The Breakdown on Rip’s Retrun to The Palace

by | Jan 6, 2012 | 4 comments

From time to time I will be talking Detroit Basketball over at The Breakdown, a fantastic site with information on all NBA teams along with a great weekly show with  Dave and Audley.

My first piece is something that I needed to say about Rip Hamilton’s return to the Palace. Some of you may agree and some of you may disagree with it, but just know one thing…it came from the heart.

Please take a minute and let me know what you think.


  1. Ratski26

    I agree with Rip being one of the all-time great Pistons. I believe he number should be retired. I feel the rafters should’ve shown the 04 banner. Because Rip and Billups were two HUGE REASONS we ever got to the playoffs.

    I disagree with your opinion on his attitude.

    I do not blame Rip for his public outburst. I’m even glad he opposed AI, the coaches, and even Ben Gordon. Look at what the Pistons have become! A JOKE! The Chauncy trade PROVED to be a mistake (cue in mediocre PG, Rodney Stuckey, and our blind faith that he would be a better replacement for Billups. Oh, and don’t forget the money we wasted on AI. Can’t forget that).

    They disrespected Rip by trading his best friend without warning. They disrespected a player with a ring and a jordan-brand player by benching him to the joke that is AI. They disrespected him by joggling his minutes for years, and not giving him the role he earned.

    I do agree that his attitude to the media should’ve been more professional, but let me put it this way. Imagine your mother sold your brother, gave your sister (AI) your old responsibilities and then gave your cousin (BG) a fat payroll. Then got mad at you when you move in to the neighbors house. I’m pretty sure you’d be mad to. His way of handling this wasn’t the best, but I do not blame him for his frustration.

    I also don’t blame him for his happiness with the Bulls. If he went to the Cavs, he wouldn’t have gone anywhere (lets be honest). For a player his age who is STILL a great player, he needed to go to a great team. The Bulls are perfect for him.

    Overall, good article. I’m a die-hard Rip fan, so it’s not easy reading some of this stuff. A great player who will end his career with a team that can give him more than Detroit could. I’ve been reading, and they love Rip there. Even though he’s left our hearts, he’s found a new home.

    As for the pistons, here’s to a hopeful season, and here’s to a smart off-season. I’m looking forward to us dumping bad contracts and trying to get players or draft picks that are consistent game to game.

    • Ratski26

      Although yikes, look at this comment from

      “No better way to say it; the Pistons are a pile of dung with no redeeming quality and they lost to the Bulls in a way you’d expect.”

      “Pistons simply got lazy, and at one point I thought Frank was going to try and tackle one of his players he stormed on the court so furiously. Pretty strange, in contrast to the Bulls, to see a team barely even to the point of starting to figure it out.”

  2. C-Quense

    First of all let me say I’m a Pistons supporter from far away. I’m living in Germany and following the Pistons for two decades now. I’m watching nearly every game and that means basketball games at 01:00 AM to 03:00 AM. In 2008 I made a dream come true, when I interrupted my vacation in the states, just by flying fort wo days to Detroit and watching the Pistons – Suns game, which went to OT and a W. Unfortunately Rip wasn’t playing that night and got replaced by Arron Afflalo. By the way, can’t forget hearing Sheed screaming, „He (Amare Stoudemire) can’t guard me, HE CAN’T GUARD ME“.
    So just let me say this. I have absolutely no hard feelings on Rip and how he handled the whole situation about his person and „his“ Pistons. Without him, the Pistons never had won the NBA title and would never be that dominant force for years. He played his heart out. Every night! He outplayed Kobe (I’m talking about Kobe Bryant, known as the best basketball player in the world. He still is. Not LeBron swell-head) in a brilliant way. He and Chauncey were maybe the best Guard-duo the Pistons have ever had.
    What happened at the end of 2008 wasn’t Rips fault. He signed the contract he deserved and then the Pistons organization destroyed themselves. Maybe the biggest self-destruction in basketball history. There was absolutely no need for all that stuff that happened. Bad Coaches, bad trades and even much worse signings.
    What you would have thought when you were Rip? You were part of a great basketball TEAM (hard to find a real team in the NBA right now) and suddenly you’re playing on eye height of the Cavs, Nets, Raptors… That would have killed me.
    So I blame the whole organization for what happened. Not the player who gave it all. Rip will be always part of the history of the Pistons organization. He will be known as one important piece to a dynasty the Pistons have never seen before. Forget all the techs, all the disputes with coaches and teammates and that he wants to land with a good organization. At the end all of that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that he fought for blue, red and white for at least 600 games! And if Joe Dumars hadn’t lost his mind in 2008, he’d be still running up and down the floor with Chauncey and Tay.
    Rip I wish you all the best! You deserve another run at the trophy. You’re one of my favorite players of all time. You’re what Detroit Basketball marked for decades!


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