Shame on the “D” – And I don’t mean the Pistons

by | Nov 18, 2010 | 62 comments

Kobe at the Palace of Auburn hills

I have been through a lot as a Pistons fan, the good, the great, the heartache and championships.  I watched Isiah do his thing, Rodman grow and change before my eyes, Lanier and Tripuka come and go and Dumars play and build his way into the hall of fame.  I suffered through the teal years, and did my best to enjoy whatever I could from the team that belongs to my hometown.

I may complain about how bad things are right now, but I’ll stand by them through the tough times that they are going through, as I always do.  That’s what a fan does, they moan an groan  until they are lucky enough to watch their team rise back to the glory days.  And even if they don’t, they will still be there to watch and hope and enjoy.

Now here comes the rest…

I was ashamed last night at the Palace of Auburn Hills for the first time in my life.  It wasn’t the same felling of heartache when I watched LeBron take away a game five before my eyes, or when Horry hit that three that still haunts.  This time the state of Michigan disappointed me to a point that I never thought I would get to…ever.

Rodney Stuckey vs The Lakers
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I usually avoid the Palace when the Lakers come to town, for my own sanity, but when your good friend tells you they have an extra ticket to the game and they want you to be there how do you say no?   I knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant, but I didn’t mind.  I was going to be with friends and root for my team.

It started just as I imagined it would as I waited in the West Atrium of the Palace for my friends to arrive.  A sea of Lakers Kobe fans entered the building.  I knew it was going to be a long hard night.   I dissected every single person as they came into the building as my anger grew.   Calm down, I thought to myself, but it didn’t work.  As soon as I saw the 6 year old with a Kobe jersey that was so big on him that it looked like a night shirt my anger turned into rage.

But what set me over the edge, before I ever got to my seat was the Limo that pulled up and out came about twelve 16-20 year olds all in Kobe jerseys.  No Lakers apparel, Kobe apparel.

It didn’t help that my seats just so happened to be in Kobe Ville either.

I’ll spare you the specific details, what I will do is go into a rant.

  • If you are born in the state of California you have every right to be a Lakers fan.
  • If you are transplanted to California and you came from a place that had no other NBA team, by all means be a Lakers fan.
  • If you live in a state or a country and you need a team to root for…fine, you can be a Lakers Kobe fan.

BUT IF YOU COME FROM THE GREAT STATE OF MICHIGAN born or transplanted, don’t you dare come to the Palace donning anything purple or yellow when you have one of the best and toughest NBA teams to root for in your backyard.


You can love Kobe, he’s one of the greatest, (I personally can’t stand him) but shame on you for rooting for a team from across the country in your hometown.

I was ashamed….ashamed of you.

Had it not been for some good friends and the fact that the good people over at the Palace of Auburn Hills don’t play when it comes to lifetime bans, you may have seen me on the news last night.

Lakers fans drowning out Pistons fans in applause.  A Kobe MVP chant in my house, that’s appalling. Do you even understand what you are doing or who you are rooting for?  What’s wrong with you people.

Do you not know the history of this Pistons team?  Do you not know that the Lakers our the Pistons rivals?  Do you understand we are supposed to hate them an everything they stand for?  Do you know what the Bad Boys had to endure to get those first two Championships and who the 2004 Pistons beat to get the third?

I’m not gearing this rant towards my readers, you are the true fans.  The people I’m talking about know who they are, and if they end up reading this…I hope one day an angry Bill Laimbeer comes to visit you.

If you know one of those people, please send this rant their way, for the good of all Pistons fans.


  1. TS

    AMEN! Best thing I have read in a long time. I was there too and I share your frustration. Thanks for expressing it for me Natalie.

  2. Brother Curlin

    Thank you for this post. It needed to be said.


  3. KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    Thanks Nat. I was at the Garden a couple years before the C’s regained their glory, and a similar thing happened. Luckily, I left before it did. But I almost punched a guy in the face at the Garden last year who was rooting for the Lakers? I turned around to him after 3 quarters of listening to him run his mouth and said “are you from California?” he said, “no-Rhode Island.” My response: “GTFOH.” If not for Aztec Gino, I would’ve been arrested and my sister would’ve lost her season tickets. I feel your pain and respect your fandom Natalie.

    • Natalie Sitto

      KWAPT – Always have your back. I feel you

  4. AZ

    Agreed. Was there myself, this post pretty much summed up how I felt.
    At one point, there was a foul called on Kobe and there was a very audible boo afterward. Just bad.

  5. Matt

    Has to have been difficult to sit through last night, Natalie – you have my sympathy.

    Kobe is incredible though – as a serious Piston fan and someone who has rooted hard against him on the biggest stage, I still find myself just overcome by his talent sometimes (truthfully, often). I can’t get on anyone for being a Kobe fan, though I’d certainly prefer if people didn’t wear his jersey at the Palace.

    Also – I feel like I have to take issue with the notion that you can’t or shouldn’t root for a team that doesn’t play in your hometown. The heart wants what it wants – you deny your love for a team (or whatever) at your own peril. I’m an NYC product but never took to the Knicks as a kid and fell in love with a 6’2″ point out of Jackson State back in ’93 and I’ve been a Piston fan ever since.

    But yeah, sorry you had to sit through last night live. No MVP chants in the Palace. That’s awful.

  6. Damien W.

    Oh crap Nat, I feel your pain (like many other readers here).

    I personally know a Laker fan and was sitting, basically two rows behind him at the game snapping photos and plastered all over his Facebook page. God that hurt to look at Gasol shooting over… anybody. o_o You just vented for all of Piston Nation and good for you!

    True, you can’t hate Kobe because he is good, but.. when the enemy invades your own territory with basically 15,000 fans in the crowd.. it’s VERY hard NOT to get discouraged.

    PS: The MVP chant was just like when Latrell Sprewell choked his coach… it took my breath away and left a horrible look on my face. (Joke was in bad taste? Too bad… that’s how I feel. =\ )

  7. Whitey

    Your writing sucks worse than the Pistons. Kobe owns the Palace. Also, you live in Michigan. Get a life loser.

    • seattlepistonsfan

      Firstly, Natalie actually lives in LA. Natalie’s prose is quite captivating and passionate. Without getting into the ethical as well as logical reasons why judging a person based on their state or country of residence, there is another point on which you are mistaken. KOBE DOES NOT OWN THE PALACE! 2004 finals proved that when it mattered most. If not for the pistons, Kobe could easily have passed Jordan in total Championships. I think he’ll tie him this year and thats it.

      Normally I wouldn’t waste my time replying to you idiotic attack, but not here. What are you doing on this site? Go argue with someone about how LeBron will never be as good as Kobe, or whether Kobe was better when he wore number 8.

    • Sleepy Crayfish

      You’re a non-Pistons fan posting on a Pistons blogsite. Get a life, loser.

  8. Wade

    Yea, this is pretty depressing watching the Kobe fans take over the Palace..Where is the support for the Pistons at.. I know we don’t have a winning record by any means and we definitely need some changes but it just isn’t fun to watch the games anymore.. players are pouting and upset.. complaining..not playing basketball..back in 04′ that’s when the guys were loose… dancing before the games.. shooting half court shots and having a ball.. now its just…not the same..the competitive spirit is not with the D at the moment…As for Kobe.. he does what he does.. I don’t like him.. I don’t think he should be in the league after his scandal a few years back.. but he is a “superstar” and gets what he wants..

  9. Marcell

    I think it’s just the sign of the times at the moment. I’ve been to see the Pistons in Orlando many times and a large crowd of Pistons fans cheer for our team there. I wore my Sheed jersey there one year and almost got killed getting to my car. This team will come back. I wish this ownership thing was over and perhaps this team can move forward. I did see Mrs. Davison in her seat at the game so I wonder if negotiations to sell the team broke down enough to make her come to a game.

  10. Grant

    Thankyou Nat for saying what us real fans want to say.
    To me its depressing when people from michigan take the pistons for granted. Especially with me being a fan from the other side of the world, I have to travel from australia to even be lucky enough to see a single game. I take days off work to stay home on the internet and watch games through because its impossible to see it live any other way, I pay rediculous amounts of money for pontel subscriptions and spend a rediculous amount of money on shipping all kinds of pistons merchandise over here.
    I would do anything to have the pistons in my backyard and I damn well wouldnt take it for granted.

  11. Elliot

    I have to agree that I am ashamed of the Pistons fans as of late. Yes I know the team is not what it used to be and changes need to be made. But it makes me made how fast people have bailed on the team. The pistons gave us years of success, that really wasn’t that long ago if you think about it. A few down years and no one seems to give a shit about the Pistons. What really makes me mad is how people bailed out so quick yet there are still so many die hard lions fans in this state. I know it’s hard for fans to have the same enthusiasm about the team like they did in 04 but they don’t have to throw the team under the bus either. I think the fans play a bigger role in how a team does then what most think. It had to effect Piston players when they heard those laker chants in there own house. I support Tayshaun 100% when he called out those fans.

  12. Nate

    All those kids in kobe jerseys are bandwagoners, wearing his jersey as if it makes them better than you. They’re the ones you see standing and screaming at the Lakers away games on TV, tugging at their jersey whenever kobe scores….the annoying fans, the loudmouths, the ones spilling beer and picking fights, the ones that don’t care about any other player on the Lakers team except Kobe. Between pulling their pants up and tugging at their jesery’s , they know little about the game expect to bandwagon on a superstar. How great it was to watch them sit in their seats when the 05 Pistons destroyed them at the Palace.

  13. Nate

    04 Pistons I mean ….still destroyed them in 05 too though.

  14. Freezola75

    Yessssssirrrrrr Nat!! You tell em… I got your back! Great article. I am from Baltimore, Md. I’ve been a Pistons Fan since a young teenager. Once our team shipped out to DC, we had no one who to root for. There was your Magic, Jordan, and Bird fans… but I was a Zeek, Joe D, and Laimbeer fan! THE PISTONS… were my team then and they are my squad still.. Of course I get mad at the silly shit that just seem to happen to them… but I still support them, no matter what! When I play NBA 2K11, all I use is the Pistons….

    Great read Nat posting to my FB right now!

  15. Darlene

    Thank you, Natalie. Excellent posting. Hearing the MVP chants while watching the game was worse than any loss I have even seen. Thanks for saying what needed to be said. The Palace and the Pistons fans have always set the example of excellence and fan support. What I saw and heard last night while watching the game was very sad. As for me, win or lose — I remain a die-hard Pistons Fan.

  16. James (Australia)

    I broke in to tears reading this, Nat. I would literally die to visit the Palace one day to cheer my Pistons on. To hear about people who live in Michigan not cheering on the Pistons is hard to take.

    I hold little respect for these Fakers fans.

    Well said, Nat.

  17. jayg108

    Great post Nat. (can you delete Whitey’s comment). Great to hear there are fans down in Oz.

    I don’t live in Michigan, but I watch all of the games. My wife and I always comment on how Detroit basketball has its own respectable essence that even comes emits through the broadcast.

    I never understand why parents buy Kobe gear for their children. I’m not a parent, but I think his slimeball history should not be ignored when children are choosing their hero. His jersey is the top selling jersey in the world (and the kid sizes are probably most sold.) Maybe it’s just a sign of how society that’s declining in essence.

    • jayg108

      oops. just saw the emits error. anyway…
      I meant that even if the Pistons are losing, you can even sense the essence of Detroit basketball watching the games

  18. junior

    well said, we needed that to be said. as i always say GO PISTONS.

  19. Fred (Austria)

    Well done Nat!
    I don`t understand those kind of fans. They even don`t know how lucky they are. Whenever i want to see a Pistons game, i have to get up at about 1.00am searching the web for a stream that isnt buffering all the time. They have the possibility to cheer for their team, their city and their state and they dare to come to the palace with a Lakers Jersey. Thats a treason!

    GO Pistons!

  20. Venice (Philippines)

    Thats true .Ive been a piston fan since 10 .Why cant they just support Detroit ?Its good to see some articles for TRUE piston fans only .

    I support you Nat .

  21. Freezz

    I lived in Detroit all my life and I just moved to Tennessee, and I got Dish Network just because they had Fox Sports Detroit and paid for league pass and don’t miss a game. I have always been a Pistons fan that’s all I know and root for every Detroit or Michigan team for that matter. I like other teams but I just don’t have the same connection with them and I don’t care if they win or lose. But when any Michigan team plays and they lose I feel like the world is about to end lol because all my life I have rooted for those teams and paid money to go to those games and sat in those stadiums. People Take it for granted that they can just hop in the car and go to a game but the fact is a lot of people don’t have that luxury. The Pistons are my team and always will be even though I don’t know what the hell Joe D is doing and my 7 year old son can coach better than Kuester. But this is my team and I care so I watch it’s that simple. I remember being a kid in 89 and 90 when we won and we had to crawl around the house because everybody was shooting their guns in the air out side because we won lol. I remember driving out to the Silverdome to see Barry play and parking a mile or two away and jogging to the games because my uncle was too cheap to pay for parking lol. I remember taking my Grandmother to all the Red wings victory parades down town and driving to the Palace in 04 for the victory rally and being one of the first people their but everybody ran past me when they opened the gate because I had to wait for my Grandmother to get up the stairs lol. That’s why I’m a fan because I lived through all that stuff. If they took all the sports teams out of Michigan then those same people who don’t care now would care then when they don’t have a choice. Be glad you live in a place where you have all 4 major sports teams because a lot of places wish they did and could have memories like that.

  22. bonesy jones

    Cheers to this rant, Natalie!

    Honestly… what is wrong with these folks? I have witnessed this very same atrocity at the Palace over the past couple of years. It’s not like we live in Minnesota and are stuck with a joke organization like the T’Wolves (or even the Clippers)!!! We have history… and L.A. is so far away from Detroit that is might as well be made up and only exist in fairy tales!

    That is some straight up Benedict Arnold B.S. right there…

  23. Andrzej (Poland)

    Take a look from the different perspective – where are all Pistons fans who crowded the Palace not so long ago? I know that the economy is quite bad in Michigan so maybe some of them cannot afford the tickets anymore (just to cheer you up – we have bad economy all the time ;-)) but as I can see from tv coverages the Palace is at least half full during the games – how many of the so called die-hard fans decided not to come to games just because Pistons are playing awful?

    It`s natural that among the citizens of any city (or state) there will be some fans of other, than local, teams. The real problem is when the local team`s fans refuse to suuport their team.

  24. Rashit Flawless

    This is my schedule:
    mon – work 10am to 7 pm, then gym 8.30pm-10.30pm
    tue – work, then a training with Moscow Basketball League team 9pm-11.30pm
    wed – work, gym
    thu – work, training
    fri – work, gym
    sat – gym or training
    sun – the game of my MBL team

    And I f@#king wake up at 3am if the Pistons game at 7pm, or at 4am, 5-30am what depends when the game is and I’m WATCHING THE GAME!

    I watch not all games online because of certain reasons I wrote in the last sentense, but hell, if I could just go and watch the game!

    I sleep 2 hours before the game and 2-3 hours after the game to have a possibility to watch my fave team!

  25. edt

    go get ’em natalie.

    I think it’s fine for kids to wear kobe jerseys. I remember when I was a kid growing up the dolphins were my favorite football team because I loved flipper. Kids dont know any better! Let them have their fun.

    Once you’re an adult tho . . . you start to feel like the team is part of the family, you understand what the players are like, it’s not just a picture on the screen, a dunk, or a logo of an animal, it starts to represent your city.

    You can’t love detroit be an adult and be a kobe fan at the same time, it’s just not possible. But give the kids a pass, they don’t understand the history yet.

  26. ripmotown

    Nat, I strongly agree with you. I understand that the players are well paid and all, but they are also human. Imagine how painful it must be emotionally for them to see, hear, and feel our lack of support and encouragement. My heart also broke when I heard the cheers and chants. Lets get behind OUR team! GO PISTONS!!!!

  27. N1ck

    I’m from Croatia and guess what, suddenly we have tons of Miami fans over here… 😉
    That’s the reality i guess, but those people are not real fans.
    For them it’s just the thing that’s currently “in”.

    I’m with the Pistons all the way, frustrated and loyal more than ever.
    And will always be.
    To be at the Palace, listen to the Mason introductions… A big dream for me, someday…

    I just don’t get it…

  28. Rasheedism

    You seriously think people will stay Pistons fans if their general manager continues to screw the team over? Honestly, I can see why people like the Lakers more than the Pistons. I bleed the Piston red, white, and blue, but people want to see a team that wins. Why do you think the Palace is only filled for rivalry games and when a former champion comes to town. People want to see the big teams play. The same thign will happen when Lebron comes to town. Either everyone will be dressed in Miami Heat colors or they will be wearing a Lebron jersey. I don’t blame them. The Pistons have lacked that payer that everyone wanted to see since the Chauncey Billups trade.

    Therefore, my point is, it is the the “D”‘s fault. Blame Joe Dumars for what he has done to this team for people to lose interest. Just because you trade for Rasheed Wallace and get a championship doesnt mean you are the greatest GM in the world. Seriously, it isn’t the fans, it starts with the GM who actually has power to make his team better.

    • Marcell

      Joe can only do so much with the money he is given to spend. Mr. Davision had a lot to do with developing the cap the way you see it today. He didn’t like to spend too much for quality players. I think it was pure luck forming the going to work bunch. It’s not going to get any better until the team is actually sold and we see if the new owner is willing to spend some money.

  29. janey

    kobe sucks. how embarassing.

  30. Alex

    Nat….I feel you. Very frustrating how everything has changed in a couple years.
    I live in Switzerland and got up at 1am to watch the game..ugh! Bad start to work on Thursday..LOL.

    anyway..keep up the good work & goooo pistons!

  31. piston fan forever

    Amen Natalie Amen! Cheering for Kobe (and we all know what he did) in the Palace is wrong. However, they are not true fans just hangers on. Waiting to catch the next “star”.

  32. BSS

    This state has amazing fans. Look at the Lions – easily the worst team in NFL history and their high level of support from Michiganders is nearly constant. It should be no different with the Pistons or any other Michigan pro sports team.

    It’s sad to see a lack of true Pistons fans. The few people left going to the Palace for games seem to be either 1. there to watch the other team 2. there expecting that it to be ’04 3. there to drink and bitch 4. there because they’re true fans of their team. Way too many spoiled people expecting a team to be constantly making deep playoff runs. Be realistic and be supportive of YOUR team. Be there to cheer them on when they’re down/rebuilding/transitioning and be there to celebrate when they achieve.

    What happened to NBA rivalries anyways?

  33. daddy

    ppl just want to be fans of anything that is winning. most of these ppl dont know a thing about basketball they just root for “the best” team. you see that with the yankees, cowboys (90’s), and of course the lakers. its funny all these “heat fans” popped up all of a sudden and its hularious. a true fan roots for a team no matter how good and especially how bad they are. its a fact of life but those teams are bandwagon teams. in a few years you wont see a boston fan or a laker fan.

  34. Ryan

    Last time I checked it was a free country and you can root for anyone not matter what team they play for. I personally am a Pistons fan, have been my whole lfie but you DON’T own the Palace and can’t tell people who to root for. Heres a thought, maybe they appericiate a great player something the Pistons currently lack besides Jerebko. Btw why should I root for this team when players cough Tayshuan cough constatly bitch about the coach when they don’t get there way, heres a thought go out and play hard, since 04 this team and players think they are intitled to something and it makes me sick. Untill Durmars is fired or trades away rip and tay this team will continue to suck.

  35. amol

    4600 miles, 6 time zones away and still watching them all live.
    I’m with you Nat.

  36. thewordkeeper

    Living in Jersey for the past 22 years and because of financial considerations i decided against getting league pass this year. So i listen to the game on the net. I am a forty year Pistons fan from the days of the smooth J’s of Dave Bing, Jimmy Walker spinning on people all over the court, Lanier’s sweet left-handed hook, Eric Money’s master of the mid range jumper, Zeke’s all around perfect game, Joe D’s stellar defense and poise, Rodman’s relentlessness on D and rebound fanatic, Wallace owning the boards, Rip running opponents into the floor, Tay’s ‘not on my watch’ blocks to my favorie player Chauncey’s leadership skills.

    When the Lakers made their first field goal i heard a roar go up. I thought ‘must be lots of Lakers fans at the Palace.’ However as the game wore on, the cheers were getting so loud for LA i actually thought that this must be an away game. I had to go the Pistons home page to check. I said here we go again. I remember when the Cavs fans infiltrated the Palace and literally took over.

    I can’t stand it. We’ll be back though; you can believe that! I know we will. When you’re down so low you have no other place to go but up. Hang in there fans. In time true Detroit basketball will return! Go Pistons!!!

  37. Ali Bazzi


  38. DetChiNYC

    Thank you Natalie.

    My brother and I talked about this for a solid hour.

    I live in NYC and went to a bar to watch game 7. The bar was half really excited Boston fans and half really excited Lakers fans… Why? Shouldn’t it be mostly Knicks fans that are fans of basketball enjoying the game with a couple of lakers and celtics fans sprinkled in?

    In a world without Dbags, yes.

    When I walked home everybody was celebrating. Everybody was so happy. So excited! They were honking their horns! THE LAKERS WON! … But it was NYC… What the hell is wrong with people?

    Like you said, it’s completely okay if you grew up there, but obviously the vast majority of these people did not grow up in Southern California.

    What these people don’t realize is that they’re missing out. They ruin the excitement of your team actually winning. If you’re excited WHENEVER ANY TEAM ANYWHERE wins, then you’ll never know what it feels like when YOUR team wins. You completely miss the point of sports. It’s sad!

    So yea, I was pissed when I heard “MVP! MVP! MVP!” it made my blood boil when Lakers cheers outweighed Pistons fan’s cheers… But really, it’s just sad. They’ll never know how much fun it is to be a fan.

    You have to experience the bad to really appreciate the success! As a fan you have to struggle with your team…

  39. Vance

    I totally agree i went to the game last season, and was throughly sickened to my stomach, when i saw all those laker fans, i thought i was in L.A . I vowed to never attend another laker game at the palace. I LOVE my PISTONS no matter what, but i can not stand to see all those disloyal people wearing other teams jerseys.

  40. Hagop

    Reading some of these comments I noticed something that they all spoke in part of our former Pistons fans not having heart anymore. There’s two sides to this: 1) We don’t have all those sell outs anymore, and we go to games where assholes want to chant for Kobe (I was there, I was ready to kill 200 people including the two girls in Spain who wouldn’t shut up). 2) We now know about all the bandowagoners. From my point of view, the fans who wrote their comments here are some of the handful of true Piston fans. From my eyes we’re all one big family, and we are the reason why those guys go out their and bust their asses, win or lose, just so we can say that they’re OUR boys, and always will be. Let people hate, let people quit on us, because very soon, they’ll be back on the Pistons jocks when we get back to the conference finals. They’re the ones that don’t know the true meaning of DETermination, but we do.

  41. Kyle

    I can completely understand where you’re coming from, but I think something else needs to be analyzed in this discussion as well. I don’t think that the majority of these “fake” fans have truly abandoned the Pistons. I honestly think the problem lies more with the state of the entire NBA, not just the team.

    I’m 21 years old, so the vast majority of my Pistons memories are from this past decade. I was a fan towards the end of the teal era and stuck with the team through the hard times, no matter what. As I got older and the team started enjoying more success, my fandom continued to grow. Hell, all the way through at least the 2008 season, I literally watched every single Piston game that I could, and was legitimately bummed if I had to miss it for any reason.

    But then something changed. It wasn’t the Pistons. It was the NBA. I am not an NBA conspiracy theorist that thinks the league is rigged and designed for only superstars to succeed. But to say superstars aren’t favored (and I mean HEAVILY favored), would be absolutely ignorant. Add in the Donahue incident, and things look even worse.

    Flash forward to today, and I am nothing but a casual NBA fan. It’s not that I hate the Pistons because they aren’t good anymore, I just don’t like the league in general. I think the product being put on the court is sloppy and there’s waaay too many guys in the league earning a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing. I’d rather sit down and watch a college basketball game any day of the week, but that’s just me.

    I’m not saying all the “fake” fans are like this, but I’ve been accused on more than one occasion lately of being a “fake” fan, and really, it’s not true.

    Just my 2 cents, in no way is meant to be an attack on the Pistons, so please don’t look at it that way.

  42. Asad T

    I had a very fun time asking some of the Lakers fans around me what happened to their 2004 NBA Champions hat. It was pretty funny when one of them looked up on their phone who won that year…
    Its all good give it 3 years we will be back.. till then teal era ftw enjoy cheap tickets and have fun

  43. Jaime

    I can agree with what you wrote, but I was disgusted with our teams play at the same time . I think Phil jackson said it best ..he said in an interview after that game he said it was like they werent! now even coaches on other teams are seeing this lack of effort. go pistons.

  44. MTNJ

    I was born and raised in NJ but have been a Detroit fan my entire life. I come up atleast once a year to catch a home game. I understand exactly what you are talking about when it comes to these fake fans. For example, I met more Miami fans this past couple of months then I did my entire life. (btw. I didnt vacation in the state of Florida either.) Fans have no loyalty anymore. When their team is at its high they are that teams #1 fan. When their team is at a low, they pick another team to cheer for. It’s a David Stern envisioned league. How to make the all mighty buck. How to sell individuality.(Jordan,Shaq,Kobe,Wade and James.) All dollar signs in the eyes of Stern but Stars in the eyes of fake fans.

  45. MTNJ

    also…. You can go to any state and find the above named players and teams merchandise but Why can’t I find Detroit stuff outside of Michigan? Even when they where at the top of their game.

  46. Anon

    It’s a personal choice.

    Have some maturity.

    • Danny Bohnlein

      She didn’t call out Laker fans or call people names. She said she was disappointed.

  47. Dedicated Pistons Fan ♥

    Couldn’t have agreed more!! This just made my day!! A friend of mine is a huge Celtics fan (gag!!) but when she first told me she was a Celtics fan I couldn’t say anything other than “Why? It’s not like we don’t have a great basketball team here in Michigan. Boston? Really? What’s wrong with cheering on the Pistons? You know… your hometown team.” Her answer… “Rajon Rondo.” Seriously?? I hate Boston just as much as the Lakers and I can’t understand why people from Michigan have the need to cheer on other teams. If you feel the need to cheer on other NBA teams at least do it in the privacy of your home. Don’t come out to the Palace (where only Pistons fans should be allowed!) and try to root for our rivals! Us Pistons fans will be your worst nightmares!!


    Dedicated Pistons Fan From The Great State of Meeechigan ♥

    • pistons 4 life

      So by that logic are Pistons fans not allowed in any other arena in the country than the Palace? Because I see Pistons fans in the crowds of almost every away game that I watch on TV and George and Greg always talk about how great it is that the team has fans in all cities.

  48. pistons 4 life

    I’m not going to pick a side here, but I am born and raised in Michigan. (the west side of the state) Having said that my favorite team is obviously the Pistons. But I can say that when I was a kid I wasn’t just a Pistons fan. My favorite team was the Spurs because I loved David Robinson, but I still liked the Pistons as well. Does that mean that I couldn’t be excited if the Spurs rolled into town and I got to see Robinson play? Even to this day I’m just as much of a fan of the game of basketball as I am of the Pistons. The Pistons are my favorite team but I still like other teams and other players. Does that mean I’m a Pistons traitor or something? I think it’s actually refreshing some times because when the Pistons suck like they do right now, I can actually still enjoy watching good entertaining basketball games.

    I get it, people are upset because people at the Palace were cheering for someone other than the team that plays there. Not that I condone that or think it’s okay, but what do you expect. The Pistons are awful right now and apparently everyone else thinks so too because they only sell maybe 50% of their seats every game. And don’t play the economy card. If this team was any good they’d still be selling out every game even though no one has any money. And if you want to blame someone for the team not being any good blame Dumars. He’s done a real bang up job on “keeping this team competitive while rebuilding” like he said he wanted to do.

    To Karen Davidson……..Sell this fricking team already so we can all move on and have someone own our team that actually gives a damn about winning basketball games!

  49. Amer-ican Prince

    well i personally cant get on anyone for loving the team/player they love. if someone likes kobe and the lakers i cant really say nothing, however what does bug me is that the laker cheers were louder then pistons cheers in THE PALACE. If there are people who want to cheer for the lakers fine, but just the fact there were MORE laker fans then Pistons fans (or louder not sure which) is what i dont like. I think the power plant should be modified where you dont have to go to every single game, thats a lot of games, maybe have alternating days or something like that. just a thought

    i love the pistons myself but i wasnt always a pistons fan, though i LOVED grant hill as a kid. But in the 90s for me it was all about penny hardaway and shaq, does anyone remember lil penny commercials? lol awesome

    in case you dont remember heres a reminder

    oh and one more just cause if he was in the league i would want this guy on my team anyday and sheed played with him too. He’s MY GIANT 😀

  50. O.G. Junior

    Thank You…Sometimes I forget how good you are at what you do!!

  51. Ryan Collins

    I became a Pistons fan in 2004, specifically because I hate the Lakers. I’m also a big fan of the band, Phish, but I skipped Trey Anastio’s set at Bonnaroo that year, so I could watch game 4 in a tent with a bunch of people from Michigan. Every season since, has ended, ultimately, disappointing, but I haven’t turned my back on Detroit, and I never will.

    Especially for a basketball player that’s in a commercial with Jimmy Kimmel…

  52. Damir Fusko

    I became a Pistons fan when I moved to detroit in 1998 when all we had was Grant Hill, Lindsay Hunter, Joe Dumars (in his 14th season) and Jerry Stackhouse. I embraced the hard working culture that the Pistons displayed.In addition, witnessing the Pistons win a championship in dominating fashion was an extacy expeirence. Even though Joe Dumars passed up Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade in the 03 draft that now haunts us, winning the championship the same year makes up for it. I watch every Pistons game, and we are missing a couple of peices. We need a low post presents like a true center, and a true point guard, and a better coach. If we get those peices, then we will again see the Pistons back on top of the food chain where we belong. Sincerly, A TRUE PISTONS FAN

  53. Damir Fusko

    The only reason why Joe Dumars drafted Darko Milicic is because the Serbs paid Joe Dumars an ridiculous amount of money to draft a Serbian player that high in the draft. I know this because I am Serbian, and when I went back to Serbia to visit, and those were the stories I was told. I read the interviews when Joe Dumars said that he did not want to draft Carmelo Anthony because we already had Prince, that is bogus because at that time we had an elite coach in Larry Brown, and he would of figured out a way to make it work. On the other hand I can see why he drafted Darko because Joe knew that he had a championship caliber team at that time, and Joe did not want a rookie to mess up the chemistry, but imagine how many rings we could of won if we drafted Carmelo, Wade, or Bosh. I gotta stop living in this fantacy world, and move on with my life.

  54. Andrew

    i know that it sucks to be a detroit fan, especially when we have so many god dam bandwagon fans living in our state. maybe these people aren’t even bandwagon fans, but just huge idiots that cannot appreciate what it means to be a sports fan. you can’t really hate on idiots.

    but here’s where it can get positive:

    even if these people are being tools and going to a home game to see, chant for, and drool over kobe, at least it gives money to our pistons. more money for us, means a greater chance of improving. i can live with that.



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