Robbed – That no call was just foul

by | Jan 29, 2011 | 16 comments

If you didn’t know by not the Heat were handed a undeserved win on a silver platter courtesy of the NBA referee crew officiating the game. I wont go into the foul call on Ben Gordon that gave the heat the lead with 6 seconds left, but I will tell you this was a clear foul in anyone’s book.

With one play left and 2 seconds left on the clock you have to give it up to Kuester for calling this play.
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Video courtesy of the NBA and the Detroit Pistons


  1. Brad

    I actually thought the foul call on Eddie House’s shot on the previous possession was a worse call by the refs than the no-call on Daye’s dunk attempt.

  2. Enoc

    Pay attention everybody!!

    Hand on the stomach first and the hits the hand… and clearly the look on his face and queen james’s it’s GUILT!!

  3. R.I.P.

    Wow… That’s all you can say… WoW… The look on James Jone’s face says it all… 🙁 What is with Detroit getting robbed lately?! And I thought it was only going to be the Tigers and Lions! 0_0

  4. Darshan

    hey Natalie, when is the site becoming Need4Swede?? Doesn’t look like Roscoe’s coming back anytime soon

  5. JWoww

    If you watch the replay you can see that there was a clear foul on House and this was a 50/50 call on Daye..

    But seriously, having the refs calling a foul on an alley-oop buzzer beating dunk attempt is pretty hard, especially when it was that close.

    • edt

      how was that a clear foul on house? ben gordon clearly stuffed the ball, it was clean and then house flailed his arms and legs around so he could hit ben gordon. On the other end, jones pushed daye away from the basket, hit his arm and then incidentally touched the ball.

      Ok fine, they are judgement calls. But you either let them play. Or you swallow the whistle. What happened was superstar treatment, the heat would never get these calls if they were a bunch of no name rookies and 2 year players.

      So I guess the theory is, if you start winning a lot, this treatment will let you win more, so eventually you’ll get your turn with the calls and the superstar treatment.

      In other words, you are not going to be allowed to beat Miami or LA until you make absolutely sure you win ever game from under .500 teams. dont let the nets, toronto or the bobcats ever even get a lead, and once you make your reputation as a superstar team, you start getting a few more calls.

      The problem is we are never gonna lure Lebron or Wade or ‘Melo to Detroit, so the fact is we will never get the real superstar treatment, it’s always gonna be unfair. Then again, I guess Joe D had his one chance with ‘Melo and blew it.

      Anyway, I’m saying this was clearly unfair, the refs favored the Heat, and everyone knows why, it’s because star teams and star players get star referee calls, it’s endemic in the NBA from top to bottom. How many techs has Lebron been called for when he argued a call? Superstar treatment is what today’s NBA is.

  6. amol

    I’m not surprised at all about these calls. The NBA has been licking its pussycats’ asses for a while now.

  7. Jayg108

    I was definitely shouting after the Daye no-call. But I think it was good for him to experience. With the game on the line, you need to rock that baby home, along with anyone in your path. T-Mac inbounding to Prince for the jam might have been a better play (even though it was alreay a Q gem)

  8. rai_from_the_philippines

    it was clearly obvious who the refs wanted to win. No surprise there. On another note, the announcers said they saw JJ participate in the shoot-around before the game and could probably be back in a month’s time.


  9. thewordkeeper

    I hope Daye realizes that he had a double whammy working against him on that play. 1. As he stated ‘it’s his second year.’ and 2. he had “Detroit” stitched across the front of his Jersey. People talk about the bias Danny Crawford showed; good thing Tony Brothers wasn’t reffing. He would have blown the whistle. Um hm. He would have whistled Daye for a flagrant charge, offensive basket interference, and 3 seconds all at the same time. We Detroit fans know that the Pistons team is the Rodney Dangerfield of the league “no respect i tell ya.”

    As for Rip Let’s see: NBA Champion; 2 time NBA finalist; 6 straight ECF’s; a five time 5 ECF Champion; leading scorer 6 straight seasons; NBA Allstar; lead the NBA in 3 point percentage in ’06. His reward? Benched for Allen Iverson and benched for everbody else this season. You have guys getting playing time who have never been an all star and some who have never been to the playoffs. Excluding Big Ben, Tay and Max and T-Mac how many of the present day Pistons can come close to his accomplishments? Whether you love or hate Rip this ain’t’ right no matter whichaway you look at it. Can ya’ll dig it? I knew that you could.

    What has happened to our beloved Pistons? What negative cosmic force has infiltrated this once mighty organization and stripped it of it’s will to win, it’s depth and it’s pride? Just a year ago the Pistons were, according to Forbes, worth close to a half a billion dollars. Now they have been devalued of nearly a third of that. There was a time when foes trembled at the thought of coming to the palace to play the Bad Boys part 1 and 2. Now they can’t wait to chalk up a win. Yes I’m glad they are finally getting wins and near wins over quality teams. Seems they are starting to find themselves and the young fellas are getting minutes. However i hope Rip will find a happy medium someplace somewhere. He deserves much better. Go Pistons!!!

    • junior

      this post is about the game and the players who actually played, not rip and his whole debacle no one wants to talk about it anymore. rip on the bench and thats not changing anytime soon, get over it. yes hes accomplished a lot but that doesnt “entitle” him to anything. the youngs are just more hungry and playing harder than he is. thats why hes on the bench.

  10. terry


  11. Tycoon

    Yeah it was a clear foul. Commentators prefer not to discuss that and they were biased. They felt the heat shouldn’t have to lose this one.

    About the play, I know it was a good designed play by Q but:
    1. With 2.7 seconds, it was enough to setup a dribble and drive and extra pass. Its not .7 but 2.7, even if Daye made that dunk Heat could have another shot and another help from the refs.
    2. Daye is an excellent shooter but an alley-oop play could have been better for Wilcox or TMac, or (CV)?.

    Just my opinion. I know its tough to lose like this but I believe in Karma.

  12. Jaime

    yeah it was a bad call, but man I am liking the way they are competing. keep up the hustle. go pistons.

  13. thewordkeeper

    I have no choice but to get over the changing from an elite guard to a scoring guard in AI. I have no alternative but to get over Rip being benched. It’s not the end of Rip’s nor my world. However respect is respect. But in the NBA? A sport among others where players at times are the last one to know they’ve been traded. Geez i must really be in Rip’s corner. I said he was a five time time ECF champ when in reality it was two. No matter now; water under the bridge. Go Rip. You’ll always be a Piston to me no matter what.


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