Rodney Stuckey has agreed to a 3 year, 25 Million dollar deal to stay with Pistons

by | Dec 17, 2011 | 47 comments

According to the man who knows his stuff, Adrian Wojnarowski, Rodney has agreed to a 3 year $25 million dollar contract. A little over 8 million a year for Stuckey.

My opinion to the inital report is that it’s not a huge contract, it’s only for 3 years and if things don’t work it’s a contract that is easy to move. I would also love to see Stuckey at the 2 where he belongs.



  1. Corey

    I like the signing. Rodney has been the best scorer on our team and the most consistent player as far as driving the lane, finishing in traffic, getting to the foul line, and making his shots. I think with having Knight run the floor and also being capable of shooting deep, driving the lane, kicking it out to shooters, it will make for a pretty deadly combo. I also think Stuckey’s defense is incredibly overlooked. No point guard made him look life a fool as much as they did to the “great” AI when he was here. I think if Stuckey get’s off his high horse and finds a way to work well in the mix, we’ve got a lot to be excited for.

  2. domnick

    I like the signing but hopefully he turns out to be a good guy on the court with Lawrence Frank guiding the team…

    alot of things needed to be done… first, finding a leader.. coz right now, we don’t have one.. and Stuckey is qualified unless he shows it to this team… a good point guard should be a good leader.. well thats for Rodney Stuckey

  3. Dor

    I’m sure happy about this backcourt:

    I think Stuckey should be the backup 2 and sometimes help as PG, only if necessary.
    And I must say I agree with you Natalie, 3 years isn’t too much, and he shouldn’t get more than 7-8 a year so it’s not that bad of a contract the way I see it… also I don’t think coach Frank will let him do the stupid things he did with Kuester.

  4. Bellllissimo

    after last nights game i wanna see where this goes. The guards are tiny. We don’t really have any great defenders (we would if joe d didnt trade arron afflalo)
    Rodney is no where near a good defender but at least he’s big and fast to keep the other teams guards out of the lane.

    I remember last night i saw a lot of comradery. Like i saw guys slapping each others chests so much it was really cool to see. But my favorite thing from last night? i saw at least 2 team huddles on the court where all 5 players came together to talk to each other about what tthey needed to do. And Brandon Knight was talking to guys the whole game. I just hope when stuckey comes back he shows some life. He never smiles he never shows passion and doesn’t communicate on the floor.

    I still think joe dumars could of got somethting we need more than stuckey.

    But stuckey is here. That means its time to support him. I’m gonna go buy a stuckey jersey.

    cause its what real fans do ๐Ÿ™‚

    • junior

      rodneys not anywhere near a good defender? hes our best defender on the perimeter. yeah the team was coming together on the floor and talking. but its not cuase of knight its what frank demands, they are just doing what they are expected to do. kuester never demanded the detail out of them. stuckey will flourish under frank, if he doesnt then i will say you haters were right about him.

      • Bellllissimo

        while frank may have something to do with it im giving the credit to knight. if you look at the cutaway shots during the game you will see knight talking to guys who been in the league longer than him and telling them what to do. I didn’t see will bynum or ben gordon doing that on the court, if it was really frank then those guys would of been doing it instead of knight.

        and no, rodney’s not a good defender. i wont even talk about it. He’s not ๐Ÿ™‚

        The thing I don’t like about so many coaches is now i have to wait for them to catch up with what i already know. I have to wait for frank to tell maxiell that if he wants to play he has to pass the ball from the block more and not shoot fade away jump shots. Of course frank wont realize it and tell max and max will either slowly fall out of the rotation or he keeps playing and costs us games. I have to wait til he realizes Ben Gordon cant help us win a championship. And yes i have to wait til frank tells stuckey that he has to defend HARDER. you are only seeing what hes doing, i guess you cant see what he SHOULD be doing

        • Drew

          You’re crazy. Even professional writers say his defense is good.

          • Bellllissimo

            oh well if they say it, it must be true. I wouldn’t put too much stock in what writers say, heck there are head coaches in the nba who don’t understand whatt good defense is, let alone the writers

            • Drew

              So if you say it, it must be true. And we’re also supposed to put stock in your observations?

              • junior


                • Bellllissimo

                  well not a total god. maybe a demi god, like a basketball hercules

              • Bellllissimo

                only if you want facts

  5. Leftos

    It’s obvious the team lacked a consistent threat as far as scoring goes. It’s not just the rust if you ask me, as many commented. Daye, Gordon and CV haven’t been consistent in their points and they’ll need to put in the works. Prince needs to be consistent and prove a point. As far as Stuckey, the team enjoyed his explosiveness and ability to attack the basket and score. He wasn’t a good enough PG and that got his image down, but now with Knight and how immensely impressive he was, Stuckey can work on the things he did best, and the things the team needs him to be. An explosive yet consistent scorer.

    So if you ask me, Stuckey isn’t the best player the Pistons could have along with Gordon at the 2, but he’s been a Piston a few years now, he knows the other players and most of them know him and they have a feel for each other.

    Here’s hoping he shines at the 2.

    On another note, no matter the disappointments, I’m seeing our draft picks as of lately really shine, and us doing the right thing with them. Knight, Monroe, Jerebko as far as the last 3 years go are 3 really good additions. It’s time for us to rebuild and move on, and be proud Pistons fans again.

    Final note, coach Lawrence Frank’s emphasis on Defense showed yesterday. Surely, some wide open looks were had by the Cavs, but they had Irving setting their plays for them. The rest of the time, I saw an intensity on Defense that the Pistons have lacked for much time now. I was really pleasantly surprised to see things like that early.

    So, all in all, happy Stuckey’s back, impressed with Knight, impressed by the D yesterday, but I’m not happy with Daye (all too many mistakes and a 3pt attempt that nearly missed the backboard too, less hustle than the others) and I’m curious to see who’ll come forward as the Pistons’ main scorer this year.

    • junior

      not happy with daye? were you watching the game? he led all scorers with 18 he had5 reb and 5 blocks i thought he played very well, he hit the big shots when we needed them and he was good on defensive side.

      • Bellllissimo

        ill be honest i HALF agree with leftos i remember thinking after one play where daye tried a behind the back pass that lead to a interception that man “daye played too much streetball during the offseason.” He had a lot of turnovers i remember. But i wouldn’t criticize Daye’s defense as much as CVs. It was bad. lol

  6. edt

    Yes!!! Thank you Joe D, getting Stuckey at a decent price. Go Pistons, I am loving this contract.

    So worried we would get Stuck at $10m a year, now we have money to fill in a big.

    • junior

      same here edt i really thought joe d would cave in and give him the big 10 mill contract. im very happy with the deal and that stuck is back. lets hope he can get caught up with the rest of the team fast. i would like to see him play the next game so we can see the difference between the two games without and with him.

  7. gordbrown

    I was thrilled to see Knight’s play last night and it’s pretty obvious that if you were to add Stuckey, Prince and Wallace to the mix, the Pistons would have won – but Cleveland is not much of a test because they really suck. Neither Wilkins nor the new Hamilton showed much of anything.. Bynum will never be the starting point guard on a good team, but he is what he is and is OK coming off the bench. Knight is not ready to be a starting point but if we use both Knight and Stuckey some at the back up 2 good things will happen. But the best news of all, Pistons are well short of luxury tax and have full mid-level exception to add another big. Stuckey’s signing means that that’s now top of the agenda. Bottom line: some depth and young legs could surprise given the schedule.

  8. N1ck

    Looking at this team… It’s nicely balanced, like I said before, one big and here we…go! I’ll support them no matter what, just give us some heart.

    BTW anybody noticed the floor paint looks slightly different in the Palace?

  9. Cerecyte

    Interesting, but i like this Deal more than the previously announced deal of 5 for 45.

    3 years is just right IMO.

    Would have been a shame to get rid of Stuckey before at least trying him at Sg with Knight. If theres a season where Stuck could impossible, realize greater potential is going to be this season at the 2. As i always said “Stuck is somehow a better point guard, when he plays the shooting guard” He just seems to be able to make better passes / decisions from the wings of the court, rather than the top of the key.

    Also Personally even tho Stuck isn’t a point guard, i think he can be a big help to Knights progress.

    In the case while Knight is learning the ropes, he has a shooting guard beside him that is perfectly capable of handling the ball, or even setting up a play from time to time.

  10. Martin

    Love the signing, but Nat you put 3 letter L’s in Million in your title ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. sunny

    Terrible signing. We are stacked with guards on this team. Stuckey is not worth half of that money. No other team in the league wanted him. We could have gotten him way cheaper and used that money on a big man.

    • junior

      stacked with guards? we have bynum knight and gordon. thats it. i dont know if u watched the game but we need more than those three. crawl back under your rock troll, where its not so sunny.

    • Drew

      Hamilton and McGrady are gone, so we’re no longer “stacked” at guards. News flash: Most other players don’t want to come to Detroit, not right now at least. We’re going to have to rebuild through the draft, and if you think about it, we’re getting there: Knight, Monroe, Jerebko, Daye, Stuckey.

      • Bellllissimo

        daye seems more suited for the 2 i think thats why hes thinking its stacked when its not really

  12. Enoc (Mexico)

    Well, I like the addition but as everybody else think… Pistons need a big and a good one!!

    BTW I liked the rookie and Maxiell, I hope that intensity doesn’t go down during the season…

  13. Armand

    Great sign, Stuck together with Knight and the new coach who looks like can coach they will be a great backcourt by end of the year and with Monroe in front with JJ and Prince is a decent starting 5 in my opinion at this stage of this team, not a bad bench with Bynum, Gordon, Daye, Villanueva and Max/Wallace, pretty balanced team if Frank can get them to play defence and play together which from last nights game it looked like Frank will be our best coach sine LB

  14. gerdz

    I know we lost the first preseason game but i like what I saw. we could have won if wallace and prince played but I know coach frank is still twiking and testing the players. The defense really improved and i liked Maxiell’s intensity.

  15. edt

    By the way I don’t think labels like the 1 guard and the 2 guard make sense for this team. Stuckey is able to get into the lane at will, drew double teams last year, knight as a better 3 point ball, should develop into a better passer, better at moving without the ball.

    I also don’t think the label combo guard really applies, combo means you do both assists and scoring, but Stuckey does somethings a combo guard should do, and some things a point guard should do, while knight coming right out of college is not a point guard at all.

    Point guards do not exist in college, as the point position is regarded as a scoring position. You only develop as a point guard once you get into the NBA, and you have other players that need to have the ball in their hands to score.

    You know how in the triangle offense, the point guard does not play the point guard, and the shooting guard does not play a shooting guard, what you have are the two post positions and then 1, 2 and 3 positions are merely the other points on the triangle and the play is dictated by how the opponents respond.

    Not saying we should run the triangle that offense is more complicated than chinese algebra, just saying with our players, we would do better not to get locked into what a point guard and what a shooting guard means.

    • junior

      exactly we just need good athletic GUARDS, not to label them as one thing or another. good players thats what we should call them.

    • gordbrown


  16. edt

    One more thing. So glad we have Frank not Avery Johnson. Avery Johnson is so negative I know I like a strong coach but there is a difference between a strong coach and someone who brings a lot of baggage. So far Frank seems very supportive of the players and I like that.

  17. Sevan

    this would be a good line up

    PG-Brandon Knght
    SG-Rodney Stuck
    SF-Tayshaun Prince
    PF-Charlie V
    C-Greg Monroe

    • Tate

      id rather have jerebko at PF…. at least he plays defense

  18. Iz

    I hope that it won’t affect brandon Knight’s development. he was terrific yesterday by far the best player in this team.

    coach frank should play stuckey at the 2. BG is really terrible, poor ball handling, bad shot selection, bricks everytime he takes a shot. what is wrong with him ???

    for now, austin is just not ready to start in the nba, too much mistakes, cost us the game…

    hope that we’ll see more of vernon macklin on tuesday.

    CV…good defensive first half, second half like last year…

    • Drew

      If Brandon was the best player last night, that says a lot about our team. I thought his play was really up and down.

  19. Wow

    Here we go again.

    Get ready for another losing season Detroit. We may have decent players, but we don’t have stars. We don’t have answers for Wade, Rose, Garnet, and all the other good players in the east. We will do decent in our division, but terrible overall.

    Good to see we re-signed Stuckey, arguably the best player on the roster. But man, what kind of point guard could we have picked up for that sum. Shame Detroit is one of the stupidest contract negotiators I’ve ever seen.

    We will be fighting to the death to even get close to the playoffs.

    • James (Australia)

      Which free-agent PG are you talking about that we could have picked up?

      Please don’t say Chris Paul, that was a trade. Look at the free agent market for PGs:

      Gilbert Arenas, Carlos Arroyo, JJ Barea, Mike Bibby, Chauncey Billups, Earl Boykins, Aaron Brooks, Anthony Carter, Mario Chalmers, TJ Ford, Patty Mills, Chris Quinn (lol), Sebastian Telfair, Jason Williams. (I may have missed some).

      Seriously, tell me which of those PGs are more valuable to the Pistons than Stuckey. The only player I would have a thought about would be Brooks and he is less of a PG than Stuckey, small and an RFA.

      You can read below as to why I think this is a good step by the franchise, but you’ve also pointed out another benefit. The Pistons have signed the best free agent PG availble this season. We are terrible contract negotiators you know….

  20. James (Australia)

    Really like the signing. I know edt, junior and I have been banging on about Stuckey’s worth to this team, but I really think Dumars got this one spot on.

    Stuckey gets the money he probably is worth–I think he can outplay this contract, especially with Coach Frank. The Pistons get an upgrade in talent and some much needed size in their backcourt. Finally, 3 years means we can basically get rid of him next season if things don’t work out.

    Some might argue that if Stuckey outplays his contract, then we will have to pay him more to resign him in three years time than we would have if we had signed him long term now, but given Stuckey’s up-and-down playing style and maturity issues, I think 3 years is enough time for Stuckey to prove he is worth the big contract he desperately wants.

    Great signing Dumars. I think this is a step forward for the franchise.

  21. jay

    stuckey has did nothing to be worth a 8million guy maybe five man what is joe d doing stuckey is not well like like dumars,,thomas or billups….what kids do you know likes this guy where the heck is all the stuckey jerseys…..this guy is not a michigan man i havent seen him embrace the city i dont like the signing we haven connected to stuckey so i wouldnt care if this guy left

    • junior

      i have a stuckey jersey, i think 15.5 ppg 5.2 ast and 3.1 reb warrants 8 mill. look around the league n see what other pgs are getting n compare the numbers. we are lucky we got him for ONLY 8 mill. remember we are paying bg 11 mill.

  22. Drew

    Arron Afflalo just signed for 5 years and $43 million, and we’re still worried about signing Stuckey for 3 years and $25? We got market value if you ask me.

  23. Jay

    have we learned anything from bad teams from the lions and tigers throughout detroit sports history…. junior im so disappointed in you i thought u knew sports by the way i bet you have a hazikim jersey sitting around collecting dust…as we can see from history stats on bad teams does not count my friend lets just calll rob deer one of the greatest tigers of all time…better yet what about juan gonzalez….stuckeys 15 a game is nothing if your team blows…its the w that count… my whole argument is that… (A).HAS this guy embraced this city or better yet has this city embraced him?… my answer simply put NO!!!…I just dont see this guy being the face…we have guards as a matter of fact im more excited about brandon knight than anything…i think guys has embraced Jonas and Knight more than Stuckey this guy attitudes stink…NOBODY WANTED THIS SACK OF GARBAGE…i mean here’s L.A needing a pg and NO calls anywhere from any NBA team…who is your down Low THREAT who is in the paint lets not be HOMERS FOR ONE MINUTE….LETS LET go of the 04 title and make r way towards 11…..this team is good without mr.stuckey….oh yea did you see what affalo did at ucla this guy left Detroit only to start over Jr.Smith…Affalo one of the top defending SG IN THE LEAGUE and one of the best three point shooter as well he’s worth that in todays market when have pg’s and sf’s who can slash the paint and kick it out to a guy like affalo…also he can match up with kobe…wade etc

  24. Jay

    i can recall bg being a top 6th man before he signed here

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