The Pistons vs. The Grizzlies

by | Jan 12, 2011 | 40 comments

The Pistons vs. The Grizzlies

The 11-24 Pistons will host the 17-21 Memphis Grizzlies Wednesday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. The Grizzlies lead the NBA with 48.8 points per game in the paint, which means the Pistons have even more work ahead of them with Ben Wallace out for the game. Ben Wallace will rest his ankle tonight, means we should see Greg Monroe starting in his place.

If you’re waiting on new that Rip Hamilton has been traded…you may have to wait a while. It looks like the deal is dead in the water. Thank ‘Melo.

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

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  1. edt

    so at the end the deal might fall through because ‘Melo cant stand the idea of playing for the New York Nets in Brooklyn at the Barclay center, instead of Madison Square Garden 5 miles away with the New York Nicks. I’m not going to pretend I understand it. Does this have something to do with being the king of new york?

    The nicks have absolutely no assets to trade, so ‘Melo might finish the year with Denver and sign on with New York.

    • Drew

      I like your spelling of the Knicks. Bonus points to anyone who knows what “Knicks” stand for. (No googling it.)

      • rai_from_the_philippines

        short for knickerbockers? although I wouldn’t know what a knickerbocker would be.

        • edt

          knickerbockers are short pants, shorts. Kids wear them a lot in the summer and . . . back like in the 1700’s adults wore them too, I think maybe they were also called knee breaches or something. anyway New Yorkers are fond of the old fashioned word and their history so they named their team the knicks

          • rai_from_the_philippines

            LOL, from now on I’d call them the NY Shortpants!

      • DetChiNYC

        Knickerbockers are a mythical New York family. Thought up by Washington Irving.

        • edt

          knickerbockers is a real family name, and it is short pants, both, and irving wrote it into his book about the early new yorkers, there is some original dutch guy named knickerbocker who wore knickerbockers.

          knickerbocker knickbocker knickerbocker!

  2. pistonsfan101

    Big Lineup changes!

    Rodney Stuckey and Tayshaun Prince will remain starters, but Stuckey will play shooting guard alongside Tracy McGrady, who moves to point guard. McGrady and Stuckey can share ball-handling duties, and McGrady’s presence will allow Stuckey to be more aggressive offensively as a slasher.

    They’ll be joined by Greg Monroe at center, who replaces Ben Wallace (right ankle sprain), and Chris Wilcox will play power forward.

    • junior

      bad lineup? this is the lineup ive been waiting to see all year. i think this is our best starting lineup , especially with stuckey at the sg. the only thing i would change is jj in the starting lineup when he is healthy instead of wilcox. but wilcox has earned his starting spot he has been playing really well.

      • junior

        sorry fan101 i thought u put bad lineup change not big. was at work reading fast. lol

  3. James (Australia)

    So we’ve got:


    Pistons starting lineup combined salary = $21,066,107
    Pistons bench combined salary = $41,135,915 (leaving out the injured Wallace, Jerebko, and White)

    Give Kuester some credit. He has chosen this lineup to get wins. He is not selecting on reputation, size of contract, or for trade purposes. This should be fun.

  4. Lori

    I haven’t been around in a while, and this is why! The lineup changes and the baffling and absurd rotations are so aggravating that I just can’t take it. While I don’t think that Q even approaches the ineptitude of MC, I still think we need an improvement. I have the feeling that before each game, he hides in a cupboard and tosses coins to pick which players to use each night.

  5. edt

    q is trying to win. thats all there is to it. Hes not trying to make you or me happy. Hes trying to win. Save your bitching for after the game. Who knows we might win.

    • kashmeer

      I never thought we will come so fast to a T-Mac & Stuck backcourt…

      Very exciting to see what they can do together

  6. junior

    lori- what lineup would you play? seeing how you know whats the best lineup.

  7. Drew

    I’d like to see Stuckey and Daye as the starting backcourt eventually.

    • kashmeer

      It would be great looking at their size but it won’t leave many shot for other (love AD but he is somewhat of a ballhog )

  8. Lori

    T-mac should have started at point guard ages ago. You don’t find it weird that guys are starting for a couple of games and then DNP? We’re not winning like this. You can’t get any kind of chemistry going if the lineup is never the same. I think Q is a desperate man. I’m sure he’s trying to win, but it’s not working.

  9. Drew

    Effing A

  10. edt

    oh ben gordon, why cant you shoot good more often than once every 10 games.

    ben gordon 23 minutes, 25 points, 47% and 44%

    ben gordon you didnt get easy looks, you got some very short windows, no hesitation, you jumped, went square to the basket all night, and it just went in, a hand in the face, didnt matter.

    Why tonight? Because Rip got traded?

    I think the grizzlies knew that they would get ahead in the 3rd quarter, because . . . well that’s the reputation of the pistons. You can always beat the pistons if you play hard in the 3rd.

  11. Kashmeer

    Is it official yet about RIP?

    What did you think about Stuck at the 2 ?

    • edt

      not sure about stuck at the 2. I was hoping for this lineup for a while, but I guess I dont know. run it again? I assume Ben Gordon is gonna get stuck back in the starting lineup or get more minutes for a heat check.

      • Kashmeer

        I don’t think Stuck can or should run the 2 too much but i think the Pistons should go for another combo guard to pair with him; Very much like Joey D & Isiah…

        But you re right This backcourt formula has to be run again a few time in order to really see what it can do

        • junior

          ya becuase the starting 5 was playing great together, but monroe and wilcox need to stay outtta foul trouble so they can keep that 5 out there together longer. stuckey is greaat at the 2 IF they use him right, he is not rip or bg they cant run him all over the floor thats not his game. they should run him to the high post so he can back them down or face them and take them off the dribble on isolation. sorta how we use tay. if tay coulda hit just a couple of the shots he usually makes, and if we made our freethrows we would have won this one. one question. IS RIP TRADED? why else would he not play?

          • Kashmeer

            Iso from the High post?

            • junior

              itll work trust me.

  12. James (Australia)

    No Grizzlies showed up in the first half (still couldn’t put them away)
    All the Grizzlies showed up the third quarter (dominated)
    Zach Randolph showed up in the last (game over)

    If Rip really has gone, then I hope we can expect these kind of performances frequently from BG. McGrady is the only Piston who seems to play for a full four quarters.

  13. Enoc

    First of all… I told you guys a few games ago: “Ben Gordon is a heck of a 6th man, not a starter” and what happened?

    Ben Gordon 23 minutes, 25 points, 47% and 44% off the bench!

    Anyways… I don’t think Wilcox should start. Q should use his energy off the bench too and what would we have? Bynum, Ben Gordon, AD, CV and Wilcox as a second unit… (that’s counting on Ben Wallace and JJ being injuried)

    RIP didn’t play because I think the trade is coming… maybe early tomorrow we’ll hear the news on it.

    • Enoc

      Sorry, i messed up in the second unit lineup, it should be:

      Bynum, BG, AD, Max and Wilcox

      CV should start the game…

      • Drew

        I liked Monroe and Wallace starting together, although that doesn’t give Stuckey (or whoever’s running point) a lot of assist opportunities.

  14. junior

    NATALIE!!!! we have 12 wins not 11. please dont take em away (they are hard to come by). thank you. lol

  15. rai_from_the_philippines

    why the hell does Q start 2 centers when there are no other centers left on the bench?

    • Kashmeer

      I don’t believe there’s much difference between a 4 & a 5 in modern bball

      The “center” position as been called that way cause of the positionning in defense (zone defense 2-1-2) as the name says the center was in the middle

      So today a center will have to guard the biggest guy on the opposing team so obviously your bigger(&stronger) guy will be your center

      but i don’t think there is any specific offense differenciation between PF & C

  16. Tycoon

    Greg Moroe, win or lose just keep the double-doubles coming!

  17. Tycoon

    Relax. With Troy Murphy, this team can win in a stretch or 8 to 12 games.
    – Joe D.

  18. Zack

    We have 12 wins… Not 11… If that makes any difference.

    • Rashit Flawless (Go_Osebumps)

      I’d like 11, we are the lottery balls team so far)
      We’re 1-2 seasons away from being in playoffs constantly, I think

  19. thewordkeeper

    Well the Rip haters got what they wanted last night; DNP and it stilled equaled a loss. The positives were Monroe is finally figuring this NBA thing out, McGrady looks awful comfortable at the point, Rodney is finally playing where everyone knows he should have been all along, Daye taking advantage of his length, Wilcox getting time at the 4 and hopefully Gordon has found and will continue his shooting groove. When Rip leaves i know there’ll be a “He’s finally gone party” all night long in Motown.

    If the trade does go down with Jersey i can watch what should have been in 2004 and beyond; Rip, Chauncey and Anthony together at last. I can watch them on local tv (couldn’t deal with league pass this year) here in New Jersey.

    Hey Rip whatever happens much love man. You helped lead us to the most successful stretch of seasons in Pistons history. You have what some superstars now, some in the past and those in the future will never have, a championship; and you helped get us there. Be proud of that accomplishment. Being from Detroit and a Pistons fans since 1970 i can truly say you will always be a Piston in my eyes. So when you leave “Don’t Look Back” and leave all your troubles behind. Thank you my man.

  20. daddy

    I think the starting line up will have to change due to what team we are playing. I like tmac at the point but not against super fast pg’s like rose. I really think tmac and stuck should play more of the high post i dont think many guards can hold them due to their size. If wilcox is on the floor we should run pick and rolls he can finish easy with dunks. If him and bg get good at that play it will be hard to stop.

  21. edt

    tmac can start point, and stuckey can do a defensive switch, thats not a good reason for tmac not to run point.


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