The Pistons vs. The Heat

by | Dec 1, 2010 | 16 comments

The Pistons vs. The Heat

The 6-12 Pistons are in Miami to take on the 10-8 Heat. The Heat are 5-5 in their last 10 games and are in sixth place in the Eastern Conference Standings.

Detroit went 1-2 against the Heat last season. Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the Heat’s starting Center, averages 13.5 points per game against the Pistons for his career and is their 8th leading scorer on the season.

FYI: Former Detroit Piston great Carlos Arroyo is the starting Point Guard for the Miami Heat.

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on FS Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at AM 950 WWJ.

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  1. edt

    listening to the miami announcers talk about how good ben gordon and rip hamilton are at the beginning of the game, only to slowly realize by the 4th quarter what every piston fan has known for years, that they are completely worthless . . . and then to hear them talk about how great greg monroe is . . . what is it they feel, why, yes, it’s pity, they pity the pistons fans and try to take it easy on us. ben gordon is a complete head case. he hesitates right before he shoots, can’t pull the gun, and rip just sits on the 3 point line jacking it up.

    This is a pistons team that dont fight. The pistons went into this game like beaten dogs, and then they laid down and whimpered please dont beat us by too much.

    Monroe looked great. Charlie V played well. Austin Daye looked cold, he needs to be let out of the doghouse, and get more minutes.

    Normally in a blowout, the winning team will be laughing it up, but not this time, this time the heat just felt sorry for how far the Pistons have fallen.

  2. Keith (Australia)

    Is todays complete meltdown against the Heat finally the catalyst for changes to the lineup?

    Not a single Pistons starter reached double figures! Seriously guys?

    Monroe once again proving to be the real deal.

    Gordon is sending a message. He can shoot anytime he wants to. He is just giving Kuester enough rope to hang himself with with his stupid rotations.

  3. bestsportsonline

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  4. James (Australia)

    Even at home, with 3 days off, and the Heat playing a back to back, we are going to struggle against the Heat. They just have too much individual talent against our poor defence. We didn’t help ourselves by letting them get ahead by 11 in the first quarter, but we couldn’t get a stop and were going to need to shoot over 65% to win this one.

    Stuckey had his first bad game for a while. If Rip doesn’t get this together in the next 10 games, then its time for Gordon to start, at least Gordon has shown the ability to consistently knock down shots. Rip is getting plenty of minutes and shots, but can’t consistently knock down a midrange shot. Gordon seems to be going through a dry spell as well, but I think that is to do with a reduced role.

    Monroe was great. I think if you read into Kuester’s words, you could make a case that he is thinking about starting him in place of Maxiell. I hope he has another good game against Dwight Howard next game.

    The playoffs are easily within reach, but the teams we are competing with for those 7th/8th spots will only be forgiving for so long. If we don’t make a run soon, we will be left behind much like last season. We have a stretch of games coming up that have a few winnable games – Cleveland, Toronto, Minnesota, LA Clippers, and Charlotte all before the end of the year. If we could somehow pick up all 5 of those and for once beat a good team, we could go into the new year in the playoff field and with some confidence.

  5. Tycoon

    I doubt if we’ll ever win a second game of a back to back this season. The closest we had was against the Bulls, but we got blown out in the fourth.
    There is no leader right now who can take charge when things get tough. I thought BG can be that guy but only if that spot was given to him.

  6. gordbrown

    Don’t want to crap on Kuester, its obvious he is getting orders from higher up. But when are the Pistons going to realize what we all can see with our own eyes. What they’re trying to do has not worked, will not work and will never, ever work. Maxiel is not an NBA calibre starter. Hamilton is going through the motions (even the Miami broadcasters noticed this). Ben Gordon has to start to be effective. Gordon and Stuckey are the best combination for guards on the team. If it were me, I’d start Gordon and Monroe, move McGrady to point, bench Bynum (for at least a few games) and at least we’d have a chance.

  7. N1ck

    Minutes are going to our trade prospects… Just to be clear…

    Behind the team 100%, but let’s face it, Joe blew it – bigtime.
    He tryed to rebuild instantly and it doesn’t work that way…
    Lottery for years to come.

  8. Normal 2

    As long as Q continues to start Maxiel and Ben Wallace together, we will continue to strugle. Teams know Jason and Ben is not going to be a scoring threat so they load up on Prince, Rip, and Stucky. You can’t run pick and role’s with Maxiel or ben because they are not scoring threats. I understand wanting to get physical with teams, but if you don’t have a scoring front line, it’s going to be hard to stay in ball games. If your going to start Ben Wallace, then you have to compliment him with a scoring 4. It’s not logical to start Maxiel and Wallace together unless other teams are interested in Maxiel and the the Pistons are just showing him off for other interested teams. That is the only reason i can think of why he’s starting cause everyone know’s you can’t get away with starting a 6’7 power forward energy guy who is not a scorer. That’s just my opinion though. I’m not a coach but on 2K11, I be kicking but with a starting line up of Stucky, Gordon, Prince, Daye, and Monroe with a zone-man defence..hahaha.

  9. edt

    ben gordon is a head case, nobody knows if getting him more minutes will help or hurt. He’s lost his nerve. Rip is worthless, someone needs to light a fire under his ass. Maxiell and Ben Wallace together have contributed to our best wins, even tho Maxiell is not that good and Ben Wallace is awfully old. Austin Daye is just not ready for the NBA he needs one more year. Stuckey isn’t able to finish at the basket like Wade, but he thinks he can. Sometimes its better just to pass the ball. Stucky is our best player right now, like it or not.

    Our team seems to work best with either T-mac or Prince at the power point. Prince isn’t always motived tho, about half the time he just phones it in. He’s not as bad as Rip yet, but he doesn’t seem excited to be playing in the NBA.

    Monroe has had tremendous improvement. Remember that Jerebko wasn’t given his starting position. He earned it.

    Likewise I think Monroe and Charlie V are going to have to earn their starting slot. They are both well on their way there, but remember on this team being a start doesn’t mean you get more minutes, you still only play 20 minutes.

    Unfortunately for this team, we are made out of 45% stretch 3-4’s and 45% shooting guards, and 10% an old Ben Wallace, so any decent rotation is impossible.

    You would think with every player getting 20 minutes, that we would have some energy, but this is the most sad sack lazy ass no energy pistons team I have ever seen. My theory is that Q gives all the starters less minutes so they can play harder but a lot of them just dont seem to want to be on the court.

    This team can be pretty good and exciting, if they just played hard every minute of the game. There’s no excuse about it being a back to back when Q only plays you 18 minutes a game come on pistons, play with a little bit of heart.

    That’s my opinion, changing the starting lineup is not gonna really solve anything. The only thing that might help is bench Rip until he gets his head on straight. I’d like to see Q try that.

  10. J.G

    gots to love what were seeing from monroe. hes the only person that plays with hunger. Seriously bench all the starters

    Trade Rip already.

    oh that reminds me… dumars was just asked if he had something in place for rip. – he had nothing

    Can we get cousins from sacramento for crying out loud.. even darko is killing it

  11. edt

    we would have to give the kings greg monroe & prince’s expiring contract to get cousins and even then it’s an unfair trade in our favor

    nothins moving until the team gets sold.

    and apparently karen is trying to sell this team to Dubai because illitch didnt offer enough money. How many millions do you need??? Honestly karen, please just sell the team already I dont even care anymore who to. Even a middle east oil company is gonna care more about the Pistons than you do right now.

    * * *

    Remember when it seemed like a slam-dunk that Mike Ilitch, the owner of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings, would be buying the Detroit Pistons?

    Well, he and team owner Karen Davidson couldn’t agree on financing and price, and now she may be selling the team to an investment group in the Middle East, according to the National.

    Investment groups in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar are in separate discussions to buy the Detroit Pistons basketball team, which has been valued at close to $500 million, the National reports.

    NBA commissioner David Stern says the negotiations are “ongoing,” the publication reports: “The interest and discussions have taken place in reference to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. There is more than one discussion,” Stern said.

    If the deal comes to fruition, it would be the second international owner of an NBA team, joining Russian kazillionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, who owns the New Jersey Nets.

    * * *

    • Tycoon

      What happen to Tom Gores? Is he out of the options?

      • edt

        I am sure karen turned up her nose at Gores’ offer. She wants more money. We are gonna see this Dubai deal make it to the NBA and when Karen sees it get voted down she’ll go back to Illitch & Gores and have them bid against each other.

        I suspect we’ll see a new owner no earlier than this summer, so expect to see this team exactly as is until 2012.

  12. sheed_russe

    It was a 25 point blowout. Not a 13 point game.

  13. The Fan

    screw qatar and dubai. wtf.

    our team hasn’t played with heart for 4 years even when we were in the conference championships. geezus. lazy sheed complacent everyone elses.


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