The Need4Sheed Podcast – Preseason Wrap

by | Dec 21, 2011 | 22 comments

The Detroit Pistons Podcast

Danny and I along with Dave Wieme, the former Director of Strategic Communications for The Pistons, our new permanent member of the Podcast team just wrapped up the Pistons preseason in a fresh new podcast for your listening pleasure.

We covered what we saw in the Pistons two preseason games.  We also went into a number of topics like, Rodney Stuckey’s signing, Vernon Macklin, Brandon Knight, Danny’s sadness over not landing poster boy Kris Kardashian, Austin Daye’s emergence, Tayshuan Prince’s roll, Moose Monroe, the Need4Sheed and more.  We also each gave our Breakout player of the season as well as posed the question: Who’s going to win more games, The Pistons this season or Justin Verlander?

Dave Wieme
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We also got into something you may not know about.  The new Management at The Pistons have removed Bill Davidson’s name off the court.  For many of you that might not mean much, but for this fan it was very upsetting to see his name gone.

Take a listen and feel free to comment.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast  – Preseason Wrap


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  1. terry

    It’s real simple;
    Pg Brandon Knight/Will Bynum
    Sg Rodney Stuckey/Ben Gordon
    Sf Tayshaun Prince/Austin Daye
    Pf Jonas Jerebko/Charlie Villanueva
    C Greg Monroe/Ben Wallace
    This is the best we got. Not great on paper, but there’s a lot of potential here. I think the main thing is the coaching position and how he gets this team to work his system. My breakout player is Charlie V. People hate him so much that even a decent season can be considered breakout. I honestly expect several Pistons to have breakout seasons, such as Daye, Jerebko, Stuckey, and Gordon as well. Rip being gone takes a dark cloud off their heads. Even though this team is still rebuilding I see a nice young core.

    • Drew

      I totally agree. Top to bottom, that is our lineup. Only Maxiell might end up as the backup to Monroe over Wallace.

  2. edt

    Austin Daye is only gonna have a 1 or 2 year career in the NBA. here’s how it works, players that get great early have such a high ceiling that when they are like Kobe and decline they have so much stuff left they can still play.

    Players like Daye have to work so hard that it is only when they are at the absolute peak that they are good enough to start. Then when they start declining, because they are on the downside, they get waived and that’s it, Daye goes back to California and lays on the beach.

    that’s how it has always been in sports, doesn’t matter if he doesn’t play physically, he just has such a lower ceiling that he will only play in the NBA as a starter for a year or two that’s it.

    Knight, Monroe, those are guys you can expect to have 15 year NBA careers.

    Natalie to Danny: I have seen your little dog and I’m ok with it.
    Danny: That’s not my little dog.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Natalie to Danny: I have seen your little dog and I’m ok with it.
      Danny: That’s not my little dog.

      Boy…when you write it out that sounded a bit dirty. And that’s so not how I meant it.

      • edt

        I know you’re clean cut, Natalie that’s why it’s funny.

  3. daddy

    I think the break out will be Knight. I think he will take leaps in leading a team and learn the ropes very quickly for a rook. He understands not only who to give it to but when. The most important thing. They have only played a handful of times and he is already getting his understanding who the jerry rice of the team are going to be. Moose and Knight will get to know each other a lot more too developing the pick in roll. Monroe isnt the a leaper but he can pass off the dribble which creates easy buckets. Call stockton and malone for a reference and we will be looking up fellas.

  4. M23

    we can reach the 8th seed with this line up

    PG Knight
    SG Stuckey
    SF Tay
    PF Charlie
    C Monroe

    Tay is starting for sure. We have a defensive coach, and he wanted Tay back. and i think what got us into this mess is when we signed gordon and charlie which i was very surprised by.

    we are a defensive team, and those two have 0 defense. i remember when chauncey and rip used to kill gordon, and force him to go to the bench because he cant guard them.

    joe dumars needs to go back to drafting defensive players, and establish our team and franchise as a defensive one. its the only way we can win.

  5. edt

    It’s not that a defensive team is better than an offensive team.

    It’s that you get sooo much more for your money when you buy defense.

  6. Felix

    Stuckey was a MUST resigning. Without him our offence would be nothing this year, Knight inst going to be consistent for at least a year and needs to develop more. Stuckey IS a point guard and should be our starter at the point, at least until we trade him for a serviceable big man.

    Pre-season observations:

    Prince resigning was meh…
    BG will start but is going to suck…
    CV is a cancer.
    Monore did nothing to improve his athleticism and still looks soft to me, still getting his junk swatted in the post. Disappointing but I do not expect big things from Moose.

    Ben is going to start, just to help moose out on D until he grows a backbone.

    Starting 5
    Stuck, BG, Prince, Wallace, Monroe

    Daye is going to get some starts at the 2 when BG is benched midseason…so this is who I expect to have a breakout year.

    • edt

      I dunno why you aren’t respecting the Moose, he outperformed Derrick Cousins last year in ever aspect of the game except for rebounds. Greg Monroe is more than we ever expected him to be, instead of being a top 10 rookie he was a top 3. Monroe has some incredible soft hands, able to play in the post one on one against anyone, and got better every game of the year.

      cousins, mpg 26, fg% 39, off 3, def 5.3 , apg 1, to 4
      monroe mpg 26, fg% 42, off 1.5, def 4.4, apg 1.5 to 2

      I’m down with the Moose. I don’t need him to improve his athelticism, all we need is to pair him with a big that complements his skills. If Ben Wallace were only 10 years younger . . . .

      • edt

        err demarcus not derrick of course

      • Drew

        I think you combined Demarcus Cousins and Derrick Flavors into one player.

  7. Drew

    Boney admitted he’s not going to be watching that many Pistons games this year and is a baseball fan first. Can we trust his reportage during the season? Just sayin, with respect.

    • Danny

      I will have the games on my computer, but I’m not paying for the service…

      the majority of my posts are like editorials, or attempts to be conversation starters. I do postgame wrap ups occasionally, but I don’t do all of them.

      I will watch the games, I won’t race home from work or go out of my way to catch a mid-week Pistons v. Cavs game though like I used to. Mainly because of the lockout, and not because of the Pistons

      • Drew

        Yeah, there are plenty of sites to watch each and every single game (in low-quality usually) for free. I understand not cutting your day short to see a mid-week Pistons-Cavs game (same here), but what does the lockout have to with it?

        • Danny

          I wasn’t a supporter of any side of the lockout. Had I chosen a side, I would’ve leaned toward the owners because they’re expected to evolve and come up with new and innovative ways to win, while the league was slowly losing its grasp on “competitive balance” under the old CBA.

          Say what you will about “the owners created this monster” well no, not exactly… if LeBron James goes back to Cleveland or Bosh goes to San Antonio and neither essentially hold their small market teams hostage, then in my opinion there would’ve been no lockout. Since there was, the owners had a chance to try and make the league more competitively balanced by having more stringent salary cap rules in place, along with limitations on sign and trade deals.

          Is it the owners’ fault for overpaying a guy like James Posey, Dwight Gooden or Rip Hamilton, thus making him untradeable? Yes. Why do they feel like they have to do it? Because the players who truly run the league are all going to gang up in a big market team, and will leave behind their small market teams with nothing to show for it… crap trades for crap contracts all because the departing player wanted that extra year of guaranteed money, or a boost in pay because one team held his bird rights and could pay him.

          It’s a cash grab… for a league that I’ve invested a lot of money and time into, and for the players I support to fight so hard to more guaranteed money and for the right to demand trades while under contract… it’s just ridiculous. I’m all for free agency and sign and trade deals.. I’m not for the NBA turning into MLB, especially when guys like Dwight Howard and CP3 wanted to leave their small market teams to go to while under the same guaranteed contracts that they fought so hard to keep at the lengths they wanted them to be during the lockout.

          This is a different argument for a different day, and while it may be petty… if players want to demand trades, then contracts shouldn’t be guaranteed so that a team isn’t left with a malcontent on the bench because he doesn’t want to play there anymore.

  8. edt

    A leopard can not change his spots.

    Daye will be inferior on defense. No breakout year.
    We will see the same Stuckey as we have for 3 years, and that’s a good thing.
    Ben Gordon started where he left off last year.
    Charlie V is gonna be spotting up at the 3.
    Jerebko will play 100% every minute, and give our defense a backbone, but he can’t play at 101% so it’s hard for him to improve.
    Prince is on the decline, he needs his minutes to be limited, less than 30 or he will get injured. His back isn’t getting any better.
    Greg Monroe will get better every game, but progress will be slower now that other teams know what he is all about.
    Bynum is limited defensively by his size and limited offensively by his lack of a 3 point shot. He’s great off the bench.

    Knight will have the breakout year.

  9. zane

    CV a starter..> no < way…….Well I'm glad "two left feet" charlie won't be in the starting lineup because he'll have to sit out a few games and maybe just maybe when he return to the line up he can show us why we as piston fans don't deserve a refund on his contract. sidenote ….this also apply to you to lil ben gordon.
    *jonas *(Unless joe find another Big to go along side Moose)

  10. Andy

    im just gonna pray frank will have a good starting lineup on opening night. if it works, then he’ll keep it. i just cant wait for the pistons to play after a long off season

  11. niel pontino

    i like this game .


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