2011-2012 Detroit Pistons Opening Night Intros

by | Dec 29, 2011 | 21 comments

As great as the Pistons Intros always are (20102009), there was something more than electric Wednesday night at the Palace. The place was buzzing…enjoy.

Via Pistons.com

If you were there or watching from home, I would like to know if you felt the same way I did last night.


  1. Pistons4ever (Germany)

    It was so awesome! I was watching it at home and I was really excited before the game to see the new intro!
    And when I saw it I was really thrilled and had goosebumps!
    I was even on my feet and stood in front of my computer 😉
    Love it!

  2. Steve

    Where was the Final Countdown? If that’s something else Gore’s team felt the need to replace (because we were in such need of new looking retired jerseys), I’m done.

  3. Bellllissimo

    that was a good intro. And to be honest i didn’t have any problem not seeing the final countdown. its a old song, fresh is better.

    The best part for me though had nothing to do with the intro itself. What i loved was when the lights came on after the intros and i saw the arena look completely packed. My jaw was open and i was like wow that is awesome. wish i had been there.

    oh yeah and when lawrence frank did the jersey shore fist pump as he was going out, that was a nice moment for me 🙂

  4. CRA1G

    this was more than i expected.. i was there and it was fresh, new, and got me hype as hell…. everything from last night was awesome from the glowing thundersticks to kid rock comming out.. aside from the pistons play of course…*btw i absolutly love mason but he messed up stuckey (eastern michigan??)* lol

    • junior

      ya i think he got confused cuase he had to announce all the players. lol

  5. Travis

    It was amazing visually. But Eminem? I just didn’t feel it. Then again i am a little impartial. My wife and I were introduced at our wedding reception with Final countdown. I just can’t let go to Piston classics. Needless to say, I was not a fan of it.

  6. Travis

    Then again, maybe I am too biased to judge. I do have the 89-90 logo tattooed on my left shoulder.

  7. Enoc (Mexico)

    I loved it… Fresh music, not so fresh start but hopefully it’ll get better…

  8. Hoops4life

    I LOVED it, but then again, I also understand those ones who don’t.
    We all have different tastes so it’s impossible to please every one.

  9. Josh

    It was hype. Too bad the game didn’t live up to it.

  10. TOny

    i was so happy and hype to see this I’m a fan o NBA but a die hard fan of detroit Pistons and i know we will bounc back and shock the NBA ones again lets just hang in there more changes will come for the better…. GO PISTONS !!

  11. James (Australia)

    I thought the new intro was pretty awesome, I loved the lights and the entrance. The music did fit with the theme, but I am with others in that I do miss the Final Countdown.

  12. junior

    good intro loved the new look of the banners too. not so bad taking bills name off the court now that the big banner was put into the rafters. i liked that. good effort last night just everyone looked a little out of sync at times. other times we looked great, we just gotta get consistent at the times we are great.

  13. junior

    i see maybe 22 wins? anyone elses guess.

  14. Drew

    All for naught, unfortunately.

  15. terry

    As much as I enjoy seeing my team win, this would actually be a great year to be in the lottery. I’m not saying tank it by any means but this squad has a looooong way to go. I’m still watching every game though. Just saying.

    • Pistons 4 Life

      Yeah, the lottery wouldn’t be so bad. But it would still be nice to be competative at least. Right now they look pretty bad.

  16. Pistons 4 Life

    I didn’t mind it, but I did miss the final countdown. I got the feeling watching on tv that it was probably better live. Also I liked the video with shots from downtown.

  17. Mikey

    Hands down. Nothing is better than the final countdown. One of the most classic and inspirational intro for decades for the pistons. I am not saying the new intro is not good, but honestly that cant top the final countdown intro. The players intro would flow much better with the final countdown

  18. Leftos

    Loved it, but either the crowd didn’t go wild except for Jerebko and Prince, or they should’ve had another mic closer to the crowd. I was getting chills while hearing nothing from the crowd, and I’m sure it’s just an audio mixing problem rather than that the Pistons fans weren’t excited. I mean, c’mon!

    All in all, loved the intro.

  19. XstreamINsanity

    I just watched it this morning and I thought it was pretty nice. The final countdown will be missed, but to me it wasn’t integral. I loved the scenes from downtown, except for the not so great areas. Having moved from SE Michigan about 9 years ago and seeing other cities, Downtown Detroit CAN be depressing at times (always seems cloudy and cold, even on TV). But other than that, I liked the addition of the choir rather than if they were to have Eminem sing it (I’m a fan of his, but this was cool). And to have Suh there too, he should have been on the court since he’s in some of the commercials. lol. The Kid Rock part was very touching. I wish they would show a video of the half time show since I don’t have FSD down here. Hopefully it’ll come out soon. Man I really hope the Pistons have something up their sleeve. I see mounds of potential, it’s just not forming (other than Knight).


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