Stuckey Balks on a 5 year 40-45 Million Dollar Offer from The Pistons

by | Dec 14, 2011 | 45 comments

News on the Stuckey front. As we spoke about in our interview with Vince Ellis of the Freep, Rodney Stuckey thinks he’s worth 10 million dollars or more. That being said, Chad Ford of ESPN is reporting that Stuckey doesn’t like the Pistons offer of a 5 years 40-45 million dollar contract offer.

The Detroit Pistons and restricted free agent Rodney Stuckey are struggling to come to terms on a long-term contract, sources said.

Stuckey, the Pistons’ top free agent this offseason, is balking at what the Pistons are prepared to pay him. The Pistons have discussed a deal that would pay Stuckey between $40 million and $45 million over five years, according to sources.

By comparison, Mike Conley agreed to a five-year, $40 million extension with the Memphis Grizzlies in November.

Stuckey’s representatives, seeking an even bigger deal, have been contacting other teams the past few days, looking to broker a sign-and-trade deal. However, the Pistons are telling teams that they won’t agree to a sign-and-trade for Stuckey, sources said.

If the impasse continues, Stuckey’s reps are threatening to take the Pistons’ one-year, $3.87 million qualifying offer for Stuckey, which would make him an unrestricted free agent in 2012. Via Chad Ford ESPN

In my opinion Stuckey isn’t worth 10 million dollars a year from this team. He hasn’t proven it and after his attitude problem (whether it was partly because of Kuester or not) I have fallen out of like with him and his attitude. Entitlement is all I see here and if he “threatens” to take the Pistons qualifying offer of 3.87 million this season, we’ll likely see him disgruntled and Joe D on the phone trying to make a trade for him.

I posed the question to you on twitter and if you look at the responses you’ll see that I’m of the majority. See Ya Stuckey

Also from his non verified twitter account, Rodney doesn’t want to be in Detroit.


  1. paul

    Stuckey is average but he is still the only person on the Detroit Pistons roster worth doubleteaming.

    • gordbrown

      What I saw last season, especially with Maxiell inexplicably starting … Prince always double teamed, Stuckey always double teamed (a man on him and a man between him and the basket at all times). Hamilton pushed out to the perimeter past his range. Stopped the Pistons dead it did. With or without Stuckey, I hope that LF says push the ball and tries to run other teams into the ground. Any team with Hamilton on it was unable to do that. Young legs, compressed schedule, I think it might well work.

      • Bellllissimo

        in my opinion coaches who say run the ball are basically saying, just get it out fast cause i won’t be able to call the right play. so i dont like lawrence frank

        • edt

          I dont know about you, but in basketball I want to run as much as possible. Do you know how much harder it is to score when the other team hasn’t set its defense, when they do not have the proper matchups, the rotations are not yet ready.

          The only reason a team does not run they want to save their energy, so a lot of older teams can’t run because if they burn up all their energy running the floor they won’t have any left for defense.

          But a young team should always run. This applies to college as much as the pros, why work harder scoring points than you have to.

          • Bellllissimo

            that kind of offense bugs me cause it relys too much on the other team to dictate your offense. A run and gun offense is easy to beat by just not turning over the ball. I can’t recall the last team that won a championship with a run and gun offense. The best teams are the ones who can impose their will on the game. Run and gun is basically saying OMG they are coming get rid of the ball fast omg im so scared they gonna block me or take the ball away. Run and gun shows fear in my opinion
            lets look at the last champions from this decade

            Dallas= great halfcourt offense with rick carlise
            lakers = the triangle offense, enough said
            celtics= dominating inside out game
            spurs= great shooters and halfcourt allows tim duncan to be tim duncan. They tried run and gun last year, became perimiter oriented and you know how that ended up
            miami= again great inside out game didn’t rely on running away from the other team to beat them
            detroit= well we all know about this dont we 🙂

            • junior

              hes not saying we are going to a run n gun hes simply saying instead of only walking the ball up the court every possesion. they will try to push the ball when they get the chance. run n gun is a offense u employ to try to cover up for your lack of defense .L frank is a defense guy, if he can implement his defense right in this short season, we wont have to rely on a pure run n gun offense.

            • edt

              Miami also had the most fast break points in the NBA. They run hard and always score if the other guy’s defense is not set.

              Run and Gun is what you call a fast break team that has no defense.

              If a run and gun team somehow learns how to defend, they become a good team with a lot of fast break points, like Miami

              Spurs, Mavs, Lakers can not physically run the court, their big men are just not that fast. Which is good, I would trade in a premier big man for a slow offense.

              Miami on the other hand can run and does run.

  2. C-Quense

    let him go. it seems like he lost his mind. 10 million a year for stuckey is way toooooo much

  3. Jayme M

    Stuckey shouldn’t be asking for so much. What has he proved to us that he’s worth $10M+? He’s been an inconsistent PG, when I think he really should be playing SG. He’s had some chemistry problems, even if it was because of Kuester or not. Realistically, if he signs with the Pistons, he will be coming off the bench for Ben Gordon. Detroit’s back-court would look something like
    PG: Knight/Bynum
    SG: Gordon/Stuckey/Wilkins

  4. N1ck

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

  5. Zane

    His agent was looking for a team to do a sign and trade but teams are told Joe is not looking to trade him…………… wtf I will let this play out but if Joe over pay to keep him> I too will join the band wagon of fans wanting to get rid of him too. Have he not learned anything from the past mistakes of overpaying (Ie.. cv,ben,rip) I was one of a few who felt stuckey should of been traded dead line last season. Hate if you want but stuckey is not worth the money he want.

  6. Justin

    10 Million for Stuckey? He has proved nothing. Joe D better not overpay him, if he does we will be in the same boat that we were in with Rip. The only difference is that Rip helped win us a championship, Stuckey never will.

  7. z

    Friday’s amnesty deadline didn’t know there was a deadline so if we don’t use it a.s.a.p on cv or ben we’re stuck with them?? Anyone know about this?

  8. Jeff

    Tell him to go Stuck himself..

  9. Rich

    Forget about Stuckey. I would try to sign and trade Stuckey and whoever else is necessary to make the trade work (preferably Ben Gordon) to Golden State for Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and whoever else is necessary to make the trade work out financially. .

  10. Willis

    How about a sign and trade for Aaron Affalo, hahaha!

  11. Bellllissimo

    omg please please please sign and trade for a better player. please joe, dont keep cancer anymore. let the offense flow with bynum and even the rookie. Please please dont keep for a 1 year deal just so he can pad his stats and cost us wins. Please just let him go. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEE. Get someone good, maybe portland would trade lamarcus aldridge if they decide to rebuild since they lost both oden and roy. Or maybe michael jordan will be willing to give us bismack biyombo who the pistons wanted to draft if we gave him stuckey.

    So many options but joe is the only one who can pull the trigger. Obviously these arent the only players i’m thinking they are examples.

    omg i get so excited when i think about the possibilities. Because stuckey is good enough to land us a good underrated player. He can be the AI to some other team and we get their chauncey 🙂

  12. Marcell

    I’m not a Stucky fan either but unfortunately Joe Dumars likes the guy. I would imagine Dumars signing him to some ridicules deal he’ll be trying to unload in a couple years down the road. Sound familiar?

  13. dillon

    stuckey who do u think u are u suck 10 millon dollers is way to much and rip hamilton sucks we dont need him or u we just need chuancey I MISS HIM CHUANCEY COME BACK TO DETROIT WE NEED U YOUR OUR ONLY HOPE

  14. edt

    Biggest Stuckey homer on the planet, I like the way he balls, I like his strength, aggression, endurance, ability to go to the rim.

    Really would like to resign him but only at the right price. That’s how you create a championship team under the salary cap. If we could lock in Stuckey at 7 million on a 4 year, it would be great, but Stuckey is having none of it.

    My worst fear is that one team (and it only takes one), decides they need Stuckey for some reason at a bad price and then Joe matches the offer.

    I don’t care who you are, if we can keep Stuckey here at a cheap price we want him, he’s got talent, our team only has 4 or so starters, like last year we have a team made of a dozen 6th men and 4 starters, and that doesn’t cut it in the NBA.

    Stuckey feels tho he is due his payday . . . . I really don’t think he’s going to sign here in Detroit a cheap multiyear, and signing him for $4 million for a single year doesn’t help Knight develop.

    Everything hangs on whether or not Joe Dumar is going to go back to his throwing away money ways that he showed with AI, Rip, and to a lesser extent, Charlie.

    Also I heard that they deadline for the amnesty is coming up, we should use it on Ben Gordon, Charlie V is playing for Detroit at a much fairer price than BG. Ben Gordon is not getting any younger, he’s not getting any taller, and he’s not even becoming a better defender, which is what you are supposed to do when making buckets is no longer an option.

    • Bellllissimo

      he’s the number 1 blocked player in the league. he gets blocked more than any other player cause he can’t drive to the basket and finish like will bynum can

      • edt

        I think a lot of that is just how much Stuckey is in the paint, since the more you are in the paint the more you get blocked, it’s a fact of life.. Also Carmelo is the most total blocked player in the NBA 2 blocks or so per game, and the highest blocked percentage is Chuck Hayes at 16%

        Stuckey is 20th in blocked percentage while Will Bynum is 15th in blocked percentage.

        Bynum gets blocked a lot more than Stuckey but I dont see a problem with it, like I said it’s a function of getting in the paint and getting the calls.

        • junior

          I like how he came at you edt with no real facts. Im a huge stuck fan and i think he is worth 9 mill for four years. Stucks numbers were good last year, anyone other than me and edt ever look at them? Try it then compare to other pgs around the league. Hes right up there.

          • Bellllissimo

            what i said was facts. there was a article on it there was a study done by a basketball stats site. i don’t remember what site it was like a year ago or something but he was number 1

            • edt

              I believe you read it Bellll, unfortunately when I went to ESPN to look up the stats he wasnt even close. Maybe they were measuring blocks a bit differently.

              • junior

                i think you read it but i also think it might have been a blog story with someones opinion on the matter just like you were doing. i dont think stuckey has EVER led the league in shot attempts blocked, but i could be wrong too. just my opinion for what its worth.

                • Bellllissimo

                  it was a site like or basketball reference or some site similar to that. i don’t know how they calculated but i believe them when they said it. And just watching stuckey you can see his shot selection is poor. He’s basically flip murray 🙂

          • edt

            Junior I think a fair market price for Stuckey is 9 million for four years. But we will never win giving our players fair contracts. How can we possible win if we pay everyone what they are worth.

            We need to resign Stuckey to a 7 million for 4 years. Or sign someone else also at an incredible discount for a long term contract.

            The days of paying players what they are worth has to be over, we need to get another championship and the way we have to do it is sign our team up at unfair contracts, that is the only possible we can we can compete.

            Think about this, when Lebron, Wade, and Bosh sign with Miami did they get fair value? No way. No way!

            We have to compete with teams like that where players including CP3 are allowing themselves to get paid under market value so they can get on a championship team, and what is more, in the end it works out for the players not in contract but in the endorsements they get, it makes up for their value many times over.

            So what I’m saying is, I sure do hope Dumars doesn’t resign Stuckey over 7 million for 4 years. Maybe 7.5 million for 4 years. And you and I both know Dumars is dying to do that. I just hope Gores puts his foot down and forces Dumars to get the undervalued players in the NBA, the ones that can’t shoot straight but have incredible defense, the ones that bombed out in their first years because they were on stinking teams like the Kings, not through any fault of their own . . .

            We can’t pay Stuckey what he is worth, and I have a sinking feeling Joe D doesn’t understand it.

            He knew it back in 2004, which is why it is so strange he doesn’t understand it now. I just hope he can get in a time machine and go back and figure it out again.

  15. greg

    I don’t think Stuckey is that bad, I am not a hater… but 10 million?!? Really? And Ben Wallace in his prime was worth, what, 12 million to the Pistons? What has Stuckey done that would be the even close to the equivalent of 12 rpg and 2.5 bpg? 7 mil maybe, but for what he brings even without team discord, 8-9 a year is pretty generous. 10 mil/year, who is Stuckey kidding…

  16. Janet

    I do not think Stuckey is worth the money he is asking for. Give him a lower contract for a few years, with conditions of statistics etc for a raise. If not, I would not be sad to see him go to another team if we can do a sign & trade to get someone that has some value.

  17. Drew

    I like Stuckey more than most, and still believe he can make an All Star game one day, but he is not worth 10 million a year. Hopefully he’s just playing hardball until he settles at the price Joe wants.

  18. Drew

    That being said, he’s one of the few players that can still make watching this Detroit Pistons team exciting: Dunk over Bosh, breaking Jrue Holiday’s ankles, out-point guarding John Wall, etc. etc. I know he’s not always “on” every single game, but at least he never has any Ben Gordon-esque 30-min, 3-point nights.

  19. junior

    Exactly mine and edts point.

  20. James (Australia)

    I’m with junior and Edt on this one.

    I’m a huge fan of Stuck. I think he was put in a bad situation by the organisation when they traded away arguably the most popular player on the team for the train wreck that was the ‘Allen Iverson season’ to free up minutes for Stuckey (he can deny that all he wants, that WAS a big reason Dumars traded away Billups). Sure, having played under a myriad of coaches hasn’t helped him develop consistently either, but all the same, he has shown the potential to be a dynamic baller. His finish to last season was very impressive.

    But he appears to have a serious character flaw that never goes well with any fan base (except maybe the Lakers): immaturity. This may be partly Dumars fault for having basically told Stuckey that he can do whatever he wants, the Pistons will retain him. However, his disgraceful actions last season were indefensible. Now he wants to kick the organisation in the teeth for giving him everything on a silver platter?

    Sure, he may think he is worth more than Mike Conley (I think he is, personally), but, Stuck, you have to prove it to us. His numbers are about the same as Conley’s and Conley has led a team deep into the finals. So why should he be worth so much more? 10 million a year is an awful lot for someone who has never fully reached his potential and is a questionable character.

    I hope Dumars doesn’t blink and throw a silly contract at Stuckey (even though he could easily play at a level equal to such a contract), but I hope we can sign him up long term.

    • junior

      agree with you. i think the deal joe d offered is a right on deal the 5 year 45 mill would be 9 mill a year thats what i think he deserves. 10 mill or more he could get but it might be to a team that would want to sign him for that just to use up the rest of their salry cap money.

  21. Jeremy

    Ride the storm out. Let Stuckey sign the qualifying offer and sit on him for the year. This team is far from being competing in terms of a championship and we all know that. I agree with the commenter above who said that Stuckey would come off the bench and he should, 6th man role. Gordon is getting starter’s money, give him the chance to prove he was worth it. Another commenter above said something about Stuckey only looking out for his stats if he signs a qualifying offer, good! In the 6th man role that is what we would want out of him anyways. This also gives Knight, whom I’ve read has been really impressive at camp so far, to develop as the PG of this team.

    As far as the amnesty clause goes, the best bet is to not even touch it unless Gordon or Villanueva get seriously injured. Both players have 3 years (2 after this next 4 months of basketball). If both perform well this season and next, they become trade bait for those teams looking to dump salary because they’ll be in the last year of their deals. If not, this team goes into the 2014 off season with a load of cap space and have the opportunity to be probably the major player in that offseason. Also noteworthy is that offseason Monroe will be looking for a nice pay day as well.

  22. Drew

    In other news, Kwame Brown just signed a 7-million 1-year deal with the Warriors. If Kwame can net 7 mil, I imagine Stuckey’s got to get at least the same.

  23. junior

    we will sign stuck gores said he will spend whatever it takes to get VALUE. we all know how highly joe d thinks of stuck (so do i), hes gonna go ta;lk to gores. i think we will sign stuck in the next week to a 4 year 40 mill deal. that way stuck will get his 10 mill a year feel like he got his worth, and we will only have stuck for 3 years until hes restricted again. so if he doesnt prove his worth (which i think he will under L frank) then we dont have to keep him as long.

  24. nik

    Let him go. Let Gordon and Bynum run the show.

  25. 20 Chainz

    Stuckey is not worth it. the league is full of really good point guards now, and he is not even valuable on a free agent or trade market. Look at all the point guards in the league that are All-Star or potential All-Stars, about more than ever really. You got, Chris Paul, Nash, Deron Williams, Rose, John Wall, Rondo, Ginobili, Kidd, Billups, Jennings, Tyreke Evans (maybe), Harris, Westbrook, Harden… All those point guards are past All-Stars and most likely future all-stars. It is easy to say that Stuckey is not even in the Top 15 best point guards in the league. I am not hating on Stuckey, but he should realize that there is not really a team out there that would take him for that price.

    • edt

      cp2, dwill 15 million nash 12m, rondo 10m, ginobili 13m, you are listing guys that are at the top of the pay grade.

      Stuckey at $10m a year is probably not worth it but Stuckey at $7m a year would be a bargain. This is not about how good Stuckey is, we all know he can play basketball it’s about getting him on budget contract.

    • Drew

      Did you really just say Ginobili and Harden are point guards? Don’t watch much basketball, huh? Stuckey is better than Brandon Jennings, and three of those guys on your list are practically in retirement now.

  26. Bellllissimo

    think we could trade stuckey to the lakers for pau gasol? andrew bynum?

  27. Pistonsbaby01

    As much I as want to believe that Twitter account isn’t really Stuckey’s (The Notebook quotes are ridiculous!), I have reason to believe that it is him.

  28. Chris

    Detroit needs to trade this guys rights away! Trade his butt for another shotting guard and maybe a bid man
    They need to go after another big body. Kris Humphries is still out there and he can plug up the middle.


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