Beantown letdown – C’s come back to beat Pistons 86-82

by | Jan 19, 2011 | 33 comments

The latest incarnation of the Detroit Pistons’ rotation can be viewed as a bit of a “success” because of the success the team has had since the benching of former starting shooting guard, Richard Hamilton. Despite rumors saying he was benched to avoid injury for a trade, or for being benched for being a poor influence to a young group of players, it’s hard for one to argue that the team has not been better off without Hamilton in the lineup.

Tonight, however, the new lineup could not contain the defending Eastern Conference Champs in Boston. Detroit took a small lead at half after shooting 58% from the field in the 2nd quarter. It was an odd game all around for both teams: Tracy McGrady played 37 minutes for Detroit, Shaquille O’Neal was diving on the floor for loose balls, etc. At the end though, all the strange things that we saw resulted in a familiar sight for Pistons’ fans as Detroit lost to the Celtics in Boston, 86-82. Get to the highlights you’re saying? Sure thing:

  • Sometime during the 2nd quarter, Richard Hamilton got up off the bench and started stretching.  It was the most game action he’s seen in the last 4 games.
  • Stuckey has played well at the 2 since Hamilton’s benching – tonight he didn’t shoot well (5-14 from the field) in 28 minutes.
  • Mr. McGrady played 37 minutes and started at the point again for the Pistons.  Although he didn’t shoot too well from the field, he did provide 7 assists and has proven to be the most consistent backcourt player on the roster so far this season.
  • Ben Wallace was out with an ankle tonight which meant that Shaquille O’Neal basically had an open lane to the basket all night.  Shaq finished the game with 12 points and 12 rebounds.
  • Boston outrebounded Detroit 47-32. … lol
  • Rajon Rondo played a game high 40 minutes and did not register double digits in points, rebounds, or assists but he nearly had a triple double.  Rondo also picked up a technical foul in the game.
  • Charlie V played 30 minutes off the bench for Detroit – it seems as if my wishes of Charlie becoming a starter for this team are fading by the game.
  • Highlights of the game via

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  • How about Chris Wilcox?  He’s getting close to 10 and 10 a night per 36, which isn’t bad for a $3m per year power forward.  Wilcox added 9 points with 7 rebounds to go with 1 blocked shot.
  • It looked like Detroit was going to pull out the win until they were unable to score a point in the final 2 minutes 43 seconds of the game.
  • This loss ended the longest winning streak of the season for the Pistons.  Think about that… 3 wins in a row
  • My how far we’ve fallen
  • Bynumite with 2 points in 10 minutes off the bench.
  • Nothing came of the KG – @CV31 battle.  I was sure KG would get one or two cheap shots in.
Charlie Villanueva and Kevin Garnett
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  • No playing time for Hamilton, Maxiell or DaJuan Summers tonight while Luke Harangody was the only Celtic healthy enough to play, but did not see action.
  • I really dislike the Boston Celtics and Tommy Heinsohn.

How fitting that the next game for the Pistons after the New Jersey Nets owner said “No deal” for Carmelo Anthony, is against the New Jersey Nets in New Jersey?

Hopefully Avery Johnson and Rip can share a good laugh during pre-game and maybe even a few pleasantries.  Detroit travels to New Jersey for a Friday night game against Kris Humphries and the New Jersey Nets.


  1. jayg108

    “I really dislike the Boston Celtics and Tommy Heinsohn”
    definitely. I would almost use the word hate for this comment, but I’m kinda boycotting that word right now.

  2. James (Australia)

    Sorry, Boney, but I disagree with how you recapped this game. This team just pushed the second best team in the NBA for all four quarters, in Boston, and you can’t point out some positives?

    Sure a loss is never good, but crumbs, we got closer to beating the Celtics then the Magic did. Monroe had a terrific game going against one of the best frontcourts in the NBA. The shooting was poor, but we were up against one of the best defences in the NBA. Our defence was fantastic and gave us a chance to win this one – of all people, McGrady made a couple of poor decisions at the end that could have changed the outcome of the game.

    A few 50/50 calls went against us, but I’m much happier to be having a reason to watch the last 2 minutes of a Pistons game rather than watching another blowout.

    I think we can beat New Jersey. Phoenix should be winnable, but it is on a back2back. I think 4-5 wins would be a good result out of this 8 game stretch. Then get some wins together on the softer schedule following.

    • Tycoon

      Nice one James!

    • Daniel Bohnlein

      I’d argue Boston played down to their competition.

      It’s fine you disagree, a loss is a loss.

      • junior

        TAKE THAT BONEY!!!!!!! i agree wit you to james. being competitive is always a plus we played hard and with effort, the only thing we lacked was the win, that will come as this rotation gels a little more. i think we did good. and boney why would they play down to us? we already beat them once they shoulda been expecting a tough game. GO PISTONS.

        • Tycoon

          If we get lucky to make the playoffs, we might face them in the first round and we’ll surely give them a hard time.

        • Danny Bohnlein

          take what?

          why would they play down to us? They have more than doubled the Pistons win total and clearly are the more talented team, it’s only natural.

          Detroit has played them tough for sure but the stat line doesn’t lie: 5 offensive rebounds for Detroit (17 for Boston), 24 fouls for Detroit – Detroit was lucky they didn’t get blown out.

          • junior

            take that, thats what.

      • James (Australia)

        Its cool. You’re right, quibbling over a loss doesn’t turn it into a win. I guess I’m just at the stage where I celebrate the Pistons being competitive, it would be nice to turn a couple of these games into wins. I definitely think this team is starting to trend upwards though – important that they dispose of the Nets to get that winning feeling back in the camp.

        I would disagree that the Celtics played down to our level – they looked really keyed up for this game. I just thought our defensive effort was fantastic, but its cool.

    • gordbrown

      A few 50/50 calls? There was nothing 50/50 about Stuckey getting burned on that first offensive foul. Davis foot was clearly and entirely in the circle. That was 100% that went the wrong way. And to me that was a big turning point in the game.

  3. pistonsfan101

    I honestly think Pistons could have won tonight. At the beginning of the 4th, Ben Gordon finally got hot and hit some shots. He got SUBBED out right after he hit that 3 pointer. I think Kuester should have kept that lineup for a while. Oh well, can’t do anything now…

  4. edt

    tmac exudes an aura of confidence. I cant remember how many times in the past we have seen the pistons lose because their spirit was crushed. That’s right the pistons gave up. This spirit, this confidence, we are gonna have it as long as t-mac stays healthy.

    I really noticed it this game in the 3rd quarter, when there was a celtic run and it seemed like the pistons were about to panic, and then you saw tmac at the point, as if to say “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” (that’s some quote from shakespeare I only know it because I remember hearing shatner recite it in the usual shatner way.

    “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
    Or close the wall up with our English dead.
    In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
    As modest stillness and humility:
    But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
    Then imitate the action of the tiger;
    Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
    Disguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage;
    Then lend the eye a terrible aspect;”

    Stay healthy tmac we need you.

    • junior

      beautiful edt, just beautiful. thank you. its good that he is confident and i dont think anyone was down even though it was a tough loss. im not, i wish we won but it was close we tried, hustled, played tough, but sometimes the ball doesnt roll your way. go get em next game.

  5. terry

    Some terrible calls at critical points of this game went against Detroit especially in crunch time. It’s like the Celtics game plan is to constantly foul so the refs have to just get used to it. In the end though, I’m more butt hurt about the trade falling through than the loss.

    • terry

      some critical non calls in the last two minutes as well

    • gordbrown

      That’s been the Celtic game plan since Larry Bird was a fledgling. Sometimes it works better than others but always against the Pistons. Actually with Perkins out the one thing I noticed was that there was not the same number of atrocious illegal screens. Also and to be fair the referees cracked down on defensive three in key right from the get go. I honestly never thought I’d see the day … and that probably more than anything helped keep the Pistons in the game.

  6. Joe

    The ending was a letdown, but this was an effort that the Pistons can be proud of. They played with heart, and most importantly they played SMART basketball on both ends of the court. Those bogus offensive fouls on Stuckey cost us the game.

    Barring injuries, I think we’re going to make the playoffs this year (we’re only 2.5 games out). T-Mac is the key.

  7. edt

    yeah we can def sneak it in

    top 7
    boston 32, miami 30, chicago 28, atlanta 28, orlando 27, new york 22, philly 17,

    8, 9, 10, 11,

    indiana 16, charlotte 16, milwaukee 15, detroit 15

    the teams at the top are so good, and the teams at the bottom are sooo bad. I think we can be the smartest guy on the short bus here. Sure would like to see some playoffs this year.

    Aren’t we just one game behind charlotte & indiana?

    in the west its a lot harder for an awful team to make it in

    top 7

    san antone 36, la 31, ok 27, utah 27, dallas 27, new orleans 27, denver 24,

    8, 9, 10, 11

    portland 23, houston 20, memphis 19, phoenix 19

    out west it’s a lot more even from top to bottom.

    5 worst teams this year:

    cleveland 8, sac town 9, minnesota 10, new jersey 11

    • JHigh

      lmao @ the smartest guy on the short bus

  8. junior

    maybe i think devin harris could work well with rip, even though it was reported that nets contacted detroit and said the trade was off. who knows though matybe we could still get lucky and get the albatross outta the room. sorry rip but its true now.

  9. Natalie Sitto

    Surprised Rip didn’t play in Boston…did you see him sitting on the floor with his warmups off and stretching? I really did think he was going it.

    I don’t think anyone is likely to take Rip’s contract off our hands uness they are a team desperate for a shooter with a chance to win a championship.

  10. Tycoon

    Rip to Nets will definitely improve their team. There must be some workaround for that trade and if Nets owner feel more desperate he might just come up with a plan B.

  11. terry

    Ya’ll see the slam online article “Troy Murphy staying home until he’s traded.” That’s today’s article and the Nets GM said o.k. There still may be hope yet.

  12. edt

    troy murphy has said before he refuses to play in detroit and will ask for a buyout if he lands here. what kind of player would rather stay home than play in the NBA anyway?

    I think everyone knows how bad rip feels, but no matter what he loves to ball, he wants his minutes. What kind of pigeon-brained baller is troy murphy? Every time we watch the game, you can hear the announcers, they would give anything to be able to play NBA ball again. It’s terrible when they realize they have to retire.

    why did t-mac stage a comeback? Why do they all keep playing long past their prime?

    As far as I am concerned Troy Murphy is 1 year away from retiring, it is clear he doesn’t love the game anymore and he wont play hard for the detroit pistons if he ended up here, that is clear if nothing else is. He is at the end of a 10 year up and down career plagued with injuries and nearly done.

    I’d rather have Gortat. He actually likes to play defense, is younger than murphy, and while he’s that talented, he is an upgrade from Wilcox, and once jerebko comes back, that would give us a much more physical team.

    Of course it is impossible to trade Rip for Gortat, they dont match in salaries, not to mention Phoenix doesnt need the salary hit. Rip’s salary is $2.5m more per year than Steve Nash.

    • Rashit Flawless (Go_Osebumps)

      Guys like Gortat, Bass, Blair – I always wanted to have on my team, they are always hungry.
      Gortat has every tool to become a good center.
      And Troy – who cares if he won’t play in Detroit?! We need his expiring contract, he may stay home if he wants. Doesn’t matter.
      I would be glad about any player, even if he doesn’t worth be named a pro basketball player. It’s hard to say things like this, but now it’s AI drama part2, we need ANYTHING for RIP, and it would be great to have an expiring contract, even if his name is Eddy Curry

      • Rashit Flawless (Go_Osebumps)

        That’s especially sad because of RIP’s desire to get minutes and play, and because of the things he has done to the Pistons, his level as a player and his experience.
        The only thing that made 2 desperate years of RIP in the Pistons happen – is he being overpayed.
        But I’d rather give RIP 15.000.000 than a dollar to Troy Murphy if edt’s words are true

  13. edt

    BUY OUT RIPS CONTRACT. that’s the only way. We buy him out for almost his entire contract. Then rip will (obviously) sign on with another team but instead of $13m a year he’ll get $7m. Now when we do the buyout we’ll give him $10m a year for the remainder of his contract, and when he signs on we’ll get $3.5m back (1/2 his new contract), so we’ll end up eating $6.5m per year to buy him out.

    THIS IS THE BEST IT GETS. Do it joe d. do it for the team.

  14. edt

    we aint getting a trade like this, if we get troy murphy he has said he wants a buyout if he lands in detroit, we arent saving money by getting him, unless we trade him immediately after . . . tho its not clear to me if a player can force a team to buy him out

  15. Marcell

    Think about this one too. Joe signed Rip to this long contract. Than he signed Ben Gordon. What do you suppose he was thinking? He should have known Rips contract would be hard to move down the road. Do you think? I wonder if a new owner might try a buy-out. Anyone heard anything about ownership lately?


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