Detroit Pistons Podcast – The Kudos and Apologies

by | Apr 7, 2011 | 14 comments

The Detroit Pistons Podcast

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Danny and I break this thing down as the season comes to a close. I must say that this podcast was both therapeutic and fun for both of us.

Danny comes clean about his playoff predication while I seem to just get my frustrations out.

We talk Rodman, the man, the legend and the Jersey retirement ceremony. We again talk about the new kid on the block Greg Monroe. And the man the myth that #2 pick Darko and of course the newest Rodney Stuckey incident.

While Danny is never afraid to speak his mind, he’s got the feeling he’s going to get bashed after this one.

Take a listen and by all means give us your feedback and question for the next show.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast – The Kudos and Apologies


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You also may be wondering why I have a picture of a dog in this post. It’s because this is my dog…and she saved my life last week. We talked about it in the podcast so I thought I would let know see who saved my life …and (all that Danny cares about) this site.  Thanks Dee!


  1. edt

    cant bash you about the harsh words on stuckey. I like his play but what he did was inexcusable, you can’t do what he did, you can’t put on your uniform and refuse to play. You can’t do that.

    I do think he’ll be back next year tho

  2. junior

    the tigers who cares? exactly. thank you for that nat. rodman does deserve what he got and more he was awesome, he was who i tried to be when i was a kid playing ball with my cousins. sean elliott was NOT a great player he was a great role player. . . . maybe. most important piston. . . .? rodman? boney i think you are right, i agree. the extra possesions, the defenses rebounds, the points and the overall toughness he brought wiith his leadership i think is more important. now if you would have said rodman or big ben i think you would have a bigger arguement. yes the bulls game was AWESOME so glad i got those tickets. i was right at the tunnel the pistons go in. and club 53 was sweet. the boos for her were deserved but maybe not at that time. i think there were not boos for dumars i think it was like the old PA used to do, remeber nat? boney? JOE DUUUUUUUUUUMARS. i think the older crowd was doing that. the MOOSE is the man was i right? i was like the only one before the draft that wanted monroe over cousins. stuckey and bynum have been diving. moose runs like he is lacking some leg strength. if the draft is rigged we are FUCKED, sorry about the language but cmon its us detroit. stern didnt like us when we were good why would he like us now? cole who? you serious who would want that loser? boney you are right. i do think that he could be a 20 n 10 guy too cuase right now we dont even run plays for him. wait till we run set plays for him. that pretzel shoulda got stuck a little more. nuff said. sorry i dont like the bush era. thats a good dog nat. i want the championship belt, that would be awesome. i would wear it to the games. rodneys buffooonery is the coach. it was the fourth with four mins to go, didnt quit on the team he wanted bynum to stay in the game cuase he was playing well. rodney did show up to thhe practice he was late. my question is why does no one put tay down when he refuses to go in the game to leave someone out there that is playing well? maybe that boss is telling you to stand on the top step of the ladder you still go do it? if your boss is telling you to do something that makes no sense i dont do it. maxiell cant eat babies he has butter fingers now. JUNIOR!!!! sweet. no more boney. maybe if stuckey had a respectful coach he would be respectable back. he aint going anywhere you watch. we will resign him. sorry my comment is all over the place but i was writing it as i was listening to the podcast. good job guys. we will agree to disagree on stuckey boney.

  3. junior

    pic work?

  4. junior

    if it ever works its a 2 year old pic, but at least i have a piston hat on.

  5. Leftos

    And here I was thinking Rodney White was a word-play on Rodney Stuckey and Terrico White, and I was about to ask Danny why so much hate on Terrico since we haven’t seen him play for us (or Fort Wayne) yet.

    And then I google’d him. I feel so embarrassed. 😛

    For any of the younger Pistons fans like me:

  6. Sam I am

    what the pistons need to do this season, after selling the franchise ( hopefully sooner than later ), is to blow up the whole team. new management. new players. new coach. new players. new everything. only players u keep are greg monroe, jerebko (who doesnt love him?), and austin daye. i believe those r the only players who actually do care and play hard. maybe we get lucky and hit the lottery with kyrie irving. love that dude

  7. edt

    ps I liked this podcast plenty of energy fun to listen to

  8. Kashmeer

    Laimbeer quite like 10 games into the 93-94 season so don’t count in him in Dany

    & yes you can’t compare Rodman to Billups ….I love the Worm but he was a role player here, he was huge against Chicago in playoffs…but the Badboys won the 90 Finals without him basicaly

    Ben Wallace was more important to the ’04 squad than Rodman was to the Badboys

    Great podcast

  9. Marcell

    Breaking News at the Detroit News which says Tom Gores agrees to buy the pistons

  10. edt

    I am convinced that when Karen got booed at the palace that is when she decided to take control of the process and sell the team. She was copmletely surprised to find out we hated her. She had thought we loved her just because she owned the team. Nothing else explains the timing of the sale.

    • Kashmeer

      She knew what was going on throught fans mind

      I think the timing has more to do with the NBA board meeting being hold april 14th …the next one won’t be until october…

      • edt

        doesnt require a meeting.

        remember when the warriors got sold last year, sometime in the summer, the board met in october, nothing happened, so they did a conference call in mid november and approved it

        you dont have to wait for a board meeting.

        • Danny Bohnlein

          It’s purely coincidental – Karen isn’t going to sell just for the sake of selling. She probably followed her advisors and they said take it or leave it.

          There’s no way Karen would sell the team just because she got booed. The Mayor of DC got booed at the Nationals game the other day, and he didn’t even comment on it.

          • edt

            lol @ the mayor of dc getting booed. good point.

            my impression of the whole process was from that detroit news article here

            “One source close to Davidson last week said the process is so utterly problematic, she feels as though she has lost control of it. Her concern, in part, is that while Gores continually requires more information, too few details of an agreement are in place, despite more than two months of exclusive negotiations.”

            From The Detroit News:–Tom-Gores#ixzz1J5FccQyi

            Just a feeling that at some point in this process this month karen put some kind of direct pressure on the bank or Gores or both to finish the deal.



  1. Done deal. — - [...] us know in the comments – and then go listen to the podcast Natalie and I did last night!…

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