All Bulls at The Palace

by | Jan 4, 2012 | 22 comments

The Pistons handed the Bulls their sixth win on the season with a 99-83 loss at the Palace.  Rip Hamilton scored 14 in his return to the Palace.

Key Points:

Pre game Austin Daye”he wanted to be in another jersey for a while and he got what he wanted” Austin Day on Rip Hamilton

  • Rip or no Rip the Palace is till having tons of trouble filling seats.
  • Lions Matthew Stafford in the house.
  • Rodney Stuckey just 15 minutes (groin injury).
  • Remember when there was a big debate about who was going to go #1 Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley.
  • Damien Wilkins has now taken Austin Daye’s spot in the rotation.  He put a spark in the team in the second half, keeping the team in it. He finished with 10 poinst, 3 assists, and three boards in 29 minutes on the floor.
  • Daye a DNP.
  • News Flash: Charlie Villanueva still can’t play defense.
  • Miserable game to watch. The team that played defense against the Magic just didn’t show up.
  • The 23rd career double-double for Greg Monroe, who fought hard in the loss, putting up 19 points, 13 boards and assists in 35 minutes.  He magically put up 5 assists…that’s 3 more than the Pistons PG Rodney Stuckey.  Monster game from Moose, who continues to shine this season.
  • As bad as this one way, I’m still shocked that this team shows glimmers of hope in the mucus of mediocrity.

Rip “I get another chance at getting a ring”

  • Rip on his time in Detroit before the game via

[flashvideo file= /]

  • Good showing from the 12 fans at the Palace for Rip as they should have.  A few boo’s as expected.
  • I still really hate (and I know hate is a strong word) the Bulls Noah, Scalabrine and Ashton Korver.
  • 5 Bulls in double figures.
  • Four Pistons in double figures, on of them Will Bynum who played just 15 off the bench.
  • Torched on the boards 32-27.
  • Much needed Defense from Ben Wallace when he was out there.  The highlight of the game may have come of a Wallace high, high glasser that came out of nowhere.
  • Will Bynum sparked the team back in the fourth quarter
  • After giving up and easy bucket in the fourth quarter and some sloppy play, Frank called a time out and almost exploded mid court.  He looked like this.

  • Looks like Ben Gordon will never be able to get the Bulls monkey off his back.  Ben with a sub-par game against his former team. Gordon finished with 7 points on 2-for-10 shooting with 4 boards in 28 minutes.
  • Pistons shot 40% to the Bulls 52%.
  • Jonas Jerebko put a screen on Rip Hamilton almost as bad as the one that Big Baby Davis put on Brandon Knight.
Jonas Jerebko
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  • Another bright spot was Jonas Jerebko who actually slashed his hand in the first quarter leaving bloody to get bandaged.  That didn’t stop him though, he finished with 13 points ,  4 boards, a steal and a whole lot of hustle.
  • 31 assists on the night from the Bulls.
  • The Bulls are simply better.
  • The Pistons never led this one.
  • Highlights via

[flashvideo file= /]

  • As fun as the Magic game was to watch, this one I could have taken a pass on.
  • Back to work at Philadelphia Friday and the Palace against the Knicks Saturday.


  1. junior

    pretty easy for monroe to get more assists than stuckey considering that stuckey got hurt (left groin) and didnt play the second half. why you gotta kick him while hes down? its bad enough u guys get on his case when hes playing.

    • Drew

      You’re on point. While it’s hard to defend Stuckey’s mediocre play so far, you just have to remember, Junior, to leave it alone even if haters want to talk smack.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I hardly think I was ripping on Stuckey. In fact my new years resolution to be more positive when it comes to him just ask EDT.

      I wasn’t aware he had a groin injury. I’ll update that in the post.

      • zane

        In Nat’s defense ***not that she need it… but I soooooooooo agree with her on stuckey It is hard to watch him play “POINT GUARD”<<<< key word (sorry but I'm just not a stuckey fan wish I could look thur the glasses the stuckey fans wear …. If we had a charging bull postion stuckey would be the guy.. Maybe I just dont like him in a pistons uniform. Just because he's all we have dont mean I have to like him I think Joe need to improve at shooting guard as well as find a big… and when does having an different "OPINITON" << key word = hater

        • junior

          Saying thats 3 more than the pistons pg rodney stuckey. Is a fact, with attitude, not an opinion. Nat sorry i jumped u but reqd that point again, it does sound like a shot towards stuck.

      • edt

        I noticed that Nat. I am also holding my tongue about Ben Gordon’s performance last night, I’m gonna give him a chance. Come on BG move those footsies, and defend.

        I’m also not gonna say that when Ben gordon horse collared Noah for a flagrant, the entire reason he got such a bad foul is because he didn’t move his lazy feet and got stuck out of position so the only thing he could do is grab at him like a pro rassler, I’m not gonna say it . .

        Ooops I said it. Damn. There goes my new year’s resolution.

  2. Ratski26

    That pass that Rip made on the last part of that hightlight clip was awesome.

    Rough game for the Pistons, but it was good to see Hamilton healthy and doing well with his new team.

    I got the Monroe fever still, even after this game

  3. daddy

    look at the first clip on the highlights and see how bg thinks you play def. let a dude run past you push him enough to draw the foul and let him take an uncontested shot. seriously wish i could shot how he used to id be making millions off dumars too.

  4. N1ck

    Austin Daye and his Twitter account are really adorable, but we would like to see some stuff on the court too…

    • Ratski26

      I can see him being frustrated, but his comment on Rip was kind of uncalled for.

      He seems to be developing a big mouth for someone who doesn’t get playing time.

      • junior

        Why? What he said was the truth. Rip did want to go to another team for awhile and he did finally get that. Whwts so bad about that?

        • Ratski26

          Boy howdie, you always have something negative to say to almost everyone.

          Maybe I read it wrong, but I saw it as a snarky comment from a young player who hasn’t been in the league long enough or plays a big enough role to be able to say stuff like that and have everyone listen and care.

          Not a big fan of Austin Daye though, so it could be a personal bias.

          • Drew

            You read it right. But I, for one, enjoyed hearing somebody call it what it is. So many times players sugar coat or give PC responses. This was nice to hear, even if it was minor.

            • Ratski26

              I’m looking forward to the messy break up being over. I feel Detroit is the crying girl who was left by their long term boyfriend who’s happier with a new lady. We feel it’s his fault, even though we cheated on him with two different boys (SGs).

              Just ready to stop hating Rip for the past two years and start remembering his 7+ years as a bad boy who got us a ring.

  5. junior

    Lets go LIONS!!!!!

  6. N1ck

    Rip’s move is ok. He’s truly a Pistons legend.

    But Austin needs to log off and get to the gym and practice facility makin’ them shots. That’s what I wanted to say, I meant the dude’ post about Frank.
    Get over yourself kid, you need to step up and do it now. We need your scoring from the bench, we don’t need you Tweetin’ or whatever…

    When I see Lawrence Frank I see a man this team desperately needed, a man who’s all work and who isn’t afraid to put his foot down (CV – 4 minutes :D).

    I wish Joe D would show some guts this season (his last trade was Afllalo for some draft picks and we all know when that was…), we’ll see as the season goes, if some of these players can’t preform with Frank on the level we need them, it’s time to gtfo of Detroit. Some of them have overstayed their welcome by far… I don’t buy the constant “coach problems”, i think it’s more the “player primadona” stuff going on in here…

    I don’t care, we don’t need to get playoffs but we need to go forward.

    • Ratski26

      I agree with all of this

    • Bellllissimo

      “I meant the dude’ post about Frank.”

      i don’t understand this. are you saying Daye made a post about Frank? if so what did he say

  7. edt

    Let me say something about Austin Daye. He’s not gonna be an allstar, he’s not gonna be an all time great, he’s more like a Damien Wilkins, he’ll be able to make a living play in the NBA, he’s got a wonderful stroke, a better plain shooter than Kevin Durant, the worst player in the NBA to be compared to Durant by the way, but that’s all he has.

    With hard work and persistence, Daye will be able to make a living. The first step is when we the Detroit Pistons trade him away to another team. A lot of teams are gonna try out Daye, and he is gonna warm the bench an awful lot.

    Daye is young right now, so he can’t see this for himself, he thinks the sky is the limit. He thinks if he just gets minutes he’ll become a super star. He is able to make every excuse in his mind and explain away every loss. But he’s just not very good.

    What a great three point shooter though. He’ll get his chance in the NBA, but someone like this is begged to be traded to another team so we can fix all the problems our roster has.

    • Bellllissimo

      what really turned me off about daye is during the offseason we all know pretty much all the players played in pickup games and those streetball leagues and stuff. I heard a story about he was playing and doing good scoringwise and he got fouled and apparantly was complaining A LOT. enough to get one of the players from the indiana pacers to tell him to stop complaining and just ball, to which austin daye screamed at him “you got the worst game out here” i didn’t think he earned the right to say that

      then remember during the player mutiny where they all skipped shootaround, daye was one of the players who did it. Then you saw him on the sidelines during the game just angry he wasn’t out there playing. I think you right, i think he feels he’s entitled. But he has a chance to be a great scorer no doubt about it

  8. Mel

    I hope y’all honestly didn’t think the Pistons was going to beat the Bull’s . It would have been a good wish come true, but the Pistons as a team are not ready yet new coach new system. It’s going to take time once they start playing with a purpose everyone will be liking all the players on the team.

  9. Bellllissimo

    that lawrence frank toon was on point. When i saw him storm out i instantly thought of a 2 year old who didnt get his baba XD

    also i was thinking about making a chocolate sculpture of greg monroes face and call it a literal “chocolate moose” 🙂

    One question I know you can’t use videos but can you still use GIFs? They are simple to convert if you have the software.

    Will Bynum is good as a 3rd string guy when we need points so i like how he is being used in the rotation. Him stuckey and Ben Gordon are too similar players.

    last note that monroe fast break dunk was a eyeopener i was like………..


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