Who’s Blaming Who? – Tayshaun and Kuester

by | Nov 3, 2010 | 4 comments

This thing has officially become a hot mess.  Put the four losses aside and look into the words and the body language on the floor during games and you will see a team in trouble.

These were the post game comments from John Kuester after the Celtics loss.

“We have to collectively — somewhere, somehow — find another voice besides my own that is going to lead us and also have that passion.”  “It can’t be when things are going good. It has to be when things are rough.”

Quite honestly I don’t see much wrong with what Q said, but should he have said it?  Should you really do that o your players in the media when things are going wrong?  If you want your players to play for you….that doesn’t seem like the best way to do it.

Tayshaun Prince:

“That ain’t the only thing that’s lacking, he could put it towards us and we could put it towards him. It can go either way. It starts with all of us. …
He’s right, but at the same time, it goes both ways. We can sit here and continue to get on each other and be vocal. But like I said, the right thing’s got to come from him as well as us. It goes both ways. If he wants to say we’ve gotta be more vocal, he’s got to do some things better, too. I mean, obviously, we’re 0-4 so it ain’t just the team. It’s everybody.” via The Detroit News

If you watched the game you know that Prince didn’t exude confidence or patience from his body language.  He looked like a guy who’s checked out.  Maybe he has,  it’s not like he’s in the dark that he’ll probably be somewhere else to finish off the season.

He even got into an argument with a fan behind the Pistons bench towards the end of the game.  And from the from quite a few people who were sitting in the area that heard it,  it probably didn’t warrant a response at all from Prince.

This is what happens when you lose, and from the comments back and fourth…this is just how drama begins.


  1. James (Australia)

    When it rains it pours. Teams that lose always seem to have the malcontent divas. I hope this turns out to just be two grown men who were upset at the way the Pistons let the Celtics use the Palace as their training facility with the Pistons providing dummies to run around. Hopefully they both respond the right way by putting the effort in against Atlanta.

    This is the risk that Kuester took by taking his complaints public.

  2. daddy

    I thought it was funny when Q said someone BESIDES my own voice. I think the first three loses were on his coaching, but i do think someone does need to step up on the floor. With that being said sigh ahhhhhhh

  3. Gregory

    I agree with Prince, there is more than enough blame to go around. As far as another voice to listen to besides the coach, isn’t that the reason Joe D. give when he fired Flip Sanders and Mike Curry (The players stopped listening to the coach)? When are we going to see that this Daye at power forward is not working? The poor guy is getting over powered at that spot. Our biggest problem is on defense. Take Ben Wallace out and we have none. Why is Chris Wilcox still on the roaster? Has he logged any regular season mintues as a piston yet in the two years he’s been here? Yes there is more than enough blame to go around! I can deal with the loses, it’s the way we are loosing that is getting to me.

  4. Domnick

    I think that Tay and Rip are not playing well for the past 3 games.. we lost another game against Celtics, we haven’t done anything, JOE D is not doing everything to lead our franchise by making strong acquisitions last summer… Now, we’re making alot of Drama and Finger pointing. Does it help? I mean we need more than what they can say, we need to act better.. Winning Games is not just how hard we pushed but we need to contend by making reasonable moves… Overloaded backcourt, lack of star power, Coach is no good, how does it help? We might be in our worst situation, we might watch our team going to the lottery, well if thats the case, then lets just wait for that good fortune and start rebuilding by dumping useless guys out of this TEAM!


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