The 2010-2011 Detroit Pistons Season – So yeah that happened.

by | Apr 14, 2011 | 55 comments

So, right now we are a day removed from the last game that the Detroit Pistons played in the 2010-11 NBA season and boy am I glad that it’s over.  Sure they won more games then they did last season, but I would have gladly chucked 15 games down the drain to have avoided this seasons Buffonery.

The Pistons lost Jonas Jerebko in the first pre-season game.  Then never really got to see what they drafted in Terrico White when he broke his foot.  The organization and fans crossed their fingers as they saw bidders for the team come and go no matter how much dough they could toss in the air.  Coaches and players butted heads then coaches and players butted heads then coaches and players butted heads.  Then suddenly Rip Hamilton was stricken with some kind of “flu” that modern medicine couldn’t cure no matter how hard they tried.  Then there was absolutely no moves made before the NBA trade deadline. Then coaches and player butted heads then there was this crazy day when a lot of players just weren’t at practice.  Then Rip played, then Rodney didn’t.  Then when Rodney did play he did his best D Wade impression and when it was all said and done he said this.

“Being in the Doghouse I just wanted come back and play hard for my teammates and my family.”  “Change is on the way.”

All the while Greg Monroe just kept on putting up double-doubles.

And the Worm cried a little.

Now we have a new a new Shiny owner, who likes to dance and says he has big plans.

You’ll hear more from me soon, but trust when I tell you I’m not mourning this team or this season in any sort of way.



  1. R.I.P. Hamilshun

    HAHA! Nice Picture at the bottom Natalie. XD Don’t worry, better days are on the way… And I hope stuckey comes back… AND T-MAC! Just sayin… 😉

  2. jayg108

    Awesome season recap! Thanks for another season Natalie.

    I’m forgetting the flu, the buffoon/player strike, the line-up changes, & the late season hunt for Ryan Hollins. Remembering The Worm!

    Detroit was hit with a dreaded viking curse for the season when JJ33 went down. My only hope is that Big Ben comes back. I don’t care if it’s as a player or assistant coach. Keep sending him checks Mr. Gores Equity Firm.

      • ARE WE STILL HAPPY ? whew

        Thanks jayg108 wasn’t sure if we should be concerned or not…. And yes Great Job Nat. If only the pistons had put in as much work as you have to keep up upbeat this entire season I’m sure the outcome would of been totally different. WELL PISTON FANS….. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD sorry guess I’m the only one who hope Stuckey has up his value and outta here ..should’ve played hard no matter what if he wanted my staying vote but we shall all see………………………… tbc

        • junior


  3. MrRockinWTB

    I heard a UGLY rumor Kue is coming back! If so, KILL ME NOW!

  4. Lori

    Thank God it’s over!!! I never want to see Q again.

    • Kevin (PHL)


  5. MisguidedChild

    Great job this season, Nat. I agree with jayg, Big Ben needs to stay as a player or assistant coach. We all saw what he did with Monroe. I’m very interested to see how this draft goes. It’s a weak class, but if we somehow get a top 2 lottery pick and get Kyrie, things will change for this team sooner than thought.

    • edt

      ben wallace did not teach greg monroe how to use the hoop to help defend against a block by going to the opposite side or how to use the backdown pivot to lose your man from the post.

      Give credit where credit is due this is all greg monroe, he’s got exceptional intelligence. I think we might end up with brandon knight as our new point guard, and via trade get another power forward/center.

      I really hope we dont get stuck with Donatas Motiejunas who is only playing 15 minutes a game and can not possibly be as good with more minutes in the NBA as is he now in europe. Jonas Valanciunas lithuania is a project who knows. and there is jan vesely from czech republic. like I said I’d rather trade for our big and use this year to get our point guard. Kyrie of course would be nice, but we are probably just going to lock down the #7 slot and hope Joe D doesnt have another Darko moment.

      • MisguidedChild

        Oh, I give a lot of credit to MONROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE (as I like to call him). He’s been my favorite player this season just seeing what he’s been doing with barely any plays called for him. Even he has given credit to Benny boy, though. I repeatedly see Monroe mentioning Ben helping him a great deal.

        I agree, all these European players are screaming “DARKO” at me. At the beginning of the season, I was really high on Jared Sullinger coming here, but obviously that’s not happening. I wouldn’t mind getting Knight, but part of me thinks he’s staying in school (he had a 4.0 this year and is already academically a sophomore, might as well get a degree). One person I’m on the fence about is Enes Kanter. His 08-09 stats aren’t impressive, but I’ve seen him play since and I liked what I saw. Would have a better grip if he wasn’t banned from the NCAA, but we’ll see.

        Honestly, if somehow the lottery balls go our way and we get Kyrie, things will turn around quick for us. I’d rather us trade away this lottery pick for a first round pick next year if any team would take it and we can’t get a quality player.

        • edt

          the problem with the europeans is that 9 times out of 10 until you a pau or marc gasol you are drafting way higher than the pick is deserved and you are drafting almost entire for size.

          BUT in the second round, you will get a ton of value for a european pick because while GM’s draft european 7 footers higher than they should they draft 6 foot 10 jonas jerebkos lower.

          I say skip all the european 7 footers, and draft your european picks in the 2nd round and get another jonas jerebko, someone we got in the 2nd round that is worth a first round pick.

          I think stuckey will be fine as our point guard, but . . . this draft it pays to take a point guard, when you got lemons you make lemon point guard aide.

  6. JC

    Its true we don’t know what Terrico White can do, he might be Terrifico.

    DWade and Mario Chalmers are free agents, I’m sure there are plenty others too.
    I’m not sold on Stuckey,
    need4sheed is a fun site, thanks for keeping it up.

    • junior

      -10 not a free agent (wade)

  7. Marvin Jones

    D Wade is not a free agent and Stuckey is much better than Chalmers and Brandon Knight and any other so called point guard in this draft. All Stuckey needs is a good coach to get in his ear and show him how to be a point guard, much like LB showed Chauncey. He’s too talented to just give up on and turn the keys over to another rookie so called point guard. I say so called because Irving, Walker, Knight and most of these college point guards are scorers first, just like Stuckey was in college. They would all have to learn how be point guards in the NBA and since we already have one 4 yrs into that process, why not stick with him and address other more important teams needs with the draft. Also some of you guys need to get over the every Euro is Darko syndrome; DM is talented but may be a little soft, JV may be a project but all reports say he is a true center and very talented, the other JV is a talented SF with good athleticism and Kanter is by all accounts another center with good size, all I’m saying is that plenty of college players are projects too, if you can get a legit 7 footer with talent you get him, you can’t let one mistake 7 yrs ago dictate how you draft now, that would be very foolish. We should go big on our first two picks and maybe look at a SG with our 3rd pick.

    • JC

      you are correct sir, dwade is not a free agent. wishful thinking

  8. daddy

    why would d wade even come here if he was a fa? keep stuckey he is giong to be amazing with the right players. i really like terrico from what ive seen from him. its time to the let tmac tay and rip go and move on. we need the younger players to play and develope. bring ben back as a defensive coach pls.

  9. Chad

    Will be glad when q is gone (laimbeer??). Hope they bring back tmac.

  10. Jon L.

    It sucks that RIP is going to leave.

    • The Fan

      No it doesn’t. As much as we all love RIP. He should have been shipped when Chauncey was traded. That would have made more sense and then we wouldn’t have had to watch his theatrics for 2 years.

      Remember when RIP first had to come off the bench. Dude pulled out an exercise bike to “keep warm”. I never agreed with the benching and I think it screwed him up for us but nonetheless thats what happened. He became a cancer just like AI.

      • junior

        plus we could have kept affalo. him and stuckey would have played really well together.

  11. dd3

    Q HAS TO GO! That happens I am happy! We need to go after Mike Brown. True his “give it Lebron & move out of the way” offense won’t work to well but his team always defended. He’s the best available coach & always knew how to coach against US whether Lebron was playing or not. Plus at this moment ANY coach is an upgrade & am I the only one kicking myself for doubting Doug Collins when it was a possiblity he’d be our coach again.

  12. Drew

    Larry Brown, Jerry Sloan, and even Mike Brown and Bill Laimbeer have to be our coaching prospects right now. Well, we gotta say sayonara to our coach first.

    • Tycoon

      You forgot Rick Adelman

  13. Matt

    What about Mike Woodson? The Atlanta Hawks old headcoach. I think he did a pretty good job making them respectable, and took them to the playoffs.

  14. jayg108

    The coach needs to be a players’ coach, like Adelman

  15. asdf

    I love Mike Woodson but he wouldn’t be much different than Kuester. Remember, both were assistant coaches to Larry Brown on the championship team.

  16. Venice

    They need to fire Q and sign Adelman. He gave Houston a winning record even though the roster changed many times. Unlike Kuester .

    • dd3

      The league is changing. The younger coaches are starting to shine. Spolstra, Brooks, Rivers etc. Adleman is cool & all, same with Sloan, but neither is a TODAYS player coach. We need a younger coach that can handle these players today. Woodson would be a major upgrade as will Mike Brown. Q had his chance & for some reason was allowed to last longer than Curry. Hell I’d take CURRY over Q. Q is the worse coach we’ve had! Proof is in the talent pool! We have a far more talented team than we did last year & couldn’t get a 4 game winning streak together? terrible!

      • junior

        rivers young coach? -1

  17. Lori

    I want Biyombo with Big Ben as a mentor. And Adelman or any proven head coach would be a gigantic step up. No more assistants, please!!

    • MisguidedChild

      Biyombo looks like a boom or bust for me. We really shouldn’t take him unless everyone on our board is gone. Reminds me a lot of Saer Sene. Amazing measurables, little experience, and no offensive game. One thing does stick out to me: he wants his presence felt every play. Ben CAN work with that. To take such a huge risk early though?

      • Lori

        He’s raw, no question. You’re right, maybe it’s too risky. But I like his desire to perform and that was something sorely lacking this last season.

        • junior


  18. daddy

    i think adelman wants to coach a team thats going to win it all. if he comes in with his offense and big ben on the d side ill give up 5 years tops to be there.

  19. Laser

    two thoughts: 1) i’m sick of these sighs of relief for the end of the season like this was an isolated occurrence. the team was almost exactly as bad last season, which critical thinkers would call a “pattern.” moving forward, arguably the four guys you’d like to have off the roster (Rip, BG, CV, Max) figure to be the hardest to move and are tying up most of our cap space. so it’s not a bad season we’re talking about; it’s a bad team. and it’s pure speculation as to what the new CBA will look like or what roster moves are even possible, so a smart bet is that next year looks a lot like these past two years.

    2) broken foot or not, we were never going to find out a THING about terrico white with the glut of perimeter players on this roster. he wouldn’t even have gotten significant garbage minutes, since there are no garbage minutes in close games (which almost all our games, mostly losses, were).

    • junior

      -5 terrico would have played maybe a quarter of the season with us then he would have went to the d league where we would have got to find out plenty about him.

  20. junior

    whatever happened to cheik samb? he was a athletic albeit skinny 7 footer (7’2″)?

    • MisguidedChild

      If memory serves correct, the Chauncey trade

    • greg

      yeah I believe that is the case- traded to Denver, then to- I think the Clippers? I also think he is out of the league now

      • junior

        i know it was the chauncey trade i meant if he is even still in the league.

        • Tycoon

          Yes Chauncey is still in the league. LOL
          Samb? Nobody knows.

  21. ronnie

    worst trade of decade ai for chauncey

  22. daddy

    i like that daye can stroke it but i wanna see more plays of him taking it to the rim. watch the moose hightlights thats going to be one of our biggest players for years to come.

  23. altan ♔

    wow…for anyone who watched that spurs game!!

  24. Drew

    With all the success Memphis is having, I wonder if M. Gasol’s going to open to leaving. Otherwise, I thought we’d have a lot of money to throw at him, considering Tayshaun should be coming off the books.

  25. greg

    frickin Grizzlies, I really wanted MIGGIDY McDyess and the Spurs to win :'(

  26. daddy

    grizzlies are the new pistions. hard working while everyone chipping in. ahhh what it must feel like to on that team.

  27. JC

    If you want to see what it takes to Win in the Eastern Conference, watch the Celtics – Heat series…

  28. Conway Eastwood

    The 2011 Dallas Mavericks are the new 2006 Detroit Pistons.

    • MisguidedChild

      Our best player wasn’t soft

    • Drew

      Yeah, I don’t really see a comparison between the two teams.

  29. Jon

    I think it’s kinda sad that the entire city wants to trade away the two players that literally won us our 2004 championship. We already shipped off Chauncy to watch him have a career season with Denver. Now we wanna ship off Tayshaun and Rip.

    I’m a huge Richard Hamilton fan. I don’t really want to see him traded. All I can say is this: Watch us trade Rip to pick up some smuck of a young player, than see Rip have another fantastic season, and all of us groan that we got ride of him.


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