On Military Night at the Palace, Pistons choose to surrender

by | Dec 18, 2010 | 15 comments

Another game, another way to lose in embarrassing fashion.  The best player on the floor, Blake Griffin, had his way with the Pistons early and often.  Even when the Pistons decided to foul him hard, it wasn’t enough.  I believe during the last podcast that Natalie and I discussed the worst losses of the season and well, I think we spoke to soon.. or at least I did.

Embarrassing…lackadasical…half assed…etc… The Pistons got beat by a team who had not yet won a road game.  The Pistons got beat by the Clippers 109-89.

  • Ok so let me get this straight – Ben Gordon plays 18 minutes against the Raptors and 22 minutes against the Hawks before playing 31 against the Clippers last night.  If you’re not blaming the Coach at this point, you can hop on the bandwagon with me.  Hey Kuester, nice rotations you have in place.
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  • Hey Rodney Stuckey, you don’t have a good enough jumpshot to shoot your way (2-11 from the field) out of a cold slump.  Pass the ball.
  • All of the starters were horrible last night.
  • Brian Cook, possibly the worst “power forward” in the NBA, scored 12 points and had 7 rebounds for the Clippers.
  • Pistons Interim Head Coach Assistant Coach Brian Hill received a technical foul, his 2nd of the season.
  • Charlie Villanueva was the only Piston to show up last night – and he tried to lay what lumber he could on Blake Griffin, but we know how good Griffin is and we know how poor Charlie’s defense is.
  • If the Wizards can find someone to take Gilbert Arenas and his awful contract , why can’t Dumars find anyone to take Richard Hamilton?  (Please don’t tell me Arenas is better than Hamilton at this point in his career.  Arenas is extremely overrated right now)
  • I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe that Ben Gordon would’ve signed here last offseason if he knew he was going to play 27 minutes a night for a team where he’s the best shooter.  $10.8 million dollars this season for a guy who goes from playing 18 minutes to 31 minutes over the course of 3 games.
  • Blake Griffin had 24 points (on several dunks and a highlight reel worthy 360 degree layup) and 17 rebounds.
  • 16,000 fans attended the game last night – the Michigan economy is too bad to make Pistons’ fans have to pay to see this team give half assed effort… If I went to the game, I’d demand a refund on the grounds of the NBA is supposed to be entertainment, and I was not entertained.
  • DaJuan Summers broke a sweat in an actual game situation!  Summers played 7 minutes and had 2 points.

Ugh.  The Pistons are now 8-19 with a 6-7 record at home.  C’monnnnnnnnnnnnnn lottery balls!

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  1. Mike Antonich

    Also, awesome job by Kuester to allow the lackadaisical starters to dig a huge hole not once but TWICE in the same game! They had to get down 12 before he made any substitutions in the first. Then the bench got them back in the game. So then he lets the starters throw it all away in the third and fall behind 14 before he made changes.

    I am not taking any blame away from the players, they should be ashamed of their “performance” but Kuester is abysmal. I never thought Joe D could come up with a worse coach than Curry, then he goes and digs up this buffoon. Kuester has a complete inability to adjust on the fly or read a game. The starters should have been back on the bench a couple minutes into the third when more of the same crap started happening. What a disaster this team is!

  2. RJ

    Is there anyway to get the replay of the game cause I held the flag during the national anthem and I want to see it. or at least photos of it.

    • Natalie Sitto

      RJ, Im out of town but when I get back I’ll try to pull the clip of the Flag if it was broadcast. Please Email me about it need4sheed at Gmail.com

  3. jerri

    honestly, at this point the pistons are the most pathetic orginization in ALL OF PRO SPORTS. its very sad when the players making 12 mil a year dont even try hard enought gto break a sweat. I just wish joe duars had a heart so he would understand what this constant losing is doing to the fans, but alas, he has his millions and couldnt give a damn about the welfare oft this team. he refuses to part with rip or tay and at this point im not going to support them anymore. If none of them care, why should we. sad. so so sad

  4. maje32

    Can we get rid of ben gordon?? every time he tries to go in the lane for a basket he is getting blocked! I personally think everybody on this team should be moved except for Charlie V. Oh and can someone teach Greg Monroe to dunk the ball? GET OF YOUR FEET! Going to Pistons games have now become more about enjoying the opposing teams talent then watching what used to be a great team. I am going to the Hornets game on Sunday.. I hope Chris Paul puts on a show because I know the pistons wont!

  5. edt

    we could move both rip & ben gordon but we need to pack him with a good piece, for instance, we could trade ben gordon or rip + jonas jerebko and/or austin daye. Maxiell with Monroe. Bynum with Charlie V.

    Joe D will not do these sorts of painful trades, so we are stuck with this team. why do you think he never moved rip when it was absolutely clear when he signed Ben Gordon that was his long term plan? Because Joe D thought he could trade Rip for a good big. Fantasy land joe, that’s where he’s living.

    Next Step, Lottery Ball. Coach Q isnt going to get fired, if only because it ruins the financial package that Citibank has for the sale.

    • jayg108

      He could package Rip with our next year draft pick. Unless there’s a good true center prospect in the draft.

      • edt

        we arent getting much salary relief with that kind of trade, since we’ll be getting a quality (expensive) veteran big, and it’s not like we are missing one piece we don’t have a team. We got a bunch of expensive parts that don’t go anywhere

        our best hope is to trade rip + 1 quality young player for an expiring contract and plan on more trades in 2011-2012, so we can reload and refill.

        And maybe some day we get the #1 lottery ball, and build the franchise around whoever that is, even if he’s a shooting guard or small forward, we need a john wall or blake griffin or Derrick Rose

    • Danny Bohnlein

      Why trade Monroe? He’s the only big on the roster who actually plays on the block and can score with his back to the basket.

      • edt

        i was using him as an example. joe d feels about all our players the way you feel about monroe, when he should think that every player is disposable. Is Monroe our franchise player?

  6. jayg108

    I’ve been saying “trade Rip” since the Iverson experiment. Too late now. His value has plummeted, though Joe D doesn’t think so. Time for Mr. Dumars to hold a store-wide sale and and give away all the starters at bargain discounts.

    The team would play much better with Rip and Tay in street clothes. Give Gordon and TMac the minutes and lets have some fun. Stuckey might actually get some assists if the people he passes to can score.

  7. Ronaldo D. Williams

    I think Joe cares very much that his team is a complete joke. Kuester needs to come up with a damn rotation not his,”play it by ear” routine. Here’s the Starters and my three bench players and possible furth depending on fuls and situations. Stuckey, Hamiltn, Prince, CV, Monroe, bench Wallace, McGrady, Gordon, and Daye. The rest can kick rocks.

  8. rai_from_the_philippines

    this loss makes the win against the hawks look like a FLUKE!

  9. MrRockinWTB

    As much as most Pistons fans dislike Rip, he indeed is not the problem! Blame the funky rotations our poor excuse for a coach makes! Blame the 90 mil we have on the bench that doesn’t contribute every night! Everyone screams for Ben Gordon to start. For what? So he can score 21 and give up 20? He doesn’t even try to play D! And don’t get me started on Charlie’s Defense! We all know what kills us is the lack of Defense, Rebounding and low post scoring! So before we get to use to blaming Rip Hamilton (Which he does deserve a lot of blame especially for the ejections.) Look at the other players too! And don’t get me started on this sites favorite player Bynum who doesn’t know the meaning of being a point guard!

    • junior

      i dont know if you been watching cv31 this year but he has been playing good defense. maybe not against the elite bigs but he has been solid and hes been great at scoring and rebounding. aim your anger somewhere else.


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