The Clippers want some Tayshaun Prince

by | Dec 1, 2011 | 28 comments

The Clippers have reached out to free agent Tayshaun Prince to gauge his interest in playing for them this season, a source said Wednesday afternoon.

Prince, a 6-foot-9 forward who has played all nine of his NBA seasons with the Detroit Pistons, fits the need the Clippers have for a veteran, quality small forward. Via LA Times


  1. david

    this is b.s. we need prince or else we’ll get are ass beat

  2. Bellllissimo

    if tay goes does that mean we can put jonas at 3? i feel excited having a young team on the floor. Maybe we can get blake griffin. if we bring orlando in on the deal since dwight howard out we might be able to get blake or maybe even dwight howard. How awesome would that be?

    • z

      here’s a pinch.. because your dreaming….

    • Tate

      the clippers were offering pretty much everybody EXCEPT Blake Griffin for Dwight Howard… so there is no way that they would give him up for Tayshaun Prince!!

  3. david

    yeah, I agree, ur smoking weed. we will never get blake griffin or dwight howard

    • Bellllissimo

      you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling

      • minimaster

        ur gay calling another guy darling wtf

  4. edt

    Our best case scenario is buyout rip, use the cap space to sign both hedu & howard for 32 million a year, howard with a 5 year $100 and we take over the black hole that is hedu with 3 years and $35 million, and in return orlando takes anyone they want on our team.

    It’s not gonna work, what ever offer we have the Nets will make a deal twice as good.

    Also from what I read in the new CBA it will cost franchise players roughly $2 million a year to leave their team in free agency, what carmelo did with sign and trade immediately to get the max money isn’t supposed to work anymore, but who knows, it’s complicated.

    Anyway we dont need a center. Did you forget we had the best rookie last year in the entire nba? We got Greg Monroe, we don’t need griffin or howard, or anyone else. Monroe is just soooo good.

    Jerebko and his fierce defense will be back, stuckey will be what he is a solid professional, so we have a solid starting five, with jerebko our defense will be a lot better, and monroe he improved every single game.

    So we have a solid starting 4.


    Austin Daye is no Tayshaun Prince.

    Man it’s been a long time since I have thought about the Pistons there’s gonna be change, no more tmac no more wont cox, hamilton has one less year on his contract

    alrite i’ve ramlbed on long enuf

  5. bitabadaboo

    The Howard talk is totally on some crazy dreamworld scenario, but I could see Chris Kaman and his huge expiring deal looking mighty appealing. Then here’s a thought, maybe swing a trade for Beasley or Josh smith and bring some of that Bad Boy swagger back to the D!!!! Stuckey, Knight, Beasley or Smith, Monroe and Kamin starting with White ,Austin, Jonas, and Macklin off the bench, now that’s a young interesting squad.

  6. Moe

    Knight, Stuckey, Jerebko, Monroe is a Good Starting 4
    Bynum, Gordon, Villanueva, Wallace are a good Back-Up Crew

    Problem is 3 Things:
    1: No Chemistry (Hopefully the new owner and coaching staff fix that)
    2: Richard Hamilton (Trade, Amnesty, or Buy-Out)
    3: No True Center

    I say we look for a center who has size and talent enough to be able to rebound well and defend well, regardless of the stats he puts up. If we can get a guy who’s about 6’10 – 7’0 and around 260-300 Pounds for less money who can just be a big guy inside the paint then we can easily win 10-15 More games than we did the last season or two. Also I personally would like to see Maxiell go

  7. Drew

    Well first we need a new GM. Joe Dumars is bringing down this team day by day. First off, why would he not use this amnesty clause to clear some cap space. Rip is god-awful and i dont care that he helped this team win a championship. That was years ago and this is a new game. We need a new start with fresh faces. The team we have now will go nowhere and we need a new GM to understand this and make a change. Joe D. is too friendly with everyone and doesnt want to take any action. He is pathetic. As soon as the team signed the hairless creature and the unclutch shooter for all that money, I knew the team would be in some trouble. I have all my faith in the Pistons this year, but they need some new management ASAP!

    • edt

      I think I understand what Joe is doing. first of all unlike the 2005 amnesty clause this one is good forever, you get to cut one contract as long as it is signed before july of 2011.

      Now since we are below cap we don’t need to cut right now what we need to do is hold on and figure out which piece is more tradable first.

      For instance, suppose this year Ben Gordon plays awful and can’t be traded but Rip is still his same very good veteran presence and suppose we have a chance to trade Rip for a bad contract but a decent big that will help us.

      In this scenario, Joe would want to cut ben gordon using amensty and trade rip.

      Or suppose a team wants ben gordon, we could use amnesty on rip and trade ben.

      Or maybe we can trade ben gordon this year, keep rip until march of 2012, and then use amnesty on rip and trade for a big.

      I mean makes no sense to use amnesty on rip right now when we can play him until next year, he’s a very good player, the only problem is he’s developed a bad attitude (I blame the coaching musical chairs for that) and he has a bad contract.

      rip is going to be a valuable piece for the next 5 years, unlike other shooting guards, he does not body up, and throw himself on the floor, he’s not this ageless jump shoot quick release style that should see him playing into his 40’s that is until the 2020’s!

      • Drew

        1. You can use the amnesty clause as many times as you want
        2. There is no reason to keep Rip. We arent a contender and he’s way to old. We need to clear some cap space for next year’s free agency. We need him to leave the team because he is a cancer to these young players. I dont want brandon knight talking to him and getting the CTC mentality.
        There is noooo reason for him to still be on this team at this point! we should be actively shopping him to a team looking for financial relief, such as the Magic or Grizzles. Or at least get a decent draft pick for next year. All in all, Rip is god-awful at this point and has 0 value. I dont know what youre smoking, but there is no way he can still be playing till he’s 40. TAKE A LAP!

        • Bellllissimo

          the reason for not using amnesty is because simply put next year will be his last year and he will be easy to trade being a expiring contract

    • The Fluidics

      Yap, Joe has been bringingthis team down since day one! He drug the Pistons through a championship, back to back NBA finals, and a lot lof long playoff runs. He’s been a total disaster!

      Hittin the egg nog pretty hard there!

      • david

        true that

        • Drew

          Joe D was a good GM back in the day when he actually knew what he was doing! I never said he has always been a horrible GM? He just sucks now and is killing this team. You obviously wouldn’t know since youre still living in the past……

  8. James (Australia)

    Haven’t been on this site for a while, but now that the lockout is over, I’m back online!

    I’m not surprised that the Clippers are interested in Prince. They need a SF and the FA pool is limited (at least, until teams start amnesty-ing). For nostalgia, I’d prefer to see Prince remain. I think he can still contribute. However, I’m also all for Frank being given a clean slate to get this team up and competing again. This team needs a new culture and the fan base needs to move on from the Pistons of ’03-’08. No point reminding people of what we used to be unless it makes us better for the future.

    Surely it would be wise to refrain from using our amnesty clause until we know who it is best to use it on. We have a few candidates–Hamilton, Gordon, Villanueva or Maxiell–Hamilton is the obvious choice because of his age, but he is also becoming a bit of a trading chip. Gordon is owed the most money, but probably has the most potential to produce at a high level. CV is overpaid for his production levels, but again could still come good. Maxiell has never gone on to become what the Pistons hoped.

    • Ant

      Not only has Max not turned out to be what we hoped but neither has Stuck. When we let Billups go, Joe thought that he had a younger, faster, potential point guard in stuckey so we let Billups go for an inspiering contract in Iverson. Everyone knew he was a one year rental and would be gone the following season but stuckey never got into the swing of things at point. The kid has potential as a back-up on a good team which at this point in time isn’t ours. I say use him as a chip in a trade scenario for a Kamen and Williams to detroit for prince and stuckey? With that you get a home town boy with an expiring contract and a true point guard to help give some time for Knight to develop into the future franchise player that he will be on our team!
      I agree that the Pistons should hold on to the amnesty untill they know who they want to use it on because right now we have too many options to use it on. I still feel like Hamilton can score you a lot of points on any given night and he doen’t need the ball for us to score points because hes not a guy who just stands there and waits for you to give him the ball, he moves all along the court to draw double coverage and frees up a man to take an open jump shot. We just don’t have a guy who can hit it everytime! I can keep going but i have to go, but how would this look:
      Pg. Mo Williams
      sg. Hamilton
      pf. Monroe
      sf. Jerebko
      c. Kamen

      • david

        what about brandon knight?

        • Ant

          Knight would get his minutes off the bench till he can prove himself to the team that he can lead it. You have to remember that Knight was dissapoited to be coming to Detroit because he thought he was to good to be drafted so late so to me that already has me worried about his attitude. If he can listen and not play the “im too good to be coming off the bence for this TEAM” then i expect him to start by the end of the year?!

          • pistons 4 life

            Thinking he should have been drafted higher can also do the exact opposite. He could want to prove all his doubters wrong by playing out of his mind. Tom Brady anyone???? He’s still pissed that he wasn’t picked until the 6th round.

      • junior

        mo over stuck? u crazy, by the way stucks numbers are just as good as billups were at this stage in there careers. give him some time billups wasnt great at first either.

        • James (Australia)

          Actually, comparing stats (a dangerous thing to do), Stuckey is further ahead than Billups. Stuckey is entering his fifth year coming off a season where he scored 15.5 ppg and 5.2 apg. Billups fifth year? 9.3 ppg and 3.4 apg. Now Stuckey is on a bad team that asks him to score more, but those numbers of Stuckey are just as good as Billups in his first year at the Pistons (7th season). It’s only after Billups’ eighth season (championship season) that he really established himself as a consistent, elite PG. So yes, you are correct in saying that Stuck could be better than Billups even still.

          However, I believe, at the moment anyway, we need Stuckey to be a lot better than Billups was in our championship run. Billups had an awesome defense and plenty of savvy scoring options. Stuckey doesn’t have those assets so he has to try harder and looks like he is forcing it. Billups, at his best, never looked like he was forcing it. Face it, Joe D traded Billups away hoping Stuckey could rival Rose, Westbrook and Wall (I’m not saying he is better than them). Even now, the Pistons still talk about Stuckey wanting to average 25ppg and 7-8 apg. That would be way more than Billups was ever asked to contribute.

          All that to say: I agree that Stuckey is further ahead than Billups at comparative points in their career however Stuckey needs to be better for the Pistons now than was asked of Billups. We don’t want to keep comparing Stuckey to Billups, but it goes both ways. Stuckey has had plenty of opportunities to prove himself a quality starting PG in the NBA and this season is (again) a crucial season for him and the Pistons. I hope Lawrence Frank can use him correctly and help provide him some assistance by getting BG and G-Money involved in the offense.

  9. Bellllissimo

    I want a asian player

  10. jay

    Joe D is doing a good job. So he didnt have a few things fall in his lap. Which gm in the past 10 years has without a franchise player. It is easy to build around a franchise player. Joe D get valubale pieces and try to get something big when someone like “hawks” give up Wallace for nothing. Hell I eyeing Josh Smith.. defender at the 4, athletic, rebounds and runs the floor…He is Jonas on steriods.. Also I think if prince is gone .. go for rudy gay.. Memphis has to sign gasol to a hugh contract and remember they went far with gay in the playoffs. Maybe the amensty cause for Rudy? or get real cheap and get Charlie hayes as the a pf.

  11. daddy

    hahahaha someone said mo williams. please do not bring that up again. mo is a spot up shooter who was inflated becasue he played with bron. stuck is a much better player and mo isnt even in the same category as him. i am embarassed that you are a “piston” fan.

  12. Conway Eastwood

    They can have Prince for all I care. Might as well throw in Rip too. We don’t need them anymore; their time has come and gone.


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