The Pistons vs. The Hawks

by | Dec 14, 2010 | 15 comments

The Pistons vs. The Hawks

The 7-18 Pistons will host the 16-9 Hawks Tuesday Night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Detroit needs a win to get the taste of losing out of their mouths, especially after the Raptors comeback in the Pistons last game.

The Hawks have just one on game in their last 10 games at the Palace.

The Pistons have lost 12 of 15 and are on the verge of matching their season high skid.

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on FS Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket

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  1. edt

    even magic johnson is sad about the state of the pistons

    “Too many individuals. You have to get back to what made them great, and that’s defense and rebounding. What we see now is a team that’s soft. People from Detroit and Michigan can accept losing, but not the way they’re losing.”

    * * *

    also there’s a teaser about johnson getting into the Pistons, but I think that’s just him being friendly, he’s not serious about it.

    * * *

    Recently, he sold his share of the Lakers and Starbucks, separately, for a reported total of $127 million, and is a part of a group trying to bring an NFL team back to L.A. And there’s a chance — albeit a small one — that he could be a part of the new ownership group of the Pistons. “I’m still the point guard, nothing’s changed,” he said. “I’m one of the most focused, disciplined guys you’re ever going to meet. So, if we say the Pistons, and something happens, you’re going to see a focused Magic Johnson. … And you know, if I come home, I can’t fail at home.”

  2. rai_from_the_philippines

    Monroe starts at PF. Hopefully it produces better results. GO P!!!

  3. Drew

    So Ben won’t be getting back-to-back 20-point games? 😛

  4. KG

    Correct me if I’m wrong but thats Tracy McGrady out there LOL
    4 4th qt 3’s NIIIIIIICE!

  5. Drew

    Nice to get our first blowout win of the season!

  6. James (Australia)

    Perfect way to bounce back from that Toronto disaster.

    Villanueva was defending, rebounding, and scoring. Stuckey was passing and scoring. McGrady was just scoring.

    Still needed a 12 point halftime lead to prevent losing the lead in the third, but a phenomenal fourth quarter. Hope this leads to better things.

  7. pistonsfan101

    First quality win too! Above a team that is .500!!
    I just sad at the fact that Maxiell, Bynum and Daye are out of the rotation.. 🙁

    • Drew

      They certainly could’ve gotten in once the game was out of contention. My guess is Kuester wanted to leave in core players like Stuckey and Villa because they were hot and, well, maybe he just wanted to see how many points exactly we could win by. Maybe he thought a good, ol’ fashioned blowout would be best for this team. Maybe it is.

      Glad to see Wilcox play strongly too–unlike all of last year.

  8. edt

    nice win. rip punished an unmotivated hawks team. stuckey just sat on the ball until rip was free pass to rip, instant bucket. stuckey has been fighting with tayshaun prince for 3 years to let him play at a faster pace, you see what happens when prince is forced to play at a faster pace than he’s comfortable with.

    hawks were standing around unmotivated, a very familiar pose to us pistons fans.

    • jayg108

      Interesting about Stuckey. Brandon Roy is now talking about the slow pace of Andre Miller, so I guess point guards can either adjust to the scorers or the scorers need to adjust their pace. So, are you saying that Stuckey needs to adjust more to the pace of the people on the floor? Or should Prince and Rip adjust to Stuckey?

      or did we just get lucky the Hawks didn’t have their mojo?

      • edt

        I dont think you understand what roy is talking bout. When he says he is “adjusting” to the slow pace of andre miller, he is throwing miller under the bus and blaming him every time portland loses. It’s a passive aggressive thing.

        • jayg108

          I knew Roy was being a jerk, but I mentioned the Roy/Miller thing b/c it sounded like Roy didn’t like Miller’s pace. Kinda like Prince not wanting to move at Stuckey’s pace.

          Like you said, Stuckey’s been trying to move it faster for awhile. At the beginning of last season, I think Stuckey said that he was ready to pick up the pace of the offense, and added that he hoped others would be ready to run with him. There’s a power struggle going on, and I just don’t think there should be a power struggle on a team. Egos should bend to get the win, but who’s ego should bend? The point or the scorers.

          • edt

            there’s no question the pistons play MUUUUUCH better at a fast pace. As for who should win again no question, Stuckey should win this power struggle because he is supposed to be the franchise player, not Tay.

            On the lakers it would be entirely different, Kobe, the scorer should both set the pace and win the power struggle, but for our team, they need to bend to stuckey’s will, we would be a lot better team if they ran the floor like he wants them to.

            • junior

              i agree 110 percent, do what stuckey wants. he is the best player on the team. hopefully he can take contro;l of the team and be the leader that he wants to be and that this team so desperately needs.

  9. Nik

    Doesn’t, matter what anybody say cv31 is the one you can bank on to give a sincere effort every game. I take commitment over talent any day.


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