Bulls take down the Pistons for the 13th straight time

by | Jan 9, 2012 | 15 comments

The Detroit Pistons just can’t seem to get that Bull of their backs. Chicago took down Detroit in a 68-92 blowout.  Detroit hung with the Chicago, until the Bulls broke it open early in the fourth and never looked back.

Key Points:

  • Turnovers!  Detroit turned over the ball 10 times alone in the fourth quarter, 21 on the night.
  • Detroit shot 3-14 in the fourth quarter scoring just 9 points.
  • At one point Detroit showed flashes of a team that could play solid defense.  That didn’t last long however.
  • Greg Monroe continues to be the bright spot  of the season.  Greg led the Pistons with 14 points, 10 boards and a career high 6 assists.  Moose is the real deal.
  • Season low 68 points.
  • Detroit actually tied it up at 21 to end the first quarter.
  • Stuckey out Austin Daye in.  Austin was 1-for-4 with one rebound, 2 points and a turnover in 12 minutes.
  • Brian Scalabrine (a guy that I can’t stand) is the Bulls version of Darko.
  • Ben Gordon 4 turnovers, 4 assists, and 11 points in 27 minutes.  Ben played well, shooting 50% from the floor but took just 8 shots, finishing with 11 points. I would say he can’t seem to put up a good game against the Bulls, but quite honestly I can only remember less than a handful of big games he’s had in a Pistons uniform. I’m holding out hope.
Ben Gordon Pistons at Bulls
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  • Will Bynum with 4 turnovers and 4 points in 11 minutes.
  • By the late fourth quarter this game was like a bad accident…you didn’t want to look, but you had to.
  • Jerebko with 4 points and just one board in 24 minutes.
  • Tayshaun a -20 in the box along with Brandon Knight.
  • Tay finished with 11 points on 5-for-12 shooting with 2 assists, a blocked shot and 2 boards.  Tay really needs to step it up.  If his knee is holding him back, that thing needs to get better fast.
  • Detroit is the lowest scoring team in the league.
  • Here…have a nice Jonas Jerebko Jam

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/bulls/2012/01/09/0021100130_det_chi_play3.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • Are they a fourth quarter collapse team now?
  • Maxiell is doing all the little things since the start of the season.  Jason had one heck of a block on Derrick Rose.
  • Brandon Knight, though he’s still making mistakes, has a bright future.  He finished with 13 points, on 6-for-10 shooting, with 5 boards and an assist.
  • Highlights via NBA.com

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/bulls/2012/01/09/0021100130_det_chi_1h.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • Detroit shot 39% on the night and were outrebounded 37-41.
  • Eight turnovers between the two PG’s Knight and Bynum.
  • Pistons haven’t won in Chicago since 2006.
  • It doesn’t get any easier, with a game Tuesday at the Palace against the World Champion Dallas Mavericks.


  1. Pistons 4 Life

    This really is all pretty simple…..this is what happens when you build a team of guards and small forwards. They can’t rebound and they’re bad defensively….that’s because they have no size. If they continue to suck it up like this I’ll bet money Dumars is let go at the end of the season.

  2. Adam

    Not sure what say……joe D. Really screwed up this team…..bye Bye Joe

  3. Toteh

    We all can point finger here, but Joe D not on that floor tonight is those players. How in the world your blame Joe for more turnover then point in the fourth quarter, can somebody plzzzzzzz explain that to me. We have Will B. coming off the bench behind Knight, which is our first issue because, Knight still not comfortable with the magnitude of the NBA style of basketball. What leadership has anyone seem from Ty, besides blasting his team can’t play defense basically. From the simple fact; word out of Ty mouth was they “young”. In some retrospect Joe should be held accountable for not pushing trade last year, but not fundamentally blame for ten turnovers, out hustle, and out rebound. Anybody is talented of getting hot in the NBA any night. That why you’re a NBA player not high school or some college player.

  4. Asad

    i think we should tank the season
    lottery pick
    practice all summer start fresh..
    we will be back in 8 years (its a cycle)

  5. blam

    did u guys notice how it takes less and less to “lead” our team in points? Seriously, its alredy bad when i read Daye led our team with 18 points. But Monroe with 14?? Jesus. Thats the leader? 14?? In a normal team a point leader would have at least 25 or 30 if its west conference. 14 is just pathetic, this team is pathetic. I’m waiting for a single digit point leader this season for detroit, it might just happen.

  6. Tycoon

    More turnovers than points in the fourth. I did not imagine that is possible.

  7. Julian

    We need guys that hit some outside shots.
    Another stat besides lowest scoring average in league is 4th worst point differntial.
    Prince is way to slow to be a starter right now.
    Frank told Daye to go in for BG after his 4th foul but put in Wilkins instead because Austin was too slow to get off the bench. That says a lot about what Lawrence thinks about Daye. LAZY.

  8. daddy

    i cant stand when people say tank the season and get a draft. no keep playing hard and development is a process, and a painful one at that. listen our best scorer is hurt tay is still coming back into his own. bg cant hit a shot in a piston uniform. new coach new system new rules and no training camp, its gonna take more time people. look at the thunder when they first started teams raped them. now they have a young core and are moving forward. we are in the first stage of rebuilding. we get good draft picks, develop them and move forward.

  9. edt

    Daye, lazy and arrogant, sounds about right. Can’t wait til we trade Daye.

    Ben Gordon looked awful but, he needs help. I’ve said it before, Ben Gordon has an sweet spot the size of a loaf of bread you have to pass it there or he can’t get his shot off.

    The bulls get a lot of credit, they forced us to move, to be clumsy, they made it so BG could not receive the ball in rhythm, they forced him off his spot, and every pass had gordon reaching.

    Believe it or not Gordon is 42% from the field and 40% from the 3 this year. The bulls shut him down it’s as simple as that.

    I am very troubled by Knight avoiding contact, he seems allergic to getting into the paint, where large bodies live, prefers the outside jumper, why does he take so many threes? so he doesn’t get hit. Derrick Rose crossed Knight up at will, which I guess proves rose is on another planet.

    One thing I do like about Knight and Daye is their insufferable arrogance and belief that they are some kind of NBA gods. I love that ego. Just wish some of it rubbed off on poor Ben Gordon, who looks like some sort of character in a greek drama.

  10. Lori

    daddy’s right. It’s just that it’s so painful to watch and is such a slow process. I like Frank so far, he wants the team to play classic Piston basketball and actually gets angry when they mess up. Remember Q’s spaced out face when things weren’t going right and the incredible game of musical chairs that he played with the line up every game? We’ll get there, it’ll just take some time.

  11. sunny

    Where are you Joe D??? Get on TV and explain this mess!!!

    Way to give Stuckey and Prince multi year deals. You have lost your mind!

  12. Enoc (Mexico)

    First of all, We have a good team; but we have no leaders on it.

    Second, If your best scorer is averaging 15.4 ppg; we have a problem… When Chauncey and Rip where here, Pistons where a defensive team, but they averaged 20 or more points on any given night.

    Third, a big man is absolutely necessary for this team… we need to trade, and quick… Daye, CV… are just LAZY on both ends of the floor and that’s trade material along draft picks

  13. edt

    There is a golden rule in the NBA. No matter how lazy your guy is, no matter how badly he plays, no matter how bad his contract is, there is always some other GM in the NBA who think that it’s not the fault of the player but that he just needs some new scenery and a new coach.

    If we have Charlie and BG and Maxiell on this team it’s because Joe D wants them there. They can all get traded, Joe don’t want to.

    Things ain’t gonna improve until Joe D is gone.

  14. Julian

    On the positive side, our strength of schedule has been very tough so far.
    We are bad but we are not the worst team in the league since the Wizards still have not gotten a W yet.
    Looks they will get the most lottery balls for the draft.
    Hopefully our young players keep improving and we get rid of some of our baggage next year with some decent free agents.
    I will keep cheering for our beloved Pistons this year but I don`t think I will drop any hard earned money to buy a ticket yet anyway.

  15. zane

    I’m gonna say it , No… yes I will say it we will WIN yes Win against the Mavs 2night…..there I said it …. we will win or break another bad record trying….. I “GUARANSHEED” it


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