. Sure, I cheer for the bulls and rip hamilton. But I live in Kalamazoo and I was born right in downtown Detroit. I will be a Pistons fan until I die.

    • Drew

      Keep ya head up youngin’

  7. detroitKG

    So we’re going to get a really good pick in a REALLY good Draft…I’m not going to be upset…What I’m mad about is this should of happened like 3 years ago. Dumars is in denial and needs to commit to rebuilding..But of course he resigns Tay long term…The fact is as it stands now Knight IS your PG of the future, Stuckey will be the SG, we have no future SF or PF, and Greg Monroe is GOD(I mean our starting C lol). Enter the Jerebko fans, myself included. It’s painfully obvious that Jonas is not a starter on a good or great NBA team. He WILL be a solid bench guy. This is going to be all about patience…

    • junior

      if knight is our future pg then thats a bad future. he cant keep the ball in his hands. you cant be a pg and turnover the ball all the time. stuckey is the pg, he is our pg and he will be our pg. stuckey scores rebs passes and doesnt turnover the ball.the sooner everyone excepts that the better.

      • detroitKG

        Man you have problems..
        Knight is 20 and doesn’t even have a half of a season of NBA under his belt and your burying him…Your what I like to call a BAD Piston fan..Stuckey’s natural position is SG..And I believe whether he’s playing for us or someone else that’s the position he’ll play. I cannot believe some people these days. Give him more than a month of a season on a Garbage team sir…Peace

      • Drew

        Rookie point guards almost always struggle with turnovers. If you play fantasy basketball and ever have one of them, you’ll see. It comes with the territory. John Wall had tons of turnovers last year, but I don’t think anybody was saying he has a “bad future” because of them.

        • edt

          agree with detroitkg and drew, nobody knows how good Knight will be.

          But . .. I went back and looked at a lot of his old college games and stats. He is turnover prone. He is allergic to paint. He does not like to penetrate, preferring to spot up and take a jumper, he is addicted to the 3 ball, he is better at creating a shot for himself (at the 3 point line) than penetrating, and then kicking out the ball to a team mate.

          Basically all the problems he has now, he had in college. So it is very worrying.

          Still . . . he’s fresh out of high school. He should be able to learn things right? His handle should improve. But there are some guys that just do not like contact, they are allergic to paint. they feel a tree swat them down once or twice that’s enough, they stay on the perimeter, or if they drive, they spot up and take a jumper.

          • Drew

            Allergic to the paint? Like Charlie or Sheed? 😉

            • edt

              sheed was great, he loved playing with his back to the basket, had every tool of a big, rose to the challenge and could shut down superman, he had everything.

              Now, he did love to shoot him a 3 point shot, and sometimes he would walk from perimeter to perimeter, but sheed thrived in the paint, it was his business.

              Charlie . . . he likes to face the basket. Doesn’t like to get pushed around, there’s a war in the paint and charlie didn’t volunteer for that war.

              Jerebko loves the paint, Bynum loves the paint, Monroe lives in the paint, Stuckey loves the paint, Maxiell loves the paint.

              Charlie, Brandon Knight, Austin Daye they have allergies to the paint.

              Ben Gordon can and will take it to the rack but we are paying him to be a spot up shooter, so that’s what he does, Bynum and Stuckey don’t have Ben Gordon’s range.

              And when BG’s shot don’t fall he’s got nothing because his handle, it’s like he’s dribbling a greased pig.

              I guess with knight and bg on the floor, it should be ben gordon’s job to go to the hole, get contact or pass it out to our shooters, and Knight’s job to be a spot up shooter, but we aren’t paying Ben Gordon to play point and Knight to be a 2.

              Ben Gordon by the way is an example of a guy that once was allergic to paint, he would spot up and shoot, never take it to the rack, he would hit jumpers or floaters to avoid contact, but then he was told in no uncertain terms while he was at chicago “Run at their bigs!” because getting 2 at the line is worth a lot more than 2 on a floater.

              Ben Gordon’s all time career year was 2006

              Minutes per game 33
              FG% 46
              3P% 41
              APG 4
              TO 3
              PTS 21

              Remember Ben Gordon hasn’t been on a decline since coming to detroit. He’s been on a decline ever since 2006. 2007 was the year players in the NBA figured out how to push Ben Gordon off his spot and make him miss.

          • junior

            And thats what im trying to say edt i watched him play college ball alot, ive seen all this already. I hope he can change and improve but im worried too. Id rather stick with stuckey right now 16 ppg n almost.6 asts ty.

  8. rai_from_the_philippines

    – shortened season
    – no training camp
    – new coach
    – new starting line up

    people, make your standards low, and your expectations even lower. it will be good for you.

    never the less… Go Pistons!!!

  9. blam

    “This team has great young talent like Greg Monroe, Jonas Jerebko, Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey. On paper they have a team that looks like they can compete better than six game blowout steak.”

    Dont make that mistake. Just because you know all of them greatly, you are the fan, doesnt mean they are good. Those are very very average guys, if that. Only Brandon Knigh might become something like Jennings if he works hard. We have absolutely no talent at all in this team. Plus we are missing a Big. Its just hopeless and it will last for a very long time because somehow they always manage to win enough games to have 8th pick in the draft.

    • edt

      first of all brandon knight has an assist to turnover ratio of below 1. he’s terrible right now. Who knows what he will become, but he’s awful right now.

      next, Monroe is going to be a top forward for years, he’s ridiculous. Jerebko is decent, and so is stuckey. If knight improves we are only 2 players away from competing. And you dont need a #1 pick. Kevin Love #5, Reggie Miller #11, carlos boozer second round #35, paul millsap round 2 #47, marc gasol round 2 pick 48, rudy gay was a #8 pick, joakim noah was a #9 pick.

      We would have a damn good team if we had Joakim Noah on our side.

      Austin Daye is a bust. We wasted a damn 15th pick for him could have had ty lawson. Oh well.

      It’s all Joe’s fault can’t wait for him to be gone.

      Joe could make a trade tomorrow but dont want to. It’s just the way he likes it.

      • edt

        I also wish we had affalo back he was a 27th pick but pretty darn good, Joe didnt want him, got rid of him.

    • edt

      also knight is more like terry the jet than jennings.

      • junior

        except knight cant hit the three, i think stuckeys 3 ball avg has got to be better than knights this year.

        • edt

          knight can kill the 3, I’m positive of it, he has range, excellent stroke, you’ll see. The 3 ball is not something people hit consistently, it’s a streaky shot, live by the 3 die by the 3.

          But this team really does not need another ben gordon.

        • edt

          he shot 4 for 5 against the mavs and 0 for 5 against philly, when the season is done he should be shooting the 3 somewhere around 40, 41%

        • junior

          no i was wrong knight is 39% stuckey is 31% BUT knights asst is 2.7 and stuckeys is 4.8 also knights turn over rate is 3.2 stuckeys is 1.8 and reb are almost the same knight 3.5 to 3.2 heres the big thing that me and edt are trying to point out the freethrows attempted by knight per game a whopping 0.3 with a 0.2 made and stuckeys 4.5 attempts to 3.8 made for a 86 percent ft percentage, knights is a 66%. no contact, no fouls, no easy points. stuckey is the pg.

          stuckey knight
          10.8 ppg 11.4
          3.2 reb 3.5
          4.8 asts 2.7
          1.8 tos 3.2
          4.5 fta 0.3
          3.8 ftm 0.2
          86 ft% 66
          30:33 min 28:35

          no contest. more fts at a better percentage. less turnovers to more assists. basically same mins and rebs, knight has a slight edge in ppg BUT we all know stuckey isnt going to avg 10 ppg for the season he will get back up to around 16-18 range.

          • Enoc (Mexico)

            Man, what about you? R u a Pistons fan or a Stuckey fan?

            • zane

              I think Joe wants to make a trade. I too find myself wondering why … but the truth of the matter is we suck and we know we suck but their are other teams + D Howard situation out there teams are still evaluating . It’s harder for us because we’ve watched this same busted rerun for 4+seasons now…. I rather he make a good move then a haste one because I don’t think I can take another bad wasted signing. Be more afraid of him picking a “high” draft pick because he seems to do well only when a player fall in our lap(monroe) as oppose to him picking them (darko). Keep your head up piston fans.

            • edt

              Hey Enoc we all have our favorite players, I admit I’m a stuckey fan.

              But we are all pistons fans first and this team is breaking our hearts it makes us mean and want to drink.

              It makes me want to go find Joe Dumars, wrap him up in a brown box and ship him to china.

            • junior

              Im both, u? Cuase its hard to be a fan when u hate players on ur team. I dont hate knight i just like stuckey better.

              • junior

                I just want us to win, stuckey at pg n knight off the bench at pg gives us a better chance then vice versa.

                • Ratski26

                  wow, you like the starter over the bench man. That’s not a big surprise man.

  10. N1ck

    The real Pistons fans are behind the team in good and bad. That’s all.

  11. Kerghan

    Perfect statement N1ck.

  12. Julian

    I will continue to root for my Pistons even if the game is over by the third quarter when we are down by 20 points. Then I will get the remote out and switch to the Red Wings.
    I can not wait for the 2012 NBA draft and free agency so that we can add some talent and excitement to next year`s Pistons.

  13. Riv

    I’m a ride or die Piston fan and I have patience, but this current ride is killing me.

  14. Enoc (Mexico)

    -We need Stuck
    -We need a center (Monroe is great, but he’s a PF)
    -We need a Scorer
    -We need to trade Daye and CV31
    -I love the Pistons
    It’s hard to write this but it hurts to watch the games, it hurts to even watch the final score on the NBA page, it’s hard to see this team come down into pieces when 4 years ago we where on the elite….

  15. Julian

    I like the winking Gores with the 5 oclock shadow at the bottom of the article.

    Bucks tonight. They are good at home and have their big man Bogut back in the lineup.
    tough game

  16. Julian

    I like the winking Gores with the 5 oclock shadow at the bottom of the article.

    Bucks tonight. They are good at home and have their big man Bogut back in the lineup.
    tough game

  17. Dauro Rocha

    É muito triste ver meus Pistons como um bando de derrotados. Um time antes temido por todos, virou uma caixa de pancadas.
    Eu quero meu time de volta.
    Abraço a todos.

  18. Jake

    I just realized that we ended last year 21-21. We have a lot better shot at the playoffs then what people think. Well be over 500 this year.


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