“Rip’s Behavior has becaome a Distraction” – Bruised Ego = Upset Stomach

by | Dec 21, 2010 | 32 comments

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When the Pistons announced that Rip Hamilton was out Sunday afternoon with an “upset stomach” I immediately thought to myself…here we go again, he can’t handle the fact the Ben Gordon is starting so he’s faking an illness.

In fact, if you follow me on Twitter you would have noticed my Tweets claiming just that. I even discussed it with my media buddies covering the game and no one wanted to touch the subject, but they solidified my suspicions.

Here are my tweets from Vincent Goodwill the Detroit Pistons beat writer.

Then his answer:

Then this is today’s piece from Goodwill in the Detroit News.

Hamilton’s non-participation in Saturday’s practice, along with his upset stomach that caused him to miss Sunday’s game and complaints about his diminished role have led some in the organization to wonder if Hamilton has quit on the Pistons.

“He quit on us,” one team source said. Another team source said Hamilton is acting out of emotion and should adjust.

Hamilton’s been on the trading block for two years, and he would like a change of scenery.

And, on Sunday, just before a game against the New Orleans Hornets, Hamilton, who was replaced in the starting lineup over the weekend by Ben Gordon, told the team he had an upset stomach and could not play. After the game, a number of people associated with the team questioned his “upset stomach.”

Then there’s the Joe Dumars interview from 96.1 Grand Rapids:

“I haven’t spoken to Rip since. We had a day off today. I’ll see how Rip is doing tomorrow when he gets in here.

“But whatever issues I have to deal with, I don’t duck them. Whatever comes up, I deal with it. Rip has been good for me. I’ll see how he is when he comes in tomorrow, and if he and I need to sit down and have a long talk, we will.”

It’s not like we don’t know that Rip has been on the trading block, and he’s hard to move.  We also understand the Dumars doesn’t have free reign to make trades because of the ownership situation.  We do know that maybe, just maybe someone would take on his contract considering the fact the the Wizards moved the unmovable Gilbert Arenas and his gigantic contract.

What’s disturbing is the fact that this isn’t the first time Rip’s ego has gotten in the way of the teams well being.  The fact that acted like a child, and threw a tantrum because he wasn’t starting  just shows that he’s checked out.  It’s not like he’s making his case any better to other teams with that kind of attitude.  And he has no leg to stand on because he hasn’t been the same player since Chauncey was traded.

I’m over him, if all we got in exchange for Rip was some Chicken Nuggets and some home improvement coupons, I’m OK with it.


Rip is hurt someone in the organization said he quit on the team – Check out the article over at MLive with audio from Chris Iott


  1. tim*

    LAME!! Dammit Rip, we got rid of AI for a reason.

  2. Mike Watson

    I actually feel sorry for RIP. He’s my fav player on the team but the unfortanatley the team’s concept and scheme has passed him by. It’s time for BG to get in the starting lineup

  3. ali bazzi

    screw rip and his stupid ass contract extension. is faking injuries become a trend in detroit?? first iverson and now rip

  4. N1ck

    I urge you all to give respect to Rip. He deserves it for all the good times.

    He’s just a victim of his contract and he needed to be outta Detroit a long time ago.

    Joe D should realize he gotta trade him for for anything he can get cause doing so will actually improve this team. It sounds stupit but that’s the way it is!

  5. N1ck

    And stop all of this hating which is actually based entirely on rumours!

  6. terry

    Well one thing we know isn’t a rumor is the fact that Rip absolutely does not want to come off the bench. He seems to take that very notion as an insult. Rip needs to be somewhere with a savvy veteran point guard to flourish with his style of play. Utah would have been a nice fit for him and they seemed to be interested in him. He would be a nice fit in New Orleans, the Hornets got to make a move if they want a chance at keeping CP3. I think the place he would want to be the most though is Denver, cause he aint been the same since Chuancey left. they must be best friends or something. All I know is if we don’t move him quickly that upset stomach might turn into ulcers on the pistons bench, because BG should be starting.

  7. James (Australia)

    I remember when Rip chucked a tantrum because Iverson was starting over him. That time, I think Rip may have had a point. He was playing decently well, but the team was losing as he came off the bench.

    Now? He is playing arguably the worst ball of his career, and we are losing with him as a starter. We have a guy (BG) who is obviously ready to start and give 100%. If he can’t embrace a diminished role, then Dumars should just aim for a second round draft pick and anything better than that is a bonus.

  8. Mike Watson

    I agree. RIP is still a great player, he is just in a bad sitution right now. Plus the fact that he’s only human, if you knew everyone in the city and team that you helped build into champions wanted out the door then how would you feel about playing there?

  9. edt

    this is not entirely rip’s fault. He has every right to be pissed.

    What if you came into work one day and your boss told you, “You’re fired. Oh, but wait, I want you to keep working for just a little bit until I can work out a deal to move you.”

    So you wait for a couple of weeks, you work hard, pissed of that you got fired, but whatever, it’s business.

    two years later you are still waiting to get fired. . . .

    come on man.

    It’s an impossible working condition. As soon as BG got hired, everyone knew the plan was to move Rip. That’s still the plan two years later.

    wtf joe dumars.

    rip Hamilton is still a crybaby. Pulling up double techs is no way to go out. And a fake stomach virus is no way to handle it.

    But I dont blame him one bit that he is not putting forth 100% effort, that he’s finding it difficult to play hard, Joe Dumars put him into an impossible position, making a team made out of all shooting guards and small forwards so nobody ever gets enough playing time.

    And he’s not gonna move Rip until he takes a haircut. We are going to have to take a loss when we move him. Joe D is the only person in the metro area that still thinks he can trade Rip for Bosh.

  10. Thor

    Wow Nat, tell us how u really feel! LOL!!!!

  11. Basketball Goals

    Time to blow it up. Get what you can for tayshaun and rip and rebuild.

  12. Mike Watson

    Question: Do you think the fans should boo him when he comes back after being traded?

  13. Scott Morey


    I was thinking about that as well. In my opinion, he should get cheers (though perhaps not as many as Chauncey). He was a critical part of a pretty amazing Detroit squad and though we are a few years removed from the glory days, we should try to remember Rip for how he played the majority of his time with the Pistons.


    • The Fluidics

      Loudest I remember ever hearing the Palace was when old faves came back. The cheers for Chauncey were awesome, the boos for Big Ben with the Bulls were just as loud.

  14. Kevin (PHL)

    RIP is my favorite Piston, period. Without him, there would be no ring in ’04. I don’t understand this hate he is getting from fans.

    To call for his trade is one thing, but to diss him as if he has been a cancer to the team all these years is just ridiculous!

    • Natalie Sitto

      Kevin, this is by no means a dis to Rip, it’s the truth and it doesnt diminish what he did for the team or how you as a fan feel about him. Sheed was my boy, but when he put himself and his antics before the team I knew it was his time to go…

      You can root for a team or a player, it’s your choice.

      • Kevin (PHL)

        YUP! I completely agree, it’s time for him to go… I want Rip to go to a contender, somewhere his skills can be put to better use…

        What’s funny is how people are putting words into Rip’s mouth… ie. the “fake tummy ache” thing. It may have been true. It may have been fake. Truth is, no one really knows. Until then, i’m reserving my judgement 🙂

  15. The Fluidics

    Dude, you don’t get to start forever. When your skills start to fade, you gotta accept your role and move to the bench. If you can’t handle that, then you go start for Istanbul or wherever. It pisses me off that Rip is going out like this because he’s been huge for this club, but dudes who fake tummy aches because they aren’t happy with their minutes don’t get their numbers retired.

  16. AK

    RIP is the best Piston on our squad. You remember the way he went at KOBE. Had he not been ejected, he would of dropped one hell of a game. He’s hands down a guy we need in big games. He’s a better scorer than BG. ENOUGH SAID!

    • edt

      ak rip ejected himself on purpose. that was no accident.

      btw go look at the latest kobe double tech. You can see how the lakers were getting beat by the bucks and kobe started arguing a call, and picked up a double tech. The reason kobe got his double is because he was through playing. Players understand that if they are sick of playing, they can get a quick exit via a double tech, and that’s just how it is.

      A great player . . . cant play at the highest level anymore . . . losing the game . . . feels frustrated . . . this guy is a big candidate for a double tech and an early chicken dinner.

  17. KG

    in reply to the above statement Current RIP < Current BG
    Just saying…

    • ice

      @KG current BG is just about as bad as current Rip if not worse.

      Horrible shot choices – when it falls, great, but it’s taking him ten games to get an about ave shooting game when it counts (he’s pretty good at getting points in garbage time ex clippers game/ hornets [the one we lost]).

      Poor ball handling/passing – 56 TO (Rip 41) and Rip was supposed to be one on the team with the bad passing.

  18. terry

    Tayshaun Prince has been the best player on this team for the majority of this season. Good things usually happen when we run the offense through him because he is unselfish. Don’t forget that his name has been on the trading block just as long as Rip, yet he’s not the one being targeted as a distraction. This is because he is playing the game the way it should be played, not just trying to boost his stats every chance he gets. Rip has been calling his own number and forcing a lot of plays this year. If Prince had Rip’s contract today he would still be easier to trade, because he is a great team player and conducts himself professionally. Yeah he got into it with coach during a game, but that has happened with just about every player at some point in their career. The thing is he never gave up, he still played his game, and still gives it his best. Rip has to catered to way to much, to get into a rhythm and he’s just not that good. Now he’s letting bitterness and jealousy get the best of him. I don’t think Rip does have the right to be pissed, if I got fired two years ago from a team i’m still playing for and getting the money Rip’s money I would be LMAO, and doing every thing I could to show the league why I deserve that kind of money. I say Ben Wallace is the reason the Pistons win that championship and Rip could learn a thing or two about humility from him.

  19. the real

    Ya’ll live 2004. move on, for reallllllllllll.

  20. mrk

    RIP is a BAAAABY. When I went to go see the pistons in Memphis I stayed after the game and all the players came out and signed autographs for the 15 people left there – chauncey and maxiell even came into the stands and chatted with some people. Do you think RIP even said HI? I was a fan from Michigan who came to see him play at Memphis and all he did was walk on by everyone else and even after I called to him a foot away he ignored me. RIP- you are lazy, lousy, and look like a rabbit!! go eat a carrot and ruin some other franchise. Let’s trade him for steve francis!

    • maje32

      you are such an iddiot.. i hope you watched todays game fool!


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