The Pistons vs. The Bulls

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The Pistons vs The Bulls

Amidst the trade talk, the 12-24 Pistons are in Chicago to take on the 24-12 Bulls. The Bulls are on a season-high six-game home win streak and will try to win it’s 10th straight game against Detroit on Monday night.

And in case you were wondering, Rip was at the morning shoot around for the Pistons.

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Tip off is at 8:00 pm and will be broadcast on FS PLUS Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at WWJ 950 AM.

Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.


  1. piston_fan_philippines

    So far they are doing a really good job. Hope it continues till the end of the game.

  2. Drew

    Q needs to get Stuckey’s ass back in there and friggin take out Rip, who along with Gordon isn’t hitting jack.

    • Drew

      Great, Ben Gordon. Nice effin choice. Was Kuester even at the game?

      • piston_fan_philippines

        I think we need a new coach lol

  3. edt

    the pistons are the softest team in the nba even with ben wallace, but if he gets injured . . . the thing is we look pretty good as long as the other team doesn’t try to defend.

    In the 2nd half, for some reason the Bulls decided they wanted to play defense.

    This happens a lot, and might be the real reason for the infamous 3rd quarter slump. In the first two quarters, the other team isn’t serious about playing defense, and in the 3rd, they step it up, at which point we got nothing.

  4. Seto

    Ok this is really pathetic…we have talent, but know nothing about how to use it…after what I saw I really have to say that Q must go. So many breakdowns and he is doing nothing. He is just sticking to his gameplan, no matter that it is not working all season long, like today, letting Gordon play so much??…why???…he is great when he is shooting, but when he is cold he is mediocre defender – out of the game ! Villanueva the same. I like what I saw from Monroe, he is a rookie and not the top pick, but he is trying, he will be at least great rebounder in time. But with the system and rotation and most importantly mindset Pistons are playing with, there is no trade to help us. Yeah if Rip goes it makes room for T-mac and maybe Daye and we will have cap flexibility, I like that, but we will be playing still as bad as now…stop dreaming about play off, we have nothing to do there. It´s better to hope for luck in lottery and add another talent than go to play off and get hammered 4:0

    • rai_from_the_philippines

      great, up by 12 at half, then loses by 13 at end of the game. that’s a 25 point swing. nice effin effort in the second half. And what has happened to CV? he was playing good when december started but was quiet the last few games.

  5. edt

    im sorry i wasnt keeping track but are the same people that said we have to give ben gordon starting minutes so he can “get into rhythm” the same people that want to sit him after 20 minutes because he’s cold? Just checking.

    You can’t have it both ways people. If you want to get Ben Gordon going, he’s gonna have to play when he’s cold so he shoot his way out of this slump.

    Personally I think he needs to go see a shrink to fix whatever is wrong with his head.

  6. Kashmeer

    Makes me wonder …if T-Mac is gone next year (seems logical as he is showing he deserve a spot in a contending squad)
    BG&Terrico are what’s left at the SG??

    …not so sure the RIP trade is such a”MUST DO” trade as everyone is saying…

    let’s hope BG finds concistency…someday..

  7. Tycoon

    Troy Murphy will save this team…. Believe.

  8. daddy

    another one bites the dust

  9. edt

    Kashmeer, Stuckey is a 2 also

  10. edt

    troy murphy will ask for a buyout the day after the trade

    billups will ask for a buyout, the nets will get stuck with huge impossible contracts, and probably murphy will go back there, while billups will go back to denver (he plans to join the coaching staff there after he finishes playing).

    Leon Rose stands to make millions of dollars on this deal as he is the agent both for rip hamilton and for carmelo anthony — if this deal goes down than Leon Rose for being the greediest agent in the NBA.

    • edt


  11. terry

    Rip’s tanking it to spoil the trade. BG is on ice. If Daye continues to make plays off the dribble we should start him at the two…

  12. edt

    rip isnt tanking anything on purpose, he just lacks motivation. I dont blame him how would you like it if EVERY SINGLE STAT line was better than Ben Gordon’s yet . . . the Coach put you on the bench because ben gordon is the “future” and rip is the “past”.

    It’s hard to get up, I think Rip did have a pretty awful attitude, but he’s come around a bit thanks to Tay playing like a man possessed, and now he just lacks motivation.

    rip is better in every respect than ben gordon. Sure rip shoots slightly lower from the floor but thats because ben gordon gets the ball, hesitates doesnt know what to do and then passes it, while Rip is still a shoot first player.

    And did you notice Rip is .39 from the 3. Ben Gordon is only .38 from the 3 this year.

    Rip is just flat out better than ben gordon this year, DESPITE Rip playing like he doesn’t give a damn we can all see that, Ben Gordon is playing like someone is screwing his wife in audience in the first while he plays the game so he cant focus. something is not right with BG and it’s purely mental of that I am convinced.

    • Seto

      Yeah I´m for starting BG, but that doesn´t mean he has to play when he is not getting it done…for what, getting out of slump?? That´s pretty bad reason, you have to win a game and you have to do everything for it. Player can get out of a slump next game, but when you are playing right now than thats what matters. Few days before Boozer sat the 4q because he was playing poorly, and he is a starter and All star – that´s coaching, if one player is playing bad, change strategy or go to your bench.

  13. Kashmeer

    EDT , first sorry to answer so late;
    As for Stuckey being also a 2… I don’t like the idea!
    Stuck doesn’t have range & he needs the ball in hands to be effective on offense, plus the edge he got in the defensive end (via his size) won’t be a factor a the 2 knowing he will face bigger opponent.

    IMHO he can only be a backup 2 in a contending team.

    EDT as we agreed earlier this week he has the tool to be an effective PG with the new rules

    Stuck is a slasher, he attacks the basket but he cannot create spacing for himself without the ball (RIP being the best at that)
    I hope he does developp a mid range jumper but I doubt he will ever be a spot up shooter, he will always need a dribble or two in order to get rythm for his shot…
    So him needing the ball in his hands so much will hurt the flow of the offense if he sees to much time at the 2 …


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