The Pistons vs The Pacers

by | Dec 26, 2011 | 33 comments

The Pistons vs. The Pacers

The Pistons are in Indiana to kick off the season against The Pacers. The Pacers are coming off their first post season appearance in five years. I think you can Artest that little stat to something that went wrong at The Palace.

  • The good: They’re BACK!
  • The bad: The Pacers have All-Star David West on their side now and he should make them significantly better. Keep an eye on him throughout the game along with Danny Granger. No Charlie V…some of you would like me to put this under the good.
  • The unknown: What the Pistons new rotation will look like.

The Game Day Report via

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If you’re not heading out to The Palace for Opening Night on Wednesday, you should be.  You can get in the building to check out the new Pistons experience for as little as $20!

Tip off is at 7:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Plus. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.


  1. wow again

    So I tried to tune in to 97.1 online…

    ….and it went to “Yahoo Sports”

    …and I listened to stupid ass football. WTF

    • Drew

      Soccer football or regular football?

  2. Natalie Sitto

    Rough start for Pistons. 33% shooting, down 9 after one quarter. Knight not looking good in his first real game. Hope things change soon.

  3. Drew

    Pacers’ announcers are killing me. First they said Stuckey and Gordon are undersized guards (Stuckey is?!). Then the next quarter, one said Stuckey is a power guard (duh) and he’s about 6’2″ (what?). Do your research, son!

  4. edt

    The only way ben gordon could make me angier is if peed in my cornflakes. Ben Wallace looks healthy, we’ll need him.

  5. Drew

    Giving up too many damn threes. I’m liking some of what I’m seeing though. We’re not total pushovers.

  6. Josh

    You know what pisses me off? They are giving this rookie Knight the reigns, why is Will sitting on the bench? This is some bullsh** …another lost season

  7. zane

    This game is like watching a horror movie…u.screaming no no no don’t go in there but the pacers continue to score. shot shot but realize ben gordon is shooting blanks. run run stuckey is tripping over himself. Pacers won’t die… oooooooooh boy getting beat by 20 this is one scary movie.

  8. Josh

    Rookies need to sit back, watch and learn for a while. You can’t just throw them in the game like this and expect them to be a D Rose. Will is damned near a vet and this rookie coach has him on the bench.Also, I don’t care what anybody else thinks, Tayshaun sucks! He acts like he’s afraid to jump for the rebound or hustle hard. He’s too damned soft! Get rid of him!!!!

  9. Drew

    Can we even make it to 70 points tonight?

  10. Josh

    Coach “LARRY” thusfar has earned a big fat 0. From beginning to end.The starting lineup was all wrong. I can’t even watch this anymore. Tuning out!

    • Natalie Sitto

      I’m sooooo calling him Larry until he deserves for me not to!

  11. edt

    Give frank a chance, it’s hard to polish a turd.

  12. Drew

    I’m gonna get ulcers if I watch every game this closely all season.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I’m going to turn into an Alcoholic. ….with ulcers

      • Bellllissimo

        i wanna get chocolate wasted

  13. Josh

    So I see I’m not the only one who thinks “Larry’s” lacking I wish I didn’t like the Pistons so much =( I think I see potential but my heart gets broken everytime. Polished Turd( hehe)

  14. CRA1G

    I’ve said a hundred times before the season that I didn’t want to see Stuck start a single game @ pg… There is absolutely no need for him too.. I want to see him play at the 2 where he belongs.. I’m not saying this should have made a difference in the game but I want to see a floor general on the floor and the decisions he makes ate so frustrating to me..

    • Natalie Sitto

      I agree about Stuckey would have liked to see Bynum start with Knight coming off the bench. This team has a ton of work to do.

    • Drew

      As you may have noticed, Knight’s not ready to be a starter yet.

      • CRA1G

        I totally agree but we have two legit pgs, so until b knight earns the start i want to see bynum start in the mean time.. i actually like stuck and i was looking forward to seeing him play the two all year.. having him play point is *pointless to me (no pun intended).. as pistons fans we’ve never really seen what he can do at the two.. i actually can envision good thing playin next to a real pg.. and on top of that BG has never proven himself a starter in this league so he needs to be playin of the bench we he belongs..

  15. Josh

    Tayshaun 3 rebounds. Are you kidding me?!

  16. Josh

    I agree Natalie. Knight should be coming off the bench and Stuckey IMO is a shooting guard. If Stuckey and BenG were allowed to play the natural positions as well as Bynum(PG)on a regular basis, maybe we’d be working with something. This just looks and feels baaaaad.

  17. Drew

    Junior may be right about Rodney turning the corner on his 3-point prowess. Derrick Rose was a worse 3-point shooter than Stuckey, until last year when Rose busted out with 128 threes. The precedent is there. Rodney 2 of 3 there, looking very comfortable shooting it.

  18. terry

    Well, couldn’t expect too much this early considering our pg doesn’t even know the plays yet. It don’t help to have our one and only center shackled by fouls. The bright spot was the play of Jerebko considering it’s his first game in a year and a half or so. Team rebounding could use some help…

  19. Andy

    ugh it was painful to watch the rotation throughout the game

  20. zane

    Hope Joe is working the phones its time to find a sucker/taker for ben gordon I have lost all faith he will ever be the bulls ben watching him so call shoot to get his “rhythm” back is painful. sad night.. I found myself yelling at the tv I even grab a controller hoping some how I could control the shots and help with defense but all failed…… sigh 65 games left.. Soooooooo who should we draft

  21. Elliot

    rough start to the season. We really need another big down low to help defend. This game reminds me of last year of when we had so many no name bigs have huge games against us. Jerebko and stuckey were probably the loan bright spots. JJ had a good offensive night and was really active on both ends. As much people want Stuckey to play 2 guard, I think he is still the best pg on the team right now and he continues to make progress playing the position. He had a good night from 3 point land and a decent number of assists, especially a few nice one’s where he drove in under control and found people near the basket for easy buckets. Hopefully he can continue last seasons late stretch of good PG play. But really though this could be a long season, if we continue to have games like this.

  22. Tate

    terrible……just terrible…….we have a lot of work to do

  23. N1ck

    Yeah well, so we did not perform good against a team which has a very good frontcourt. Surprise, surprise… It’s just one game. You guys expected miracles?

  24. RashitFlawless

    It’s just bad decision after bad decision after bad decision.
    It’s not just about the game on the court, but off the court too. Bad trades or no trades, bad staff to coach.
    I watched almost every game so far, and I should say no team play worse what comes to the general understanding of what to do on the court: the game looks like random running up and down, random shots and plays.
    I would be ok if I saw THE TEAM, but for the 3rd consecutive season it was a player 1on5 basketball.
    I WANT to see the Pistons, but again – I don’t kno why this team makes me cry instead of making me happy


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