No fun at The Garden

by | Dec 31, 2011 | 8 comments

Jonas Jerebko

The Pistons, despite a big game from Greg Monroe, continued their woes with a 96-85 loss to the Celtics in Boston.  The Celtics Jermaine O’Neal led Boston with 19 points after putting up just 8 point in the Celtics previous three games.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons actually look like a decent team…for about the first 12 minutes.
  • All of Ben Gordon’s five assists were pretty, too bad he shot just 10.  After Wednesday’s game and his resurgence (if that’s what you can call it) you had to figure he was going to have more touches.  Ben finished with 9 points on 4-of-10 shooting.
  • Daye got  his first point of the season going 5-for-11 for 11 points and 5 boards.
  • Surprisingly the Pistons won the board war 35-30, but that’s not saying much considering the Celtics are rebound challenged too.
  • When Jermaine O’Neal is a +25 against you, that says a lot.
  • Starting PG Rodney Stuckey was 1-for-11  with 7 assists in 27 minutes.  If he can’t learn to finish, he needs to stay out of the paint.  Frustrating.
  • Tayshaun Prince with 10 points in 30 minutes.  He took a hit to his knee that’s been giving him trouble.  Let’s keep an eye on that.
  • Brandon Knight didn’t set the Garden on fire going 3-for-11 for 10 points and no assists in 16 29 minutes on the floor.
  • Ben Wallace didn’t come into the ball game ’till late in the 4th quarter for clean up minutes along with Will Bynum and Vernon Macklin.
  • Greg Monroe started the game off right, punishing the Celtics for his match up against Stiemsma.  Moose finished with a game high 22 points and 9 boards. He also added 4 very nice assists.  Thank you Mr. Monroe.
Greg Monroe Scores 22
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  • Jonas seemed to be his usual hustle, get to everything guy.
  • Love Maxiell, but if he’s what the Pistons are counting on for a presence down low, this is going to be a longer season than we all thought it would be.

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  • The way this team can let a game slip away in a matter of minutes is a huge concern. They were actually in this one for a while.

Quote from Austin Day last night after the game: “Im just trying to buy into what L Frank is saying”

  • It may not mean much, but all I could think of when he said it was…bad choice of words, especially after last season. #buffoonery


  1. Ratski26

    Austin Daye is still young and isn’t use to winning. Frustrating words from a young player.

    Also, GREG MONROE. What a fantastic game from him. I think I just found my new favorite piston since Rip left. He looked great on the floor. If he could’ve had one of the vets with him (you know, the guys we pay millions to play well who can’t seem to do that), we could’ve been in this game more.

    I knew we were going to lose. But the first quarter was fun to watch. If we could just stay consistent with our play, we could see some great games.

  2. Julian

    Pistons join the Timberwolves and Wizards as the only teams without a W so far this season. Looks like a top 3 draft pick is in our future. Which means they will almost certainly get a quality big man for next year`s roster. Too bad they can not amnesty half their team next year also.

    • Bellllissimo

      minnesota should be off that list. if it wasnt for that bad call in the forth where they called lebron a foul when he charged the game would of been minnesota

  3. zane

    Let’s keep our heads up “True” piston fans… and hey with CV I predicts a win to end this year… Oh! by CV I mean your choice of vodka ♥ GO PISTONS

  4. 20 Chainz

    Your wrong about Brandon Knight, he had 29 Minutes on the floor, not 16 minutes. Source ESPN

    All the players have low FG percentages which is a huge problem. I mean really depressingly low. They just cant get it in. It annoys me.

    I think we need to trade either Bynum, Stuckey or Gordon, our guard situation is way over crowded and it is just hurting us. IMO Bynum has market value, he may be good, but we have no room for his talent if all we do is play him after Stuckey and Knight. Also trade Maxiell. We need a big guy and someone who can defend.

  5. Julian

    Even though they are probably going to lose again tonight against Indy, I still am going to watch.
    Good luck and happpy New Year Pistons and their fans.

  6. Jay

    Stop calling greg monroe the moose. I know you think it’s clever, but its a truly lame nickname for our best player. try Greg, the powder keg, monroe.
    he grabs so many offensive boards and he blows up the rim like a bomb.

  7. Jay

    also, trading bynum is not the way. not until we get a real pg. Knight can become a decent passer someday, but for now he’s definitely not a pass-first player. Bynum unfortunately remains the closest one to that on the roster (and even then he really isnt)

    but lets see what Frank can do before we start calling for new players and team disruptions.


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