Chauncey thinks Rip is Pistons Royalty

by | Jan 27, 2011 | 28 comments

“My thing is he is Pistons royalty with the things he’s done for this franchise,” Billups said. “He has not warranted the activities they have given to him. I feel like he is one of the greats and his jersey is going to hang in the stands at some point. None of the other guys whose jersey is up there had to go through this.

“It is disrespectful.”

“He feels blatant disrespect and wonders what is going on,” Billups said. “I feel like Rip and Tay (Tayshaun Prince) and Ben (Wallace they should not be treated like that. Especially for the teams they’ve put together.

“He is surprised but there is nothing he can do about it.”


  1. Dana

    I agree 100% with Chauncey. Too bad 90% of the “fans” don’t

  2. C-Quense

    Chauncey is absolutely right.

  3. gordbrown

    Hamilton was treated like Pistons Royalty. He was given a starting sport even through his play didn’t rate it. Far from Rip’s contention that the offense wasn’t using him right, in point of fact the offense was seriously distorted by trying to get him going with no good result. The improvement in the team’s play since Rip has been benched speaks for itself. Plus as much as I like Chauncey I’m not going to take anything seriously until he calls out his teammate Carmelo “thug” Anthony for his dirty play. QED

  4. Normal 2

    Yeah..I think Rip is still a good player who can help many teams out but i think this is much deeper then we’s easy to speculate when you don’t know all the details….I mean, what if Coach Q over heard Rip talking to Chauncey about wanting to do anything about getting out of his situation.

    I read where Billups was being interviewed and as he was being interviewed, he got a call from Rip and Chauncey told the interviewer that that was Rip calling and that he would do anything to get out of that situation…what if that came back to the coach..and the coach feels likes that’s a player who doesn’t sound like he want’s to be with his team..and “WHALLA!!” 10 bench games…now that is all just speculation..i have no proof that that is what happend but Chauncey did blurt that out in an interview.

    Coach Q is a second year head coach and yes he could have handled this waaayyyyy better but we just don’t know what is going on, so until we find out..i just hope we keep playing good basket ball and keep getting better cause i like the Pistons more then i like the individual players. Zeek was my favoriate player and it stops there..haha

  5. Fariduddin

    obviously there is more to the issue surrounding Rip and we as fans dont know the whole deal… but speaking from a outside perspective i think Billups point is so spot on… Rip doesnt deserve whatever is going on and he has plenty of game left to perform at a high level and help this team out… i want to see Rip back on teh court…

  6. junior

    Who cares what billups thinks? Hes not a piston anymore, hes a nugget. If you didnt notice he is the enemy now he was the one hitting the threes too give us a loss. No one was complainig when will was out of the rotation, or austin, or maxiell, or wilcox. But seeing how its rip everyone got a problem with it. Why? Becuase he was part of a championsh wip team in 2004? Come on guys 2004? I dont know if everyone is lost in time and you think its just a couple years later or something but its 2011!!! 2004 was 7 years ago. You not entitled by anything youve done 7 years ago. Wake up people rip does not fit this team or its style of play any longer, that along with his poor play, no defense, no hustle, bad shooting, and turnover problems has EARNED him his spot….. on the bench. That is where he belongs on this team if we are going to move forward and rebuild. If you disagree you need to take a step back and youlle see im right. Im not saying he cant still play and be effective somewhere, just not here not now.

  7. edt

    q has had a HELL of a time controlling this team. look at the things he has done so far, he benched Daye after starting him, and gave him 0 minutes, he benched stuckey when stuckey ignored him while Q was calling for him from the sidelines, he got into a screaming match with tayshaun prince (but couldn’t afford to bench him), and now he has benched problem man-child rip hamilton.

    In any normal team, with a normal organization, Q would have been taken aside by the owner and told to cool it or he would get fired.

    But this organization is rudderless, the players, the coaches, everyone is out of control. I think at last, Q has asserted control of this team. It has been ugly. But the team is calmer now. They know if it can happen to Rip it can happen to any of them. So there is less argument, still a lot of passive aggressive stuff, like that thing from Charlie V about what do you call someone who repeats the same thing over and over expecting different results.

    When a team is losing, all the worst comes out. When a team wins, it’s all easy. We would not have had this trouble with Hamilton if the team were winning. And that’s not really Rip’s fault, it’s Joe D’s fault, for not getting us some trees and a true point guard.

    As soon as we buy out Rip’s contract, he’ll be playing the next day, I think the Celtics want him for the playoffs, and could easily put him in a nice position, Rip will get paid, Celtics get a shooter to go with the second team, Pistons save money, everyone is happy.

    But nothing is gonna happen until we get a new owner who can OK the outlay for a buyout.

  8. Lori

    And a new coach.

  9. edt

    obv Q will go too. I like Q more than anyone else here, but you can’t stay on as a coach with such a bad record, that’s the rules of the coaching game. Once we get a new owner, Rip will get a buyout, but Q will finish the year, Prince will get a trade, Joe Dumars might get fired too, after all he is the most to blame for this team of misfit boys, but he will probably stick around for 1 or 2 more years, firing coaches is easier than getting a new GM.

    Tom Gores got an exclusive 30 day window, it’s got 4 more days to run. Looks like we aren’t getting a sale anytime soon. Gores is gonna back out for the same reason Illitch did, Karen is determined to sell this team for 1.5x what it is worth and refuses to budge.

    The team is worth $350 million and she is trying to sell it for over $500 million.

  10. jayg108

    Piston’s royalty would be this:

    Always upbeat.
    Never sulking about playing time.
    Supports any coach Dumars hires.
    Hasn’t aged a day.

    and only one represents all these: Hooper

  11. Enoc

    I agree with chauncey… Now, my question is…

    Will Q give him some minutes now that stuck is out for at least 2 games??

    HE SHOULD, cause we need that deep, and BG has proven to be a nice reserve but again, not a starter. So you have T-MAC, BG, BYNUM and RIP as your guards for the next 2 games, not giving him playing time would be Bull****

  12. Amer-ican Prince

    chauncey always has your back

  13. terry

    Shut up Chauncey.

    • terry

      Really though, as much as Rip deserves to be benched Q should play him.

      • junior

        if he deserves to be benched, why would you play him? not sound logic there terry.

  14. edt

    if q doesnt play rip count it as a sign that his control over the team is barely there.

    I knew the first time he sat rip he was doing it because he couldnt handle the personalities.

    he’s worried about a mutiny!

    ok i have a new nickname for kuester. Coach Queeg 🙂 (the caine mutiny).


  15. Detroit89

    i feel like billups has a unbiased feeling because mainly the fact that he is also on the trading block on the nuggets, the team that he believes in and the city where he is from. So, Billups is not that far off from feeling rejected by his team than Rip. But, hey lets just break it down. Prince goes out there and plays every game as hard as he can, despite that he could be traded and that he has a lot of beef with the management now. but he plays basketball and he does it because that is all he should be doing. He defends Rip’s right to play but no one is defending Rip’s right to be a diva. Honestly, everyone is quick to point fingers at Q, then Dumars when they really do not look at the big picture.
    One, we have won 6 out of 9 of our last games because of our rotation made by Q.
    Two, Monroe is currently according to ESPN analysts to be part of the top 5 rookies in the league., and that is partly because of Q leadership
    Three, Stuckey is having his best season this year and T-Mac is showing the most athleticism in recent memory
    Four, according to ESPN and our record that is improving, we might actually make the playoffs. If that does not count for anything, it should at least mean that we bouncing back from hitting rock bottom.

    p.s. the only reason why the pistons are not making big moves is because they are in limbo, waiting for a new owner. Karen Davidson does not know anything about running the team so she is selling them. without an owner Dumars cannot do much because he needs to be granted the authority from an owner in order to do much of his job. If we had a new owner who was ambitious about running the team, Dumars would be instructed to pull the trigger more. But since he cannot, i do not blame him too much, he is part of the last few people of the Bill Davidson Piston’s franchise that knows how to run Piston Basketball the way it should. Give Dumars a break he fired 2 coaches in less than 5 years and for an NBA team that is a lot.

  16. zeke khaseli

    “We kept ourselves in the game, playing solid defense,” “I think we’re on the right path.” Ben Wallace on Nuggets game.

    Focus more on the game, less on the RIP issue.

  17. hMarsh32

    What really bothers me about this Rip situation is how people, including Q, insist Rip’s benching is a result of his off-the-mark performances this season. What people don’t come to think is that if it were a different player who hit a slump, would they be benched also? The answer is no. If it were yes, Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey wouldn’t be on the court. To me it seems that this is something between Rip and Q and it needs to be fixed. You don’t bench your veteran, star, captain, regardless of his playing performance. He is the leader, champion, and truly the heart of the city. Players on the court look up to him whether anyone likes him or not, and this is not the way to deal with it. Rip doesn’t need 30-40 minutes a game, but he needs to be able to get into his rhythm.

    • Enoc

      Totally agree man… totally

      • Kevin (PHL)

        Right on marsh.

  18. rai_from_the_philippines

    Some people defend Rip on the merit that he was on the 2004 championship team. Well, have you forgotten that Q was also in that team? Wasn’t he also an integral part of that success?

    I am in no way pro-Kuester, but with the recent performance of the team, you have to give the guy a little credit.

    Anyhow, win or lose, Q needs to talk to Rip and fix their situation. I’m starting to fret that Rip might go Latrell Sprewell on Q due to frustration.

    Pistons Fire never dies in me. GO PISTONS!!!

    • tae mo from the philippines

      di daw pro-kuester, ulol. halatadong di nga marunong mag coach tapos bibigyan mo pa ng credit.

  19. daddy

    just cause q was an assistant coach doesnt really mean he attributed to the success they had. its came down to how it was managed (coach) and how it was played (players). we have a much diff team. im sure q is a good number 2 but i dont have faith in him as the head coach.

  20. Evan

    Alright I did a little math to prove a point here:

    9 Previous Games (without Rip):
    Record: 5-4
    Opp PPG Avg: 94.5

    9 Previous Games Rip Played:
    Record: 3-6
    Opp PPG Avg: 99

    In those 9 games Rip played he averaged 24 minutes, and 12 points per game (considering the first of the 9 games he scored 35, if you avg the next 8 games he scored 9.25 ppg, going 0-5 the last game he played) shooting 42% (40/96) with 6 steals and 8 turnovers.

    Combine those crappy numbers (from someone who is supposed to be at least one of your leading scorers) with his bad attitude towards authority, coaches, officials, etc. and he is not fit to play as an NBA guard right now. If you use your head and not just say “play rip” because you like him and think he’s a star, you would see it’s a bad idea for this team right now. Whether the benching is a personal issue with him and Q doesn’t matter, the point remains, we’re better without him, and until that changes he shouldn’t be playing.


    Shut the hell Up Evan…Do u even know BASKETBALL??? I never knew that shooting 42% was bad shooting

    • Kevin (PHL)

      Hahaha you tell him bro


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