Eight is not Enough

by | May 17, 2011 | 21 comments


The Pistons will draft in the number 8 spot.  So much for the luck of Gores.


  1. Rashit Flawless

    It would be nice to have Biyombo

    But he’ll go earlier
    Irving, Williams, Walker, Knight, Leonard are somwhere in the first 7 picks (Leonard’s value is increasing day by day as scouts report). So there are Europeans and Biyombo after these guys…

    Milicic number two is waiting – how do you like that?

    Kanter can go early and Morris bros. can go early, they can affect Pistons’ pick somehow.

    Well, still not happy about the fact that a team from the Central Division, seized the 1st and 4th pick … That is, in our division, we are the weakest.

    Milwaukee seems like improving, they are young enough. Indiana is on the rise, Chicago without comment, and Cleveland has 2 piks and a lot of transfer options, including a sweet Jamison’s 15 million expiring contract

  2. junior

    damn huh?

  3. Tate

    trust me….. we REALLY dont need Jamison, expiring contract or not. Hes sooo washed up, id say even moreso than who we got now.. Right now we need to figure out just what the F#$# were gonna do with the guys we have right now. Next, we need to figure out this coaching madness, then the draft, and then go from there. MY OPINION ANYWAYS, but what do I know. BTW, the draft lottery is RIGGED!!

  4. KobesOverStudy

    dont get too sad remember kobe was picked at pick 13

  5. dd3

    for the last 5 years or so there have been no draft weaker than this one. We weren’t going to get a superstar in this draft. When all of the players started dropping out of the draft due to a possible lock out, the pistons should took that as a sign to dump their 1st round pick. We knew number one was outta reach. Irving is the only possible star of the bunch. But we can still get a very solid core piece for the future. Maybe a legit 7 footer. It seams every NBA team now has a legit center minus Detroit & Atl. But if we can sneak out with a player in the mold of a Joakim Noah type or hell even a Verajao type he just hustles I’ll be a happy guy. We have tradable pieces, but Joe made a mess of this team. 2011/2012 is his chance to at least steer us in the right direction. Rebuilding on the fly is hard, but doable. The draft is rigged. We all know this. But Cavs made good moves after losing Lebron, 1 of em, tanking the season. Now they will be younger, save some money & eventually a better team. We will SUCK if Dumars stands pat…again & does nothing this Summer. If that happens, my devotion to the red & blue dies with him.

  6. Yoda Joe

    if Natalie had rubbed Gores head, we would probably be looking at a top three pick. but since that didn’t happen, i still think there is no need to worry.
    Alot of great players are under valued in the draft. as we all know, Ben Wallace went undrafted. If you want to move up there is a chance cleveland will trade that #4 pick. if you go for size at the #8 pick, i would go for Donatas Motiejunas. Dumars has been quoted as saying that Stuckey can play “off the ball”, which I hope means they will also aquire a point guard this offseason.

  7. Slomski

    Kanter, Biyombo, Walker, and Faried are on my wish list.

    Biyombo or Faried next to Monroe would be awesome!

  8. junior

    Montiejunas is my hope, then biyombo.

  9. Tate

    I just read on the ESPN.com rumor mill that Keuster is going to be running the pre draft workouts for the pistons. Does anybody out there know if that means that he is still our coach? I really hope not. I also read that Stuckey has a new agent in Leon Rose.. Does anybody think that hes up to something to get out of the D? If you ask me, I would hate to see him go as a SG, but if hes gonna be a permanent PG… SEE YA!! Somebody please tell me what they think about the coaching situation, Im so sick over this. Keuster has to go

  10. ArminA

    Bismack Biyombo next to Monroe!
    Brandon Knight did say he like the Pistons and that he would enjoy to play with them.
    Still I think BIG BIZ is our choice since what we lack is Defense and that is what he can bring. I can see him being a 10-10 guy with Monroe along with 3 to 4 blocks a game. If we don’t get him, Dumars is not looking to win that title.

  11. Damir Fusko

    The first action that Joe Dumars needs to take is to fire John Kuester. After watching every Pistons game I came to a realization that Kuester is a abominable coach. With Kuester as head coach it would be highlt detrimental to the Pistons organization. In addition, the Pistons are lacking a fourth quarter scorer. The second action that Joe Dumars needs to take is to trade for Cleavland’s fourth pick. Since the Pistons have the best bench in the NBA it should be no problem to trade for Cleavland’s fourth pick. With that fourth pick the Pistons need to draft Brandon Knight, or Enes Kanter.

  12. Jon

    I dunno, I think we can all agree the NBA does whatever it can to make the league interesting. Giving the Cavs the #1 pick is a “redemption from Lebron” move to get someone good and compete to hopefully make a Heat v Cavalier rivalry. Simple as that. I’m not a huge conspiracy fan, but I do think the NBA rigged that lottery.

    Anywho, here’s to the 2011/2012 Pistons!

    • Tate

      yep… I knew that Cleveland was gonna get that first pick as soon as I saw the owners (not to be mean) handicapped son sitting in as the accepter. No disrespect to him, but I just knew that they werent going to send that kid home empty-handed.

  13. Col

    Might as well write off next season aswell if joe plans on keeping kuester, he lost the team along time ago nobody wants to play for him, mike brown wudda been a great hire but now hes lakers

  14. Drew

    Russell Westbrook is supposed to be a top 5 PG, but does anyone still think that Stuckey can’t run a team as well as Westbrook can?

    • junior

      i think stuckey is just as good if not better than westbrook.

  15. daddy

    if dumars is keeping q do you think he is trying to tank the season and just get lottery picks. I think its the cheapest and easiest way to collect talent since we wasted our money in the fa a couple yrs ago. ben gordan needs to a faster pace to get in the groove and it would help if someone could post up so they will draw the double. cv pls learn to play some d ask ben wallace you know he is a four time dpoy.

  16. Leaving town soon ?

    Mike Brown would like to have John Kuester on his Lakers’ coaching staff, according to the Los Angeles Times
    Quick.. let’s all help him pack before the job is filled……..
    I’m sure Nat will drive the U haul

    • Col

      exactly theres no reason to do that trade, only consider it if we take hickson off them

  17. Minibeast

    Kuesters getting fired look on ESPN!


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