The Pistons vs. The Rockets

by | Feb 22, 2011 | 24 comments

The 21-36 Pistons will host the 26-31 Houston Rockets in their first game back from the All-Star break. Detroit needs to get off to a strong start to the second half of the season if they plan on making the playoffs. A win against the Rockets could be just what Detroit (who are 4 1/2 games back) needs to make a push for that last spot in the East.

  • The good: The Pistons are coming off a win.

The bad: Tayshaun Prince:”I’m not going anywhere”. Q: So you are not being traded? Prince: “No”. Q: How do you know? Prince: “Cuz I know”. via @deryNBA

  • The unknown: Luis Scola and his hair, will he or won’t he torch Detroit.

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Plus. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at WWJ AM 950.

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  1. Marcell

    Imagine going to work and making a statement that the place where you work doesn’t stand a chance at whatever it is they do. Your boss gets wind of it and the next thing you know, your being fired for wearing the wrong color shoes to work. Think he wants out?

    • edt

      no. he’s just frustrated. When a team sux, everyone plays the blame game. It’s like when GM was making awful cars, GM blamed the unions, the unions blamed the management and management blamed the customers for not “buying american” even though their product was awful.

      If we were just winning, everything would be fine. Don’t make too much of his comments. It’s hard being a winner all your life and then waking up one day and being one of the worst in the NBA. Give him some slack.

      • Marcell

        Your right, although we did build a few bad cars here and there. I think we got out act together now.

  2. Sal

    I feel bad for Tay… I wish he goes to New York! Can Joe D give him to the Knicks for free! lol

    Billups-Melo-Prince-Amare-(some) garbage that can just rebound the ball at Center Position.

  3. blamus

    I sincerely hope they will lose all of the remaining games

    • Sal

      I agree blamus. 10 millions dollars will be coming off the books from Tay’s expiring contract. Joe doesnt have to use the 10 mill this year.

      Be a lottery team this year and they can built thru the lottery and they already have some solid young players to be developed!

  4. Sal

    coach Walker should be the coach of team. I like him a lot and it seems the players respect him a lot!

  5. piston_fan_phl

    oh cmon pistons! Stop settling for jumpers!

  6. Christopher

    Pistons fan here in Houston, I’m excited to be able to finally watch a televised pistons game. The announcers here made the following comment about stuckey after an explosive play: “He certainly wasn’t stuckey in first gear…or stuckey in the mud” I had to chuckle.

    ps. greg monroe is the real deal

  7. Sal

    How useless is garbage Charlie V…

  8. Sal

    thank god now that I say that Q puts in Stuckey! good move

    • piston_fan_phl

      but still we can’t pull a win against the rockets. very disappointing loss..

  9. edt

    Who is softer than the pistons? Houston didn’t play defense the entire game, they look a bit hungover. Then for about the last 10 minutes of the game they played defense.

    The pistons of course are soft. They don’t play defense. So the rockets won.

    People are gonna blame this on the coach. But the truth is we are soft. George Blaha was asking why we couldn’t get stops like it is a mystery. Not a mystery we are soft.

    I am pretty sure we are in fact. the softest. The very most charming plushyiest, the most donuty purely no defense team in the entire NBA.

    If you look at the team stats, only toronto gives up a higher opponent % at 48.4% (the pistons are at 48.1%), but the pistons play at a much slower pace than toronto which causes all the stats to go down a bit because when you are playing half court (theoretically at least), it makes it harder for the opponents to score (and for you to score to).

    Softest team in the NBA. We sure can score tho. Which is why we are a lot better than the cavaliers or the wizards.

    I think anyone who believes all this pistons team needs is a point game and a coach is not watching the same games that I am. We can’t defend because our players can’t defend. I understand why Q did that rotation at the end, trying to inject some defense, but it was absolutely hopeless, we can’t defend, because we are like a bunch of plushy toys. Plushy toys with 21 wins.

    And we have to play indiana again on the 23rd. When they already know if they get a little bit physical and challenge us we fold like garden chairs.

    All we got for defense is to watch guys run past us and try to grab them from behind or the side after we get beat.

    • edt

      oops this is the 23rd, nevermind. Thank goodness for that

      • edt

        uh the 22nd. you know what i mean. i got confused by the schedule

  10. Sal

    because there is ZERO D.. 108 points way too much to give up.

    And because they have ZERO D, the Pistons have a nag for having scrubs have big games on them.. Patterson tonight shit on us, and the guy just averages 4.5 a game

    the other one is the center was the Knicks but now the Nuggets, I think his name zagstov or whatever (such a scrub, that I cant even remember his name). The list goes on!

    NO D = PISTONS CONTINUE TO LOSE! enough said

  11. Jo-El reports that the Clips are looking for an SF and willing to part with Kaman… Among the reported available bigs, I think he’s the best bet to bring to the D. Z-Bo is also reportedly being shopped – though reports say he’s headed to Orlando.

  12. thewordkeeper

    What a season. Got to find some humor somewhere to keep this grown man from cryin’. Well here’s one. I just got through ROFL. I’m watching the Lakers vs Hawks on NBA TV. The guy calling the game was talking about the Melo trade and what the Knicks gave up to get him. He says:

    “The Nuggets received Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov, Wilson Chandler, New York’s 2014 first-round draft pick, Golden State’s 2012 second-round pick and 2013 second-round pick along with $3 million in cash and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.”

    That last line floored me. Cracked me up for about fifteen minutes. Thank you Mr. Announcer. I needed that laugh. No need to talk about the game or i’ll start ballin’ again.

  13. gordbrown

    I understand everybody’s frustration here. But we seem to be missing the point of the game. The difference in this game was clearly the free throw disparity. Houston made 13 more trips to the line for 12 more points. Away from the free throw line, Pistons win the game. One of the reason that Prince whent 0-9 was on at least three of his shots he was blatantly fouled (and probably subtly fouled on a couple more). Both Gordon,, McGrady and Villeneuva (at least once) were also fouled in the paint with no call. And frankly the turning point of the game was when the Pistons were up by eight and Kevin Martin lost the handle and virutally shoved the ball into T-Mac’s hands then got it back by grabbing Tracy’s arm. That was a four point play for Houston and got them back into a game they were blowing chunks on. If nothing else it pumped up their confidence that no matter how badly they were playing the refs would “bail them out.” And they did.

    I don’t feel as badly about this game as some of the ones before the All-Star break. Maybe I’m just getting used to it, but Monroe and Bynum played well, Stucky played OK and Daye got some minutes (which hopefully he will learn from). Prince played awful and Wallace wasn’t great. It’s a miracle when you are in a game when one of your starters goes 0-9 for 1 point. I don’t feel a trade is in order at this time. Yes dump Hamilton for nothing but beyond that the best thing to hope for for this team is that the players we have start to play to their past levels of performance and build on that in the off season. My only real concern with this plan is that the referees clearly read ESPN, see the Pistons at the bottom of the league statistically, see some idiot rate the Pistons as a worse team than the record even indicates and continue to crap on us from a great height.

    • edt

      i absolutely 100% do not see it that way gordbrown. What I see is softness. Sometimes the refs “Let Them Play” which is another word for not calling too many fouls. Especially at the end of the game. When the pistons are played hard with handcheck rules out of the 1980’s we fold. We pick up the tent and fold it down. What is the first thing our softie pistons do when there’s a hard foul? They look with sheep dog eyes at the ref! DAMN THAT SHIT.

      You see what happened when the celtics got a hard foul that was a no call a couple weeks ago, I forget who it was kevin garnett I think got put on his ass, now he can take care of himself, no question.

      But 2 seconds later Rondo nearly took the guy’s head off with a clothes line foul, which was THIS CLOSE to being a flagrant 2.

      Now the original foul was not called. And the celtics got called on their foul. And the celtics kept on not getting their calls, the other team did.

      What did they do? Sheep dog eyes? Complaints about the refs?

      No. The celtics are hard. hard like the bad boys used to be. They didnt take any crap, they got down and dirty and won the war in the trenches, they would not be intimidated, they would intimidate the other team, and the other team eventually quit fouling so hard, and settled INTO THE CELTICS pace into THEIR GAME.

      That’s what it means to play hard. Kobe is hard. Garnett is hard (and not a little dirty). Miami is hard, lebron, wade, they are hard. Bosh is a little bit soft, but that’s ok.

      Our entire pistons team with the exception of Stuckey is soft, soft soft. Ben Wallace is no longer a great defender, he lost it this year. Last year he was fantastic, but not anymore. Prince used to be an elite defender, he has given it up. Ben Gordon doesn’t defend, though he loves the hard foul there is more to being hard than fouling, you need to move your feet and frustrate the other team. Charlie V is too slow, I like him but he cant defend, austin daye is hopeless.

      Greg monroe is getting there.

      Soft soft soft soft soft. We always look to the refs to bail us out because we are softer than a roll of charmin. Who cares what the refs think, you want to play great D, you frustrate the other guy, you get in front of him, you make HIM lose his temper. You want to play great D, you forget about the refs, and play your man and make him submit to your own will.

      So many elite defenders in this league and we have some of the softest NBA players to have ever been born.

      softest team in the NBA that’s why we lost. The rockets only had to play defense for 15 minutes to beat us that’s how soft we are. Why complain about the refs, that’s what soft teams do that’s why you want to complain about the refs.

      A working class, hard working team, they don’t complain about the refs, or how the other team fouled them, they get to work, and go right at you.

      Statistically the toronto rapters are supposed to be softer than the pistons, they are only team which even comes close to how soft we are, but I think a closer look at the stats gives us the pistons as the softest team in the nba, softer than the nets, the wizards, with more “I give up” than the clippers.

      Joe dumars! What a genius, he created the toughest team in the NBA in 2004, and now he has created the softest team in the NBA. I have to think he did it on purpose.

      • gordbrown

        I don’t disagree that part of the problem is that the team is soft. CV exemplifies this, he picks up a lot of fouls but very few of them are hard fouls which is the worst of all possible worlds, especially as many of those soft fouls result in and-1s. My take on this team is that their problems are not talent, they’re in their heads. Soft is part of this, and that may have to do with personalities or personality (sometimes teams develop personalities that are embedded and different from the sum total of the the individuals involved or even to do with people who used to be here SHEED), coaching or motivation. But there are other things going on, motivation being a big issue apart from softness. Then I think about how this season has gone, how the very first game of the season was decided by a bad call. Then there’s the Utah game and the phantom three, the overtime game against Chicago when Rose was allowed to foul Stuckey on what should have been a game winner, the Miami game (Eddie house for cryin’ out loud). Those are just off the top of my head. And that’s more than the difference between playoff contention and not. Eventually this has to start playing on the players minds. My point was that there is just no excuse for that four point play last night. None at all.

        • edt

          i saw all of those, they were ridiculous. But what is worse is that after a call, our pistons gave up. As soon as that 4 point play went off we should have dug in and fought, instead, we gave up, cause of softness.

          So I dont blame the 4 point play for our loss. I blame softness. I do blame that Miami game on the refs, I am with you there we won that game. The chicago game was unfair too, but I think this one with the rockets is different.

          We gave up. Dont blame the refs this time. Blame them for the miami game, but this one is on detroit.

  14. Drew

    Two days till trade deadline. Time to unload Hamilton, Joe D.


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