The Pistons vs The Bobcats

by | Nov 5, 2010 | 20 comments

The Pistons vs. The Bobcats


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Rodney Stuckey – DNP

The 0-5 Pistons are back home to try to get their first win of the season against Larry Brown and his Charlotte Bobcats. With all the drama surrounding the team in the last few days, a team meeting was held to discuss the issues. No word yet whether Rodney Stuckey will play (after being benched Wednesday night).


Injury Update:

Will Bynum – Out Expected to play

Rip Hamilton – Questionable Looks like Rip back and will start.

The Scouting Report via

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on FSN Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at WWJ 950AM.

Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.


  1. BadBoy

    I had a dream JoD drafted Harrison Barnes and brought in Greg Oden, then i woke up. =/ its gunna be a looooong season

  2. The Fan


  3. NJ

    I had a dream too…..that Stuckey was delt to the Timberwolves for Darko Milicic……. HaHa

  4. daddy

    i thought i was dreaming but its not we are the worst team as of now in the nba. the t wolves, the kings, and nj are beating us. things better settle coach q better do his job. why do you think phil jacksons such a great coach he gets his players to follow him and trust him. thats part of your job coach.

  5. Nate

    that was by far the most fun few plays to watch of this team this season.

  6. Ryno

    I don’t care where Stuckey goes just so long as he never sees another minute of play time in Pistons red, white, and blue. He sucks and I hate him. Anyone can score 20 points a night when they take 70% of the shots. Please trade Stuckey! Worst “point guard” ever!

    • J'Quez Powell

      Ryno ur CRAZY!!! Stuckey is a great point guard and is only improving. On the game against the Thunder he had 9 assists. KEEP STUCKEY, he’s a great guy.

  7. rai

    looks like stuck’s going to be in the trading block. we talk about trading rip, but stuck’s one of the most tradeable pieces the pistons have. damn, i hate so muh drama.

  8. Greg

    a W! yes! yes!!

  9. Let's Go Pistons!

    We finally won 1 But if we have to fight this hard for a win every single night. IT’S GONNA BE A LONG SEASON…Why is it we can’t keep a big lead? I can’t wait till the sale of the team is complete maybe then we can get back on the right track……..

  10. edt

    t-mac was lookin like a great floor general this game, I was always happy when I saw him playing the point.

  11. Thor

    Hey Nat,

    I know u were very very very happy to be able to use the shade of green and the letter W! LOL! Yeah, it feels good, but they owed us this win 3 games ago. Dont u agree? Let hope that U can put up a winning strick of green and a very nice roll of beautiful W’s. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I’m calling those things that be not, as if they was and would be! Go Stones!!!!

  12. Tycoon

    Nice win. The loss of lead was suspected but just glad to pull it off finally. Were only 1-5 but if things went so well, it could have been 5-1. Lets be happy its only November and there are plenty of time to make up. Hope to see Stuckey play next game.

  13. PistonsFan

    Well this was nice game in the first half, but again Pistons struggling in the second. John Kuester doing not wherry good job with team rotation.
    About Rodney, well Pistons win without him, T-Mac does wherry good job as starting PG, but I think Pistons still need true Point Guard like Billups was, so if Pistons change Rodney, this wont be a wherry bad thing.
    Rip and Will have heals from injury, and I think later they will play more better then this day.Monroe did a great job offensively and defensively, Gordon was outstanding, Prince got a nice start but later was off. Charlie V buzzer beater was amazing, he should play more, actually for me he should be starting PF. Daye was good at the first.
    So this victory was earned, but coaching was not good, I think Kuester must improve his skills show that he can do good decinion or Pistons need better coach.

  14. downtown

    We won this cos we shot 26/27 at the line. The cats beat us easily on FG% and boards!

  15. Sebastian

    Not letting Stuckey play this game was key. I think they all need to understand that they are in this whole together as a team. We are not going to get to playoffs if they dont start to relay on each other. I dont care about numbers a win its a win. Hope this gave them the energy to keep playing good.

  16. pistons 4 life

    There’s one thing to take away from this game. They played much better, I feel, without Stuckey. He’s a nice guy and all, but if you can get a trade done to get a real point guard or another big DO IT. The offense seemed to run more smoothly without him.

    Another thing, if Monroe starts to get regular playing time or even a starting position he’s going to be a good player. He looks decent on defense and from the looks of it he could develope a nice offensive game too. Honestly, I don’t know why they haven’t tried starting him at power forward yet. He’s got a lot better chance than Daye of matching up with opposing power forwards.

  17. debo_toledo

    Stuckey’s gotta go. This team will never succeed with him being considered a building block for the future of this franchise. Will Bynum is the only point guard on this team (and given the minutes can be extremely productive). The next best two are Tayshaun and T-Mac. Please trade Stuckey, Joe. This team has the pieces, and is close, within a few trades of being a good young team.

    PG Will Bynum, (point guard aqcuired via trade / draft)
    SG Ben Gordon, T-Mac, Summers, Daye
    SF Austin Daye, Dajuan Summers, T-Mac, Jason Maxiel
    PF Charlie Villanueva, Greg Monroe, Jason Maxiel, Summers
    C (Pure Center aqcuired via trade / draft), Ben Wallace

    A big man and another point guard with old parts gone = fresh start with great young pieces. I still have faith Joe D.

  18. edt

    you all think the offense was better without stuckey? It’s not the LACK of stuckey it’s that t-mac was a hell of an intelligent player. Stuckey is a fine point guard, it’s just that t-mac . . . well he looked like t-mac. Nobody else on this team can run the point properly, not bynum, prince, rip, ben gordon, only stuckey and t-mac have played point decently.

    I wouldn’t mind having t-mac start at point guard and have stuckey come off the bench. Stuckey never really got to learn from Billups what a floor general is supposed to be like.

  19. pistons 4 life

    Wasn’t the question with Stuckey ever since draft day was he a PG or SG. I remember them talking about it on draft night. He was a SG in college, but had played point guard in high school or something? I just don’t understand why Dumars was so obsessed with making him into a point guard. You already had a point guard that was the leader of your team and who by the way is still playing great in Denver. Not to beat a dead horse, but Billups should not have been traded. Trade Sheed, Hamilton, or Prince. Why Billups? And then you take all the cap space you got from that trade and you don’t even bother to go after a major free agent. You can say that none of those guys would have wanted to come to Detroit, but with Billups at PG and the rest of the team you don’t think a guy like Boozer or Stoudemire wouldn’t have wanted to come here. Dumars will have to pull off something incredible this season or this summer for me to believe again that he’s a good gm.


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