So… this not making the playoffs stuff kind of stinks, eh?

by | May 11, 2011 | 29 comments

So… Natalie and I have taken quite a bit of time off from posting.  I don’t know why I’ve slowed down posting, but I know Natalie has been crazy busy with stuff so… you can always reach out to her on twitter if you miss her at Need4Sheed_com and I am back on twitter after a short hiatus at Bohnlein.

So I mean.. even when they’re not playing the Pistons get disrespected right?  Pistons super rookie, Greg Monroe, was not only snubbed in the 2011 Rookie of the Year voting (6th, really?), but he was also snubbed today in the voting for the 2011 All Rookie Teams.  He was voted, by the coaches, to be on the All Rookie 2nd team.

Not bad, for a guy an MLive “writer” compared to Rodney White on draft night last year when Cole Aldrich was passed over with the Pistons pick., right?  Wrong.

Greg Monroe was by far one of the most consistent 2010 draft class rookies in the league this past season.  As I previously said in one of our podcasts, at one point in the season Monroe’s key statistics improved each and every month of the season.  He finished the season averaging 9.4 points and 7.5 rebounds a night.  What endeared him most to Pistons fans had to be his hustle on the offensive glass, as almost half of his rebounds came from the offensive end.

In a season of extremely low expectations, aside from my playoff shtick in the podcasts, Monroe’s snub for the All Rookie Team and the outright disrespect in the Rookie of the Year voting is unacceptable.  What hurts the most is, it seems like for the rookies, people voted more for rookies on winning teams.  Spurs G/F Gary Neal and Knicks G/F Landry Fields both were ahead of Monroe in the ROY balloting and for the All Rookie Teams.

So what has everyone been up to?  Are you enjoying the playoffs?  If you’re wondering, I’m pulling for the Bulls this postseason because I’ve always been a fan of Tom Thibodeau.  I wanted Thibs to become the Pistons coach over Kuester but, sometimes you don’t get what you want.  It’s also funny to read all the negative blog posts about Derrick Rose and how he won the MVP award.  As you can see, Natalie and I tend to not be too overly negative about things like most other blogs you see out there.  The outright hate coming from the majority of the NBA blogs out there for Rose’s MVP award is disgusting.  Spout statistics all you want but at the end of the day, he was clearly the best player on the best team in the league and he was deserving of the votes he received.  Is he better than Chris Paul or Deron Williams?  Probably not but, he’s improving.  So.. off my soapbox…

Who are you pulling for in the playoffs?  After tonight, the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat have reached the Conference Finals… Memphis is looking pretty strong against Oklahoma City too.  The next big thing to come up for the Pistons is going to be the draft lottery which Greg Monroe will be the Pistons representative.  Aside from the obvious Derrick Williams or Kyrie Irving, what rookie do you think would look good in a Pistons uni next year?


  1. Pistonsbaby01

    Great post! I’m rooting for any team besides the Heat or Mavs to win! But I would definitely like to see Keith Benson in a Pistons uni come next season. Being an Oakland Grizzly it would be nice to continue to see him play in Michigan. I ♥ Kito!! =)

    • jayg108

      Yes!!! Another Benson supporter. We need a shot blocker

  2. Patrick

    God I hate the Heat! They can win a ship but not the 1st year… that is too soon to put a super team of egos and win. I am rooting for the Thunder to win but I doubt that is going to happen. Hopefully the Bulls can knock off the heat.

    • jayg108

      anyone but the Bulls

  3. Demitre Riley

    I kinda wanT Bysmack Biombou (idk how to spell his name) if he turns into a big Ben kinda guy. we could call him big BIZ

  4. pistons 4 life

    I honestly don’t have a favorite to win the title this year. I’m just overjoyed that the C’s are out of it. Sometimes I even surprise myself with how much I HATE that team. I get as much pleasure watching them lose than when the Pistons win. I guess if I had to pick a team it would be Memphis. You just have to respect the way they play. As far as the Heat. I don’t really care if they win it either. I’m in the minority of people that don’t care that 3 superstars went to one team. If the rules allow it, and they’ll take less money to do it, more power to you. As far as the earlier comment about their egos….what egos? Although they are a little chippy at times, I can’t complain about how they’ve handled themselves during and after games, and they seem to be all business.

    All in all I like where the league is going. I’m loving the fact that the Spurs, Lakers, and Celtics are all out of it. Sports in general are more entertaining when they’re unpredictable. Here’s to hopping this summer brings a hard cap in the cba.

    As far as the Pistons, I’m excited about next season, if there is one, and I’ll be anxiously waiting for any news about trades, buyouts, firings, ect…. Go Pistons!!

  5. Jon L.

    I can’t stomach watching the Heat win. I really hate that team. I’m pretty much rooting for whoever comes out of the West.

  6. daddy

    im rooting for the bulls all the way. they are my second fav team YEAH I SAID IT and hopefully d rose can get some help and put the heat away.

  7. junior

    i want the thunder to play the heat and sweep them. (its a wish right?) and i would like to see us get biyombo with our 7th if we dont get in the top 3, and benson with ourr 33rd. ill post more later im at work. peace out.

  8. ejmw

    At this point, I’m rooting for anyone but the Heat. But it’s not just negative, I actually like the other three remaining teams.

    I don’t really have any reason to dislike the Bulls anymore, and Derrick Rose is a special player. Definitely won me over with his MVP award acceptance speech. Joakim Noah kind of annoys me sometimes, but I love the way he works.

    Dallas has a lot of players that I like, and I think a lot of people kind of take Dirk Nowitzki’s greatness for granted. Especially now that he seems to have found his killer instinct. I’d love to see him win a championship and cement his legacy as one of the greatest players of all time.

    OKC is possibly the most entertaining team to watch out of the group. I mean, Westbrook is a blur and Durant…what can you say, he’s just a ridiculous offensive force who makes scoring look simple. And James Harden has an awesome beard. The only thing I don’t like about that team is Kendrick Perkins, I’ve never liked that guy. I think he’s a dirty player and a dickbag to boot.

    So yeah…sad the Pistons aren’t in it, but that fact aside, this has been the best postseason in recent memory in my mind.

  9. ArminA

    Bismark Biyombo. The next Big Ben for us, a great defensive presense that will be fantastic next to Greg Monroe. 7’7 Wingspan is something we should NOT pass up. He will be of a force down in the pain that Jonas V. from Lithuania.

  10. MisguidedChild

    There are 2 guys I’m particularly interested in, Kanter and Biyombo. Usually I don’t like overseas prospects, but Biyombo has had a lot of Big Ben comparisons. He’s a boom or bust, and this is a weak draft class anyway. Might as well take a gamble. Kanter is interesting because he was supposed to play at UK. He’s practiced with the team all season and that team is chock full of pros. His size helps and he has a nice back to the basket game.

    Other guys I wouldn’t hate are Kemba and Brandon Knight. Just none of the other Euros. Those guys are screaming “DARKO” at me.

  11. badboy

    draft kemba or brandon knight. We need a true pg

    • junior

      n u think they r true pg? get real waTCH some video of them they r stuckey lites

  12. Hk2010

    Greg Monroe was a successful rookie and all but I don’t really think he was snubbed at all. Blake Griffin was a shoo-in and DeMarcus Cousins averaged more points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and started more games.
    But anyway Monroe has a very bright future and it doesn’t really matter that he didn’t make the NBA All-Rookie first team.

    • detroitKG

      Monroe not worthy of the 1st Rookie team?
      Dude get real out this past draft class, blake not included obviously, he was easily the 2nd or 3rd best…Sooo how is he not 1st team ahead of Neal and Fields? They even say position shouldn’t matter when voting but evidently it does stuff is a joke now a days…

  13. KobesOverStudy

    since memphis now knows that theyre better without rudy gay we should try and trade for him, rip and tay for rudy? we’d be perfect especially with the lottery pick

    • Drew

      Well I think we need Marc Gasol worse.

  14. daddy

    no one would pull that trade plus we really dont need another sf do we? cousins did avg more points playing in a diff system but id have monroe anyday. someone willing to work and get better instead of someone who complains and seems lazy.

  15. NJ

    HAHA I couldn’t stomach watching the Pistons this year, GO HEAT!!!!!!!!

  16. Lars

    Am I the only Piston fan who still hates the Bulls? 🙁
    I can never, in good conscience, pull for the Chicago Bulls. Can’t. Do. It.

    • MisguidedChild

      You’re definitely not the only one. I’d rather they beat the Heat then lose, but I’m not exactly cheering for them.

      • Drew

        I’m with you. I only kinda liked the Bulls when they had Big Ben. Now I’d rather have the Heat win. I think Rose is slightly overrated.

  17. Susie

    I WAS rooting for the Celtics, because of the Sheed connection from last year. And I WAS rooting for Memphis because of Z-Bo. Now its ABM (anybody but Miami) Can’t take credit for the ABM, got it from a guy on another board. I think its perfect tho.

  18. Conway Eastwood

    Mavericks all the way. Underdog teamwork over egotistical superstars.

  19. daddy

    egotistical superstars? i think the bull only ego person is boozer and he has ntohing to be cheering about this season. d rose luol and noah are very humble ppl. ive always liked the bulls so i still root for them

  20. Santiago

    I’m rooting for the bulls in 7 or 6 games sweep too. I’ll take it any way I can get it just as long as Le tarded James and his band of overrated cohorts don’t win. I can accept the Bulls winning a championship or Dallas or Oklahoma. Neither of those teams have won an NBA championship aside from the Bulls since 98. Le Broom James aka swept by San Antonio during the NBA Finals when Detroit should’ve won then yrs ago.

    Detroit didn’t have enough bad boy in them to elbow that sorry bastard every time he came in the paint. He’s all of 6’8 of nothing but pure overrated garbage. I’ll welcome any team that fouls him hard and smile afterwards because he’s such soft player. He then has that stupid look on his face after a hard foul. No free Chilli. Le garbage James.

    You want proof that Queen is overrated. How about I witness 6 yrs of no NBA titles. Now he joins the heat with 2 so-called stars. Proof again he can’t win a title by himself. Better than Jordan please 6 NBA titles, 5 time finals MVP , All defensive, All time allstar..Sit down and shut up all you people who think he’s a King. Lol.

    Another proof game 1 Eastern Conference Finals Bulls 103-82. Nuff said

  21. NJ

    Hey Santiago, apparently you just don’t know Sh** and are just one of those common haters, and your going to sit there and say Jordan did it by himself???? Are you retarded, he had another hall of famer in Pippen and a Hall of fame Coach to go with it, what did LeBron have in Clevelend Mo Williams and Delonte West!?!?!? Your and idiot, please stop talking about basketball I bet you don’t even do sh** accept sit on the couch eating chips all day LOL

  22. NJ

    Ohhh and check your stats, 3-1 Heat…….again you don’t know sh**


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