Bullied in Overtime

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The Pistons forced overtime on a scrappy play that they just didn’t give up on. With 18 seconds left, McGrady missed an open jumper, Stuckey boarded the ball, Rip miss another jumper. Tayshaun then rebounds and passes it over to Rip who misses another jumper. Charlie V boards it and puts it in leaving the clock at .6 in regulation and tied at 85.  Maxiell blocked the final shot for Chicago to send it to overtime, where the Pistons finally fell to Chicago 95-92.

Key Points:

  • Detroit just couldn’t stop Boozer. No big body to stop a guy like that, he finished with 31 points and 11 boards. On a funny note, I find it funny that on NBA.com’s player profile of Boozer they have him in a photoshopped picture of him in a Bulls.
  • Tracy McGrady with 15 in the fourth quarter. It was his and Rip’s play late in the fourth quarter to take this game into overtime.
  • Rip with 15 points and late game heroics, but he did have a few horrible looking shots earlier in the game. Six for 14 shooting for Rip with 3 assists, and4 boards in 36 minutes.
  • Scrappy good effort from Detroit, even though they lost. Detroit really came out flat and had another third quarter collapse, but they kept at it. Honestly this one could have went either way.
  • Highlights from the game

[flashvideo file=https://need4sheed.com/videos/flash_video/dec_26_10_hl.f4v /]
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • Good crowd at the Palace with a ton of Pistons fans back home for the Holidays. When Detroit tied it on their last play in regulation, the Palace was just electric. Hasn’t’ felt that good since 2007.
  • Stuckey still doesn’t get the call, but Boozer sure does.
  • Stuckey scored 16 on 6-for-12 shooting with 4 assists a steal and 3 boards. Rodney got into foul trouble and in came Bynum who really can’t handle Rose at all.
  • Boozer and Rose scored 54 of the Bulls 95 points.
  • 46 points in the paint for Chicago.
  • 13 Offensive rebounds from Chicago in the first quarter. Proof positive Detroit desperately needs big bodies. Detroit was outrebounded 55-39.
  • Good Defense from Detroit late in the game.
  • Pistons have now lost the last 9 games to the Bulls.
  • Tayshaun led the Pistons with 17 and some great defense, when Detroit really needed it. Tayshaun with 6 assists a steal and 2 blocked shots in 34 on the floor.
  • I only had to endure Scalabrine for the last 18 seconds of regulation, but I did have to look at Korver and his faux beard and ballet tights for much longer.
  • Ben Gordon also in foul trouble for Detroit, but surprisingly didn’t play more than a few seconds after he got his fourth.
  • When is the last time Charlie Villanueva has had a bad game? Charlie V with a double-double 10 boards and 12 points, with a blocked shot and 2 steals. He looked demoralized in his post game interview. He took this loss hard.
Charlie Villanueva against The Bulls
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Photo/AP editing Need4Sheed.com

  • Surprising bodies on the floor for the Pistons to finish up the game from Kuester.
  • An almost invisible Ben Wallace except for his 3 blocked shots.
  • Detroit hold the Bulls to 39.6% shooting on the night and loses.
  • The Pistons have played five overtime games this season, with four coming in Sunday home games. Wasn’t it last season they couldn’t win at all on Sundays? Or was that 2008? All this bad play is just running into each other lately.
  • They made it a game and it was exciting. I’ll take this kind of game any day, because they fought and had heart.
  • Back to back in Charlotte.

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  1. ali bazzi

    if detroit can play like this all year, they can be dangerous. we r only 2 games out of the 8th seed.

  2. Tycoon

    Everytime we play the bulls I always get disappointed. This time I only expected a good fight and I’m ok with this.
    Hope we win the next one in Charlotte because that would be disappointing if we dont. We haven’t won a 2nd game of a back to back so its going to be tough.

  3. James (Australia)

    So disappointing. It seemed like the Pistons were going to carry the momentum from the fourth all the way into overtime, but those turnovers in the last 2 minutes put that hope to bed. I know we pulled out the Hornets game, but it just seems like we never win “these sort of games”.

    McGrady was incredible. If I was assured of his long term position at the franchise, I would definitely be advocating him starting. I like the chemistry that he and Rip have going.

    If we just could have got a couple more rebounds, or injured Boozer, we win this game and it isn’t even close.

    Need to win tomorrow, or I can see this ballooning into a 6 game losing streak.

  4. BSS

    Well played overall. I was really disappointed with Stuckey’s decision to drive the baseline and force a contested layup when down 1 with the last possession at 9 seconds remaining in OT. There was no passing on that possession. Tay stood there with his arms out in amazement, disappointment and confusion. A REAL point guard would have held patiently to get up a shot or make a legit pass to an open teammate to shoot as time expired. Dude’s just not a PG.

  5. Mike Watson

    I missed the game but I’m surprised to see another missed layup by Stuckey

  6. gordbrown

    Stuckey was fouled on that play. Just as he picked up the ball and drove, Rose pushed him and upset his balance. There was further contact after that, but Stuckey threw his foot out and that part of the play did not look good. But visibly knocking player off balance on their way to the hoop should always be a foul, four seconds left or not.

    • Drew

      Not sure if foul or not, but it wasn’t a bad idea. The defense wasn’t set and he usually makes shots like that. I think it was just more contested when he went up than what he thought it would be. If you look at the replay, there wasn’t anyone open to pass it to, maybe Rip, but Idk.

  7. Drew

    It was a valiant effort. The last 14 seconds were about as exciting and tense as sports can get–and this is why I love basketball so much. People are either going to love how we fought back and finished closely, or they’re going to lament how we came so close yet couldn’t finish the deal.

  8. ali bazzi

    i personally hate stuckey!!!! i dont know what dumars saw in the guy that made him trade billups so he stuck can be our franchise guy

    • Kevin (PHL)

      Stuckey is SELFISH.

      At least Rip can look to pass when his shot is not going down. When Stuckey is not making shots, he becomes useless.

  9. CG

    With new ownership comes new management, with old management goes Stuckey.

  10. Drew

    Interesting how people are throwing Stuckey under the bus when McGrady missed his share of shots in the last couple regulation minutes and overtime and Hamilton did too (along with a couple of turnovers). I guess y’all see what you wanna see.


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