The Pistons vs. The Cavaliers

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The Pistons vs. The Cavaliers

Home for the very first time.

Who cares if it’s a preseason game, this Pistons fan is a little more than excited to watch her team on court at the Palace. Especially when we could have skipped this season entirely.

This will be the first time the Pistons step on court representing new ownership and I for one am excited to see the changes.

May the Gores be with you!

  • The good: Jonas is BACK, Brandon Knight.
  • The bad 0r maybe not: Still no Stuckey.
  • The unknown: Who really is going to play tonight.

Congrats go out to @Sneakerheadjfa , who is going to be sitting in my tickets tonight.

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.


  1. Drew

    Watching the game tonight, it’s apparent we need a little Stuckey.

    • David Sloan

      If this was a facebook status, I would like it.!!!

  2. Drew

    Brandon Knight looks way smaller than 6’3″

  3. zane

    I know its only preseason but after watching I think we need to find trades for cv and or ben gordon we need another BIG to play along side monroe bad….

    • David Sloan

      very true, we should use amnesty on Ben Gordon, because he sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! same with charlie v.

  4. Drew

    Where was Ryan Hollins tonight?

  5. edt

    Ben Gordon took up where he left off last year.


    Brandon Knight is ready to play right now.

    We have a defense. Thanks coach.

    Jerebko looks healthy.

    Austin day looks better at the 2 than Ben Gordon does but Daye is still not ready to start.

    Think about this . . . we only kept one starter on the bench, Prince, and the cavs beat us up. I’m not discouraged though because this is just the pre season and I see a lot of really good things.

    Stuckey is probably gonna get signed for a fee that will cause gnashing of teeth here on need4sheed.

    • Drew

      Ben Gordon scored 17, but you’re right: He looked bad in the first half, but picked it up a little in the second. We may have a defense, but we’re still severely weak in the paint defensively. I’ve long thought we should try a tall-ball lineup of Stuckey at the 1 and Daye at the 2.

      • edt

        Daye is too flat footed to defend a 2 but he can definitely 2 on the offense, I agree though it’s not a bad lineup just run the switch on defense.

        Hard not to play Ben Gordon because we spent so much money on him. sure would like to amnesty him.

  6. N1ck

    Do not judge anything, this is just one (first) preseason match.

    But i think we’re still one of the worst teams in the league…
    There is no over night miracle. That’s the way it is.
    And we have no real trade prospects except Monroe, JJ and Knight, maybe Daye…

    CV for Howard anybody? :D

    • Bellllissimo

      you might need to throw in jake voskuhl to make it work XD lol

  7. Bellllissimo

    Greg Monroe was really going after shots and blocking hard.
    brandon knight. We have a point guard and a pass first one. awesome
    will bynum. He’s a great penetrator
    There was more defense than last year for sure.

    it felt like a JV game even with stuckey i think we need that one papa leader of the group. Ben wallace and tayshaun are more lead by example type of players. We need a heart. Similar to a shane battier or chauncey kind of player.
    I hope we are tougher than we seam we seem kind of soft. I mean Monroe Jerebko Maxiell all had 5 fouls or fouled out. The guards need to keep the ball out of the paint more

    but i will say im excited. i think this is going to be a year that surprises people

  8. junior

    U guys still wanna let stuck walk? Id rather not after watching the game. Lets get him signed before he gets too far behind in trainig camp, we only have one more preseason game.

  9. James (Australia)

    It’s funny. I am more excited about this season than last season, but I think this roster may be less talented than last year’s roster (especially if Stuckey walks or comes back without his heart in it). We have lost Hamilton, McGrady, Wilcox and possibly Stuckey. Sure, Knight looks like an awesome building block, but for the future. Who else have we replaced?

    We are going to be murdered if Bynum and Gordon are going to have to start many games and Gordon doesn’t average 20+ points a game. Bynum puts his heart in it, but we all know he gets reckless and his defence is sloppy at times.

    Charlie V actually looked half-decent, but just couldn’t get the ball in the ring which is, you know, kind of important. Jerebko looked rusty. Monroe looked solid for a first-up hit. I know it is just a preseason game, but I sure hope that is a majorly unfinished product we just saw play.

  10. N1ck

    We need Stuck as much as he needs us.
    Nobody’s gonna give him that money…
    + another good big man.


    We have good combo of fast guards (Knight, Stuck, Bynum), and a shooting ones (Gordon&Daye(yes)). Hardworking forwards (Prince, JJ & Wilkins), shooting ones (Daye &CV), we have Monroe and we need another good center to back him up. Wallace is old, Maxiell is a forwad and Macklin is a 26 year old rookie second rounder, also a forward. :D

    But all that considered, honestly, I don’t see us in playoffs. Unless Gordon & CV start being beasts, but we all know that’s not gonna happen.

  11. edt

    We are making the playoffs this year.

    Greg Monroe is a beast, he gets better as the year goes on.

    Jerebko is an awesome defender don’t judge him on this game he’s rusty.

    Austin Daye is slightly better than this year.

    Knight was absolutely schooling Kyrie Irving the number 1 pick in the nation. Did you see that? Knight wanted to put his foot down on Irving, I love it. This is what champs do.

    Prince is a solid presence at small forward

    Rip Hamilton is gone, AI is gone, T Mac is gone, new coach, new feeling for this team. Did you see the team gather their arms around each other in the middle of the game to talk strategy? This is not last year’s team.

    Maxiell lost a little weight and I think his endurance is up, if he can play more minutes at full intensity this will really help our team.

    We got so much good stuff going on, and remember preseason doesn’t matter. It’s easy to see we are still short one player from our starting roster, but I’m calling this a playoff team.

    I want to see Ben Gordon glued to the bench along with Charlie V. They are decent 6th men, but when given a defensive assignment to guard the other team’s starters all you get is fail.

    • Drew

      Very optimistic. I was enthused by the play of Maxiell last night. The stat sheet didn’t really show it, but he played well backing up Monroe. Hope he can stay this motivated all year.

  12. Willis

    Amnesty is over for this season, we are stuck with Gordon!

  13. J.G

    More than ever we need big men asap. Jeez Joe.D get the message already.


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