‘Melo wants Rip as a teammate

by | Jan 8, 2011 | 19 comments

The trade rumor that really isnt a rumor, but a deal that the Nets are trying to get through just go a little more interesting.  We know that the Pistons would love to trade Rip and the 25 million dollars left on his contract.

We know that Detroit didn’t want to give up their first round pick in 2011, nor did they want to take on Petro.

Now it’s looking like we are just waiting on a counter offer from the Nets to get this done because Carmelo really wants Rip with him in New Jersey.

Carmelo Anthony demands the New Jersey Nets surround him with veteran talent as a condition for him to commit to a contract extension, his agent has been the driving force behind bringing Detroit Pistons guard Richard Hamilton into multiteam trade talks.

Anthony’s agent, Leon Rose, also represents Hamilton, and sources said he pushed Nets general manager Billy King to bring the Pistons into trade talks with New Jersey and the Denver Nuggets.

As part of a package that would bring them Anthony and Billups for Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and multiple first-round picks, New Jersey proposed sending the Pistons Troy Murphy and Johan Petro for Hamilton and Detroit’s 2011 first-round draft pick.

Detroit rejected the overture, and New Jersey has yet to counter with a revised offer, sources said. The availability of Hamilton has been known for months, and yet the Nets only now finally reached out about including him in the Anthony deal. This could suggest that Rose is more enthusiastic about adding Hamilton than King and Nets coach Avery Johnson.

The Pistons are determined to trade Hamilton and the $25 million left on his contract, but they refuse to part with the draft pick, sources said. Murphy has a $12 million expiring contract and Petro is in the first season of a three-year, $10 million deal.  Via Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo Sports.

This one could possible get done, and that fact that ‘Melo is pushing for Rip is a good thing. Why? Because unless bullied, no GM in the league wanted to take on Rip’s contract.

Getting this deal done also may be a sign that this whole ownership issues is close to being a done deal.

Get to work Joe!


  1. Eric


  2. PistonsPoland

    don’t give any picks Joe!!

  3. ali bazzi



    • junior

      i think they want our pick to give to denver.

  4. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I don’t see Murphy or Petro as our strong inside players. Murphy is a C like CV is a PF.
    Don’t give up any picks or another season will be wasted completely

    • Amer-ican Prince

      right on the money rashit, he’s pure finesse, we need toughness. I agree with you

  5. Mike Antonich

    Murphy is an expiring contract. He won’t be here after this season anyways.
    The ONLY purpose of this trade for the Pistons is to RID US OF RIP and his contract so I frankly don’t care what we get back in return, just get it done.

    And if it does happen, we should all give Carmelo a standing ovation next time the Nets come to town to thank him for helping our team move forward & getting rid of Rip’s deal.

  6. Pistonsbaby01

    As much as I would hate to see Rip leave, I know it is what he wants/needs. He hasn’t looked like he is enjoying playing the game since Chauncey left and if he gets to play with his best friend again I’m all for it! 🙂 Good luck to them! I hope they can work this deal out! I will definitely be rooting for them (not when they are playing the Pistons though!)

  7. Stanley

    Joe Dumars is stupid. He can get money and a good player by trading Rip. But I guess hes just to stupid and old to do anything. Lets trade Gms instead.

  8. Th3 Answ3r

    Why not bring ‘Melo to the D?

    • Amer-ican Prince

      cause he has no D? lol

  9. ali bazzi

    i think melo would play in the lingerine football league than play for us. WES= STINK lol

  10. Amer-ican Prince

    i personally dont want rip to be shipped out, cause none of the players on this roster is long term. Mcgrady is going to probably get a deal somewhere else, joe d will eventually realize ben gordons game is a smokescreen, and most of the other players will be traded soon probably too

  11. R.I.P.

    I personally was hoping to get someone else in this trade. I like that we will be getting rid of rips horrible contract! But this also looks like an opportunity to get rid of our other players. Like Tayshaun, Max… For maybe, J.R. Smith or Devin Harris… (Even though it looks like Denver MUST Have him) But we should also try to get Billups back in the D?! ;D

  12. edt

    all our players are decent, ben gordon, charlie v, austin daye, greg monroe, ben wallace, the problem is that we dont have starters.

    ben wallace should not be starting at this stage in his career, charlie v is best off the bench due to his lack of defense, ben gordon same problem, austin daye, same, not much defense, greg monroe is just not ready, next year he will start. Maxiell is able to play at a decent level for 10-20 minutes at a time, but can’t handle starter mintues. will bynum is a quality backup point guard, but is not able to perform at the elite level.

    Prince is a legit starter, but he is in the last year here, rip will get traded.

    We have a team of 6th men 10 players deep.

    It’s not that we have to break everything up and throw it out, what we need are some legit NBA starters, a point guard, some trees, move stuckey over to shooting guard, and we can keep ben gordon, charlie V, everyone on this team can play . . . they just should not be starting in the NBA.

    We need a starting power forward (centers are too hard to get), and a starting point guard, or alternatively a shooting/combo guard that compliments stuckey.

    Next year, we’ll use our new tree to play alongside Greg Monroe, our new starting guard, stuckey, jerebko, and have as a second team, bynum, ben gordon, austin daye, charlie v and ben wallace.

    We have to be careful not to just pick up any sloppy or finesse big, we could waste years trying to make the next kwame brown or petro work for our team just because he’s the right size. We need a quality big who can defend and play offense, is not injury prone, has a large basketball iq, but not necessarily super tall, toughness will be more important than length to compliment our current roster.

  13. Jo-El

    As much as I was a fan of Rip from years back, I think if he’s the one closest to getting traded, Joe D should try to make it work. No draft picks out and no longterm contract in, though.

    What if they got a fourth team in the mix? A team that’s willing to take the expiring contract of Murphy for a big man with an inside game who can go to the D? Sacramento, for example? Carl Landry? We know they’re rebuilding so an expiring contract might be enticing for them.

    • Jo-El

      Or we could also look at the Clippers and ask about the availability of Chris Kaman. I know he’s injured but he would be a nice big to have for Detroit…

  14. Lucas

    Billups refuses to play for anyone besides Denver…back to square 1.


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