The Pistons vs. The Cavaliers

by | Feb 9, 2011 | 24 comments

The Pistons vs. The Cavaliers

The 19-33 Pistons are in Cleveland to play the dreadfully bad (I love saying that) 8-44 Cavaliers Wednesday night.

Cleveland set a new record for futility with its 25th straight loss Monday…let’s make it 26!

Someone please tell me why the Cavs are favored by one point!

  • The good: Stuckey and Max are back.
  • The bad: THE CAVS
  • The unknown: Will Rip Hamilton play ?

Head on out to the Palace on Friday to check out the Pistons play The Miami Heat.  Remember when they were the easiest ticket in town!  Tickets as low as $6.

Tip off is at 7:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at WWJ AM 950.

Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.


  1. Sal

    I’m so glad, the Cavs are losing now. Those players on the Cavs like Mo Williams, Boobee Gibson, thought they were actually “good” when they had their sidekick Lebron on the Cavs. I remember, many games against Detroit, and other teams, they would knock down an open 3, and they would run down the court thinking there soo good. Its like if it wasn’t for Lebrons dribble peneration and Lebron kicking it back out to you for a wide open 3, you wouldn’t make it.

    Especially Boobee Gibson, how many time did he make open 3’s and would run down the court with a “smirk” on his face. I just wanted to slap the smirk out of his damn face. lol

    OR if they made an open 3 they would run down the court with a “circle” around their eye with there fingers.. !!!! Such scrubs! lol

    Its like, I just want to tell Mo williams and Gibson, your NOT good, you suck, if its not for Lebrons talent on the offensive side, they wouldn’t be able to even hit a 3 with someone in their face!

    All and all, I dont feel bad for the cavs bc these players actually thought they were good, when in reality there just scrubs, that can’t create their own own offense or shots.

    • edt

      got to give props to the cleveland fans you see their arena packed? with the worst team in the league? Playing this awful version of the pistons? I think they go knowing in their heart their team will lose, but they do it anyway.

      Pistons are playing like a truck, unstoppable. Dont count out this team, like charles barkley said this is the nba not college everyone has game in this league. Detroit is playing with intensity.

      • Sal

        the only reason, there even sold out is because the fans bought tickets for this season from last season assuming bron bron was going to stay in Cleveland. Mark my words, next season, you will be seeing a lot of empty seats the Q.

        I agree, the Pistons are playing with effort and this is the team I have come to see. This team like I said can be GREAT! You can be a great defensively team just by effort and digging in and gridning it out on the D-side. That takes a lot of energy out of a average defensive player like Gordon or charlie, BUT were so deep, they dont have to dig in and grind out for 35 + or 40 + minutes, only 25 or so and have the bench come in and do the same..

        There not just the #1 Bench scoring in the NBA for nothing! lol

        • edt

          we are not a very good team, I dont agree with you there.

          but we can both agree what a great win 🙂

  2. junior

    37 win season, hope its enough for the playoffs. thats my guess. anyone else?

    • Sal

      Im thinking 41-41 would be ideal!

    • Jo-El

      let’s all hope that the intensity that they’re showing right now keeps on going and they do have a magical run in the second half of the season. right now, we’re 20-33. In the East, 37 might just be enough to grab the 8th seed. To get there however, Pistons will need to win 17 of the next 29. Not impossible, as long as the intensity and desire they’ve been showing is still there. And no more long losing streaks (more than 2), in fact, no more losing streaks at all! haha

  3. thomn

    coudnt agree more sal, drove me insane for years. that being said-if the pistons lose this game tonite, im officailly done with them. There underacheiving is just not fair to fans

    • Sal

      They are underachievers thats for sure thomn! What does Chicago have that we don’t. And Chicago is the 3rd seed. What does Atl, have on us? Nothing! And the list goes on and on. The talent is there, its the coach, Q doesn’t know how to motivate the players to play. The players play hard when they want too, and they will relax and dont give a crap when they want too.

      Detroit, if they played hard, game in and game out, and players knew their role on the team, they can easily be in the top 4 in the East! Easily!

      • junior

        the one thing atl has that we dont is athletic players we have like 3 or four, we need about 2 or 3 more.

        • Sal

          they have athleticism, but we have more talented guards than ATL, who do the Hawks have?

          Horford, would be shut down by Wallace by the way! So what do they have over us?

          Joe Johnson, Mike Bibby, Crawford, Joe Smith (overrated shooter, hes just a good dunker).

          Were loaded @ the guards and I dunno where to start!

  4. Normal2

    So I’m watching this game on fox sports Cleveland, and the broadcasters keep saying the beef between Rip and Coach Q has to do with a game when the Pistons played against Sacramento and Coach Q brought Rip out of the game…and when Q tried to bring Rip back in, Rip said No..and that is why Rip is riding the Pine. I think that was the final straw after what Tay did and Stucky..the broadcasters agree with Coach Q benching Rip by the way..and they need a win so i can see why…but at the time i’m writing this we are up by 14…and they need a win really bad so i can see why they would want Rip benched(:P

  5. Normal2

    My bad..I think they meant during the Sacramento game, after Rip sat for the Memphis and Toronto game, Coach Q called for Rip to come into the game and Rip said no..and that is where we are now.

    • junior

      yeah i have also heard that the coaches have tried to have hamilton play before he did but he refused to. hes trying to divert the attention to the coach becuase he knows q wouldnt say otherwise.

  6. piston_fan_phl

    Lol did I heard the “day-oh” sound on the cavaliers arena?

  7. junior

    20 wins! half way to 40. i called out 48 wins at the beggining of the preseason, with the loss of jerebko for the season so far were not to far off that pace right? easier schedule 2nd half of the year also.

    • Drew

      Wait, 48 wins or losses?

      • junior

        i said wins, read it again.

  8. junior

    i stand corrected by myself, we only have 29 games left, it might be hard to get 20 more wins.

  9. junior

    there is the stuckey we have missed all week. welcome back stuckman.

    • junior

      surprised he didnt start though.

  10. junior

    cant wait to get home and watch this game, i hate the cavs.

  11. jayg108

    very relieved.

    Just curious: anyone think Scott is a poor coach? I know he’s liked by some players, but they ran him out of New Orleans. wonder if he’ll last in brongone Cleveland.

  12. Drew

    5 game homestand coming up. I’m hoping to go 3 and 2 at the VERY least.


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