The Pistons vs. The Mavericks

by | Jan 10, 2012 | 20 comments

The Pistons vs The Mavericks

The 2-7 Pistons are back at the Palace to take on the 4-5 World Champion Dallas Mavericks.

Detroit has lost by an average of 21.5 points during its four-game skid while shooting 38.4 percent, setting a season-low for points in Monday’s 92-68 defeat at Chicago.  Turrrable.

  • The good: Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight, and that’s pretty much it.
  • The bad: Nowitzki is averaging 29.5 points and shooting 52.8 percent in his last six games versus the Pistons
  • The unknown: Will the Pistons get Rodney Stuckey and Charlie V. back from injury.

Head out to the Palace of Auburn Hills to see the World Champion Dallas Mavericks and ROB BASE. Get in the door for just $5!

And for those of you who don’t know who Rob Base is…here you go.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.


  1. z

    I repeat………….

    I’m gonna say it , No… yes I will say it we will WIN yes Win against the Mavs 2night…..there I said it …. we will win or break another bad record trying….. I “GUARANSHEED” it

    • zane

      Heads up pistons fans (top draft pick )..Look at the bright side last time we had a top pick joe picked darko we got sheed and we won an championship… soooooooo we’re a darko and a draft pick away…= }

      (both teams played hard) 100 86 ~ sigh~ on a side note hey we’re still better then the wizards who finally won 1

  2. junior

    hey you guys miss stuckey yet? you miss his points? or miss him putting fouls on the other teams bigs? you miss him getting to the line? how about when he gets to the line making 90% of his fts? you miss his assts? (he gets just as many as knight if not more, and knights our savior right?) do you miss him NOT turning the ball over every other time down the court? probably not cause you all think we are a better team without rodney and that we should trade him right? (except drew and edt) well our low scoring and turnovers all started when stuck got hurt not to mention we havent won a game since then. we were on a 2 game win streak before then. i guess we need him more than you all thought right? i also think its funny that everyone that wanted cv31 traded is asking y we are not playing him for his 3 ball and offense. well i see your point cuase if knights gonna be chucking up 13 3 pointers in a game and only make 2 i guess i would want cv31 out there to at least he would of made 5 or 6 of those 13 shots. well i guess people get what they ask for once in awhile, or at least a glimpse of how it would be. for now we are still stuck with cv31 (who is injured, and he started the season that way nat he didnt get it from daye) and stuckey. lets go pistons. try to lose this one by less than 10 points, then ill start rooting for wins. we gotta take little steps. this is a slow process just try to enjoy the growth of our youngs (monroe, jj, n knight if he stops jacking up so many 3s).

    • junior

      sorry a little longer than i intended. ive been away for awhile though and had alot to comment on.

    • Drew

      I think Knight actually made 5 of those 13 threes. The attempts are still appalling though. That’s gotta be some kind of Pistons record.

    • Tycoon

      I’d say let the kid shoot especially when the game is a blowout. 5/13 is not too bad. Tonight he was 4/5 I guess you can’t complain with that. He’s not like Daye who can’t buy a shot.

  3. Brandon

    Holy Shit! This website still exists? lol…Pistons are SAD! Terrible team, idc if youre missing stuckey and gordon. 68pts? A JOKE…I CANT WAIT TO WATCH OUR TEAM HIT THE 10 WIN MARK, ON THE 66th GAME OF THE YEAR.

    • Drew

      No prob. Have fun sticking to the one-and-done Lions and I’d-rather-watch-paint-dry baseball. Or hockey that 3/4 of the country doesn’t care about.

      • junior

        Whoa drew easy on the lions now. All the other crap is fair game.

        • Drew

          I don’t know if Lions really will be. I was just saying that. But don’t be too upset if they aren’t as successful next season. The NFL is a fickle sport. I know being a Cardinals fan and seeing them rise to the Super Bowl one year and back to mediocrity within two. The good year feels kinda like a fluke in hindsight. One reason I don’t pay the NFL as much mind anymore.

          What I like about the NBA, when your team gets good, it usually stays good for 6-8 years or longer.

  4. Brandon

    Mavs 114 Pistons 89! GO PISTONS!

  5. adamd

    We need trades badly… I was so hopeful and happy against orlando, but nothing has changed, except we have moose and a better pg than stuckey.

    • Drew

      Which team have you been watching?

    • 20 Chainz

      yup we need trades. I trade anyone but Monroe, Jerebko and this year draft pick. If it is good draft pick we need it. We need a big guy, a good pg distributers and a wing man.

  6. 20 Chainz

    Prince should not start. I rather see Wilkins start.

    Time to break up the team. literally just build around monroe. knight is aight. jerebko is solid. but its time to totally start over.

  7. N1ck

    If “rebuilding” is defined as the taking three years to make the team a laughing stock then Joe D is spot on.
    I dunno anymore… I love the Pistons, but someone should take responsibility for this debacle and we should move on.
    Howabout some trades, anything!!! Cause we’ve got nothing here, isn’t is obvious allready. It’s not working…

  8. Piston Ron

    This is just *hurting*. I can’t watch (I’ve said before I’m a Bulls fan too, and I couldn’t even watch that game). I can’t listen on radio (Texas resident).

    I want our pistons to do well, but it’s clear that’s not going to happen this season. And there’s no good fix in sight. Maybe it was the lockout shortening. Maybe it’s health. Maybe it’s Joe. Maybe it’s getting used to a new coach.

    Definitely it’s bad, and as a Pistons fan, I’m ready for another offseason.

  9. Toteh

    Ty should be our aggressor but this dude isn’t even trying out there. Look at his average from last to this year major disappointment. Will B. should start over Knight, this kid not ready yet to run the point.

    • Drew

      Agreed. Bynum has been looking more dynamic, at least in garbage time.

  10. Drew

    Macklin looked really good tonight, albeit in garbage time. A nice block, a tough hook shot, and got to the foul line a couple times. He’s got pretty big size too. Should we give him some burn alongside Monroe? It’s not like Jonas has been doing s#%& these last four games.


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