The Roundball Revolution Podcast! With special guest Dave Hogg of the Associated Press

by | Feb 28, 2011 | 12 comments

The RoundBall Revolution comes directly to you!

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Yes…we’re talking about PRACTICE! And not showing up for it.

You’re in for a special treat for this hour long Podcast.  Joining Danny and I is Dave Hogg, who if you don’t know covers the Pistons (and most of the Detroit sports teams) for the Associated Press.

We talked at length with Dave, who gives us the inside scoop on the term he coined as The RoundBall Revolution by the Pistons players.

I’m not going to spoil anything, take some time and listen to this one. This is by far the best podcast we’ve done to date thanks to Dave, who gave us  the lowdown on the whole mess that is Detroit Pistons basketball right now.

We even went into length about Rip and his buyout and why Cleveland wanted to do it.  We also covered what’s happening, or not, with the sale of the team.

Don’t think it’s all doom and gloom…Dave gave us something to look forward to as Pistons fans.

You know I push myself and Danny on Twitter, but seriously if you’re not following Dave @Stareagle then you’re not a Detroit Sports fan!

Take a listen and by all means give us your feedback and questions.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast – The Roundball Revolution


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  1. jayg108

    great podcast. I’m listening to your podcast and the question about his motivation, and I had a thought.

    I think it goes beyond money. Rip thinks he is a future H.O.F and wants his jersey retired by the Pistons. He wants it to go back to the way it was before Chauncey left so his dreams of being an icon in Pistons lore would happen.

    He wants to be a Piston. He wants to play his way and Tayshaun’s way. He wants anyone who jeopardizes his position and Tay’s job gone (Kuester, Stuckey, Gordon, Daye, Jerebko, etc…). These people ruined his dreams and he’s being a lump.

  2. jayg108

    break out the teal jerseys!!!!

  3. Danny Bohnlein


    • gordbrown

      If by “talked out” you mean “Joe Dumars sat them down and banged their heads together until they agreed to play nice”, then yes the “talked it out”. Of course, why this hasn’t happened a lot sooner is the question everyone wants answered.

      • JHigh

        Exactly Joe D should have stepped in a long time ago.

  4. Joey Soto Jr.

    Hello Natalie,

    First off, let me just say I love the site. I just read your post with the Podcast. Glad to see ya’ll are talking about PRACTICE, Allen Iverson style. It sounds like everything is hitting the fan up in Detroit with your Pistons. Looks like Coach Kuester is in serious trouble. We’ll see what happens.

    On that same note, I have a video I think you might be interested in posting on you site about the Pistons: . The video looks at the player protest and takes a deeper look into Rip Hamilton’s role.

    I hope you can find some use for the video. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks for your time.

    Joey Soto Jr.

  5. thewordkeeper

    I don’t know what happened between Kue and Rip; only what i read. has an interview with Rip and he says it didn’t happen the way it was reported. Who are we to believe him or the “league sources,” as yahoo sports Adrian Wojnarowski writes whose names are always withheld in situations like these. If Rip did indeed impugn Kue’s character, his integrity and cursed him then he should apologize.

    I don’t mind blame being put where it belongs but our 22/39 record bears more than one man’s fingerprints on it. Should Rip have taken the buyout? Probably. Had it been me there’s a 95% chance i would have taken it because I don’t want to be anywhere where i’m not wanted. I guess he had his reasons.

    Players have done a whole lot worse than Rip. Kermit Washington floored Rudy T in 1977 literally destroying his face. Sprewell took his fingers and made a human necktie around PJ Carlesimo’s neck then went back to punch him, players spitting on fans, getting caught with drugs and failing drug tests, brandishing and getting caught with firearms, domestic abuse situations, infidelity playing out in public and Rip’s incident with Kue ranks with those?

    You can read more about the NBA and crime here:

    There was also a book that came out in 2003 called “Out Of Bounds: Inside the NBA…….” The rest of he title to this book is so negative i won’t print it here.

  6. Kashmeer

    Great one!!

    Too bad Danny Bohnlein wasn’t there…

  7. edt

    stuckey is our best player. btw if you look at the NBA fantasy stats for the last 5 games, detroit is #3 in the back court. Number three!!! Ahead of Boston, San Antonio, and Chicago.

    In the NBA fantasy stats for the last 5 games, detroit is DEAD STINKING LAST for the front court. LAST!!! with a negative 28.4 Deff.

    The moose is good. he is getting better. But finger pointing at stuckey or people complaining about the point guard problem, who cares we got some great guards, if we give the young players minutes, they will perform better.

    We have only three problems.

    1) no defense
    2) no defense
    3) no defense

    Stuckey is #5 for the last 5 games in NBA fantasy efficiency at point guard only behind rose sessions DWILL and C billups despite behind benched for an entire game!

    Greg monroe by the way is #3 for the last 5 games for NBA fantasy stats. Fantastic he’s a double double machine and everyone that yelled at me for liking cousins better, oh you were right. We are so lucky we got dropped down a slot and missed cousins, because monroe, he’s the real deal.

    Anyway, no matter how you cut it, both stuckey and greg monroe are doing great.

    Once jerebko comes back our three problems (defense defense and defense) will be partially solved.

    This team WILL GET BETTER by dumping players. Dumping Rip will make this team a lot better. Dumping Prince, dumping Ben Wallace, and even t-mac (bless him for playing team ball instead of being an egotistical monster like AI) put the young players on large minutes, it will help our team, we’ll get better faster.

    They are young there is absolutely no reason they can’t play 48 minutes every single day and if they get injured they have the whole off season to get healthy.

    Kuester is doing is job, it took some balls to bench rip for months. He’ll get fired of course, but we owe him something for taking a hit to play the young guns.

  8. Drew

    New starting lineup should be a “tall ball” rotation:

    Jerebko (when he returns)

    backups being
    B. Wallace

    By next year, hopefully Prince, McGrady, and Hamilton are all out of here so we can focus on youth and running the ball up court (where Stuckey should excel as a PG again). If we get a legit starting center, Monroe could slide to the PF position and we’d get rid of Wilcox altogether; too bad there seems to be no chance for Perkins’s availability any more 🙁 🙁

    I could care less to see Hamilton go, and now McGrady’s on my same list as well. Prince was becoming my favorite Piston again this year, but I’m not so high on him any more and his presence on this team is going to stunt the development of the young-ins. Kuester could stay next year and I’d be fine with it, but with so many coaches available right now (Sloan, LB, and Laimbeer), I can’t imagine us not pursuing those guys.


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