They gave it their all – Spurs over Pistons

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It’s pretty hard to come back in a game when the opposing team makes their first 14 shots and are shooting 80% at the half. But give your Pistons and A for effort for keeping this game close when the Spurs were playing some great basketball.

The Spurs were up by 19 points in the first half, and 14 with eight minutes to go, but Detroit kept fighting getting within 5 points late in the fourth quarter.

Key Points:

  • Though this one gets added to the L column with the rest, it’s hard not to be proud of the team for the fight. And it’s not easy to forget just how hard it has been to be proud about anything associated with this team lately.
  • The 104-111 loss gave the Spurs their first season sweep of Detroit in four years.
  • T-Mac back on court an in the starting lineup for Detroit boded well for the Pistons. T-mac scored 15 on 6-for-11 shooting with 9 assists, 7 boards, 2 steals and a blocked shot.
  • Yes, nobody really knows what’s going on with this team, its lineups or the rotation. Not even Q!
  • ICE4DYESS – Our good friend Antonio McDyess played his 1000th game against Detroit.

Antonio McDyess: “I can feel it in my body that it is 1,000 games. To actually play my 1,000th game against my old team definitely feels good.”

  • Just weird to be typing this – Rip Hamilton led the Pistons with 20 points off the bench and was caught joking and laughing with Kuester during a timeout. Bizarro World!
  • No D at all.
  • Just 15 minutes on the floor for Rodney Stuckey who scored just 3.
  • Greg Monroe another double-double, 16 points and 10 board and a ton of hard work.
  • 20 offensive boards for Detroit while San Antonio had just five. Why? Because they never missed any of their shots.
  • Ben Wallace back with the team after the death of his brother, but did not play.
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  1. MrRockinWTB

    I’ll take that effort every night from those guys. It’s not every day that your opponent will shoot 80% for a half. I think even Kue’s game plan was solid! but until we get Monroe some help on the glass we will come up short on a lot of games like this! We were close a few times but second chance rebounds let the Spurs eat up clock. Good effort from the Fellas last night!

  2. terry

    Having the viking next to the moose next season will be a huge difference maker for this team. I can see them easily averaging 30pts 20rebs a game between them.

  3. junior

    benching stucky? after the last 4 games he had? this is the one time i am questioning q. stuckey has been on a roll and playing really well. i think more of a up tempo game would have suited us better then a walk it up the court. then we let the spurs set up their D. ugghhh oh well at least we played hard i m proud of them. not much you can do when the other team makes their first 14 shots!

  4. Armand

    Rooting for Mc Dyess for sure but i dont know about rooting for the spurs and that gina- bili “umero uno flopper”
    I have an old injury that hasnt been cured yet

  5. Armand

    Keep ur cool Stuck. u, monroe and probably sweede and daye are definitly the future of this team. For the rest i realy dont have too much love. Rip and tay it was nice while it lastet, go get another ring please

  6. Freezy

    funny when Rip or Tay does go “somewhere” and get another ring, WTH will you say then? Ppl here seems to hold the sickest grudges. It ain’t nothing that this man can do? Yea I get it he didn’t take the buyout offer.. Come on would you? Knowing that you’ll prolly never see that type of $ again? Sheeeit I would be trying to make amends (even tho some of y’all are so stuck on your silly grudges) The point would be tho I want the money, I can still play… I may have wrongfully checked out on this city (which was very wrong Rip), but these things happen all the time. This person above will be the same person cursing out Pistons mgmnt when Tay and Rip gone to there newly respective teams and putting up huge numbers… then your caught bitter and reminiscing. Maybe it is time for a change, but I don’t wanna hear no shit when these mofos come back to The Palace and torch our boys for 20, or 30, or a new season/ new team high.. Then you gonna hate him even more… the mind of jilted fans… we can be interesting. Because I am a Pistons fan 1st as I told Nat… so I too will be jilted, albeit for total different reasons.

    • MrRockinWTB

      Co-sign 100%

  7. Armand

    U dont have to get hot freezy. Wait, how can freezy get hot? LOL
    Obviously u misunderstood my point. Tay and rip are my two of my favorite pistons but they both are stuck on the team that wont be competin for several years i would like if they went elsewhere and get another ring specialy beeing still at a good age and with all the experience they got. If we still had chauncey here and had a good center and powerf f obviously we wouldnt talk about tradin them would we. Instead we would be tryin to get another ship

  8. Freezy

    I suppose and I do apologize… I am a hothead… when it’s cold out yes you can see steam from my head too. But especially about my Pistons… sorry.. I understand where you are coming from Armand. I really and honest think that this team will get better with or without Tay or Rip… as hard as it is for me to say that. I don’t wanna see what is inevitably is going to happen at the end of the season… but it will be hard as it is seeing Chauncey or Sheed or Dyess in anything other than Piston Blue… damn hurts me to talk about that still.

    Hey A, I’ll ask you this… but ppl are against me here when I said I believe if a good post/rebounder/second chance bucket type of guy Detroit could possibly get would Zack Randolph in my opinion. The boy go H.A.M. Every night! Not sure if he’d faux with Q but… come on… this is a guy I’d go after… would you?

  9. Armand

    I believe Randolph is 30 yrs old and i have no freaking idea whats going on with the team, its front office or the players
    I guess it all depends what the new owner has in his mind, if Joe D still believes that we can compete year in and year out which we havent been in last 2 then u go and get a guy like Zach because he is in his prime right now and in that case we keep rip and tay and get rid of charlie or wilcox or max or wallace or at least 2 of them but if we are thinking for a few years down the road then we get rid of everyone 30 and older and bring in some young bllod and try to develop them and raise them to bleed detroit basketball. Thats my opinion. But what do i know
    I think a big reason why we are where we are is a couple of bad signed contracts and the fact that karen doesnt care about the team which means that she doesnt want to spend money beacuse if she gave the green light to Joe to hire avery johnson insted of kuester im pretty sure we would have had 7-10 more wins this year and at least make the playoffs
    So the bad news are that untill there is a new owner in town i dont expect this team to make any big moves with either the coaches or the players
    Hang tight my pistons fans, theres going to be turbulance on this mission to make this team better the same type of turbulance the areas economy has seen for the last 5-6 yrs
    Be cool freezy. No need for apology
    Try to keep a balance; not too hot – not too cold LOL


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