The Need4Sheed Podcast – The S@#$ Storm

by | Dec 13, 2010 | 24 comments

The Detroit Pistons Podcast

Need4Sheed Podcast
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Here is the latest Need4Sheed Podcast. Danny and I were lucky enough to have a couple of special guests this week.
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Dave and J.P. from The Palace/Garden Podcast joined us in our “Pistons Round Table” to talk about what we are all talking about today.

The Pistons meltdown at the Palace against The Raptors.

We commiserate about our misery that is this team right now, as well as talk about why we think it’s happening. Is it the Coach? Is it the Players? Is it management? Is it Hooper?

And why does Danny want to trade Ben Wallace?

Dave also posed a question during the Podcast that we want to put to a vote. What is the Worst Pistons loss this season? Cast your vote at the bottom of this post.

Take a listen and by all means give us your feedback and question for the next show.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast – The S@#$ Storm


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Thanks again to Dave and J.P. of The Palace/Garden Podcast for joining us, it was like Pistons therapy.
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  1. edt

    thats right, keep blaming coach Q! You are going to be so disappointed when he gets fired and this team is exactly the same.

    Everyone knows what the problem is, we got all the small forwards in the world, and they are all built the same very slender, no strength, can’t move their feet. This means they are bad on defense since defense is not about where you put your hands, but where you move your feet, and it makes us bad on the fast break because our long skinny guys cant run fast.

    We are soft mentally, soft physically, we are the slowest team in the NBA despite our youth, we have zero defense and are physically ill-suited for defense.

    The reason we are soft mentally is that losing begats losing. You see this sort of thing with the clippers all the time.

    It’s way too easy to blame coach Q. Besides we are still paying Curry. What the hell, are we going to be paying THREE coaches at once, Curry, Q and I guess Avery at the same time, we will be spending $10 million on coaches. We need to save our money for better players.

    The good side is that we get to watch college hoops games with more interest now secure in the knowledge that we will have a top 10 pick 🙂

    • Danny Bohnlein

      Here’s a simple question, edt:

      Who the F is in control of the players who check in and out, and how many minutes they play per night?

      Who is also responsible for the awful rotations that end up with Tayshaun Prince playing 39 minutes a night when Austin Daye starts at Power Forward and is taken out because he’s ineffective?

      Please – Coach Kuester is a FI. Curry’s contract is up after this season so any new coach, next season, would make it only 2 coaches we’re paying and not 3.

      Also, Avery Johnson is coaching the Nets so it’s hard to be paying him to coach the Pistons.

      • Danny Bohnlein

        oh and:

        Only 2 of the small forwards on the team are slender, and we’ve had a slender small forward on the team since 2003. Slender small forwards don’t matter, it’s how they play.

        There is a problem with the system that allows for an expiring veteran, who no matter how many minutes he plays a night, plays below average defense and scores 12 points, to play 35-38 minutes a night while a 1st round small forward who has shown the ability to score sits on the bench behind the expiring veteran and Tracy McGrady.

        Please. The rotations are to blame – Ben Gordon didn’t choose to sit on the bench. Richard Hamilton didn’t choose to start every night. Rodney Stuckey didn’t choose to play point guard. All of these men are put in their positions because of the coach and the upper management. Since Joe Dumars isn’t taking the heat, right now, it falls squarely on Kuester’s shoulders. The team has depth, as evidenced by the number of guys on the team that average 15 minutes a game. He needs to find a rotation that works and stick with it, through good and bad.

        “Keep blaming the coach!” – ok, I will. I’ll blame Joe Dumars as well.

        • edt

          I think if there’s one thing you should blame the coach for that’s leadership. The coach in the NBA is a funny thing. He’s part psychologist, part boss, part friend, part the guy to blame. The actual rotations are probably the least important part of his job. I’m not sure that Ben Gordon would suddenly become our best player if he was given 40 minutes. Or that we’ll start winning games if Rip starts earning DNPs.

          Our team of misfits doesnt deserve 6 coaches in 10 years, we give our coaches less than two years before we fire them.

          I’d like to see Q with this team for one more year, but I don’t blame him if he decides to pull a Rip Hamilton double tech, and some a way to clock out.

          Honestly is there a worse job in the NBA right now that coaching the Pistons? You don’t want this job. I suspect Bill Laimbeer would last 3 years instead of the usual 1 or 2 before people started calling for his head.

          • Danny Bohnlein

            The problem with this team starts with it’s architect, Joe Dumars.

            The problem with the inconsistency of the player’s playing time falls on Kuester. How can you expect anyone to play well when they go into the game not knowing whether they’re playing 18 or 38 minutes that night?

            The only people who know they’re playing extended minutes anymore are Stuckey, Hamilton and Prince and 2 of those 3 need to have their minutes cut OR ELSE we continue to sit an unproven commodity (Austin Daye) or we continue to let Ben Gordon (27 years old) rot on the bench and let the best years of his prime fly out the window.

            It’s not Kuester’s fault for everything, but he is to blame for the majority of the inconsistency in this team’s play. I’m not saying this team is the most talented team in the NBA but what I am saying is they’re better than their record suggests just in name alone.

            • edt

              danny what do you think about trading ben gordon instead of rip?

              Here’s the thing, neither player is that great. Both need a play maker like chauncey, and who knows if we’ll ever get another player like him.

              However, we can get a pretty good value for Ben Gordon, he’s been here 2 years, so it’s not like we cut him up and threw him out for shark bait after only one year. Plus, he’ll be happy to move.

              Rip still defends better than Ben Gordon, so . . .

              Not saying Rip is part of our future, but I always felt Ben Gordon played his best as a 6th man, not a starter.

              I dont think it matters that much who starts, Rip, Stuckey, t-mac, Prince, Ben Gordon, Daye, the problem is we got too many players at the same position.

              The only player I really want to keep is stuckey.

              Ben gordon played great in chicago between 2004 and 2008, playing between 24 and 33 minutes a game, while here in detroit we are playing him 27 minutes a game. We are playing him the same amount of minutes that chicago did we just are not getting the same production.

              of course in 2008-2009 he played 37 minutes and had a fantastic year, but that says more about Derrick Rose than it does about Ben Gordon.

              While we are in this holding pattern, I like how Q tries to keep everyone in rotation, nobody gets enough minutes, it’s true, but everyone gets some burn. I think that’s the best you can do until karen sells the team.

              • rai_from_the_philippines

                As a fan, I can tolerate that Q experiments with the roster. As long as he puts it upon himself to find a working rotation pattern before or until December 31st. After that he should stick to it!

              • Danny Bohnlein

                Gordon has the most value, but his contract isn’t necessarily attractive to anyone other than those who were looking to sign a big name free agent this past offseason.

                He’s in his prime, and he should be starting.

                Rip is obviously harder to trade.

  2. Normal 2

    I don’t usually play the blame game, but i agree. Bad coaching is of essence here. Coach Q is out here trying to play the mad scientist and he is getting burnt by his own chemicals.

  3. The Fluidics

    I’m pretty sure it’s not hooper. I think.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Ok, It’s The SUN Messengers Fault.

  4. Drew

    Why isn’t Hooper in NBA Jam on the Wii? Anybody else here play that game?

    • Natalie Sitto

      I’m waiting for someone to get it for me for Christmas! That was my game back in the day Drew, how is it I have been waiting for someone to let me know how it is.

      • Natalie Sitto

        Thanks to Danny I just got a copy of NBA Jam for 26.47 at with promo code eaflashjam!

      • Drew

        Here’s a little secret: if you’re playing with the Pistons, play with Rip as your main player and Stuckey as your CPU teammate–not the other way around. Stuckey will do so much for you and take his man off the dribble with ease. Rip will jam it more frequently, as opposed to laying it up (which gets blocked easier). Put in Gordon if you need some threes.

  5. Grant

    Ahhhh that Podcast reminded me of us beating the celtics on Jan 20th when I was there. Such a good night!

  6. Drew

    Stop beating around the bush and start starting Villanueva and Monroe in the lineup. If Hamilton gets benched, I’d rather have Daye start than Gordon.

  7. JC

    the grizz are going to part with hasheem thabeet. I still think he has huge potential. thats low risk, high reward aquisition. I say throw into the S@#$ Storm

  8. daddy

    The most pathetic loss is a tie between the raptors and the magic loss. The raptors because it was the best basketball we played in god knows how long and we still lost to the RAPTORS? Without soft boss who after leaving them was supposed to ruin the raptors, yet still have a better record than us. The magic loss too because our first string can’t even beat their second string. I still blame the coaching cause the rotations are awful but like you said in the podcast we need to know who’s role is whos. Has it gone that bad where we are talking about our favorite losses?

  9. Ryan C

    Wondering why the season-opening loss against the Nets isn’t in the running?? Watching that meltdown, with Detroit up by 7 in the final 2 minutes, has kind of been the story of the season for me…

  10. Drew

    Worst loss was the Boston one for me? We were never in that game and got outscored every quarter. It was the first one that we did not even COMPETE in.

    • Drew

      The question mark is by accident.



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