Detroit loses another one on the road

by | Dec 9, 2010 | 11 comments

I’m not going to give the the long and short of the Pistons loss last night to the Hornet.  I’ll forgo the “Pistons got stung last night in New Orleans” headline when EDT said all you need to know in the comment section of the game thread:

EDT: The Pistons packed it in and gave up on this game about 5 minutes in during the 1st quarter, and decided to start jacking up threes.  Chris Paul by himself had 14 assists.  the entire pistons team had 15 assists.  Must be nice to have a power forward, a center, and a point guard, instead of a team consisting entirely of wing players.  Pistons didn’t make the Hornets work too hard.

I know it’s bad when I resorted to cracking  jokes last night on Twitter during the game. Like I said last night  ales of Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac increase in the Detroit Metro area days following Pistons games.

I’m pretty sure at this point…Detroit wants Darko back.

Yes it’s that bad.

I’ll never waiver on my allegiance to this team, but it tends to be disheartening at times.  Let’s hope new ownership gets this train back on its tracks.

I know you have you’re thoughts, but feel free to vent in the comments.


  1. Andrew


  2. terry

    There is nothing that Dumars can do until the Pistons are sold. Karen Davidson wouldn’t approve any deals, because she thinks it could possibly hinder the sale. when she began the fire sale of many of her late husband’s properties I think potential buyers smelled blood and expected a huge bargain basement deal, especially when she put a deadline on having the team sold. Now it seems the discount isn’t what they were expecting as Mrs. Davidson seems to have advisers propping up a more realistic price tag. So I say all of that to say a trade by the deadline would be great but not likely going to happen…

    • Natalie Sitto

      I agree with Terry, nothing much Dumars can do until this team is sold.

  3. terry

    On the bright side we could be looking at a top 3 pick in the upcoming draft! The classic way to rebuild a team.

  4. de

    Hey I got a good idea. Since were going to minnesota. Lets drop off coach Q there and pick up Bill Laimbeer, so we can finally see some PISTON BASKETBALL THIS SEASON!!! 🙂

  5. edt

    if we win the 2011 draft the best prospect looks to be like Perry Jones, who is listed as a power forward but really is a stretch 3-4 shooting guard/forward who can dribble the ball and is very athletic.

    In other words one more of what we got already. he’s really good tho, and we would have to pick him if we get the chance

  6. Grant

    I dont even want to start looking at the draft this early in the season.

    All I can say is that this hurts.
    Its upsetting to watch this team go through so much turmoil and be so unsuccessfull. Especially after all the great years we had.

    Theres only one thing I wish for if the season heads down the 20 win direction and that is to play greg monroe heavier minutes to get him some development. He’s shown some flashes of greatness and I’d like to see that develop more.

    The only real positive us true Pistons fans are getting from this is knowing that we have rid the Pistons of all the band wagon fans.

  7. James (Australia)

    Yes, Grant it is only the true fans left.

    What is sad is that it is only December, and we are already starting to prepare for a high lottery pick. With how ridiculously weak the Eastern Conference is, we only need to pull off one good streak of wins and we are right in the playoff hunt. But I honestly can’t see where the wins will come from.

    This team has no mental toughness. Call it chemistry if you will. How many times this season have I seen ridiculous scoring runs against the Pistons – 20-0 runs and the like. How do you allow that to happen? How do we go from being up 9 against Houston to down 9 in like 4 minutes? How do we go from being down 6 against the Hornets to down 20 in under 3 minutes?

    Why does that happen? Because we have no postup option, no body who can get to the foul line consistently to get easy points and slow the other team down, and no bread-and-butter play that we can turn to to get us some easy points. So as soon as the defence checks out for a couple of minutes, we have no way of stopping the run from snowballing into a massive deficit.

  8. Andrew

    I not quite sure what Kuester is doing anyways. Play Gordon, Daye, Villanueve, and Monroe first. They will be there longer then anyone else at this point. If something does happen with a trade, most those guys will still be there.

  9. edt

    q is trying to save his own bacon. If he doesnt get 30 wins he’ll get fired. thats why he plays prince consistently ahead of daye, puts loads of minutes on ben wallace and continues to play the cry baby rip hamilton.

  10. daddy

    q is garbage and i still love the pistons dont worry about the draft its too far away concentrate on this season and how to improve.


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