Home Opener – The Pistons vs. The Cavaliers

by | Dec 28, 2011 | 31 comments

The Pistons vs. The Cavaliers

The Pistons take on the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight at the Palace for thier first offical home game this season. It’s also the first official home game with new owner Tom Gores at the helm.

The Pistons didn’t “wow” thier fans on Monday in Indiana, in fact they threw up a stinker and plenty of you are ready to give up. As I mentioned before, it’s just one game and I have a feeling we are going to see something marginally better from Detroit tonight.

I for one am really excited to head out to the Palace for the game. I know the new managament team at the Palace has a bunch of different things in store to kick off the season.

This will be the first time the Pistons Officially step on court representing new ownership and I for one am excited to see the changes.

May the Gores be with you!

  • The good: Jonas Jerebko’s hustle.  Playing at the Palace for the first time this season. Greg Monroe not getting into any foul trouble and no #buffoonery.
  • The bad :  The Indiana game.
  • The unknown: What lineup “Larry” is going to throw on court.


Tom even checked out Practice via Pistons.com
[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/teams/pistons/2011/12/27/BenGordononTomGoresmp4-1946869.flv /]

Make sure you follow me on Twitter for Live Game tweets from The Palace of Auburn Hills Tonight.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at NBA.com or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

GO Pistons!


  1. Keith P.

    I am flabbergasted at how you can dog “Larry” Frank” but love Gores so much. Is it the open collar and chest hair? Has he won you over with his Miami Vice’ish style queues?

    • Natalie Sitto

      I am totally not dogging him, I am just poking fun because I found the Video clip funny. I actually have plenty of respect for the guy. It’s just me trying to be funny…in fact I have been tweeting about Gores unbuttoned shirts all day long.

  2. James (Australia)

    Hey Nat,

    Have you heard the rumour that Knight will start tonight?

  3. Santiago

    Natalie, This is my first post on your site. I agree that most fans are used to see the Pistons winning. The past 3 yrs have been rough. We are easily spoiled from last days of the 04′ Championship team. I’ve carefully watched the other teams from the east and saw upgrades of each team. Except, the Pistons, I’m afraid watching this season is definately going to sting the most. It’s going to be watching a train wreck in slow motion, but will I still watch them play? Yes. Will it hurt seeing them have another loosing season? Yes. Will I still support the team? Yes. Everything moves in cycles. Unfortunately, we are on the downtrend. As we rebuild a new team, I want it to hurt , because it will be equally be gratifying seeing them succeed in 2 to 3 yrs. Then everybody will jump the wagon again. Keep up the positive attitude and posts.

  4. Bellllissimo

    lol im excited for this home opener. any news on the intro? will it be the same or have they changed it? i really cant wait i think jonas might have a tough night offensively but im hoping he gets at least a double double.

    Cavs are gonna look like “calves” little baby cows :)

    i made a punny

    • Ratski26

      Welp, you were wrong lol

  5. Josh

    UGH , working tonight. Will be checking back to see how we progress (or die-gress) =).

  6. zane

    Maybe I was too hyped because the intro was not what I expected .. .. thumbs up to the new banner for Mr D. (rip)

  7. Enoc (Mexico)

    Missing Rip… No one can score easily in my team… LET’S GO PISTONS ANYWAY!!!

    • zane

      yeah we really need a “shooter” at shooting guard because stuckey lowering his head running to the basket is pissing me off, and they keep starting him at point guard…….. Knight is playing well for him to get assist he need somebody to make a damn basket smh…. getting beat by the cavs.

  8. Drew

    There’s the pick and roll I’ve been looking for. Wonder why Frank hasn’t gone to that until now. A Stuckey-Monroe pick and roll could be deadly.

  9. Drew

    There goes Brandon: Makes his first 2-pt goal and then, a couple minutes later, he has two more of those. Nice job.

  10. Josh


  11. Kevin (PHL)

    We will never win with Stuckey on this team. Fukn ballhog.

    • Josh


  12. Rip

    i hope it’s just a bad dream and i’ll be up soon

  13. Josh

    I know Charlie is suspended but why no Bynumite tonight?

    • zane

      wonder the same thing because if i have to keep watching stuckey charging the lane like a bull only to miss or get blocked all while he’s playing point guard… wtf

      • Josh

        hurts don’t it?!

  14. gerdz

    getting pounded in the inside again. looks like we are the new cleveland. next 8 games will be a losing streak.

    • zane

      hey that might be a good thing means we’d get the #1 pick

    • Josh


  15. zane

    why no macklin again tonight we need size why not see what he can offer… Great pass to macklin from knight but game is over… Bright side knight looked great, Jonas looks good, Monroe is improving are future looks bright ..

    • Drew

      Macklin looked bad other than that dunk. He missed a dunk/layup after that and then made an out-of-control swat at a Ramon Sessions layup that went in.

  16. Drew

    Nice game for Knight and, dare I say, Ben Gordon tonight. Everybody else tonight? Big suck. Monroe and Stuckey did not do well. Monroe had hands of stone tonight; he caught the Kwame Brown disease.

    • Drew

      Austin Daye was awful tonight too.

  17. edt

    Ok, I know what people will say, they are gonna say “I could coach better than the current coach (our 5th pistons coach in 6 years, see a pattern, blame the coach if all else fails)”, they are gonna say we are getting blown away by their bigs, they are gonna say, it’s all Rodney Stuckey’s fault, or that it’s all because this player or that player didn’t have enough minutes.

    And the truth is well . . . .

    We did get blown away by their bigs.

    Look at this stat:

    Rebounds, pistons 26, Cavs 40.

    We shot a bit worse than they did because we did not share the ball unless Brandon Knight was on the floor, did not defend the 3 point line properly, but we did take care of the ball better. Overall a wash except we got pushed right off the block.

    Not impressed with our defense, but that needs to improve and quickly.

    Stats say Ben Gordon played a solid game, but he can’t defend, so it doesn’t matter how good he shoots. We don’t have the luxury of playing a guy that can’t defend. Maybe if we had 4 other guys that could defend, Ben Gordon could pretend he was Steve Nash and just play basketball only on offense and take a break on defense. But Ben Gordon is no Steve Nash and our defense isn’t even as good as the pathetic Sun’s defense.

    I wish we could start Ben Wallace and play him 35 minutes a game. It’s his last year right? Mise well.

  18. AL25

    I say trade the entire team along with the ball boy, the trainers, Hooper and fire Joe D please (love the guy but he needs to go). This team sucks. The same team from last year??? seriously?!!

  19. AL25

    I say trade the entire team along with the ball boy, the trainers, Hooper and fire Joe D please (love the guy but he needs to go). This team sucks. The same team from last year??? seriously?!! This has to be some kind of sick joke. smh

    • Bellllissimo

      here’s why i would be ok if someone said “it’s just one game” cause truthfully unlike the other game i feel this was one game. And the difference is that i saw flashes of brilliance. Now we just need to learn consistency. In the first game i saw nothing of flashes to say “ok they have something we can build on”

      but if you watched the game. Monroe and Jerebko were like that mustache guy for the bad boy pistons. they were gold in the first quarter. and throughout

      lawrence frank said in “Frankly Speaking” he was shocked about our defense cause they spent so much time on it. And yeah they looked bad but come on i saw Ben Gordon break up a fast break ally oop pretty much. Thats the flashes i was talking about. And Knight should be knighted he was amazing on the offensive end.

      I think we need a small forward. if tayshaun is hurt and daye is the only one to play SF we in trouble. dd

      • XstreamINsanity

        That’s why we need to get Macklin in there for PF and move Jerebko to SF.


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