Joe Dumars Takes His Mulligan

by | Aug 4, 2011 | 11 comments

97.1’s Mike Valenti and Mike Stone talked to Joe Dumars after the Lawrence Frank introduction presser.

Apparently Joe knows enough about golf that he calls his choice of his new coach as his Mulligan.

“What do they call a do-over in golf? A mulligan? This is my mulligan here, man,” Dumars said. “This is my one do-over that I want to get right in the worst way right now.”

This was his choice…Check out the whole interview below.

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Courtesy of CBS Detroit


  1. Benix86

    At least Joe D can admit that he screwed up, but he better really try his best to get this line up straightened out going into training camp, if there is a training camp.

  2. Jaime

    I feel like this is the clevland indians from the movie major league like they dont want the pistons to win. I hope this coach does well.

  3. daddy

    the more and mroe i see kemba walker I think joe might of chose the wrong guy.

  4. thewordkeeper

    This season i hope that Franks is a birdie for Joe D and not a triple bogey.

  5. Minibeast


  6. edt

    kemba is a lot more polished and it’s true walker had a 1.5 ppr in college (point guard rating combining assists & turnovers), knight has a -1.4 ppr very low for a college point guard. On the other hand knight is only 19 and walker was 21, so I think we have the pick not only with more risk but more upside. Knight has a pretty nice 3 point shot, 38% in college.

    But this is apples and oranges, both players are very good, but don’t let kemba’s allen iverson style fool you into thinking he’s what we need.

    Knight has the superior smarts that is more important in my opinion than broken ankles. He’s gonna be very good in the NBA. But we have to develop him right away, and get this team back into a tradition of winning and out of the lottery.

  7. daddy

    I have not seen much of Knight so I was judging based on seeing kemba. I think knight is more of a pass first point gaurd which we needed, and why we selected him. I am with you edt, id rather have smarts over highlights anyday. Smarts win championships and most flashy players dont.

    Knight does shot 3’s better and we needed an outside threat. I have a feeling it will shift stuck to the 2 position and have bg coming off the bench. Now that we are able to make some moves hopefully we can trade rip and pull a sign and trade for tay. I love those guys hope they find a home with a contender.

  8. blamu2

    its funny how you guys COMPLETELY ignore the fact that there isn’t going to be an nba season this year.

  9. edt

    do tell blamu2.

    Here’s what I think. When the checks quit coming, a lot of these NBA stars are gonna be flat out broke. They can make $10, $20, million a year and still be broke, don’t ask me how, they find ways to spend it. All of it.

    So I’m thinking sometime in December, the season will start up, the players will suddenly find out they ran out of cristal, and can’t buy another benz, and cave.

    That’s what happened in the last lockout, I think history will repeat itself.

    Charles Barkley has this fantasy that the players will be able to hold out, so there won’t be a season, but he’s got a day job, I don’t think he understands how bad these NBA superstars are at home economics.

    We’ll see a 40 or 50 game season.

  10. daddy

    I agree with edt. Most of these players need income and im not talking about the people that make 10 mill a year. The people that are bench players and work at the stadium will help push it over.

  11. pistons 4 life

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the NBA, but it’s ridiculous that the players in this league feel they deserve more money when the average salary is more than the NFL which is more popular. And in a bad economy on top of that. I think it will be hard for them to get what they want. Fans are not going to like hearing that they deserve more money when the unemplyment rate is 9% to 10% in this country. And top of that a lengthy lockout will hurt the NBA more than help.


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