Officially official – Kuester gone as Pistons coach

by | Jun 5, 2011 | 32 comments

John Kuester is officially out as Head Coach of the Detroit Pistons.  Kuester’s final record totals as Coach of the Pistons is 57 wins to go with 107 losses.

I’ve already said a lot about the man in this post right here, so go and do reading at that after reading this.

So let the speculation begin as to who the next Pistons coach will be.  I’ll give a sneak preview of the 2nd half of the Wieme/Sitto/Bohnlein podcast, I said former Kuester assistant Brian Hill deserves a shot.  Hill, who has coached at both the highs and lows of the NBA, first as coach of the expansion Vancouver Grizzlies, and then as coach of the Orlando Magic during the height of Shaq and Penny which included a NBA Finals run.

Hill is more qualified than any current coach that is rumored to either be interested in coaching the Pistons, or who is rumored to be a front runner for the job.

I’ll never understand the fascination with wanting to bring Bill Laimbeer in or with Mike Woodson.  Laimbeer has 0 head coaching experience in the league (we just got done with similar) and Woodson is a Larry Brown disciple (we just got done with similar).  It’s my opinion that this team needs to get away from the past, and move forward in a new direction.  I know I may be in the minority, but with as unsettled as the roster is and with the uncertain future of the front office staff (mainly Dumars), I think the team would be better off with someone who has been in the role of “teacher” before like Hill rather than putting a band aid on a gunshot wound with either Laimbeer or Woodson.

Now, Hill is 65 years old and does not have that many years left in the league.  Heck, he may be tired of the run around of the NBA after the drama from last season and he may have no interest in coming back.

This doesn’t mean I don’t necessarily think Laimbeer or Woodson would be good coaches at some point.  If the team was pushing playoff contention at this moment, I’d want Woodson to be hired.  If the team were up and coming, I’d say give Laimbeer a shot, he could inject some fire into a team.  With the current roster, the new ownership group – I’d say if you’re going to give Dumars 1-2 years to re-build, you push for a guy like Hill who will give you 1-2 years and re-evaluate and see who is available at that point in time.


  1. Natalie Sitto

    May the Gores be with you!

    I like it, didn’t even make us wait ’till Monday.

  2. josh blue

    Assistant coaches laimbeer and mahorn.

  3. Janet

    Laimbeer and Mahorn would make excellent assistant coaches to someone who is experienced as they will make great head coaches some day, and they need to learn from someone who has been around.

  4. Need Good Coach exp. required

    I’m just not sold on another Larry Brown side kick.. I mean really just bring back Larry Brown. Sure hiring Woodson would give him a reason to sit on the bench and wear his championship ring. Some one mention Mike Brown b4 the lakers took him Whew I couldn’t stand watching him spit in cups the entire season. Rick Adelman maybe?? I say we think high and go down instead of what we’ve been doing over the years Please Joe NO more basement bargains

  5. Drew

    The toon for this blog is somewhat in poor taste if you ask me. I worry about Hill because I think all of Kuester’s staff is compromised. I think Hill looked just as confused and steamrolled as Kuester did last season. We like Laimbeer because he can be a hard ass and this team needs some discipline. Who’s to say we can’t be an up-and-coming team? Between Stuckey, Monroe, Jerebko, Daye and (insert 8th pick here) and (possible FA signing), Detroit has the makings to be respectable again. Now we need a coach who can take control of this team.

    • junior

      poor taste? thats all i can think of when i remember q, so i guess its fitting.

  6. Lori

    I have been waiting for this day, as you guys know! Finally!! I agree, we need a proven coach who has been around the block a few times and can deal with obnoxious locker room situations. Adelman or someone of his caliber is absolutely necessary. No more crappy first timers!

  7. thewordkeeper

    I like Rudy T, Jerry Sloan and Bill Laimbeer with a side order of Mahorn. I know one thing really has nothing to do with the other but didn’t we beat Rick Adelman in 91′? I just can’t see it. Also I think i’ve had my fill of rookie head coaches for a while but then there’s Brian Shaw, yeah i know we beat him in 04′, and the aforementioned Bill Laimbeer. No need in being hypocritical about it. I crave an experienced head man for a change. Hope to see Rudy T.

  8. thewordkeeper

    I meant “we beat Adelman in 90′”. Shows you how much i know.

  9. junior

    Jerry sloan

    • Drew

      Or Larry Brown. Both of these are doubtful, but I’d be pissed if we don’t at least make a run at them.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I like it…but why in the world would he come to the D?

      • junior

        not sure why he would but thats the first person i would go for if i was joe d

  10. Joe Nieboer

    Look, Laimbeer is a near perfect fit because of the drama that happened this past season. Someone who is tough and will not shy away from being that. Natalie you have to keep in mind Laimbeer was a headcoach from the WNBA. Yeah WNBA is a joke but heck they won three championships. He won coach of the year in 2003, the shock were 9-23 one year, then insert Laimbeer and they lead the league with 25 wins. Then again I can’t argue with its just the WNBA but all great coaches had to start somewhere right? Look at Phil Jackson he entered the NBA under Doug Collins in 1987 then took over his job in 1989. Phil Jackson also won 2 championships in the NBA just like Laimbeer. You can’t really compare the two but as the new owner of the Pistons I think Gore should at least give Laimbeer a chance to come back to Detroit as an Assistant head coach.

    • Chad

      Give him a 10 year contract, give this team an identity.

      I’ll go as far as to say that anyone besides limber will get chewed up just like kuester and curry.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Like it or not you can bet on Laimbeer not being the coach in Detroit.

      This is nothing new…ask anyone who as any sort of association with the Pistons and they will say the same.

      • Drew

        That’s not what ESPN reports are saying. Although, they’re also mentioning Isiah’s name, but I read local articles that say there’s no way Isiah would happen.

        • Danny Bohnlein

          Frank, Sampson and Woodson are prime prospects.

          • Drew

            ESPN is saying Woodson, Sampson and Laimbeer. Of course they also said Isiah, so you have to take their forecast with a grain of salt.

  11. thewordkeeper

    This is not the first time i’ve read or heard that Bill Laimbeer will never coach the Pistons. Wonder why? Is there some almost two decade old unwritten law or an understanding with the Pistons organization that Laimbeer will never be a coach or be employed in any other capacity with the Pistons? Something else seems to be going on that we fans just aren’t privy to concerning Laimbeer and the Pistons. Wonder what?

  12. thewordkeeper

    I remember reading two written interviews with Laimbeer; both different as night and day. I do recall that either after Rick Carlisle or Larry Brown was let go Laimbeer wondered in the first interview why Joe hadn’t called him about the opening. In another piece a few years later he stated he wouldn’t accept a coaching job with the Pistons. Wonder if he feels that way if he’s offered the gig in Detroit now? Geez i seem to be doing an awful lot of wondering lately. I wonder why?

  13. Joe Nieboer

    Maybe Dumars had a problem with him. Haters gonna hate

  14. Drew

    Marc Gasol (restricted) and Nene are on the market. If we can’t get one of them, the next tier down is Sam Dalembert, Ronny Turiaf, Tyson Chandler, Erick Dampier, and Spencer Hawes (restricted). Or we can go the PF route and vie for David West or Glen Davis. Won’t we have like $12 million to play with since Prince should be leaving? Hey, Ryan Hollins is on the market too! Wonder if Charlie would like him to play here. 🙂

  15. Hk2010

    I would say go with Rick Adelman, hes a proven NBA head coach (unlike Laimbeer), but the Pistons should see if they can hire Laimbeer as an assistant coach, to basically learn the system and know the players before the head coaching job is open to him. I don’t know why Sloan’s name keeps popping up, he’s way too loyal to the Jazz to coach for another team, not to mention he’s almost 70 years old.

  16. terry

    It’s time to bring in the Zeke.

  17. DaveC

    Dumars has said he won’t hire Isiah because of their friendship- I wonder if he has a similar theory for Laimbeer.

    I don’t see Brian Hill as a good choice- they need a strong voice, someone who commands respect, and I don’t see a guy who let Penny and Shaq run the Magic as someone who commands that respect. Problem is, I can’t picture someone respected like Adelman taking Detroit’s job, he can do better.

    I see it going to someone like Lawrence Frank- a hard worker, defensive minded, who’s been a head coach before, and wants to do it again.

    • Drew

      Lawrence Frank looks like a strong-voiced, strong presence to you???

  18. Yoda

    probably true that they won’t hire zeke or laimbeer. hopefully Kelvin Sampson is on their short list.

  19. Minibeast


  20. Mark

    I hope they get a good coach this time

  21. dd3

    I guess none of you have seen that the days of the Coaches who dominated the 90’s is over. It’s a new day. The younger coaches are the successful coaches. Phil is gone, Larry is gone, Sloan is gone. Now we have Carlisle, Spolstra, Rivers, Tibbs on the bulls, Etc. The new school coaches are dominating the league now. Mike Brown failed with lebron because Lebron failed them, not because of anything he did wrong. Mike Woodson made the Hawks respectable. Their roster had only a few minor upgrades but at the very least the team we currently have would be .500 again with Woodson at the helm. He’s experienced & a proven winner as an assistant & head coach. Lambeer too ona lower level. Hill had 1 good year as a head coach which had Shaq & Penny in their prime! Both 20+ scorers & dominated their positions! We don’t have players like that. Why not get a coach that has proven he can get the best out of a mediocre roster?

  22. Yoda Joe

    Woodson had a better roster in Altanta than he would start with in Detroit.
    They fired him. He’s essentially the same as Kuester or Curry.
    I’d rather see Laimbeer or Sampson.


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