Done deal.

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(Sort of) Breaking News!


According to a press release by public relations firm Marx Layne, the agreement calls for (Tom) Gores to buy the team and the rest of the holdings of Palace Sports and Entertainment. No details on price have been released. The deal is expected to close June 30.

Tom Gores and Karen Davidson have come to an agreement which will allow Gores to become owner of the Detroit Pistons basketball franchise and Palace Sports and Entertainment which includes properties like The Palace of Auburn Hills The DTE Music Ampitheater (Pine Knob).

If you don’t know who Tom Gores is by now, you can view his accomplishments here (linkedin profile).

This is a big deal for the Pistons, and the entire Piston fanbase because now the organization may start to settle down a bit and move forward from the last 2 years of ugly basketball and even uglier public relations between the organization and the fans.

So – I put it back to you, Pistons fans.  Are you happy with this deal?  It’s not going to be 100% until June 30th, it looks like.  Do you think the team is better off with Gores?  What do you think the first move will be? – Fire Joe Dumars or John Kuester, trade players, etc?

Let us know in the comments – and then go listen to the podcast Natalie and I did last night!


  1. tim*

    It’s about time. I’d like to see Rip traded or bought out. Same for Charlie V. Kuester has to go as well. If he can’t command the respect of his players he can’t lead them. I want Joe to stay, but he’s on notice.

  2. Eugenio

    Writing from Italy. I’m very happy about the deal. Gores will bring some fresh air to the Pistons. I would keep Joe D. He had to work without any concrete support from the owner over the last two years. Until Davidson was alive and in charge, Joe D. was able to keep the Pistons among the best teams in the league. Instead I would fire Kuester for sure. Maybe it is not his fault 100%. He also had to coach in a bad situation. Still I can’t see him as the first coach of the new era. Finally I would keep Stuckey. Of course I don’t see him anymore as the new Isiah or Chanuncey but still he is one of the few young, talented, proven players that the Pistons currently have in their roster. You’ve got to start from somewhere. Pistons can’t pursue LeBron and Bosh like Miami. That’s why I would try to build something around Stuckey, Monroe, Daye and the Draft. By the way I expect everybody to benefit from the new ownership. Also inconsistent players like Rodney. GO PISTONS from ITALY!

  3. Brand0ne

    I would say fire Kuester immediately! Keep Rip. Keep Joe D and try to get Larry Brown back

  4. mobius909

    I think having a young owner and someone that cares about basketball (and sports for that matter) as an owner. look what it did for the mavs (hopefully with a lot less coke).

    i think we have a lot of trade bait here in detroit. i think the only people we should keep is Daye, Monroe, Jerebko, Wallace, Wilcox (as a back-up), Arnie and Mason. Everyone else can be packaged in a multi-player deal. Our guards need to be re-tooled from the ground up. We can hang with everyone in the league in the paint, that is, if we finally get a TRUE center. Maybe monroe’s play toward the end of this season gives us reason to hope that he is a true center, but his defense vs lopez the other night leads me to believe he’s not ready for that. Maybe in 25 lbs from now…

    That being said, we will never get out of the east if we can’t get past Rose, so we need to bring back lindsey hunter and get a real point guard again. The way I see it, we have 5 SG’s, bynum being the only TRUE PG.

    Joe can stay or go, i’m indifferent lately, but I’m not so mad at Kuester for trying something different and sticking to his guns. He made complainers accountable and that’s ok in my book. I’m just confused why he didn’t play daye more… I guess tay had a good (trade value) year.

  5. Jake

    Top Down

    Joe D Stays – In My Mind He Has done NOTHING to deserve dismissal.

    All he has done for the pistons, taking it from the rock bottom (from Tom Wilson who i never seen taken to task for the 90′s being a total failure!) to a championship team, and one of the greatest runs in nba history during the 2000′s!

    This is my question for all you morons Joe D haters. Just One


    Do you know? Where is He?

    Somebody that can do the job better than he can. And is still doing. LMFAO. You clowns are a joke, and don’t deserve to be pistons fans!

    Coach Q Goes – I’ve seen so many holes in is coaching strategy to last a lifetime. Sometimes it doesn’t work out man. He was a Hot name when he came in but now

    The Team…

    Rip – can’t get rid of him yet.

    Tay – I would like him to stay but he’s in the way of Day.

    Big Ben – can stay if he wants 🙂

    Stuck – Stays – And the morons that think he’s a scrub are idiot’s 15ppg 5ast. What else do you want?

    Greg Monroe – Keeper Money Monroe!

    Chris Wilcox – Keeper for the right Price! $$$ Got to stay healthy thought… 🙂

    Jason Maxiell? – I think it time for him to go. I like him but they can do better without him.

    Will Bynum – to be honest i don’t like him… I was hoping a few years back that they could get there hands on kyle lowery from the grizzles he would be a perfect piston… i don’t care if he goes or not.

    Austin Daye – keeper Superstar if he can put on more weight 🙂

    Ben Gordon – KEEPER Can’t wait til his game comes around… With a new coach that knows how to use him. he’ll be fine 🙂

    Charlie Villanueva – keeper – he’s step up this year but man he can d-up anybody yet… got to get a good coach for him.

    Tracy McGrady – ? – i dont know? can go can stay?

    Jonas Jerebko – ? – I never bought into him being the “reason” the pistons had a bad year because he got hurt… they had a bad year with him healthy lol. So… go don’t care if stay don’t care if he goes.

    DaJuan Summers and Terrico White – trade fodder or cut bait right now. Dajuan hasn’t had a chance and Terrico’s been hurt so… anything goes!

    That’s my cut list What’s Yours D-Fans…

    • jayg108

      not bad Jake. Very practical viewpoint
      Interesting about Bynum and Jerebko. Both would be good trade bait if it were to get Rip a new home (and a true center to play with Monroe)

    • JC

      I get the part about Joe D. he’s a keeper

      the rest was muffled, because obviously your head was up your ass

    • Kevin (PHL)

      Agree with most points except on Stuckey. What more do i want? Well let me start with — court vision, sharing the ball, pass first shoot later, unselfishness, playmaking, getting your teammates involved, drive and dish, crisp passing, consistent 3-point shooting, consistent shooting (period), high percentage free throws, low turnovers… oh and leadership. Can’t have too much of that.
      5 assists is not gonna cut it for me.

      • Kevin (PHL)

        i forgot… pick and roll.

  6. Amer-ican Prince

    Im very happy. I wasn’t too thrilled about having the tigers redwings and pistons all owned by the same person.

    I always felt joe dumars stopped making moves because he was getting a reputation for giving up on coaches and stuff too easily. So he stuck with guys like kuester to fight that reputation even though he knew he wasnt a long term coach. Im hoping with the new ownership we can see some aggressive movement from Joe D

    I want yao ming here. I agree with jake tracy mcgrady can stay or go. Ben Gordon i disagree, get rid of him he will never be on a championship team with the amount of shots he needs to have game

    • jayg108

      I also like that it’s not Ilitch.

      Staying at the Palace is one of the best things of this sale.

  7. Jay

    Finally. a buyout! Gores has made billions doing exactly this work, so it goes to show that he’ll probably be an active owner. maybe not to the extent of mark cuban, but probably mirroring good old mr. davidson. I also think its clear what needs to be done:
    get new scouts, fire kuester, arrange trades while there is still value for the remaining core of the old detroit players (rip, tay, stuckey) time to build this team around monroe and a solid PG. odds are this years draft will suck (look at march madness this year… despicable..) the jury should still be out on ben gordon however, he’s a good player when he’s in a system that works. i still believe he has a lot to prove and he can be our go to guy. but we still need to build up and consolidate. maybe package stuckey with rip and our first round pick for a marquee player. maybe tyreke evans? he hasn’t been performing well in sacramento, I believe he’s still got a year or two left on his contract, plus there is some serious bizniss going on at sacramento right now, now’s the best time to move. plus with the way houston is treating adelman, it’s also possible we could sign him on. imagine that now. a fighting team built on monroe and tyreke evans. and in this, sacramento can rebuild with two lottery picks, a great shooter off the screens in rip, and a penetrating guard in stuckey. they have cousins and collison too, so they’ll be developing for the future anyway, much like the grizz.

    otherwise it’s possible we make a deal with the wolves. david kahn is a TOTAL moron.

  8. Enoc (Mexico)

    Hopefully Deron Williams will be a free agent and with a good trade or some… ok, I’m Dreaming!!!!

    • Amer-ican Prince

      that would rock if it happened

  9. Lori


  10. C YA "COACH" Q...

    Hey Nat, Maybe you can loan out Dee to sniff out all the bad pistons as we start to rebuild and get back on track… Dee is our needforsheed mascot. Thanks to you and crew for helping us thur this season. podcast, calender, Danny, the ups the downs.etc.. I say we keep Joe, Monroe,Daye, Jonas and then have us a BOGO sale buy one get 1 Free….

  11. edt

    Joe D, keep, he’s been absolutely awful for 3 years, but .. . you can do worse, he gets one more year to fix things. I have eyes I have seen what utter incompetence can happen for other teams with new GMs.

    coach Q fired. this is the nba, not the department of motor vehicles. you live and die as a coach with your record. sorry Q, I dont think you deserve the blame for the losses but you have to go

    stuckey, keep, he hasnt lived up to his potential but he is worth keeping
    rip, keep, we cant unload our contract on him

    ben gordon, trade. he’s been awful here, and will be a piece we can move to trade for a guard or power forward

    prince, old, he’s gone

    wallace, old let him retire

    charlie v, keep, his contract is reasonable for his performance. 1st year here he was pretty awful, but he has stepped it up this year a little bit. His defense absolutely stinks but he has good weapons on offense

    monroe, he is our future. Turns out we got the best rookie of the draft. Cant say enough good things. He wasnt this good at the start of the season! Everything monroe has done he built himself into this year. He is now officially amazing. Even if he got any better from this point forward, he’ll still be reliable piece to build around, yet he is still learning at an astounding pace.

    maxiell, underperforms, but keep him, we will need his baby eating capabilities next year, and you know I like defense

    bynum, keep, we have him for $3.5 a year until 2013, no reason to trade him, he’s been a reliable energy player off the bench, and when the player walkout happened, he played every single minute.

    Daye, trade. He’s got an excellent stroke one of the best 3 pointers in the NBA, he can handle the ball, pass, catch, but and this is the big but, he has absolutely no defense, and I dont see him ever developing any defense. Unlike Charlie V, he is going to be impossible to keep for a reasonable salary, use him to trade for pieces.

    Jerebko, keep, he’s going to be our small forward, not Daye, he has very good defense. Look at our team now, worse defense in the NBA, yet we have some of the best shooters. If anyone watched the NCAA basketball finals you saw two teams with absolutely awful offense . . . but an elite level of defense. Defense wins championships, we can afford to let go shooters, so that our defense improves. Jerebko is going to be a part of our future, in a way he’s like the opposite coin from Daye, he doesn’t have a smooth stroke, he’s not a great shooter, he’s awkward, but the one thing he has that Daye doesn’t have is defense.

    Summers, let him go, he’s decent but not a building block for the future.

    Terrico White, let him go too. He can play some D league next year.

    in the draft we will be at #7, and obtain Brandon Knight our point guard of the future. he is not only a point guard, but a fairly accurate shooter, 38% from the college 3, and 80% from the free throw.

  12. Cara

    Whew!! Finally – we can move on. This season has been excrutiating to watch..I can. not. stand. that. coach. He’s gotta go. Bring back Flip, LB, whoever..actually I don’t know who to bring in..Laimbeer anyone? ha. Joe D can stay..his hands have been tied so he’s gets another go around. Get rid of Ben WheresMyGame Gordon and Charlie V ButNoD..keep Rip, Daye, Tay, Max and Bynomite and of course Greg Money. I can’t wait for some changes and I hope they make me excited to watch some Deee-troit Baaasketbaaalll again!!!



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