Pistons fail to deal Rip and Tayshaun before the deadline and fans aren’t happy

by | Feb 24, 2011 | 52 comments

Looks like Joe Dumars was making good use of his Blackberry today trying to work deals that involved Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince.

First the Tayshaun Prince deal.

Early Thursday the Pistons turned down a deal that would have sent Tayshaun Prince to Dallas for the expiring contract of injured Caron Butler and a late 2011 first-round draft pick.

So the Pistons swap expiring deals and get a first round draft pick out of it. Why didn’t Joe D pull the trigger? Tayshaun Prince is worth more to them as a sign and trade if he’s not in a Pistons uniform next season.

This is the one that hurts:

Hamilton, who is owed $25 million for two more years after the current season, and who hasn’t played more than a few minutes since Laimbeer was wearing short shorts, would have been shipped to Cleveland for a future protected draft pick.

Sounds like the Pistons really don’t get a thing, but the fact is they are getting nothing from Rip and his contract at the moment no matter who you want to blame in this whole mess.

“We worked very hard through the trade deadline, but at the end of the day, there simply wasn’t a good deal for us to make,” Pistons president Joe Dumars wrote in an email to The Detroit News. If Hamilton would have been cut free, he would have become a free agent, free to sign with any team, most likely the Boston Celtics, who expressed interest in signing Hamilton.” via The Detroit News

So my initial reaction that I shared with twitter follower was:

Am I supposed to be pissed at Rip right now?….cause I think I am

Then the storm of tweets back at me followed and a good 95% of them were yes (that’s the G rated answer).

Pistons fans are upset and would have loved to see some of this mess resolved by seeing the whole Rip situation go away.

We can look at it from both sides.

I’m Rip, I don’t want to play for the worst team in the league and if I’m going to get bought out the money needs to be right.  So that’s Rip’s side right?

Right now we don’t know the final number he was offered, but he did have a choice.  He could have taken the money and played for a championship tomorrow with the Celtics who were drooling to pick him up.

So how do about 95% of the fans I have been in contact with feel?  Upset, betrayed and held hostage by a player who they once loved and respected.  In times when things are as bleak as they have been since the Pistons had horses on their jersey they wanted to see this thing settled in the any way possible.

Now for most it just looks like selfishness on Rip’s part.  Add in anger towards Kuester, and displeasure that this sale hasn’t gone through.

Pistons fans…this is limbo.


  1. Ron

    I don’t fault either side….this is just another example of a broken trade system.

    • Natalie Sitto

      So you’re upset at the league and its rules?

      • Ron

        well, yeah! Doesn’t it seem like most people are unhappy with how things work out? Structurally, I mean….

  2. JHigh

    I think Rip is waiting for the season to end so Q will be gone; I think he still wants to be in the D.

    • edt

      +1 rip thinks he’ll be a starter if he can get Q fired

      shades of allen iverson. thinking back on that whole AI thing . . . it wasnt all AI. Rip did his best to make it not work.

      • Natalie Sitto

        Never even thought of that aspect…waiting it out for Q to be gone. Interesting.

        • edt

          I take people at their word. Rip says he wants to be a piston. I believe him. The only conclusion is . . . he’s waiting for Q to get fired.

          Everyone knows Q will get fired of course. I really like him as a coach. But this is the NBA you get graded on performance not effort. Players get traded. Coaches get fired.

          If Dumars over-values Rip . . . we are gonna keep him, we’ll get a new coach and (unfortunately) he’ll be back as our starter with the horrible pileup at shooting guard all over again.

          The only way we are gonna get rid of Rip is if our new owner fires Rip, fires Q, fires Joe Dumars, he’ll ship them all out of town.

          At the rate this sale is going, though that might not happen until 2012.

      • Minidude

        Thats why I like T-Mac, because he doesn’t mind what role he plays and will do what’s best for the team.

        • RealPistnFan

          T-Mac is just playing his role so he can get another deal from…Nobody knows about the 8million T-Mac was getting from Addidas and it would have been voided had he not signed with a team this season..

  3. MrRockinWTB

    Ok let me ask this…………

    Say you work at PNC Bank as a Asst Manager. One day your boss says, “You’re being demoted to teller.” You say fine as long as you have a job. Then not only are you demoted but your boss one day says, “Your a teller but don’t work the counter or the drive thru just sit in the lobby all day!” You say fine! Then, your boss says, “We can trade you to Flagstarr bank, they’ll pay you your full year salary as a severance. And then you can go wherever you choose!” Then come to find out Flagstarr Bank says they’ll only pay you a weeks pay then fire you! Wouldn’t you rather stay at PNC and collect all your money? I sure would! I say that to say this! Rip is not innocent, but no way he acted as bad as Sheed or AI has in a Piston Jersey! Was his early season T’s and ejections uncalled for? HELL YEAH!!! But Rip isn’t the only blame nor do I think Rip deserves the majority! Kue and Joe D deserve a bunch of it! How many people has Kue got into altercations with? Let’s see Tay, Stuckey, Wallace, Brian Hill and Darrell Walker! And that’s just what we know of! And why is he having arguements with assistant coaches? Yeah Rip may have an attitude and may be some what self centered but what NBA player isn’t?

    • DetChiNYC

      Working at PNC Bank is not playing in the NBA. It’s a business, sure, but it’s also more than that. If he truly wants to play, wants to compete, as he says, then he would be a complete fool to turn down losing money to go to Boston. Furthermore, how much money do you need!? Where’s your pride? Just because you signed the contract and are legally owed the money does not mean you “deserve” it. He was not worth his contract. Mistakes happen. But why not take the monetary hit and get back to doing what you love. It’s not like he still wouldn’t be making MILLIONS of dollars a year.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I get it but he could have gotten all his money and played for Cleveland. Just saying

      • sauce1977

        Buyout implies less money. I’d want every cent.


    At the end of the day, it’s a business and nobody in there right mind would leave any money on the table that’s rightfully there’s…He earned the money…All this bashing and nobody knows what number the Cavs were offering for a buyout?? We all saw Dan Gilbert true colors after the whole Lebron thing…… Handle your business Rip and don’t do Joe D any favors or bail him out for the bonehead moves he’s made over the years and it just got swept under the rug because the team was winning.As a piston fan,I look at veteran teams like Boston and the Spurs and hurts because those teams are exactly how our team would be like….

    • josh blue

      no contender would want the shell of a player that Rip is. even the celts wouldnt want him, especially now that they have jeff green

      And Rip hasnt earned that money is quite a while. you arent paying for past performance

      • MrRockinWTB

        Joe D paid for past performance…. who you ask? Antonio McDyess!!!

    • RealPistnFan

      Get that paper Rip…Don’t give them one red cent back…If it was the other way around they would want every red cent back….Joe D days are numbered once new ownership comes in..Q’s contract is up after the season…We just need a fresh start and it starts with the front office…

  5. Marcell

    I kind of said 3 or 4 times, everything depends on the sale of the team.Q will stay as long as Mrs. D owns the team. Joe could only make certain deals at the deadline. Why be mad at Rip? Joe is the one that gave Rip that contract until he’s like 34 or 35

  6. James (Australia)

    I don’t understand Rip’s thinking. This was a GOLDEN opportunity for him to get out of a situation he is apparently desperate to be rid of. Like you said Nat, if he takes any buyout, he can be going for another championship in a few months with the Celtics. Isn’t a championship worth more than the money?

    I think we can get more for Prince in the offseason.

    • josh blue

      Now that the Celts have Jeff Green, they have no need for Rip

  7. Jon

    I think the Pistons are just going to end up releasing Rip and I think a team like the Mavs Or Celtics will pick him up. He can still be a productive player, so I don’t see why he is not playing.

    • anchunger

      I may have to agree with you. I think they’re waiting it out…seems like they’re deciding whether to let Q or Rip go…or maybe even both. It seems like Joe D is trying to have the ownership settle in, see what all the others think of the team, and execute the moves during the summer.

      What I can see here is the Pistons are most likely to not make it to playoffs, which will give Joe D tons of time to really consider what he wants to do with the team. First, we have Ben Gordon…who’s slowly becoming a better player like he was in Chicago, Charlie V becoming a more solid player than last season, then Greg Monroe who’s been just amazing in every game. I think what they’re trying to do is see how the other players do so he can find out what they really need.

      We just have too many guards…plus we’re getting Jonas back from injury. So they’ll need to make the team more balanced. I would say pick up Perkins if he stays as FA once the season ends and get rid of Rip AND Q. I cannot stand Kuester’s rotation and his abuse on Rip.

      • anchunger

        Who agrees if the front office should sign Mike Brown as the head coach?

      • edt

        if all these players are better than last year . . . and this year we don’t have all those injuries. how come we suck just as bad!

  8. Dhrumil

    This is ridiculous. RIP IS NOT THE ONE TO BLAME. Rip has gave his heart out for the D for the last 9 years. Joe D signed him to the extension. Rip deserves the money he is owed. Deal is a deal right? It’s Dumars and Kuester who aren’t playing rip! Rip has reason to be pissed at them and fuck them over…If I was Rip, I would have done the same thing! Dumars and Kuester both need to go!!!!!!! this is getting ugly!

  9. Natalie Sitto

    The thing to remember here is that Rip made his choice, he got himself into this situation and he deserves the concequences. 25 million of them.

    He just can’t play the victim anymore.

    Everyone is to blame.

    • MrRockinWTB

      I agree everyone is at fault!

    • sauce1977

      For sure, if it’s a complaint from Rip, there better be a hell of a story.

  10. junior

    i dont even care anymore about rip, hes been off the team to me since he was benched. rip who? the guys playing are the only ones i care about.

  11. RealPistnFan

    The reality is the Pistons are not going to be any good for a long long time…Bring out the teal jerseys…Rip still got love 4 u bro…Get all your money….don’t settle for a penny less of what’s owed to you…Any smart business man would do the same…No need to chase a ring, you already got one…..Everybody else on this post spare me the BS about this woulda been a win win for Rip and the Pistons…..Baron Davis is on suicide watch right now in Cleveland….lol lol

    • junior

      get all your money not a penny less then what is owed to you? last i checked his contract is for him playing and performing right now and the future not what he did in the past.hes not owed anything if he not playing in my opinion if hes not out there he shouldnt get any money. and it is bs rip says he just wants to play? well he could be playing in the next cavs game right next to baron davis, if its about playing he just lost his chance this year cuase he wont see any playing time here, hes about the money and makining us fans think hes the victim so he will still look good. well if you ask me he looks like shit right now. i hope we keep him the duration of his contract and his ass sits on the bench in street clothes for the rest of it. he says he wants out? here was his chance . but he wants to stay? he got that. its about playing? wont happen here. everything he says he wants to do he does the opposite. im done with rip. WAS a great piston. not now c ya rip.

      • Piston fan

        would you leave millions on the table??

  12. trav

    I’m not upset at Rip at all. He should just sit on the bench and get paid. Why accept a buy out and most likely leave 5-6 million left on the table? He’s never going to get a big contract again in his life. If anything, the Pistons should trade BG7, that guy is so overrated it’s crazy. What can he do? Shoot, and that’s it. He dribbles off his foot all the time, he’s too short to play shooting guard and he’s too dumb to play point. He can’t play defense at all. He’s not a leader. ugh, I can go all day. But I also feel like I’m describing Charlie V as well, but then I’d have to add lazy/stubborn, not sure which it is.

    BG is a Mimbo ( a male Bimbo)


  13. Will

    FIRE MILLEN…I mean DUMARS. Sorry, its hard to tell between the two right now

  14. yy

    I can’t blame Rip. I would do the same if I were treated like this by the Pistons organization after putting all my efforts, sweats, bloods and tears into the team for 9 years. Does anyone remember how Joe D made an extended contract with Rip? A few days before Chauncey got traded to Denver! If Rip knew about the trade, he wouldn’t have signed. Joe D is one who made a choice to have Rip stay in Detroit for this long time. Joe D is one who thought Rip would be an important player for the team at that time. Rip was so upset about Chauncey being traded, but he continued to play hard even after his buddy was gone.
    Then look who Joe D got for the money made by trading Chauncey? BG7 and CV31? 55 millions and 35 millions each for 5 years? Are you kidding me?
    I’m sure Rip was really puzzled why Joe D wanted to get another shooting guard, BG so badly with a huge contract while Rip is in the 3 years contract. (I was totally confused too, and I still think we never have should got BG and CV.)
    It’s not Rip’s fault that this team has too many guards! It was Joe D’s decision to offer contracts to both Rip and BG.
    Now Rip is DNP and that’s apparently an organization’s decision. They benches Rip to try to force him to take a buyout option. It’s so disrespectful. Like T-Mac said, players always lose in this kind of situation. I would feel that Joe D and Q are winner if Rip accepts an buyout offer. I wouldn’t want them to win if I were Rip.
    For Rip, it may not be about money. It may be about how they handle Rip’s situation. It would help the Pistons if he accepts buyout and go to some other team. But who would want to help the Pistons when the organization treats him like this?
    Even if it’s about money, I wouldn’t blame Rip. He has a family to take care of. He will not be able to get this much money in his career again.

    • junior

      blood sweat and tears he gave? dude how much damn money has he made here? he didnt give those things he was PAID to do his JOB. the oganization does not owe him a damn thing he already got paid that. his “family” he needs to take care of? they are set for life already. wouldnt you be if youve made millions of dollars already? and its not disrespectful, if he would have been playing hard putting up his usual numbers this year he would still be playing and bg or someone else would be sitting it out. that is the problem with most players these days they all think they are owed something or that they deserve this or that. you are paid MILLIONS of dollars to work out, stay in shape, play hard and play basketball for your living, shut your damn mouth do your job and collect your overpaid check you receive.

      • yy

        What I am trying to say is, that big money Rip gets is what Joe D offered. It’s not Rip’s fault that he gets paid that much.
        If you want to tell Rip to accept buyout and go somewhere else because he’s not doing his job for the money he gets paid, you should tell other players like BG and CV to do the same too. Why blame Rip only?

  15. detroitKG

    Love the idiot RIP defenders…. everyone is in the wrong here Rip should have taken the buyout and left good riddance… I cant believe we’re stuck with him, its to the point where I would release him cause hes no good on the bench and no good on the floor for this team anymore..

    • Josh

      Rip is not playing due to a cold, calculative decision made by management, NOT because his game has gone away!.. If you are blaming Rip for not thinking about everyone else besides himself when the organization has repeatedly disrespected him, I have to ask.. Are you a monk?.. Are YOU that selfless?.. Because I know few people who are. Why are people so quick to side with the suits here??

  16. Kashmeer

    I don’t know how to react, a buyout or playing…he refused both!!!

    Were we wrong all thoses years thinking he was a great guy but he wasn’t? or did he turn this way?

    makes me wonders more & more about the ‘Flip S era’ could it be…

    It doesn’t makes mad…it makes me sad…

  17. joejoejoe

    Any dollar Rip gives up in a buyout is a dollar that goes straight in Karen Davidson’s pocket. The idea that Rip is being selfish is ridiculous. His value as a player has been driven to near zero through mismanagement, not his actions on the court. He can still score off screens, move the ball in an offense, and play solid defense against other two guards. What he can’t do is earn $12M in street clothes or play at a high level as a SF with guards who dribble out the clock looking for their own shot. Rip shouldn’t take a buyout until the sum total of the payout and new deal equals his existing contract.

    Professional basketball is a business and Rip has conducted himself more professionally than Joe Dumars or Karen Davidson in this matter.

    • NJ


  18. sauce1977

    This franchise died with William Davidson. It was turning bad before that, definitely when William was getting more frail, over the last couple years of his life.

    His wife is a clear case of an unqualified heir. Neglect, sporting ignorance, and disinterest, that’s all I ever catch from her. As a result, both on the court and in the office, most of the talent left. The downward spiral began in 2008 with Joe’s Billups for AI trade, and every month, things got worse. Terrible contracts (Rip’s, then Ben Gordon and Charlie V), Matt Dobek’s suicide, horrible coaching (Flip Saunders as well as Michael Curry and Kuester). So much garbage piled up, after such a good run.

    Nothing’s going to go in any direction until Karen sells the team. That’s where all my disgust channels, right to the top. It seems useless getting angry @ Rip, Tayshaun, even Dumars (although Joe’s brought plenty on himself, whether he’s willing to admit it privately or not). Yes, be mad, but don’t forget who’s sitting on the franchise.

    Sell it, Karen.

    • NJ


  19. daddy

    Why would rip want to go to the cavs, let alone anyone? Im sure like everyone is saying rip is waiting it out for Q to be let go. i dont believe he deserves that amount of money but rip is still a great shooter and a loads better at defending that gordon. He is remaining loyal to the team that he has loved for many years. Right when he doesnt play ppl start ripping him. I do want him traded yes, dont get me wrong. But if he choose to stay instead of getting bought out im sure its cause he wants to play, and play here.

  20. Marcell

    I certainly hope we get new ownership soon. If it happens than everything will fall into place if new ownership cares

  21. @RotoZdroik

    Rip needs to play 48minutes/game. See how he handles it.
    If he can’t do it, gets benched rest of career.

  22. Amer-ican Prince

    wait people are mad at RIP? I think hes been a baby since chauncey left and a little bit before that. But i wouldnt be mad at RIP. I blame joe d for putting together a horrible team. I blame karen davidson for dishonoring her husbands memory by straight up getting rid of the shock and tossing the pistons. I blame lots of others. Rip isnt excused but i dont think hes the one people need to be mad at. Hes a good guy, and maybe if joe d had worked harder he could of gotten a deal that made everyone happy. But we all know joe d is the single cause of complaceny within the pistons organization, and while he claims he is working hard we all know the magic that made him great when he first started out has disappeared and he is now a below average GM

  23. NJ

    It’s not rips fault, and how can he be betraying Detroit!?!?! They conned him into signing a contract then ship off Billups….that’s Betrayal, wait maybe it’s just Business, whatever, then they don’t play him start up controversy with him and AI, sign a couple of goofball coach es who can’t figure out how to use him and then just sit him because of a trade that never went down, yeahj totally his faul……GTH out of here, that’s just plan stupid, sorry.

  24. Enoc (Mexico)

    Let’s put it this way…

    Rip is still as effective as anyone on the team… why? you want facts??
    Ok, let do a player comparison between him and…. let’s say Ben Gordon.

    Rip has just played 35 games this season Ben’s played 59 right? Well, Ben Gordon was brought here for three reasons: First Scoring, Second ball movement and Third, Three pointers right? Ok, lets watch this:

    RIP: 13.3ppg – 2.6apg – 0.4003p% – 25.7mpg

    BG: 12.7ppg – 2.2apg – 0.3883p% – 27.6mpg

    So, who is the one deserving not to play?
    ‘nough said.


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